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JUNE 2007

ISSUE #100 Summer Solstice


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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


This newsletter reaches a core group of 7828+ dedicated planetary  LightWorkers and amplifies from that point forward as we all do.







*** MERCURY RETRO slow down and smell the memories









By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As the Shift and the spin of the DNA and permanent atom (original point of light) Move into higher dimension awareness just Knowledge becomes insufficient for guiding any civilization. The essence of Love accelerates and accentuates all that it touches; love is a vibrant living force not just something in a romance novel. Love and knowledge birth wisdom and it is this point of wisdom that one must meet themselves for the long journey home into light expansion, which will ultimately awaken the sleeping patterns of light held within humanity. Patience imbued with love is the elixir that humanity seeks to open the next gateway of light. Patience says this is in divine order and I will allow it to be.  So Instead of wishing it away or to speed up and get the heck out of dodge, columnize the light you hold inviting that which is love (in all her myriad forms) to join you. Thus setting all blockages free by loving the block (whatever/whoever it is) down to the size of a pea.



Artificially created portals, rips tears in the morphogenic field of earth are becoming more and more rampant, distorting time, and energy. They allow the worlds between to leak and stain each other. Not all portals lead to Elysian Fields as dear Alice found thru the looking glass.  Places of cross over come to confuse the senses, five and above. Lines and fields of all types, electrical and magnetic, peck away at the natural protection of man and beast leaving one vulnerable and tender. Being light filled and soft of heart will not be enough to keep the wolves at bay.


In upcoming events the belief factor will weigh heavy in the match, as dark seeks any light that doubts,  ready to take one last punch for a knock out finish.  Time has been told that 2012 will give you the key you so seek, but time has not bothered to mention that it is you who will build the passageway and door the key will unlock.


Life seems to have a battering ramp as of late as one thing after another comes  to knock down your hopes and dreams.  Survival mode genetically needs to click in for the human species to evolve and attain desired results.  Humanity fluctuates at this point as minds that were once made up sway with the winds of change.


Those of you that have always held a especial/spatial light need to understand that in times gone past you once had a darkened heart, and you did not truly see the value of life and light.  Many choices were selfish and continue to issue you karmic decrees of declaration and impending choices. You were once tied to the whipping post by your past actions and choices. That is why you need to understand you have earned every drop of light you now house.


Each and every day the balance of light and dark is challenged by life and the choices you are asked to make.  Will you choose right or quick and easy? will you choose honor or default on your light. An initiation of global proportion is issued to all that will listen in order to see the much-diluted truth within the dilemma.


YOU CANNOT FALTER from the ‘right choice’ for one thought or one breath. As one iota of darkened energy will beckon to itself a million equally dark particles creating a heaviness that is denser than any dark star. As you enter this field of possibility your view may become distorted causing you to lose yourself for a while. The path can only be illumined by your honorable intentions no other way. You must constantly monitor yourself for such actions or non-actions.


You are the deciding factor as so many levels of light come into view. You must do what is honorable and right and sits well in your soul, no matter how hard the choices. There is only one choice where the Light is concerned, anything else is just gray. Sitting on the razor blade fence in the gray area will no longer be tolerated, choose your side for no longer can you be a double agent for the light and the dark.


All Forces gather calling and seducing. Promising any and all things to remedy to the situation.  What is right for you and the world will sit gently in your heart without question. At any point of question stop, stand back and look to see the truth of the matter.  You are a living-breathing repository of light, for you can be nothing else. Let your light shine like a super nova as you explode into new directions of time and space.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

All that was once done has become undone.  All that was seen and was once taken for granted has now become invisible to the senses.  All that is hidden beneath the surface beneath the surface of the flesh, of the cells, of the memory, of the earth surfaces in disguise as it make its ways down the pathways of your remembrance and earth. 

Many energies come forth wearing guises of goodness. Many energies that are seen as light are really holographic wolves in lambs clothing.  Each day you will be tempted within many levels of your being to be angry, to be jealous, to be unhappy, or fearful. Each time you energetically walk into an emotion that is lower of nature and not on a higher scale of light, remember it is then that the darkness becomes your silent partner.

Being taught through negativity and darkness of self is the hardest lessons that you shall encounter in earth school. It easy for you to understand what is light and dark outside of yourself, but when it comes to the inner terrain of your mind and heart, gray befalls ones choices as One seed of negativity can ruin your day and the day of those around you.  One negative thought about yourself can darken the rest of your afternoon an keep you from fulfilling a light contract. 

Understand this child of light. When you are at an intersection of self with darken negative thoughts; you are at the edge of the light one step away from falling into a very large black hole. Faltering dangerously close to leaving the light. Your biology either embraces the light or the dark of every thought. Every thought is either a blessing or a curse. With each thought you either partner with the dark or the light.

Stand in these energies of Light as you walk through the darkness in the corridors of your own mind.  Every instruct, every failure, every guilt ridden thought comes and is given to you in love to make you stronger, to work out the muscles of your soul and your belief system.  Are you ready to carry the weight of this NEW LIGHT or can you be tricked into giving up so easily when conflict befalls you? 

Inwardly, you are pureness of heart.  Do not carry your guilt's from minute to minute, day to day, lifetime to lifetime.  They burden you, and weigh you down.  They block you from feeling, they keep you from loving, and they limit you from seeing the totality of the light and beauty within you. 

As you walk through your own thoughts that are shadowed in fear realize that your very own shadows are trying hard to become light. LOVE IT ALL for that is the only way you can move ahead. You are asked to stand in your POSITION OF LIGHT.  In this position of light dear ones is a place that you cannot falter. When Light shines on life it creates shadow. Sometimes shadow even appears larger than light. Without the light the shadow cannot exist at all.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Whenever you have a resistance towards anything (person, place or thing), you end up creating an electrical charge, a bio-electrical response.  This charge then becomes positive or negative depending on which pole you direct your sled towards (your sled being every thought).

This place of Earth is filled with infinite possibilities.  Possibility lives in every situation you are continually being drawn into every energetic thought you react to. Imagine yourself as a mathematical equation, a series of numbers and outcomes.  Each time a number in that equation changes, the outcome also changes.  When your life moves you into a cul-de-sac that seems to have no way out, it is then you must learn to fly above what blocks your progress.  Lift your thinking upward to a new plateau of creation. Anything that is happening in your life is there because of you.  Own it. You are not a victim but a student engulfed in deep animated teachings. Just like learning to become a soldier with real bullets this is not a practice run but the real thing. Even though earth is holographic of nature all actions on earth are recorded and held secret. Even in your holographic universe all thoughts count like live ammunition.

Progress is quickened in everyone’s life as time marches forward and faster than you think or know.  The lessons are thicker and deeper than one has expected after years of clearing up the debris of the personality.  You no longer live on the same street of light.  Your soul address has changed once again. You're Moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky... You are asked to experience a new level of self and soul that you are not familiar with nor comfortable with. Like meeting new people all you can do is observe until it is safe to act.

 The mind and the body are joined by a new soul being – one they have not interacted with before.  They are suspicious and confused by this new vibrational presence.  The old aspect of you has left never to return but in a fleeting memory.  The new aspect of your soul presence is not attached to any outcomes as the old you once was.  The new aspect sees the entirety of the dialog of creation and sits in the land of thought manifestation with a feeling of power.  

There’s one glitch in this vast portrayal of light enhancement.  There is a thin ethereal membrane that keeps the new soul light/ intact.  This thin ethereal membrane is like a protective sac around a newborn baby.  It keeps it safe from the harsh outer world until it is ready to be birthed then the membrane weakens and tears.  The new soul light that has been activated in all of Humanity will not be fully felt until the time of Easter when the soul membrane is ready to be dissolved in the higher light of achieved Ascension. (Achieved ascension being the many layers of your being that already reside at a higher light)

Right now there is a feeling of being torn between two lights, two souls, two loves and two worlds.  The sense of being you and not being you is amplified because of the past eclipses. All elements of life point at you asking 'will the real you stand up?'  As you try and try to redefine yourself the confusion just seems to get stickier and deeper. 

Allow time for the membrane between layers of light to quicken and thin.  Fill up with what is good in your life and embrace what is beautiful around you.  There will always be something that is unresolved in your life on some level.  It's important to move your awareness above it, into the beauty of life.  There will always be a pulse of polarity that keeps the small black hole in everybody’s life spinning.  Do not be sucked into what is wrong – always holding you hostage. What is wrong is but a minute percentage of your life force.  Move your awareness into what is right, what is good and what is blessed and spend your creation in that place.  Every thought changes something.



By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As you sit in a place of new angles of life and light, you begin to understand about the vibrations within rays and the different values of light.  The light that comes from true East is different in texture and sound than the light that comes from the other directions.  The true value of light has many faces, as well as prismatic fractals.  Information riding the wave of photons (light particles) originates from various points of the Universe each carrying a different truth.  Face all the directions of your soul in order to know the fullest of this wisdom.

Light enters the eye at a different angle allowing the refraction's and reflections of the past and future to be seen out the corner of the soul.  The eclipses came to announce the memory of standing in the gap, bridging Heaven and Earth.  A state of Grace can be achieved by those that insist on making a difference.

Many insist on what has been wronged to be righted - no more excuses, no more lies, no more red tape to bandage those with political needs.  The memory of justice awakens from what seems like to be a coma.  She is blind no longer and sheds a new light on many cloaked issues.  Light as a feather of truth one’s intentions should be not weighty or burdensome.  Digging deep into anything (thought, memory) gives more than you expect.  Are you ready for truths that will shake your faith in others who may hold your future?

A sacred geometry is formed as the energies begin to strut their stuff. Lines of light open information that has not been needed until now.  There are hidden meanings and messages in everyone’s words – listen with your heart and not your humanness.  Like a cosmic scrabble game the ancient letters come undone to be re-written again.  The old restraints in words and thoughts begin to fall away like rusty shackles on an emancipated servant.  Within all words are hidden truths, within all texts are books of knowledge, within all messages are healings.  Embrace the hidden, the secret, and the unknown within yourself and your true motives. Do not be afraid of the reflection that comes to you in a mirror, in a person, in a dream.  Open up to receive the compete experience of perceiving and knowing.


slow down and smell the memories

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the vibrations of Mercury wrap themselves around you, they will escort you to the land of many knots (nots). In this land of many knots (nots) they ask you to look at what still binds you in your body, what still binds you in your heart, what still binds you in your soul.

Mercury retrograde asks you to look at what you do not want to address, what you do not want to clear up, what you do not want to heal. The winged messenger Mercury has a small limp at this time, as he sits upon a stone beckoning the sacred waters from the healing well to run across his stress lines. He sits there pondering what he should be doing, what he could be doing, what he was supposed to do. The strain upon his winged feet demands he slow in energy, in walk in thought.

Mercury retrograde is a magical time of slowing down, or being made to stop, to smell the flowers of your life. It asks you to pay special attention to detail to pay special attention to what is small and minute. Become as mouse and look closely at what needs to be addressed.

Mercury retro asks you to address everything that you are afraid of remembering, of becoming, of doing. Mercury is at rest at this point of energy and history. In this resting it says do not move forward but stop pause and organize your earthly life - tend to the details, tend to the fine print.

Call those that you haven’t talked to in months or years or decades. Call those who have passed over and talk to them soul to soul, heart to heart. Look backwards in time but don’t lick your wounds. Get ready to plant new seeds in the old soils of your soul.

Time beckons you to her side as she walks through the past, picture by picture, memory by memory, thought by thought. The spirit of Time takes you past the fine lines of scrutiny. No bah hum bugs about who you were, what you were or what you did.

Every thread of you is woven into the beautiful tapestry you are now and even if you do not see the beauty reflected in your own eyes, it truly comes as a mirror from Source. Let those around you reflect that beauty with their kindness.

You are a child of God. You are a child of the Universe. Honor yourself as such. Honor yourself those around you in all of their choices. People are enmeshed and immersed in the quick sand of their thoughts. They are not listening and do not hear your woes as theirs internal sound is in Dolby digital surround sound.

Allow this mercury retrograde to youth you, to take you back to when you were a child of wonder, a child of grace. Recapture your youth through your memories and then shift and sift those memories into fairy dust. Youth is first a state of mind, then a state of heart and then a state of body. Allow your body time to catch up with your youthful thoughts. See the kid in everyone around you and play like your life depends upon it - because it does. Youthing gives you life, laughter gives you more life and loving gives you all life.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We live in a world that is a whirlwind of thoughts, fears, expectations, and prayers. Sometimes it feels as if we are the little dinghies within the typhoon of life. Everything seems overwhelming, so all-encompassing. We feel powerless and less powerful than we have in a long time.

Every morning we wake up to a new day, a new opportunity. With our first breath and first thought we set up the energies for the entire day. We can breathe in the vast possibilities of a day filled with miracles and dreams come true, or we can breathe in a day just like yesterday, nothing more, nothing less.

life responds to us and through us! It depends on us to achieve form. We are the Mrs. Coffee Filters through which the new day is poured. We are the river bed that directs the currents of our lives. We are the producers, actors and directors of the play we call life. When we do not like the direction that the play is headed, it is up to us to energetically intervene and change the stage, the props, and the lines of our life.

We are a celestial singularity, as well as a celestial whole. We each have free will and free choice, and yet our free will and choice affects the outcome and the flux of all Creation. Every choice, every turn, every thought we have, creates a ripple effect. Touching everyone and everything. In this truth we each are truly standing at the Center of the Universe.

We selfishly think that our decisions, our choices are no ones business, and affect nothing but ourselves. We are each as an ocean that holds within it precious life. If the ocean dries up, or surges, everything it touches is affected. Look at the cells and organs of your body. Even though everything is a separate unit, it is a connected consciousness and depends upon each other to survive. We all live in the body of the Universe. Each separate cells, yet all part of the Divine Oneness.

The Universe as of late has created a ‘Common Denominator’ amongst the people of Earth. This is in an attempt to unite what seems fractured. (I use the word ‘seems’, because nothing can ever truly separate itself from the Oneness) Each part of the world is experiencing a forced ‘Unity". We are receiving a wake up call from Mother Earth Herself. She cries "Change easily, or change the hard way, the choice is yours." everything we have taken for granted up to this point is being issued a wake up call!

Our lives seem not to be working. We try to repair them, but the repairs do not hold up in this higher energy surge. The new light is dissolving the old patterning of our lives. We are changing from the inside out on a bio-molecular level. Nothing will stop or slow down this great change, for it is our divine destiny. The more we hold on to the old way of doing, of thinking, of living, the more uncomfortable these changes will be. Whatever is not for your highest good will fall away, no matter how hard you try to hold on to it.

Let go of who or what you think you are, and what you think you want. Receive what has been cultivated by Divine Decree just for you! This is a full body planetary experience. Religion, creed, race, and color does not matter. Everything is shifting into a higher order, a higher light, and a higher frequency.

Who you are on the inside (Soul light, God Light) has been issued an Emancipation Proclamation, and is in the process of being set free! The butterfly cannot stay in the cosmic cocoon any longer. It is destined and designed to fly. This is a Gift from the Universe, not a punishment! Focus only on the fullness of your life experiences, not the emptiness. Whatever is for your highest and best good, cannot be taken from you. Only those energies and experiences of a lessor vibration will be dissolved in this new light.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

It is time to look at what is incomplete within self and life. To sit down and really look at what is still unfinished within body, mind, and spirit. Embracing those thoughts with a gentleness, and a loving touch.  Within each situation in our life that is uncompleted lives a powerful pulsating life force. That life force has taken the shape of all that needs to be finished whether animate or inanimate. Whether thought or deed.

Our lives are full of demands and stresses without any additional outside pressure demanding us to do or undo. Demanding us to finish what seeks itself into completion. What is unfinished haunts us in thought and sight as we scurry about our lives trying to 'fool-fill' ourselves with other things that supposedly serve us better. While that which is in-completed looks on with confusion wondering why we by-pass it.

We harness life with our intentions; we literally lasso it into form. It (whatever that may be) gives us momentary pleasure. We fill a need and move on. Our intention is half-baked, neither here nor there. Living somewhere 1/2 way in-between. we set out to deliberately harness and bridal that life force demanding it become something we thought we wanted or needed. Whether project or deed it awaits our magical touch to set it free.

We wanted that new dress, but have never worn it. We wanted that new tractor but we never use it.  Everything you started and did not finish is still holding a great light and life force within it. Just Waiting to be set free at the moment of completion. Whether its a chore or a dream we have tied up life force and held it captive for far to long.

At this time on earth the Universe is asking its children to COMPLETE! To finish what is unfinished, undone, unseen, whether baseboard or phone call, completeness beckons itself home.  Allowing all captured life form to be set free into completed creation. Like a breath of fresh air after a long winter's nap, life is breathed back into life. It has a rejuvenating effect upon the universe and all her inhabitants.

Why are we so afraid to do what we have promised ourselves? Life quickens and we buckle in holding on for dear life in this earth ride. Moving to fast in thought and deed to slow down the molecules of self enough to complete an intention, a project, or a promise.  Between this spring and summer earth will experience a Completion of Creational Proportion. Reestablishing its life force allowing you more light, more energy, more life.

People talk about not having enough energy or life force or desire to do this or that, forgetting they are made of the same stuff as the Heavenly Father (a little watered down most days).  Most People have a lot more energy than they are showing in their light resumes'. So where is it you ask? Well dear ones it lives in this obligation, this job, and this  or that relationship. It also lives in the garage, in the closet, under the sink and in every nook and cranny. It is everything that is unfinished in your lives on all levels. Everything you need to do but just do not have the time, energy or the drive to do holds your life force. when you actually do finish what needs completing you will free yourself to have more energy and time and abundance.

Life force is also tied up in your dreams and thoughts for the future. The things you want to do but for some reason (or excuse) do not allow your self to experience.  Step back and look at how much life force you hold captive in thought and deed and non-action.

Decree energetically and verbally the completion of all that is unfinished in your life. See it as done (with your blessings) and visualize the life force within it filling you with a beautiful light that stretches from here to eternity. Your passions for life are stuck and need lubricating. This spring and summer give to yourself and the universe the energetic gift of completion.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The energy of what was looks at you eye to eye as the solstice comes to cozy up to your heart.  365 days seem to be as 365 years and just as many lives. We have expanded into such a multidimensional playing field we can no longer see the lines that divide the past from the future. Time dances by flirting with us trying to get us caught in the cogs of who we once were.

The light increases each day by about 2.2 minutes as we came to the point of the most darkness of self in order to start seeing the most light. Yes we have come undone; yes we have lost our selves and yes we are being restrung and taught to sing a new song. You have been rewritten and edited by a universe that stretches you to finally meet it heart to heart. The clock ticks to a new beat as does your heart and intentions. Keeping anything under hat will detour the expansion. Leap full throttle forward into a place that replaces your inquisition of self with a journey to the New World and new light. Your world is no longer flat and dangerous but round and full possibilities. IT IS YOUR JOB to embrace the new possibilities and let go of the way you think things should be. Be free forming as life shows herself to you each day. Do not judge or preconceive the way the day should unfold but allow its borders to expand or contract according to universal law. It is you that needs to adjust to the changing times. It can be exhausting try to change life into what you think it should be. Allow the new form to be seen first before you fill it with your intentions and prayers, otherwise it will be counter productive.


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217






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