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 Reconnection to Guidance  
A Free Gift of Assistance from Qala Sri’ama

Guidance can be Easy (as Intension) – Receive some powerful assistance so your guidance can come easily!  Qala offers you a free gift of an audio track (a free reconnection to your 12 guides) that can begin to change your Life.  Read below to understand about this and click on the link to download this amazing gift. 

Clear Guidance makes everything easy and clear and light and free in life!  Guidance is a divine gift we are each given at the time of our birth. It begins with our conscience, and the growth and development of the use of our conscience through our life. Our father and mothers are our first role models in how we are learn to make choices of wisdom in our life. Our conscience is our balancing centre that directs us to what is the highest for us in life.

Listening within, is an art that many of us were never taught at school, yet this simple inner tool is the most proficient gift we are given to live life in our world – in the school of Earth.

So many of you may be wondering why guidance is such an important gift in life. It is simply one of the three connections we are able to make to meet the greater truth of who we are, our true empowerment or our divine presence. These three gifts of connection are the gifts we all come into the world with when we are born.

The first of course, as we all know is “our love”, our heart which carrys all of our gifts and wisdom for our life. Our heart carries our special energy and only when we are open to our special energy can we feel connected to the greater truth, gifts and wisdom we hold within.

The second is “our spirit, our light” , our consciousness and intelligence. This special energy that lights our heart and mind and body and creates our wholeness with all in the universe, connects us to every tree, living creature and every star and every galaxy. 

And the third is “our guidance”, our higherself connection which is our guiding light, the power that directs us onto the most beneficial graceful loving joyful easy path for this life.

Without access to our guidance, we become lost, feel alone, separate from the universe, and others and begin to have thoughts of not knowing our place of belonging, our connection to our heart, and we begin to not know where to go, why.. or how to move forward in life… we can begin to feel directionless or that our actions are routine and pointless in life.

This third gift, your guidance comes to you every day. As well as being given a conscience to assist us to discern what is the highest for us in life, we are also each assigned 12 guides that are always available to support us to have the most joyful blessed life we can.

At birth every soul is surrounded by their guides until the age of 1 years old. Once a child is one years old, the guides return to the spiritual planes and begin to visit this soul once a day for the rest of their life. Each time they come they bring wisdom to the soul and energy assistance so the soul may remember they are loved.

At the age of 2 or 3, many of us disconnected from our guides.. due to astral energies/fears that may have effected us, and we began to have fearful experiences of spirits coming into our dreams and sleep space at night. Due to this very few have held this connection to their guides clearly all of their life.

To reclaim your connection to your guidance fully will change your life deeply. At first it will create you to feel great support and energy, love and then it will bring you clarity on things that are very important in your life. This reconnection process is a reuniting process with your guides and over 7 lessons, a clearing process of the fears, doubts etc that lay between you and your clear guidance for everything in your life.

If you wish to make this connection or clear your connection to your guides, Guidance can be Easy   (INTENSION) is a series of 7 lessons that is every so easy to receive, supporting your connection to your guides to clear and open deeply. 

Enhancing your life with this clear spiritual contact is deeply recommended to all who wish to have the highest potential experience and live their highest potential in this life. I recommend this so deeply to all of you, that I wish to gift you the first lesson for free so you may experience an aspect of this.

To download this first lesson for free, simply click

If you enjoy this and wish to enrol for the whole series of lessons, simply connect to:

Blessings of Love to each of you,
from Qala Sri’ama





Here's the welcoming message of this issue:

Welcome to the 4th Edition of New Age Tribune, and celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with us by being the change that you want to create in the world!

Let’s release the anger, pain, resentment, worry and fear that binds us to the “past”. Let’s choose to feel the joy of being alive, seeing a sunset, watching a child play, listening to inspiring music and connecting in unconditional love with the ones that bless our lives.

Let’s take time each day to visualize the Golden Age manifesting on Earth, and then do something to make it happen. Every “little” thing we do, say, think and be with unconditional love and above makes a difference. We are not insignificant.
Awaken to the God within! Our lives have purpose and meaning. Let us be the magnificence that we truly are, and may love restore the balance!

Our Special Articles feature contributions from Michael King and Linda King. Do rituals help to produce enlightenment? Read Michael King’s article “Planetary Healing and Rituals”, and find out how we can transform ourselves and the world. Are your relationships chaotic or loving? Do you respond or react to the people in your life? Read Linda King’s article “Relationships or Reaction-ships - - It’s Your Choice”.

Our Feature Articles are informative and inspiring! Do you tell yourself and others that your accomplishments are nothing? Do you embrace your hard-earned successes? Read Belinda Jane Baillie’s article “Acknowledging Success”. Debbie Burton’s poems “Light” and “Judgment” help us to connect to the God within and release all that no longer serves us.

We can be spiritual masters in our workplaces and lovingly deal with the reactions and projections of others. Read Lisa Danza’s article “Harmony and Unity in the Workplace” and find out how. How do we love and nurture ourselves? Read Segolene Ferari’s article “Me, Myself and I” and focus on grounding your relationship to the God within as the most important relationship in your life.

Our foundations color our world and affect our ability to embrace life. Read Victoria Grey’s article “Foundations” and find out how we can change our foundations to serve us.

What would you, humanity, the earth and all its kingdoms be like if the Golden Age were to be anchored on Earth now? Nerida Mile’s article “Just Imagine” opens our hearts and minds to visioning. Flow with her and experience the NEW. “Adaptability & Manifesting Our Best Possible Future Reality Now” by Arlene Cohen Miller reviews the concept of adaptability and explains why integrating this Christ quality into our lives is critical to our success.

How does the pH level of our body affect our health? Our resident naturopath, Kim Minos in his article “Creating Health: Acid Alkaline Balance in our Body” explains how we can modify our diets to increase our sense of well being and work with our body elementals. Meditation is an art. Read “The Basics of Meditation” by Lynne Mitchell, and integrate some powerful meditation techniques into your daily practice.

Each edition of the New Age Tribune will now feature a movie review by Miles Moody. In this edition, Miles reviews the movie “Snow Walker, which was released in 2003 and is available on DVD. Join Miles in a journey along side Charlie Halliday, a hotheaded bush pilot in Canada’s Northwest Territories, and Kanaalaq, a critically ill Innuit woman whom he reluctantly agrees to transport to a Yellowknife hospital, into a process of wondrous self discovery!

What stories are you hanging onto that no longer serve you, and how can you release them from your life? Read Jenny Parker’s article “Story Lines” and re-choose. In Patti Robert’s article “Emotional Maturity & Altruism”, Patti explores how our level of emotional maturity and altruism can accelerate or hinder our progress on the ascension path.

Our heart-centered Guest Articles are insightful and moving. Enjoy the excerpts from Susan Anthony’s book A MAP TO GOD:  Awakening Spiritual Integrity. Susan explains what spiritual communities are and why it is important to our integrity, clarity and spiritual growth to form and live in them. Hal Manogue’s images of space, time, planets and stars in his poem “A Rock of Love” is infused with wonder, love and gratitude.

Jelaila Starr’s article “Staying in the Flow” gives us three excellent, easy techniques to anchor ourselves in fourth dimensional consciousness. Could it be that we choose our life’s circumstances, relationships, and events?  Read our excerpt from Robert Schwartz's book Courageous Souls and consider a new point of view.

To all our readers, thank you for your continued love and support. Please spread the word about us to your family and friends. You can add their names to our email list right on the website.

We welcome your comments and encourage your submissions to our magazine.

Blessings to you and your friends and families.


Arlene Cohen Miller
Publisher & Founder



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