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Online Messages: March 28th, 2007 

Cosmic Tsunami leads to a smoothing out of energies! 

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Message from Dr. Meg:  Of Loss and Celebration

Greetings to each of you. I am ever grateful that you are here with me!

In the Master’s Messages below, they share much of what is happening in this now. I would like to address a specific phenomenon that is occurring. With the continued escalation of energies and pattern variables, many people have been leaving the planet. The often happens when shifting occurs and generally comes in waves, but does pass.

As many of you know, I often write about real happenings, my view of life experience as it applies to us all. This time my part of this newsletter will be poignant, I think. It is about loss and the celebration of a beautiful life. Last Friday, My most wonderful friend Van died unexpectedly of massive strokes. She did this with eloquence and grace, of which no one really knew until days later, and the story continues to unfold.

Van was the true definition of a friend. There aren’t words to express nearly 30 years of that friendship. She was diagnosed with leukemia last Monday and sent directly to the hospital. Apparently she had felt good but had had some anomalous symptoms so she went to an urgent care clinic. All of her tests were normal except her blood work. She called and wanted me to scan her, to tell her what was going on in her body. A question I never answered. Not that I avoided it, it was one of those things that by not answering I said it all but left the details to my friend. This wasn’t something for me to fix.

The day before she transitioned, my most wonderful friend called everyone she knew. She laughed and chatted with them and told them all how much she loved them. Later that afternoon, she did I.V. Tai Chi and everyone laughed including her.

I didn’t get there to hold my friend as she left this world, but others were there. The first stroke put her into a coma. I felt it and called. “It’s not good” her daughter said. “I know”, I replied.

Van’s daughter confided to me that she didn’t know what to do. Could her mom hear her? YES! How should she talk to her? AS ALWAYS! And while you are at it, put the phone to her ear. I know she can hear me!

The phone was held to my friend’s ear, and without a plan, without deliberation, knowing that these would be the last words I would say to my friend; I shouted “GO! You are doing a fantastic job! DON’T STOP! I LOVE YOU and I am on the way! GO!”

And she did.

I flew down the Florida immediately to be with her family who are as my own. I went to my friend’s home and as I walked in the door, a present awaited. The one thing I had asked her to leave with me should she part this earth before me. She knew. Dammit. And she didn’t talk about it. I would have listened, I would have been there earlier. But then Van was at peace. She had no regrets about her life.

In her knowing she left little clues and some big ones too. A card, subtly laid upon her desk, and addressed to no one in particular, that said that no matter what, the reader would always be loved and never be alone. She signed it “I love you very much”. That’s it, no name, so that whoever read it would feel as if it were theirs. A flyer in the rec room where she worked titled “Signs of Inner Peace” with a note at the bottom that Inner Peace is incurable.

As Van left her body, her granddaughter looked up and shouted “someone is at the door!” And no one else could see that. But the day before as she rode in the car this little one sang about how her tears were falling, and as her mom looked in the rear view mirror, there were great big tears running down Gracie’s face.

“Why are your tears falling, do you miss your Gran gran?  We can go to the hospital and visit her, you will see her soon.”

“No mommie, it is going to be a very, very long time”. And she continued to sing about her tears falling as they did.

As I went through Van’s computer the night before her memorial service, looking for pictures we could use, a familiar energy spread across my shoulders, that of my friend’s gifted and healing hands. And then I was encompassed by the warmest, most loving hug I have ever had. My friend was there with me. And then she did it again. So I talked to her for a while and then asked her to go on home, told her that we are all fine.

I officiated the memorial service of my most wonderful friend, and as I did, what occurred to me and what I said was that I think the most exquisite moment in life is when you find out that you have lost a loved one, because every type and intensity of emotions moves through you in an instant.

But truly we have lost nothing. We have everything. A lifetime of laughter, never a cross word, and a being of beauty who was an example to everyone she touched even as she was leaving the planet. The ripple effect from this one life will go ever outward, changing the lives of countless families and their children as she worked with those kids who were lost in the system and turned their lives around. As she saw with great wisdom, the good in all things.

It was and is my honor, my privilege, to have had such a wonderful friend. Nothing is lost and everything is gained because she lived. And died. And touched us all as she did.

Having seen the other side, and conversed with many there, I know she is of perfection. It is human emotion that is the hardest. A selfish grief that belies the fullness of a heart. And that too, shall pass.

Regrets? None. There was never a secret, never a lie, just the truth of hearts in friendship.

See you again my most wonderful friend.

Remember, from the moment we are born we are on a journey home. Choosing to participate in our journey, to embrace it, to laugh and know that we are everything that we are in any given moment and it is perfect brings us to greater being.

So, forgive me if I have been a bit scattered for a couple of weeks, am late answering your e-mails, or your orders went out a little late. I am catching up and love and appreciate each of you!

My new web site is up! http://www.spiritlite.com A whole new look with several new pages including UFO’s, Spirit Photos and more! Everything is easy to find. Enjoy.

I have another great line up in April on the Dr. Meg Show, Conscious Talk for Greater Reality on the World Puja Network. Check out the events page on my web site for details.

As always, I wish you laughter in your days, joy in your hearts and love in everything you do!

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
“Dr. Meg”

Message from the Masters:

Cosmic Tsunami leads to a smoothing out of energies!

Antui, Anshallah! Ensi ensitu anallah! We greet you as that which you and we have always been. That of perfection!

Dear Ones, as you proceed through the current shift, there is much in occurrence. It is that your intuitive selves are becoming more greatly attuned, and many of you have begun to hear that which you had not. As the triple trinity alignment occurred recently, your multi-dimensional selves aligned. In such a way, you are now of infinite access to your highest selves. Because of this, all of your selves communicate cleanly and completely to you in your third dimension.

How do you know what is guidance and what is mere thought? How do you know when to act and when to just allow things to unfold. It is all an unfolding, you know.

As you are about your days, you will find that when you are distracted your greatest guidance comes. Perhaps your dreams are filled with activities that do not seem to make sense. Perhaps they do.

When you allow yourself freedom from the need to know, all that is known is available to you. All that is real and beyond the everyday illusion in which you live comes forward to your attention. This may become in subtle ways, or as cosmic two by fours, whacking you to attention. No matter how it comes, it comes. And as you progress more and more fully into that which is light, the expansion of your awareness is unlimited. But you must let go of your mind. The thought, the need to know, the need to understand. The need at all.

You see, you need nothing. You have everything. Truly.

In this time, there is a wave of energy which comes as a result of interstellar activities. You might consider this a cosmic tsunami. This, however, not being one that is of destruction, but a great wave of cleansing. A great wave of possibilities beyond illusion.

As this wave of energy comes to you throughout the next ten days, know that clarity will result. Know that as you are now aligned in your being, that which may be of interference is being washed away. That which may be of illusion will become clear, if you wish.

As the wave moves across you, through you and your world, taking with it all that is of unrest within you, know that as it passes there will be a period of smoothing out. Calm waters within the energy field. Ease of energetic nature. Time to reflect upon how it is you choose to live in your world. Time to know that your beingness is that which you choose and desire. Time to float in your progress, your process, your inner freedom.

Many of you ask us quite often if one person can make a difference in your world. You express a sense of powerlessness, lack of direction. And we answer always and clearly that yes, you are the difference. Yes, you are power in living form and yes, you know the way when you do not stop to consider it but rather be in each moment as it is the only moment.

Watch your news. Listen to the media. There are signs everywhere that a great shift is in progress. Truth is coming forward in your political arenas, in the actions of people who are tired of the way your world has become. Your children are bring forth attention and lack of acceptance to those things which are of unfairness and inequality amongst people.

You see, perfection cannot be anything else. The illusion is becoming shaky. And as it is, that which is truth rises like a lion that roars. Is anyone listening? Can you see that you are making a huge difference in your world? The consciousness collective is responding to that which you have brought forward from within you.

As change comes, there will be balancing necessary. There will be pods of uprising amongst people who continue to believe that their religion is their politics. There will be stabs of political attempts to sway the outcomes of the coming changes. They will not succeed. Stand true in your rememberings of perfection. They are beginning to soar full circle into the reality of your world.

This summer, there will be a great quake in the pacific ring of fire, larger than is generally measured in your world. There will be others in response. This may be causal to the need for your planet to balance, another minor shift upon its axis. And energetic vibrations will rise.

At the same time, new archeological discoveries will come forward which will bring to light many missing pieces in your history. Pay attention to this, as there are subtleties which may be missed that are vital clues to your future beingness. You must know that your inherent gifts once lived freely in everyday life. The clues to be found express where the evolutional direction of consciousness took a turn and what was once done that needs not be repeated. Contrary to current belief, history need not repeat itself.

Because of patterning of the jet streams and weather trends, you will find your skies filled with anomalies this summer. You will see harbingers of change as has been prophesied by your ancients and Masters who have walked your earth. And your skies will be filled with color arrays, full spectrum signs that you are creating positive change. As you witness this, let it fill your heart of hearts for that is the true source of your inner light. Reach the light of your hearts into the color and feel yourselves become calibrated to change. Know that it is good.

Many of you seek the halls of records which have been stored in various places of your world. Have you not considered that some of these have already been found? Seek out the truths in the Nag Hammadi Gospels. They are records of others who walked before you and experienced far beyond human comprehension. Seek out the ancient texts of the Sumerians, of the early Vedic writings when people flew in great ships about the planet. All of these texts validate and verify each other. The truth of your history is there for you. It is written on the rocks around your planet. It is there. Everything you need to know and validation that many before you have sought the same paths and found that which they sought as their destination. Light. The symbols of the most ancient teachings, the living symbols as teachers and truths, infusions of knowledge and keepers of the most holy and sacred of knowing.

Of course there are other records to be found. Of course some have been found and unappreciated due to ignorance. But of course the most important of all the records is that which you carry inside of you. That which is the light of the source from which all things are created. It is as if the universes and all creation are enfolded within you. They are. You are that. Truly, you have only to look within.

After the great energy wave that is now in occurrence, and the smoothing, calming that comes, there is going to be a transformation of energies as they relate universally. This will come in the form of a separation of frequencies, reharmonization, repatterning. All of this happening in September of 2007. From the 13th of that month until the 21st. If you could see this with your eyes, it would appear as a cosmic dance of energy particles, arranging and rearranging as they vibrate, rising and dipping in placement. Colors of deep purple, red, bright green and gold will seek placement with one another. Electromagnetic relationships at first repelling one color from the other, and as the reharmonization occurs, those particles will begin to attract one another, ultimately resulting is an overall new energy relationship. New vibrations within which to live. This will be a great and powerful time as your world reacts to the changes. Consciousness will begin to soar, and weather of great and powerful nature will bring winds and great flows of water, moving earth and cleansing it as well.

Remember that change comes as a result of chaos, and the result is always magnificence!

We are grateful to sere you at this time. Be in peace.

Ahshalla, ansi asi, asi, asi


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