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Riding the Waves of Change

As you may already know, there is a great change occurring on the planet right now. Humanity is moving up to a 5th dimensional level of consciousness. During this time of shifting energies, the challenges to align with them are great. It is my hope that this article will help you to understand more about what's going on. I'll begin with a little background information.

What's going on?   The story of the grids

As I understand it, ascension occurs in steps. We step up our consciousness one dimension at a time. Though the conscious has been rising for some time, it is through creating new grids that we take even greater steps. A grid is an electromagnetic field around a planet that holds consciousness. As such it is the foundation for a new dimension. It takes 144,000 people making the same choice at the same
moment and that choice is of a higher, more integrated frequency. These two elements together create a new grid. In 1987 at an event known as Harmonic Convergence enough people came together that this occurred. At that time a new 4D grid was formed.

As with each new consciousness this one has specific characteristics which would in time influence the consciousness of humanity. The 4D consciousness typified what we all experience when we begin the
Spiritual Path. It included an increased interest in angels and archangels. They became more than just servants of God, they were now involved in our lives as guides and mentors. People such as Doreen
became the messengers for the angels explaining how to work with them at this new level. Gurus and meditation became the rage with many people flocking to ashrams. There was an expanded interested in astrology, tarot, reincarnation and candles. But, the new kids on the block were the Ascended Masters. During the next 9 years, humanity changed to embrace this new consciousness. How many candles, angel statues and card decks did you see for sale in 1987 as compared to 1996?

In 1996, another new grid was formed, this time of a 5D nature. The event that brought it about was the release of Windows 95. Unlike the previous grid, there was no event at which this grid was created.
Instead it was a moment of critical mass when at least 144,000 people decided to obtain a copy of Microsoft's Windows 95. This operating system made it easy to communicate globally and share information.
This launched the Internet and the Information Age. The Information Age is the Age of Light because information is synonymous with Light. The Internet gave humanity the ability to make all information known, i.e. make all things come to light. Once that grid was in place we were now able to make informed choices. At this level, we would determine our future and our fate based on how we handled that
information, especially the parts that we considered dark. If we could not integrate that information using the beliefs we had acquired, we were doomed to repeat what we had done before; go to war and destroy ourselves, hence the ancient apocalyptic prophecies. The ascension would hinge on whether we could find a way to overcome this hurdle.

The consciousness of this grid is galactic in nature and it is a good thing that it is because is it gave us access to other stellar races such as the Lyrans, the Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians, and the
Nibiruans.  In 2000 a wave of people known as the First Wave began fulfilling their contract to establish a network of linked websites created to disseminate the higher spiritual information of these races. It was brought through by channels who were in some cases also teachers.  In addition there were sites that acted as clearing houses for all these teaching. Collectively they became known as the Cites of Light. They were the first step in bringing the idea of a galactic community to Earth.

Along with the higher beliefs these stellar races had a greater
understanding of where we were going. Through them we learned of
ascension in a whole new way. Ascension was no longer understood to be
a quickening in which only those chosen by God would ascend to live
with him in Heaven. It was a step by step process in which we must
integrate the Light and Dark within and without in order to become a
compassionate race. In time we would take our place within the
galactic community but not as just another member. We would be the
seed race for a new species that would populate the galaxy and bring
peace. Our divine destiny was not to sit on a cloud and strum a harp
all day, but to join our stellar neighbors and bring about peace.

Included with the focus on ascension was that of changing our DNA from
carbon to crystalline. Many of the races contacting us provided
techniques and tools for this purpose. In addition they opened the
door for us to discover quantum physics with its string theory and
multiple realities, all necessary to understanding the structure of
our new stellar surroundings.

In 2001 another grid was created. This time it was not just a one
dimensional increase but a 4 dimensional step up to 9D. A quantum leap
in consciousness! The event through which it was created was 9/11. The
spiritual hallmark of this new grid is compassion; the galactic
hallmark is multiple selves. It is the consciousness of creator gods
and goddesses rather than 3D humans. Quantum physics in integral to
understanding the beliefs and using the techniques and tools of this
level. In addition is the understanding of why we are here and why
souls exist. At this level we understand that God has created a
structure through which we, as souls and aspects of him/her, will
evolve. This structure involves a divinely inspired universal game
because we learn most effectively through games. This game is known as
the Polarity Integration Game. It involves learning to integrate the
Light and Dark in all their manifestations.

At this level we see that Light and Dark are simply the two sides of
the game and as such have integral value as critical components of the
game. Through integration (accepting and valuing both equally) we
achieve oneness without having to give up our freedom and
individuality. This requires that everyone live by agreements and the
agreements are sustained by the communities' integrity and honesty.
That means that everyone must have it. This brings me to what is going
on now.

Moving into 5D

A quick observation of the number of TV shows and movies that are
being produced about multiple realities, time travel and interaction
with ETs will attest to the fact that we are moving into the 5D
consciousness. We are starting to become aware of our galactic roots
and "come home" to the galactic community. In preparation for this we
begin forming galactic level communities here on Earth. The blueprint,
as Bryan De Flores explains, is already created. Unlike previous 5D
societies which failed due to too much polarity, these new communities
will be based on the Golden Cities blueprint. This blueprint is
already manifested in other realms. It calls for a higher level of
integration. We can create that blueprint here on Earth thanks to the
influence of the 9D Grid and its emphasis on compassion and integrity.

As the new communities grow and the consciousness of them spreads,
before long enough of humanity accepts the idea of there being stellar
neighbors. One day we will hit critical mass on this idea and when
that happens, we will see the ships and other star craft. As Dr. Wayne
Dyer says, "You'll see it when you believe it."

The Great Emotional Detox

In preparation for these communities we are going through a massive
detox. This detox is somewhat different than what we experienced
moving into 4D. Though many types of old wounds are coming up to be
cleared the majority involve issues of integrity--broken promises,
unfulfilled expectations, broken trust and dishonesty. But that is not
all; at the same time we are clearing out the old, we are being
presented with lessons in the guise of new conflicts involving
integrity. This, I believe, is due to the influence of the 9D Grid. We
cannot form galactic level communities that will hold together unless
there is a strong commitment to integrity. Those of the Third Wave in
particular will find integrity lessons to be the greater portion of
their emotional clearing right now since many of them will be the
keepers of the vortexes around which the Golden Cities will be formed.

Tips for Integrity Lessons and Emotional Clearing

* When clearing an old issue, or even a new one, where someone has
broken an agreement and let you down, ask yourself where you might
have stepped out of integrity. When others have broken promises to us
or let us down in some way, it is because we have taught them to treat
us that way. Where do we let ourselves down? Where have we stepped out
of integrity around honoring ourselves by not having good boundaries
and agreements in place in our relationships? Galactic level
relationships, like galactic level communities run on agreements.

* Agreements are like promises. Don't make them unless you are
certain you can keep them. If you want to make an agreement and feel
you can keep it except under a certain condition, make the agreement
with that condition included. Obtain the other person's acceptance of
that condition being part of the new agreement. Example. "I'll be
there at 8pm unless traffic is bad. Is that agreeable to you?"

* In regards to emotional clearing in general, be supportive of
each other's process. There are a lot of old emotions being triggered
in all of us and the first reaction to them when they surface is
usually anger. Because our society has not taught us to handle anger
properly, we are confused and our efforts to clear are undermined.
Anger can be a tremendous tool for ascension once we know how to use
it. (See the article series Handling Anger the Multidimensional Way.)

* Apologies are a key to emotional release, but just as with anger
we have not been taught to make them effectively.  Allowing others to
express their pain without defending yourself or making it about you
will enable them to be able to hear your side.  Apologizing while
speaking to the pain is very healing.  (See the 3rd article in the
Handling Anger series for more on apologies.)

# As Karen Bishop, author of the What's up on Planet Earth energy alerts explains so eloquently, the new 5D energies are creating challenges for all us as we struggle to clear and align.  If we understand what is really going on, do our clearing work and stick together, we will ride the waves with Grace.


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