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This article as a PDF file, of excerpts from various channellings through Kuthumi and Sananda


Excerpts from Various Ascended Master Discourses on

The purpose and experience of suffering and the Truth of Love.



All of the lessons that you know so well, are based on Potent Spiritual Potential of Love,

not suffering, just as is the example of my own Life as the Son of God. This is the

Perfection of the images that you are gifted with, showing Mary and Jesus with their

hearts revealed.

This is the true connection of your physical heart to the Heart of God.

How does one experience the lessons of Love?

First your souls Asks for experience,

then you make a choice (conscious or unconscious),

then you take action (or react).

After you Experience, the Masters instruct.

Not before, but after.

This is the nature of True Experience that comes from the Heart of Christos.

We do not take away your experience.

We are here to instruct your heart when you open to our Love.


Courage to continue on this path is not about enduring the rest of a lifetime in suffering –

it is not even about facing death with bravery, -- it is about returning to incarnation, to

face the lesson once again.

Courage is to say “yes” to the Divine Calling.

Say yes, over and over, and the Divine will continue to unfold in magnificent ways, some

small and some large, but all with great clarity about the Truth behind all things.

Mastery is not about perfection,

it is about releasing the negativity

in order to allow the working of Spirit to enter your hearts

you lead and you live from the heart,

rather than critically analyzing from the mind.

It is in flowing with the stream of Divine Inspiration

into the unknown rather than swimming upstream,

or backward to the familiar.



The Divine Calling:

Your task is not only to remember, but then,

to forgive all those who have trespassed against you,

to balance the suffering with compassion for self and others, and

to affirm that you are indeed, healed, completed and restored to perfection.

The Return of Christ-Nada Consciousness is multi-faceted but begins with the sacred

gifting of healing energies, in reciprocity, through your own heart to the hearts of all you

stand before in this experience. In Remembering and in Embracing All of who you are,

you begin the activity of bringing in the true energies of healing: forgiving, balancing and

affirming that which you are here to do: Love at great depth, heal at great depth, teach at

great depth.

Christ-Nada Consciousness is to Love beyond Longing because all things are Known.

Christ-Nada Consciousness is to Love beyond Longing because all things are Forgiven.

Christ-Nada Consciousness is to Love beyond Longing because all things are Healed.

Christ-Nada Consciousness is to Love beyond Longing because all things are Balanced.

Christ-Nada Consciousness is to Love beyond Longing because all things are Sacred.

This is your task. The longing to reunite with the One again comes from Awareness and

Wisdom. Not from ignorance and weakness. It is the unfolding into the greatness of your

work on this planet. In accepting the Calling of the Divine, you indeed, as Servers of the

Way, enter into the place of Peace that surpasseth understanding. You are One with the

Divine, Blessed by the One, Blessed Be the One.

What is darkness? It has many manifestations, but ultimately, our dear ones,

Darkness is more than the lack of light.

It is the absence of love and the acceptance of fear.

That is all.

No more. No less.

So then how does one balance dark and light? By creating more fear, more lack and

more absence? Not at all. We suggest that balance is this:

Balancing light and dark is to Serve in the Way of Love.



Mary on Compassion:

You are held in the compassionate embrace of Love. You are not alone. Compassion is

the ability to see the weaknesses of others and know that one has also encountered

this same thing in the self. From here, one may love, from here, one may forgive all

things of all people, even the worst of your enemies, even your self for the egregious acts

you have committed in ignorance and in full wisdom. Both, all.

Compassion always seeks to Love.

Love heals all things.

And the way of Loving, is often to detach from

the process of another’s suffering and to move into allowing.

This is Grace, this is Truth, this is the Resurrection.

You are being of great power. This power resides in your capacity to love in

consciousness. For when you suffer, you identify with powerlessness – this is the

hallmark of the dark. To keep Creation Beings (you) in powerlessness is one of their

central aims.




Definition: Ring-pass-not is the limit in spiritual, intellectual, or psychological power or

consciousness, beyond which an individual is unable to pass until he evokes from within

the strength and the vision to carry him forwards and over the circumscribing limits set

by that individual's own karma.

(From the Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary.)

Let us suggest that the “ring-pass-nots” are of your own making. They provide you with

the opportunity to accelerate through growth. Change does not have to be about suffering.

That you choose to manifest change through emotional stress, is not to say that you

suffered. For true suffering is not in the temporal experience of being angry, or

frustrated, or incapable of action for a time. It is not about the lack of being heard or

understood by those people in your life that you are most deeply bonded to. True

suffering occurs when one cannot see the purpose behind things, and thus concludes

that the universe is uncaring, that the Divine Mind is Illusion and that there is no

such thing as Grace. This creates suffering. Experience creates the opportunity for



The infinite Truth is Love.

It matters not how much you have suffered, but how much you have loved.

And love is indeed eternal. We have told you that you have loved far more than you have

ever suffered. The most powerful ring-pass-not that is created, most naturally and by

Divine Purpose, is dependency on the physical five senses. And this is where most people

stop. This is why there are not large numbers of Ascended Masters. Most cannot move

into the fullness of spiritual sensory experience and believe that it is True. They become

trapped in the web of finite belief. In finite belief, love ends, because you believe that

love cannot be trusted or depended upon. The Truth is that Love is what creates, Love is

what Heals, and Love is Real.



Do you not yet Know, and Know to the core of your being, that mistrust of your own

capacity to experience spiritual truth is the basis of suffering? You have been taught and

told by “authorities” that you cannot know Truth, that you cannot see God, that you

cannot touch the face of an angel. Do not believe this! Your visions of Divine Love, your

feelings of serenity when embraced by the Light, and your inner hearing of the still, small

voice within, are True! Do you not yet know that suffering is not what others do unto

you, but what you do unto your self? Let go of your doubts and open to your own inner

seeing, feeling and hearing. This is Spiritual Truth: Trust in your own Inner Divinity and

your will Know Truth.



What is negativity? It is the I Am Not activity which manifests scarcity and struggle.  It

incorporates the belief that one has suffered more than one has loved and it results in a

strengthening of the veil of illusion into concrete form.

There is a beginning, but our dear ones, there is no such thing as the end (no-thing-ness

does not mean “end”). This is the lesson of Spiritual Mastery:

I AM: Trust: Believe

Believe – this is the key to the third trinity of Truth

I AM –Trust - Believe

You let go of this suffering by relaxing 100% in the ocean of pure universal

consciousness. There is no need to resist unless you do not Trust.


© Ronna Prince 2007

This article as a PDF file, of excerpts from various channellings through Kuthumi and Sananda

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