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Matthew's Messages         3/4/07

Observations about “the Oscars”; collective consciousness; “Believe in yourselves!”;  unconditional love;  US Presidential Candidates;  more evidence of crumbling Bush administration;  Soulmates,  Twin Flames; causes of dying Animal species;  parallel and probable lives;  records disproving the Biblical story of Jesus



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S:  Sweetheart, hello!  I know you want to get started, so here I am.


MATTHEW:  It seems a good time, dear soul, because you’re feeling much better and your energy is high again, and I thank you for interrupting your other activity to begin my message. 


Since you weren’t interested in watching most of the movie awards television program, you were surprised when I told you that I wanted to speak about it in my message.  Mother, I think you and readers would shocked to know how much energy was directed at “the Oscars” before, during and after the event, and our observations about this may surprise you.  I don’t mean what was apparent, that a vast audience was riveted to television sets, but for you to see those rapt viewers and “the Oscars” from a perspective that was not obvious.  Please understand that in no way am I criticizing anyone’s enjoyment of that glamour-and-glitter extravaganza!  My point is to show the focus of attention of people who are living in comparative comfort and convenience, and that event is a prime example of diversion from what they do not want to think about or do not think to question.  In this way, most among that viewing population are unwittingly aiding the ones who wish to control their lives through far harsher measures than entertainment.    


The event’s emphasis on excellence in many areas of the film industry would be more admirable if the selections were actually based in the high purpose and absolute secrecy that is claimed.  But here, as in all other situations, what you call “human nature” permeates the outcome of the awards, and some of it is not admirable: egotism, jealousy, envy, retaliation—and “suspicious” ballot counting.  This is NOT to deny the talented nominees, much less the winners in the various categories, their well-deserved honors.  It is to let you know that the film industry, which “the Oscars” raise to adulation status, is no more upstanding than any other body that strives to influence your thoughts and actions—actually, it is an insidious form of mind control. 


Although the industry is emerging from the heavy hand of the Illuminati, it is not free of their dark influence.  This isn’t evident to most of the public, who don’t suspect that violence-filled movies are made to inure the populace to violence or that films glorifying war are produced to keep “patriotism” at full throttle.  It is even less a consideration that films are major vehicles for distorting truth—witness the movies about extraterrestrials, usually hideous monsters bent upon invading Earth and who must be conquered before that can happen.  What seeds do those movies plant in unquestioning minds—a preemptive war in space is good; a preemptive invasion of Iraq is good?  A singular distortion of truth this year is the poignant portrayal of Queen Elizabeth, who is one of the peak Illuminati and now can be seen sympathetically because of the stoicism she must maintain as the world’s foremost royal figure.


These observations do not diminish that long program’s bright moments such as the heartfelt, stirring speech by the man who won the best actor award, the grace and genuineness of the women named best actress and best supporting actress, the surprise and pleasure of the actor voted best in a supporting role, the genuine show of affection and approval for the man who was honored as best director.  But please think of these as the “silver lining” of the dark cloud that to a large extent still is the fundamental purpose of what is called “Hollywood.”  Because it was that totally public event that evoked my commenting, I won’t delve into an aspect of the industry that never would have been acknowledged that evening, the lucrative pornography and the filming of satanic rituals, except to say that those could not exist without the cooperation of and benefits to some principals who attended or viewed the proceedings.     

Mother, that was rather a big sigh, as if you’re very glad that I am through with that topic.


S: Well, yes, but I’m thinking that what you said doesn’t stop with movies—the diversion and influence and distortion extend to TV and radio and all the computer games, don’t they?


MATTHEW: Oh yes, they’re all part of what shoots up into the collective consciousness. 


S:  So the collective consciousness is pretty much the interests and mindset of people who either are “diversioned” or they’re too tyrannized, sick or starving to have any margin for deeper thinking.  Matthew, that seems to be most of the world—relatively speaking, it doesn’t leave very many spiritually enlightened folks, does it?    


MATTHEW:  No, Mother, it doesn’t, and now you can see why we have been urging you who do know that an unprecedented global reformation and spiritual renewal are underway to send light to all of Earth!  Why we urge you to stay steadfast in the light yourselves, to fear nothing, to be discerning and trust your intuition, to judge no one.  These simple guidelines that need no embellishment are your passage to the higher vibrations of Earth’s destination!  I have talked about this so often, I have to wonder if you are weary of repeatedly hearing these most vital things you need to do for yourselves and for Earth, and so you tune out.  And when I address what we observe as the paramount question in minds around the world—Will there ever be peace?—sometimes I wonder if you doubt what I say, “The light has won and Earth is rapidly moving into the Golden Age!” and you ask for incontrovertible evidence of this truth.  


I know that my mother answers many questions directed to me without “calling me in.”  She replies to the people who hear about flood or quake or global warming predictions and ask if they or their families are in danger; people who want me to tell them which information sources are truthful or what their unusual physical sensations mean or what will happen in 2012 or what does the future hold for their children or why aren’t ETs doing more to help Earth.  She can reply to these information requests and others as well because I have answered the same questions in more than one message.  I am not discounting that some who question are new to this material, but people who are familiar with the information that I and other light beings are sending to our respective receivers are time and again seeking reassurance that what we say is so.  Convictions about the power of the light waver with a dire-sounding report, and you look anew to external sources for confirmation that the predicted whatever will not happen.  Yet, often we have told you that everything you need to know, the purest truth, is within, and trust your souls’ messages that come as intuition.  You are powerful, magnificent beings with such high level capabilities that when you asked to participate in this unprecedented marvel that is Earth’s ascension, you were chosen when others were not! You have amazing strength that will weather the bumps in the road as the last vestiges of negativity are transmuted into light!  Believe in yourselves!       


S:  Mash dear, excuse me—you sound discouraged.  What’s going on?


MATTHEW:  Not as much as we wish, Mother, and that’s it—think what we just spoke about, the collective consciousness!  But first, I hasten to say that Earth herself is in spectacular ascension position and unflinching light workers and light weavers are shining radiantly.  Your space family are ever vigilant in their assistance on and off-planet, and this year at hand will be one of the most volatile for the darkness and most triumphant for the light in the eons of Earth’s history.   Because so many areas of falsehood and oppression are surfacing, we feel concern for the many millions of souls whose hearts and minds remain closed to our light beaming.  Again, people who live in comparative comfort and convenience do not want anything to upset that ease, and the mysterious sensations they are experiencing in the higher frequencies are upsetting.  Instead of allowing the strong messages from their souls to register clearly in their consciousness, they are trying to escape them by taking medications or turning ever more to their religions.  When the truth about all religions comes out, those devout souls will be traumatized, and rather than accept what will be revealed, many will hold firm to what they have been wrongly taught.  Add to those the fence-sitters who are running out of time to accept the light and those who knowingly and adamantly are refusing it, and the total is a staggering number.  Please, you beloved souls who receive our messages, firmly and joyfully stay the course and help us help you and your world by unwaveringly radiating your light!  


In the Oneness of All, each soul is as loved by us as any other.  You may think that our families and dearest friends on Earth are more loved, more important to us, but that thinking is confined to the people you know we were close to in that lifetime because it is the only one you consciously associate with us.  But we—and you!—have thousands and more beloved family and friends throughout the universe with whom we simultaneously are sharing a lifetime.  However, our loving isn’t limited to all of them, either—yes, some are more intimately connected with us than others, but our love is for ALL souls and it is limitless for ALL.  You could say it simply is loving God, if that is the name you call the Supreme Being of our universe.  Thus we would rejoice if all people on the planet whose soul contracts have the years allotted to ascend with Earth will do that, and we know that many, many millions whose contracts do entitle them to make that journey, will choose not to.  Yet, it is as I have told you, they will have other opportunities to see the light of truth and embrace it.  That is of comfort to us even as it is sad that they are choosing to experience more violence, deception, corruption and suffering instead of evolving out of that darkness by listening to their souls, wherein lies the confirmation about the truths that will be revealed. 


S: Matthew, since the light keeps intensifying and you say that more minds and hearts are opening all the time, I don’t see how you can be certain that so many people won’t accept the truth about religions or won’t change a dark pathway to one in the light.


MATTHEW:  I wish I were not certain, Mother, but from this vantage point, we see those souls in their immutable stance not only in this moment, but in their “future.” 


Let us leave this and move on to something we discussed that many are asking you, my opinion of the individuals who have announced their candidacy for US president.  I say here the same as I told you, Mother: Between this moment and the time for elections, a great deal of deception and corruption will be exposed that is relevant to the candidates, and we are beaming light to all.      


S:  You wouldn’t tell me who will win so I’m not asking for that, but if the “future” of those souls you just mentioned is known, the next US president is known too, right?


MATTHEW:  Mother, I don’t think I said, “I won’t tell you who will win,” I think I said “I can’t tell you”—and that’s because I don’t know.  But I do know the kind of individual who will be the next US president.  Predictions or prophecies are extrapolations or reasonable projections of what can be observed at any one stage of happenings in the continuum.  Relatively speaking, there are periods of more stability, when Earth’s energy field of potential is “calm,” and now is not one of those—the field is ablaze with activity as the Illuminati is in the last phase of losing its struggle to retain control.  Therefore, if there were a clear frontrunner in the presidential race in this moment of linear time, a calendar year from now, that candidate may not even be in the running.  With Earth rapidly moving into higher frequencies where increasingly intense light would leave no place for ones with dark intentions to hide, it is safe to say that by election time, today’s presidential candidates will either have the spiritual and moral integrity to wisely and honorably lead or it will be widely known that they are not that kind of individuals and they no longer will be in the race.  This is true of all nations, not only the United States.


S: OK, dear, thank you. I have another question. Is ousting the Secretary of the Army just “for show” or is it another indication that a monumental shake-up is going on in the Bush administration?  And what Bob Woodruff said about the seriousness of brain injuries that aren’t being properly treated—if you know about this, do you know if it will have lasting impact or get buried by a “spin doctor”?


MATTHEW:  Both of those situations are only the most recent and most publicly visible signs that an insensitive and corrupt, deceptive administration is crumbling.  The conditions at the army medical center and the lack of proper care for brain-injured and psychologically traumatized troops are not new situations—they just finally surfaced.  Along with the previously publicized unsafe vehicles and inadequate equipment for the troops and the extra assignments of troops to combat zones, the administration’s total disregard for both those who are fighting and those who return seriously wounded cannot and will not be “spun” away.  These may be very upsetting revelations to the public, but the affected military families are very well aware of these outrages, and their pleas for help went nowhere until now.  It was no accident that the well-known TV journalist received that injury. 


S: Do you mean that his head injury is part of his soul contract?


MATTHEW:  Contracts have flexibility in details, so it wasn’t necessary for his to specify the exact kind of injury or how or where it would occur.  But yes, he chose to experience a debilitating injury under circumstances that would bring wide attention to a medical situation that greatly needed to be disclosed, and the disclosure would have long-lasting beneficial impact.   


S:  I see.  As long as we’re on the topic of troops, I’ll go to questions on the list that you haven’t covered.  Why hasn’t the new Congress done anything to resolve one way or the other President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq?


MATTHEW:  Even though historically the wheels of Congress move slowly, the Illuminati influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties is deliberately keeping a variety of proposals on a slow merry-go-round.  It is essential to their long-time plan for the Middle East—which they haven’t forsaken even with abject failure illuminated by a million strobe lights—that the fighting and occupation continue, and they know it cannot without more troops.   They also must deal with the announcements by presidential candidates in the glare of increasingly hostile reception to the idea of escalating the war.  So zigzagging on tiptoes toward the inferno of virtually worldwide opposition is the only thing Congress can do.  In the meantime, the CIA faction controlled by the Illuminati has its “black-ops” fomenting unrest in Iraq to show that more US troops and funding are required. 


S: Well, it’s frustrating, at the very least, that efforts by caring, honorable people in our government are being blocked. In looking back at lists that we never finished, I found many questions about soulmates and twin flames.  I think if you explain what they are, that also could answer the questions from people who want to know how they can tell if the person they’re with is their soulmate.


MATTHEW:  I don’t know if I can do that to anyone’s satisfaction insofar as their possible soulmate, but I will happily speak about these special soul combinations from the perspective at this station, and perhaps that will help them decide.  First I say, soulmates are not what they often are considered to be by those who have heard the term; that is, they are not two individuals out of the countless souls in the universe who can be only with each other and no other in order to feel divinely happy.  Souls share many lifetimes with the same group, or soul cluster, and in these lifetimes they experience as male and female; heterosexual and homosexual; mother, husband, son, friend, adversary, teacher, student—in short, every possible role and relationship that is needed to help balance their overall lifetimes.  Those lifetimes are happening simultaneously with many other mates for each of the two souls, but they are not consciously aware of this when they meet on Earth.   At soul level they do know this and recognize each other, and they consciously feel a bonding that comes quickly and is more significant to both than their feelings for most others.  This can be two people in any relationship that is especially meaningful, and when the two souls are romantically attracted to each other as a lifetime pair, they may be called soulmates.  I don’t know if the concept of soulmates is exclusive to Earth, like linear time is, or if it also exists in other third density worlds.  But it does not exist in more advanced civilizations where it is known that spiritual evolvement unites all souls in unconditional love, which is enormously different from the romantic love associated with soulmates.  


Twin flames are the first two souls expressed, or co-created, by a root soul, which is a soul that originated in deepest antiquity and has progeny souls throughout all time.  Both of these soul expressions have the same essence as their ancestor and as each other, thus “twin,” and their feelings for each other are the most intense that any soul can feel for another.  Because the feelings run the gamut of human emotions, the relationship of twin souls is not necessarily blissful—more often it is the peaks and valleys of elation and despair—and in the eyes of others, these individuals may appear as two completely unlikely persons trying and failing to be compatible mates.  The commonality of twin flames is their irresistible attraction to each other that cannot correctly be called lust, although the sexual aspect is tremendously powerful, and their need to be together exceeds every other consideration even though they may not—in fact, usually do not—pair for a lifetime.    


Mother, you’re remembering your great difficulty years ago trying to understand my explanations about the various “levels” and designations of souls, and it is the same with these two categories.  But hardly anyone on Earth can comprehend something that they cannot relate to, and I don’t have the capability to describe the simplicity of SOUL.  I can only assure you that one day, all of you will know this yourselves. 


S:  I’m content to leave at that, dear! Do you want to define “unconditional” love, or do you know from your vantage point that this is pretty well understood?  


MATTHEW:  A definition is sorely needed by the vast majority of Earth’s residents, but they will not be reading this.  And since love of limitless, infinite and unqualified nature affects almost every aspect of your lives, I think that reading the book chapter about love’s expression that was part of a prior message will be helpful [November 9, 2006].  


S: I don’t know if this is big enough in the collective consciousness for you to be aware of it, but someone who sent a short notice that there will be a tsunami from outer space during the first week of March wants you to comment on that.


MATTHEW:  Oh my!  Without knowing more, I can only assume that the tsunami is to be massively destructive, and if that is the case, I borrow Hatonn’s word for something that is an obvious—and if I may, a ludicrous— effort to instill fear: hogwash.  However, if that notice means there will be an outer-space tsunami of LOVE sweeping over Earth—which I doubt that it does—I say, this has been happening “forever”!


S:  I like that interpretation!  Readers have asked about the birds and the bees—literally!—that are mysteriously dying in droves.  Do you know anything about this?


MATTHEW:  I don’t know the exact cause of those cases, but I know that pollution, which includes chemicals in fertilizers and pestilence extermination as well as those in manmade weather control measures, is destroying animal life on land and in the seas, and the most devastated species will not recover survival numbers.  Also, temperature changes as Earth is moving out of polarity on her way to a temperate climate globally will claim some species who live in frigid areas, and other species will follow their instincts to move and will adapt to a warmer environment.  While it is sad indeed that mankind’s abuse and neglect is killing entire species, please know that every life form evolves, from insects through human and other species of civilizations, and the innocence of Earth’s animals guarantees that their souls move upward in the evolutionary chain.  I have told you previously that in Earth’s Golden Age, wild and domesticated animals will live peaceably together and with all peoples, so you have that heartwarming connection to anticipate.          


S:  That is beautiful to think about!  Someone who read the chapter, “Parallel Lives, Probable Lives” in one of the books asked if Earth also has these “other existences.” 


MATTHEW:  No, she doesn’t need them.  Her planetary body became enmeshed in third density negativity due to humankind’s brutality to each other and to her other life forms, but her consciousness always has been in the higher vibrations of her origin.  When you are living in fifth density vibrations, you no longer will have parallel and probable lives either—you will be fully integrated consciously with all aspects of your selves.    


S:  That’s interesting!  We’re almost out of space, but enough for an answer to the question that came in this morning, if you know anything about it: Will the movie about the bones of Jesus and his family being found affect Christians’ beliefs?  


MATTHEW:  I don’t know anything about that beyond the hazy thought in your mind, Mother.  I can only conjecture that such a film may cause some nonreligious people to see that as a possibility, but I cannot imagine that it would convince anyone with deep-seated faith to change their beliefs.   


However, ancient records long hidden in the depths of the Vatican eventually will come to light, and those will prove that much of the biblical Jesus story, including his birth in a manger, crucifixion and resurrection, was conceived by early church leaders.  They had to retain some of the records, some of his teachings that would appeal to the populace, but they expunged Jesus’ explanation of how others could develop the same powers that he had, which the record-changers, not Jesus, described as miracles that he alone, as the only son of God, could perform.  Later groups of self-serving leaders destroyed all passages in the early Bible editions that mentioned multiple lifetimes and reincarnation, and still later editions added passages to portray God as a fearful being, Jesus as his only son, the Immaculate Conception and the virgin birth.             


S: Do you know when those records will be disclosed publicly?


MATTHEW:  No, I don’t.  The truth about political leaders’ deception and corruption and who controls the global economy will emerge prior to the truth about religions.  “Why”, Mother?  Because peoples’ psyches can better deal with evidence that their political leaders and the banking systems have betrayed them than they can handle proof that their faith is founded on falsehoods.


S: One split second of thinking would have kept “why?” from popping into my head.  Mash, I just want ALL the truth to come out NOW, and I’m not alone in this!


MATTHEW:  Mother, dearest soul to me, I know, I know.  ALL of us know that light-filled souls want the darkness and suffering to end, and that end is happening!  It is a process, not a single moment, and if all of you who long for a world where everyone lives in harmony with each other and all of Nature will visualize that kind of world, it will help you and your homeland planet speed through linear time into the Golden Age.  Then you will see the heaven on Earth that you are helping to create now, but in the timelessness of the continuum, your creation already IS, and it is wondrous even beyond your imagining! 


With the love and blessings of our Oneness, I say “Thank you” for welcoming me into your hearts and minds.    


S:  Thank YOU, Matthew!  



More evidence of crumbling Bush administration

Justice gets a Pink Slip


March 5, 2007

Dear Keth,

Last December, the Justice Department fired eight U.S. Attorneys for no good reason.  The purge threw a monkey wrench into several ongoing investigations of political corruption.   One large-scale probe was uncovering a scandal-ridden trail leading from the CIA to the Congress and possibly the White House.  Were these prosecutors getting too close for comfort for this Administration? 

Bush's Justice Department was using a little-known part of the so-called "Patriot Act" reauthorization passed by the 109th Congress.  The law allows the President to replace the fired prosecutors indefinitely with stand-in partisan cronies who are less likely to investigate wrongdoers in the Bush Administration. 

Thankfully, many of the fired prosecutors have spoken out and Congress is responding.   Hearings are being scheduled in the Judiciary Committees in the House and Senate.  Also, legislation has been introduced that would put an end to this dangerous partisan cudgel by restoring previous limitations on the ability of the President to appoint U.S. Attorneys indefinitely.

U.S. Attorneys committed to cleaning up politics should be honored, not summarily fired.  The mass firings send a chilling message to all who are working to expose government corruption.  Let's stop this dangerous misuse of presidential power and restore our system of checks and balances so we can clean up Washington, instead of making it worse.



Angela Canterbury

Field Director
Public Citizen's Congress Watch






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