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<Jan, Keth
and Meg Blackburn Losey  Ph.d

Online Messages: August 2nd, 2007
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Online Messages

Message from Dr. Meg:

Online Messages
August 2, 2007

Greetings to each of you! Much has transpired since our last transmission!

First of all, the most asked question that I have had since July 17th is DID WE FIRE THE GRID?? The answer, unequivocally is YES!!! So what happened? What continues to happen? Ok, here goes ~

As we all came together to Fire the Grid on July 17th, the intensity on Universal levels was amazing. If you could here it (which I could) our Oneness sounded like a huge humming that had a pulsing rhythm. We were not only addressing the earth grid, but the Universal consciousness as well.

As the humming intensified, the fabric of creation slowly rose, like a huge wave. The wave changed frequencies, changing to higher and higher vibrations as it rose. At about the 45 minute mark, the wave collapsed from a convex rise to a concave trench-like form. Next, I watched as the convex format began to shift and change, the frequencies continuing to rise. And then it all smoothed out like calm waters. This was one of the most powerful events that I have ever witnessed.

We unified the earth grid with the universal mass consciousness, something that has been lacking for eons.

And as we did, the earth grid had its own reaction. Many described seeing or feeling blue lights that went on one right after the other.

Every sector of the earth grid that wasn’t working, that wasn’t lit, awoke.

The field of blue energy that occurred (which by the way is a very healing set of frequencies) expanded and then the entire grid glowed golden. That’s right.

We brought the frequencies of our very source to the earth grid.

We are powerful in our being and even more powerful when we unify for the greater good. We did this with intention, with passion, and with Grace.

So now what???

I know that many who participated may have expected immediate results. In many ways we are seeing those. The earth has begun to rebalance. If you watch the earthquake patterns regularly (which I do) you would notice that the pattern has shifted slightly and that there is movement in areas that we don’t normally see. The intensity of the pacific ring of fire has changed as the ring has shifted slightly as well.
The intensity of lightening has become greater, with huge lightening storms occurring as the grid balances. There have been great releases of the electromagnetic energies from within the earth. This is a sign of shifting and changing. In fact, these releases have been so prevalent that most of the people I have shared healing sessions with of late have partial or full reversal of their chakra systems. This has been consistent across the board. Before we fired the grid, I was onl seeing this in the earthquake zones.

And then thereare the space time relationships. How many of you are seeing things? They are there, then they are not? People, animals, indescribables? The dimensional barriers have thinned even more, and there are communications going on that are easier to relate. And the elementals have been hugely active.

Have you seen the little squiggly patterns in the air? Little spirals covering your entire field of vision? Those are the basic elementals and they are alive, awake and active in the way that they were when our original root races existed on our planet.

And in the news, politicians exposed, injustices being made right or at least challenged. And this is just the beginning.

Energetically, we have experienced many changes. Our overall frequencies have been amped up considerably. And we have been refined. Many of you might have noticed how much more sensitive you are to things. That is because you are more accessible. When we fired the grid, we experienced a major cleansing. Our particulates have a different mathematic ratio than they did before the event. The very fabric of our manifested selves in relation so all creation is now spread farther apart, allowing information to flow through us more freely, uninterrupted (unless of course we are kicking and screaming, resistant to the very changes we intended!).

And speaking of energetics, remember that this kind of work always has a trickle down effect. As the energies of what we have done reach our earth and therefore our experiences, the effect will grow and grow, becoming more and more sound and obvious. Don’t think for one moment that you didn’t make a difference. That we didn’t make a difference. All I can say is I am honored and privileged to belong to the One of which all of you are a part.

The most important part of this entire event was the unification of peoples across the globe for the intention of love.

As we united, there were no boundaries, no differences, no fear or defenses, only LOVE. And that is huge. It is the beginning of the unification of humanity for the greater good of all. And what better service is there than to intentionally change the experience of every being in our world and beyond.

We are Blessed.

A few coming events and other announcements:
I am currently working on finishing my new book “Conversations with the Children of Now, Crystallines, Star Kids and Indigos Speak Out about the World, Life and the Coming 2012 Shift”. It will be released in February of 2008 and is already available for pre-order on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Conversations-Children-Now-Crystal-Transitional/dp/1564149781/ref=sr_1_1/002-8141078-5289616?ie=UTF8&s=books&sr=1-1

My Fall schedule is packed with fabulous journeys! Please check my web schedule for specifics and contact info! In September I will be in Salt Lake City for the A Touch of Angels Tree of Life Conference. Then, the week following I will be in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Keynoting the Building Bridges Conference, which is all about the kids! The first weekend in October I will be in Chicago at the Lightworker’s Conference, then in November, I will be joining the entire World Puja Network Crew along with JZ Knight and Michael Tamura to Lift the Light in Seattle, WA. The weekend following I will be presenting mainstage at Celebrate Your Life in Scottsdale, AZ. I look forward to meeting you at one or more of those events! For further details, please see my web schedule at http://www.spirirlite.com/schedule.php.

The web store at spiritlite.com continues to grow. I have added Children’s books, more DVD’s, CD’s, wands, hand made leather journals, Inspiriters, who are mischevious characters based upon southwest folk art, each representing an attribute we all seek to find in ourselves, and more!

One more wondrous announcement! The Dr. Meg Show celebrates its one year anniversary next week (August 8th). To celebrate this momentous occasion I am hosting a FREE LIVE CALL IN SHOW during which you can call me and we can chat, I will answer your questions and we will have a generally wonderful time! The show is from 9 – 10 pm eastern time (6 – 7 pacific). To tune in please go to www.worldpuja.org.

To call in please dial 1-888-341-6639 and then, when prompted, please dial this code: 1015524

Since our conferencing set up has limited call in space, please hang up after you have had your turn so that others can call in as well. I look forward to our time together!

As always, I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Dr. Meg
Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.


Message from the Masters:

Online Message from the Masters
August 2, 2007
Anshallah! Antui ansi entui jentelah!

Greetings to each of you from that which you are!

You have done well to change the vibration from which you live. Those changes which have been intentionally created in such a way that the unification of humanity has begun. It is the only way that ultimately you and your planet will survive.

Old paradigms from which you used to base your decisions and your actions upon as well as your dreams, have been laid to rest. It is time to be in the now. Time to stop living in front of yourselves and pay attention to that which is now. As we often say to you, nothing has ever happened outside of now. Now is all there ever is was or will be. So, when you are present within this now, you begin to hear the guidance which comes to you for the journeys each of you has chosen to partake.

How have things changes for you? Many of you have begun to realize that you must change locations geographically. Perhaps you are not receiving instructions about where that might be, just that it is. Do not be of concern. That which you need will come at the very moment in which you need to know. The point in this now is for you to become accustomed to the idea that things are changing, that life is shifting.

Problem solving has taken on a new light. The ways that you used to go about this no longer work. Untruth no longer worked. You cannot fool yourselves into thinking that you have solved your concerns when you have not. The basis of all problems is two fold. Resistance to the journey and its paths, and fear.

That resistance at one time could be smoothed over in such a way that life became tolerable. In this now, each must be within personal truth, integrity on the inside, or chaos will reign until that point is driven home.

Fear is wrought about from previous experiences or what ifs. Neither of those are of the now. It is that the Now brings perfection. Always. If you find yourselves in a state of conflict or even panic, we suggest that you ask yourselves the following questions:

“In this moment, am I safe?”


“In this moment, do I have everything that I need?”

The answers to those questions will always be “Yes, and Yes!”

And beyond that is what was, or what has not yet been and is merely speculated or imagined. The truth is in the now.

Coming in your near future is another series of events leading toward the alignment of your planet with its galactic center, or point of origin. That alignment will occur in December of 2012. Leading to that, as we have previously spoken, are a series of Universal, or Cosmic events that will create different effects within your human experiences.

Beginning on September 6th, there comes a vibrating within the upper dimensions of creation. This is a balancing, an alignment, and an awakening of energies which have been dormant since the dawn of creation. On the 14th of September there comes a major celestial event. We wish to reiterate from our past transmission those points of importance to this event and its effects upon you:

Coming in September of your time there is another major shift. This one is a different sort than those which we have previously talked about with you. On the fourteenth of September at 6:02 am Eastern Time there comes a breach in the fabric of creation. With this, in an early attempt to heal that breach, anti-matter fills the void which is created and there comes a vacuum effect.
As the vacuum effect initializes, there will be certain manifestations of balance required from the interior of your planet. This may take form in the nature of eventful sized earthquake activity. It will also take place in your weather patterning.
Within your bodies you will feel this shift even if you are only slightly aware, or barely aware, for as the void opens, releasing anti-matter, there comes a lightening of the cosmic energies which fill you. As the vacuum effect occurs, you are being filled with light energy. Cleansed, wiped clean. Initialized and initiated to the energies which follow.
That energy which follows is laden with the symbolic language of the infinite. It is both teacher and student, mother and child, peace and all that is not, love and its antithesis, desire and fulfillment.
The energy which comes with the language of the light will open within each of you avenues of consciousness which you had never conceived. Avenues which if you choose will bring you to greater being by virtue of your very existence. And those avenues will be filled with the instructions contained within the symbols. And the instructions will become you and you them.
What are the messages contained within the symbols. All that has ever been. All that can ever be, infinite possibilities at your disposal to change your experience and even the world in which you live. Infinite information to guide you toward brighter being, and the safety from within the One.
Until now most of you have seen yourselves as separate beings from within the entirety. This is not true you know? Separateness is mere perception in opposition of that which is timeless truth. You have sought to fill yourselves with those things which are not of worth except in measurable human terms. But what of that which lies beyond? What of those who have not? What of that which cannot co-create because it has been used up? Those things do not fill you but rather weigh you down with false security.
The truth in abundance is that it is all relative to the values you perceive. Just make certain that those values are yours and not belonging to others.
As the yin and yang of the void of the opening and the light which is pulled into you by that very destruction becomes assimilated within you there will be another great wave of energy which moves through your local reality carrying with it an encodement which is of the patterning of the divine.
The encodement is, for lack of language in your world, a road map to your very states of divinity.
As the planets within your solar system continue their journey toward the original beginning point, the galactic center, the light within you becomes magnified. The earth then begins to respond as well. That which is your very being responds in turn and you can either allow yourselves to be carried with the flow, or find yourselves tossed in the conundrum of chaos as the edges of the vortex are of a violent nature as the energies are being pulled in one of the most dramatic trans-dimensional changes which has ever occurred. As the tear in the fabric of creation fills with anti-matter and you are filled with light in turn, the dimensional barriers will begin to cross, become entangled temporarily and time as you know it will become confusing to say the least. At least for a cosmic now. Your realities may begin to open, even to the point of temporary confusion. Do not let this concern you. Know that beyond your current perception there are vast worlds of living breathing color and life. Many of them are aware of you. Most of them have contacted you at some point, or others in your world, with messages of peace, the lessons of the infinite and love embodied.
As you seek all that is holy, all that is sacred, remember that that which is most sacred is you. You are all and everything that you seek and within you are universes enfolded, all things possible and light beyond imagining.”

Our point in repeating this is that the information reaches you fully. The opportunity for your opening as an infinite being manifested as humanity comes at the moment of the rift in creation.

As you are created so shall you live. As you live, so shall you reap all that is holy and all that you choose.

The key is in the choosing. Do you choose reflexively, of the moment and by each experience, or do you choose consciously with intent for you journey and the highest possibilities for yourselves and all others? For as you choose, it is chosen for all others. AS you are the One. AS you are all things. As you are of the divine source from which all things come, your divinity begets your ability, your right to be the Creator which you have sought your entire lives.

You are that.

You are the choosing.

And the choices are endless, as are you.  Call your name to all creation and claim your right to be all that is and the Creator of the reality you wish to command.  And do this with loving humility, with passion and with peace in your hearts.


As it is written.


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