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Warm Regards,
Antera and Omaran
Greetings from Center for Soul Evolution:
We are sharing the following good news from Metatron and ask that you pass it along to anyone you know who is involved with a spiritual or healing center. This is truly a blessing!

Also please note that the June event "Initiations in the Order of Melchizedek" is almost full so if you want to attend and haven't yet registered, please do so ASAP!

[Excerpt of a message received through Antera on 2/11/07. Please feel free to share this with other lightworkers, especially those with spiritual or healing centers, in its entirety with proper credit included.]

I greet you, this is Metatron of the Light and I come to you from the outer spheres of Light where I have been. I bring you tidings from the innermost and the outermost Source. I bring you this dispensation for all lightworkers, it has just been granted by the Source of all energy for this Universe. And I bring it as a gift, I am the messenger for this. Because the lightworkers are moving forward again, because the energies of this year are helping lightworkers to move forward again, this bundle of energy I bring is specifically for that. For the purpose of bringing in to the highest expression in the physical these Light Centers ... the many Light and spiritual centers that are springing up across the land, across the entire globe.

I bring forth energies that will help them succeed, help them move forward, help them shine their beacon of Light wherever they are, and help them connect with each other in cooperation rather than competition. It is the new paradigm. It is the paradigm of the lightworkers, it is the paradigm of those who are serving the Light and who have worked past the impediments, who have worked past the obstacles, who have worked continuously through the ages to manifest these centers, these sacred centers. And finally the time has come that these can now be manifest!

The dispensation has been given to help all of the Light Centers. This dispensation is one you can tune to. You might picture it as a scroll because that is how I perceive it and how I present it. And I present this scroll to each and every group who is building or has built, and is trying to create a successful center of spirituality and health. On this scroll, if you unwind it, are the instructions for creating the atmosphere, the full blown protection from the Source for their manifestation in the highest good, and the magnetization of these centers to call forth all those who can help and benefit from the services offered.

It is not just for the centers, it goes in through the centers and is magnified out to the other people--the people who can benefit, the people who want to support, the people who want to give time and money to these centers, the people who want to come and partake in the classes, workshops, and healing opportunities available.

So through these centers we send this energy. And the centers are each, as they become aware of it, holders of these scrolls. They are the keepers of these scrolls. They are to hold them in a sacred place within the center and within their minds, and to know that when they are able to read what is on the scrolls, they will have manifest all that was given.

I make this declaration in the names of the most Holy Ones, in the name of all the angels, all the archangels, cherubim, seraphim, and the All Mighty Source! I make this declaration in the name of all of humanity and of this wonderful Earth! I make this declaration for all life forms on the planet, and the soul of the planet, for it is only through the work of this soul, this Being who over-lights this planet, that this has been made possible. It is through the work of the Divine Mother as well as the Divine Father, the combination of these two forces, and wisdom, love and power, that this is possible.

I ask that each of the centers guard their scrolls within their hearts, for these are the scrolls of the teachers and healers. Perhaps you already feel the energy associated with this. If not, you will feel it over time. You will feel the acceleration like a fire has been lit! Like people suddenly appear who want to take part and who want to help.

What is being built is a network of centers, a Network of Light between all the centers around the globe. These centers will go forward even when others are falling apart -- other systems, other parts of your world, other social organizations that no longer work and no longer are needed. The Light Centers will survive and thrive within the new age. And I don't use that term lightly, I use it in all seriousness, because it is a new age that is arriving.

And that is my message today. Take the dispensation out, it has already been given to all the centers that are worthy, and even those that have not yet been built. Some of the people involved will be aware of this and some will not. But the energy will shift, that I guarantee!

I call forth the most high blessings to all of you doing this most wonderful work on the planet, the most exceedingly deep and transformative blessing.

Copyright 2007, Antera
Center for Soul Evolution, PO Box 740, Mt Shasta, CA 96067, 530-926-2886, cse@soulevolution.org


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