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Matthew's Messages

July 2, 2007
070702 -

Foreign media reporting more accurately than in US;  Legal processes against top officials in US government;  Cars with explosives in London a "black-ops" ruse;  Discernment,  Intuition;  resistance to the truth about Religious Dogmas;  ego;  possible energetic reasons for crumbling relationships; Chemtrails;  Independence from external sources of information; Distractions from important things;  DNA changes;  the Holocaust in universal context;  Indications of light within souls;  Disarming fear 
[NOTE: Due to Celest’s, David’s and my major undertakings, there will be no teleconferences in July or August; information about later teleconferences is on www.awakenedhearts.com.  I will be speaking at the July 6-8 Science, Spirit and World Transformation conference sponsored by James Gilliland at his retreat in Trout Lake, WA; http://www.eceti.org/2007-eceti-conference/ufo-conference-july2007.html.  My guest on “Matthew and Friends” July 13 on BBS Radio www.bbsradio.com is Robert Chapman, publisher of the International Forecaster www.theinternationalforecaster.com, reporting on current world economic and political situations.]    



S:  Matthew, hi there!  Here I am.


MATTHEW:  Mother dear soul, my loving greetings to you and all readers!  I believe our overview of your world today will answer a number of questions on the list and media reports have answered others.  Perhaps first I need to say that of all major nations’ media outlets, those in the United States are the most skewed, mainly by omission of what is being accurately reported elsewhere.  Yet, primarily because of authentic Internet articles, even in the US enough factual information is coming out so that “following the dots” shows that the citizens’ trust in and support of their government’s policies has irremediably crumbled.  Although it is not widely understood that that administration is the Illuminati’s international showcase of power, it is understood—“perceived” is more accurate—that the US is the most powerful nation and its economic and political turmoil has global effects.  And very few understand that minds and hearts all over your world are being transformed by the power of the LIGHT, and that the ages-old darkness that has caused the perpetual conflict and suffering has left the building, so to speak.  The remaining wisps of that influence on the weak-willed puppets of the darkness are becoming more and more apparent as the light makes them visible to the public eye, and the once feeble call for “cease and desist” is now a roaring outcry. 


We empathize with your impatience for the end of Mideast warring and all other situations that sensitive, compassionate, peace-loving people find abhorrent—we, too, wish that transformation could happen in the twinkling of an eye.   If all souls on Earth believed this could happen, it WOULD, but only a few of you do, and so this growing effort to achieve reforms must be within a context that can be understood—various types of legal actions to remove from office the top US administration officials by legally proving their violations of the country’s constitution and their crimes against humanity.  However slowly the processes move, especially when the accused arrogantly and stubbornly refuse to cooperate with the laws that govern all US citizens, the leaders of the movements to oust them must proceed within those laws.   Their objective is to return to the citizenry their constitutional and god-given rights, and they cannot do that by denying those rights to anyone.   We can give total assurance that their objective is manifesting, but we cannot give a date for “mission accomplished,” thus we recommend that media followers “connect the dots” and feel immensely uplifted by the progress publicly aired, albeit still incompletely and with other distortions due to Illuminati censorship.   Their control through mind programming via the media, including “entertainment,” and money are the only things they have left, and their hold on those has unraveled to the point that only a few threads are holding them together.  Yes, Mother, despite Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of “The Wall Street Journal”—that perceived prestigious newspaper always has been controlled at the top.       


This is a good place for me to tell you that we heartily applaud all of you who discerned that the recent “thwarted terrorist attempt,” the cars set to explode in nearby spots of London, was a “black-ops” maneuver.  To be frank, the only way we can interpret this absurdly amateurish effort is that it’s the result of the all-consuming frustration of the Illuminati that none of their several major attempts to create another “9/11” level act has succeeded.  The dark ones’ only possible consolation about these failures must be their spin that turns them into “success in the war on terror.”  To keep that myth alive, they keep setting up situations that they then “prevent,” but by now they’re doing it so clumsily because they know their time is fast running out that their efforts have become laughing stock for investigators and some reporters.          


We repeat our oft-given guidance to be discerning about information from every source, including channeled messages.  I have previously offered our guidance for developing discernment and learning to trust intuition—if you wish to refresh your memory, the “search” feature on the site will assist in locating those messages [www.matthewbooks.com].  Now I shall reply to an email on my mother’s list because it is pertinent here.  Referring to my explanation about evaluating information—intuitively one “flows” when very likely it is true and “feels resistance” when very likely it is not—the writer rightfully noted that exceptions to this are the very religious people, who will resist believing the truth about how religions and their divisive dogmas were formed.  That writer is indeed correct—many will resist because their religious beliefs are the very foundation of their lives.  I have spoken about this in two contexts:  One is, those people will present one of the greatest challenges to lightworkers, and I have offered suggestions for compassionately dealing with them, and the other context is, they will have other opportunities to accept that the teachings they believe are God-inspired are in fact, based on many falsehoods concocted long ago by greedy, power-hungry church / state leaders.  No, Mother, I’m not going to ask you to peruse all the messages to cite which include those many references—I thank you for taking time from your speech preparation and other tasks to compile the questions and receive my message.


S:  I appreciate that consideration!  The same point is in a poignant letter from a woman whose husband’s religious beliefs are pure dogma—he says that your “flow” and “resistance” apply equally to his beliefs and he resists what you claim is the truth because it is not, it is her beliefs that are wrong.  The wife’s questions: Doesn’t the ego and the dark bring about resistance to the truth to hold onto its own belief and fortify the separation of what is true and what isn’t? Will they not resist information that is truth?


MATTHEW:  Absolutely!  The writer is correct in further stating that the dark resists whatever it perceives or believes threatens its existence, and attaching itself to the ego is precisely how it operates.  However, some clarification is needed here.  Ego is an essential part of the personage, the part that engenders self-confidence and self-worth in accordance with efforts and achievements.  But just as pride in those is not the same as vanity, honoring ego as a reflection of self-image is not the same as being egotistical.  The interjection of darkness into the ego shrouds the self-image in stubbornness and shuts out thoughts that threaten its entrenchment—this produces the closed mind you refer to as “the box.”  As in all other forms of dark expression, love is the key to opening that box and letting the light come in. 


S: I hope that is helpful to her. Ego is part of another question, or two. When the transition into the light occurs, will we really feel it inside or do we need to prepare for it?  My ego has a hard time letting me go—is there an easy way to do it?


MATTHEW:  First I’ll add to my comments about ego—it is self-identity and you don’t want to let that go. What fosters spiritual growth is molding the ego in ways that are aligned with the soul’s contract choices—you know when you are in tune with the contract through comfortable feelings about yourself, like self-assurance that you’re being—or becoming—the “who” your soul signed up to be.  Yes, all who make the transition with Earth into the higher vibrations will feel it—it will be unmistakable as the light will permeate mind, body and spirit—and preparation is simply BEing the soul you already are.     


S: Thank you.  How does one keep positive and balanced at the same time?


MATTHEW:  The question implies that balance requires equal degrees of positive and negative, like similar weights are required on each end of a see-saw to balance it, and that isn’t the case if positive is equated with light and negative with dark.  Balance is the reconciliation of light and dark, but since the dark resists proximity to the light, darkness keeps dimming until there is only light in its full brilliance.  Thus in light there is the balance that was achieved and in darkness there is none because it withdrew from that state in its choice to avoid being near light, which it fears.  That rather personifies those vastly differing frequencies that are physics automatically at work within universal laws governing energy.


S:  I think your answer to the next question, also in a poignant personal story, is going to fall somewhere into those frequencies: How do crumbling marriages and finances fit into the grand scheme of Earth’s ascension?


MATTHEW:  Mother, since everything in the cosmos “falls” into frequencies, that’s one assumption where you couldn’t go wrong.  Rarely does any answer fit every individual experiencing either marital or financial difficulty, or both, but two prevailing energetic situations definitely are having a hand in these.  First, the higher frequencies are magnifying all characteristics and attitudes, and when mates differ considerably in those respects, they move in opposite directions from the former ground where compromise or tolerance sufficed.  Opposing views of money, whether to save or to spend and how, are exacerbated as well, and when fear of not having enough money enters the picture, the universal law of attraction does too and brings situations that cause whatever money there is to not be enough.


The other energy at work is at soul level.  Knowing that this is Earth’s last chance for her current residents to fulfill provisions of their pre-birth choice to complete third density experiencing, souls are virtually yelling to their personages’ consciousness:  Get on with it!   This can mean dramatic changes in marriages and other relationships, jobs and locations as well as in traits and actions.  This is a time of turmoil all over the planet, but if you will accept that the intensity of light is acting on behalf of your soul’s growth, making the changes you feel urged to will greatly ease the process.     


S: The next question is a new take on chemtrails, at least to me. The writer sent a link to a site that you know I didn’t have time to read, but he wrote that it makes a strong case that chemtrails aren’t our government’s doing and suggests that aliens are using their superior technology and resources.  His question is: Are the aliens slowing down our global warming problems by making the sky more reflective?


MATTHEW: Mother, I know you don’t have time to read information on any site or long forwarded articles, so I will address only what the email stated, and I shall do so more gently than Hatonn, who might say only “hogwash” and be done with it.   Chemtrails are laden with toxic elements with the intent to make many people ill, and shifting their origin from the government—which on the Web site may be identified as the US government, but if so, it is actually more of the Illuminati’s work— to aliens is disinformation with a wry twist since the government’s denial of UFOs implies that there is no intelligent life anywhere out there.  To repeat what I’ve said in other messages about global warming, it is part of the process whereby Earth is changing from polar extremes to a moderate global climate. 


S: Thank you.  Is a piece of artwork or a discovery about our universe developed in one’s mind or does that individual tap into some universal source, or is it a combination?


MATTHEW:  It does not detract one iota from individuals’ accomplishments that art productions are co-creations and no “discovery” about the universe is new—all the elements are in the universal soup.  What happens is that a person’s imagination, inspiration and desire to produce something artistically or to find whatever he or she is seeking, attracts matching thought forms that bring back the information or circumstances that help bring to fruition the objects that “fit.”   


S: Someone would like you to comment on a site that’s encouraging lightworkers to get away from dependence on outside channels. I don’t know what’s on the site, so will you please reply to what she wrote about it?  


MATTHEW:  Happily, and I say HOORAY and THANK YOU to whoever is encouraging independence from “outside channels”!  This is what we have been telling you—please wean yourselves from relying on our messages and other external sources for the answers that are WITHIN you.  Think how often my messages have included the admonition to be discerning about all information, including channeled, and guidelines for developing discernment ability—that‘s one side of the coin.  We often have provided answers to your questions for enlightenment, guidance and encouragement,  but we don’t want to perpetuate your reliance on our information because that is counteracting one of our major purposes—motivating you to trust your intuition.   That’s the other side of this coin, and the coin itself is an essential part of consciousness raising and spiritual clarity.   We feel the delight of all who benefit from our messages and we REJOICE when they try their own wings and soar to their answers within! 


Let me delve a bit deeper into what we see people are questioning beyond what is sent for my comments.  Please consider whether your pondering arises from only a wish to satisfy curiosity or if it is related to clearer understanding of this unique time in universal history and/or your role in it.   Another aspect of moving forward in soul evolution is recognizing the trivialities that the dark ones place all around you as distractions so you won’t think of directing your focus and energy on the vital importance of consciousness-soul connections. 


We have endeavored to fully apprise you of what IS essential for your knowing: Changes taking place are the winding up of third density karmic expressions and you chose and were selected to participate in this unprecedented era when others were not because you have the spiritual strength to successfully do what you signed up for.  There is no need to struggle to discover what this is—it is as simple as BEing the soul you are and following your heart’s inspired directions!  Yes, some of you are needed in leadership roles, but most of you are assisting by generating light right where you are, following what your heart tells you to, and the effects are radiating around the planet.  Every one of you is an invaluable participant in creating the Golden Age in your world!


Now, some questions we see in minds we cannot answer because the situations are not clear to us—the tumultuous activity in Earth’s energy field of potential at this juncture precludes it.  What we CAN tell you and repeatedly have done so is, THE LIGHT HAS WON, the Golden Age is awaiting ALL who are light receptive!  We are as eager for that day to arrive on Earth as you are, and you have millions and millions of dedicated light beings who are serving with you to draw that day ever closer.


We have said that during the transition, along with the amazing developments you will wholeheartedly welcome, there will be bumps in the road.  We are asking you to please keep in mind that aberrant weather and an abundance of geophysical events are ridding Earth of negativity and enabling her to ascend.   Remember too that much dire-sounding information is disseminated intentionally to instill fear, and other such information is passed on by well-meaning individuals who don’t know that it is false or that the alarming “predictions” will not come to pass.  By traveling your pathway fearlessly, you will come through the planetary changes and the last wisps of darkness in accordance with the soul contracts you made when you knew what you would encounter and that you are well prepared for it.     


Mother, I know that I digressed considerably from the request, so let’s get back to the list.


S: You did, but what you said is important. I’m summarizing an email about our thoughts creating our reality into the writer’s bottom line—he can’t believe that the thoughts of the victims of the Holocaust created it.  


MATTHEW: I am glad for the opportunity to speak about this in the context of what I have mentioned about the state of Earth sixty-some years ago when she had to decide whether to let her planetary body die or ask for help to keep it alive.  Certainly the thought forms in the universal mind, or the collective consciousness of all souls in the universe, if you will, that were attracted by the “like” monstrous thoughts in the minds of those who conceived of the Holocaust were in operation even though the thoughts of those incarcerated were quite different before they were in the camp situations, where the reality that was not in their former thoughts was presented. 


However, chosen karmic experiencing also was at work to balance other lifetimes of both the perpetrators and the camp residents, but not nearly to the extent that developed.  Along with other unconscionable atrocities that occurred during World War II, the brutality and death toll in the camps could have killed Earth’s planetary body by draining her little remaining light, her very life force, and it evoked her cry for help so she could give her humankind one more chance to wind up third density karma.  Much, but definitely not all of the suffering and violence since the time of the Holocaust has been the completion of karma accrued during that time.  People who endured more hardships and heartaches than needed to balance that lifetime were, by divine grace, allowed to leave this lifetime prematurely with full credit for incomplete chosen experiencing, which enables their next incarnations to be in fourth density.  And some who are healthily prospering through honest ways, but in amounts you may deem unfair compared to the impoverished conditions of so many others, are balancing their “victim-hood” in those years of unprecedented bloodshed and bestiality.     


Mother, I see the writer’s comment that even if he could understand, he would be considered a “dangerous new age flake” if he attempted to explain it to anyone.  I’m suggesting that he not try at this point when third density’s limits on comprehension prevail in the majority of minds, and if someone puts it to him squarely, to follow his inner guidance as to his response.  


S:  Thank you, dear. I think a few questions are so similar that your answer to my paraphrasing can apply to all. Is there any foolproof method of knowing if someone has accepted the light, and does self-doubt prevent acceptance?   One person asked if doubting oneself is fear.     


MATTHEW:  I’m not sure what to say here—the immense importance of knowing how to recognize light in yourselves is causing my hesitation.  Perhaps the key is knowing that light is the ingredient of every soul—your very life force itself—as a microcosm of the light-love pure essence of Creator, the source of all life in the cosmos.  No external source or acquired ability can prove that you or any others have “accepted” the light—that knowingness can only be within each soul.  What I can do is give some indications—for instance, a feeling of peacefulness when you heed the voice of your conscience.  Determination to meet life’s challenges to the best of your ability and feeling grateful for the learning that comes from doing that.  When you live from your heart—such as sharing your time and other resources without expectations and being kind to others, including animals, and even the simplicity of smiling at strangers—there arises a quiet sense, if only for that moment, that “all’s right with the world.”  Forgiving, even if not forgetting, others’ hurtful acts toward you—this is an example of unconditional love, which is the most powerful energy in the universe—and the quiet joy of tranquility and solitude are light-filled.  When people meet for the first time with the ease and pleasure of long-time friends, it is their light that elicits this sensation—at soul level kindred spirits know each other.   Please do not think these are the only indications of light or you may feel self-doubt—whatever lightens your heart and lets you feel your connection with God and all of Nature are signs! 


Yes, I think self-doubt is fear, and I know that the energy of fear prevents light from entering a body.  However, the kind of fear in context here can be easily overcome.  It may not be that you are lacking in those actions and reactions I just mentioned, but rather lacking only the KNOWING that those are your light “in action.”  Honest introspection will give you the answer and, like laughter, that always is good for the soul!   


[Matthew asked me to type our short telepathic chat that followed: “Mother, please read what I just said and see if there any big gaps.” “I can’t think of any, but in a message some time ago you asked me to copy ‘What Is Love?’ from the book and since love’s the same as light, maybe mention that if anyone would like to read that, they can get it via the search feature on our site.”]


S: Two people wrote about DNA, and ironically—but nicely!—neither had a question.  One wrote that science has proven that DNA can be changed and his recollection is that you said it can’t be; the other wrote enthusiastically about the changes.  


MATTHEW:  Either the first mentioned writer’s memory is faulty in that one respect or I expressed myself so ineptly that what I said about DNA—it cannot be changed by external mechanisms, by products or equipment, only by Self—could be construed as my saying it cannot be changed at all.  Not only can DNA be changed, it IS changing in light receptive people!  Many times I have spoken about the dual benefits of light absorption: spiritual clarity and changes at cellular level—although not always have I stated that it is the DNA that changes—so bodies can survive in higher vibrations.  I am glad that person wrote because others also may benefit from my clarification.  


S: If any others have the same recollection, I haven’t heard about it, but I think clarifying that is good.  The next question: How do I contact my spirit guides, light brothers and sisters and others who can help relieve the fears I hold, and what do you suggest is a good way to disarm fear?     


MATTHEW:  Simply ask them for help and allow it to work!  My suggestion to disarm fear is to change a fearful thought into something positive—a positive feeling will follow.  It may seem that thoughts and feelings are simultaneous, but thoughts precipitate feelings that match.  Fear is not about a known, it is about an unknown that may never happen.  However, you can manifest something you fear—for example, if you are afraid you will fail in some endeavor, you will, and if you are convinced that you will succeed, that’s what you will do.  It is the energy of your thoughts and feelings that manifests their content into being.  


S: We’re out of space, Mash.  Do you have any quick important last comments?


MATTHEW: LOVE is the quickest and most important answer to everything!  My love and the love of countless souls in spirit and body are with all of you! 


S:  Thank you, Sweetheart—mine’s with you!



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