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Matthew's Messages

December 23, 2007
071223 -

Holiday season emotions; overview of changes during 2008; increased need for precautions in all undertakings; necessity of learning discernment, trusting intuition; new approach to questions and answers



MATTHEW:  1. I bring you loving greetings from the heavenly hosts!  How we wish you could hear the music of the spheres as you celebrate the holiday season— if everyone on Earth could hear these tones of celestial magnificence, your world would be instantly transformed into a planet of love and peace.  Hark—that is coming!  We are rejoicing as we view the vestiges of negativity on Earth being transmuted into light and the buds of long-awaited changes beginning to blossom in fullness.


2. For ages the tap root of deeply entrenched darkness on Earth was hidden.  When that core of the system was shaken loose in recent decades, its far flung roots tried to hold firm its secret mooring.  Then those roots started shaking too and became a possible threat to the viability of the whole system.  Over the years, the threat grew into a probability, then the actuality, and now the once titanic tap root with its flourishing widespread network is flailing in death throes, its withering tendrils futilely trying to escape the light’s brilliance.  This is an allegorical depiction of the changing nature and lot of Earth humankind, changes that are being observed with growing excitement throughout the universe.    


3. Down to Earth, the mixture of emotions during this season always is heightened.  Whether celebrating religions’ holy days or secular festivities, the collective spirit of people with family and friends glows like billions of candles burning brightly.  On a level that is not obvious to you, but is a great part of the light intensity generated, is the radiance we see in your sharing, caring and compassion for the masses of souls who are alone, homeless, grieving, in combat zones or hospitals, or enduring near intolerable hardships, and for whom this season is but a sorrowful reminder of better times.  More so than ever before in your history, the outpouring of loving energy for these ones is in such abundance that our hearts are singing in exaltation! 


4. Now for an overview of what you will see during your calendar year 2008 as undeniable evidence that the patterns of behavior and systems of the old ways are tumbling to make way for the new.  Disclosures in mainstream media—where truth still is sparse in the plethora of omissions and misleading information—are only the tip of exposures so plentiful that when they come out, it will seem more like an eruption than an emergence as peoples demand an end to pervasive corruption and oppression. Yet, be mindful that what is transpiring is reformation, not revolution, and although changes ultimately will be profound, they will come within the just laws and orderliness of a civilized society and not the untenable disarray of anarchical upheaval.


5. All happenings are due to the frequencies Earth has reached in her ascension.  The raising of consciousness and spiritual clarity enabled by these higher vibrations is reason to leap with joy, but in the short term, some effects may be unsettling. Physical anomalies, depression, fatigue and confusion may be due to bodies adjusting, but please do not assume that is the cause of discomfort. Proper treatment may be necessary, so consulting trusted health care specialists and using natural remedies is sensible, but chemicals prescribed to calm you down or cheer you up will only create more havoc with your systems’ electromagnetic currents, which are incompatible with those chemicals.  Assist your bodies by drinking a lot of pure water.


6. Another noticeable effect of the frequencies is changing attitudes and behavior as all characteristics and emotions are being magnified—in easiest terms, “good” is getting better and “bad” is getting worse.  Positive outlooks and characteristics are blooming beautifully, enhancing relationships in families, workplaces and communities.  Conversely, the veneers of acquired traits like diplomacy and feigned philanthropy are wearing thin and the less admirable basic nature is showing, just as will all instances of falsity and self-service.


7. In a similar vein but from a different source, hearts and minds are stirring with sensations that changes are needed in personal relationships, type of work or living environment, or perhaps a complete change of lifestyle. These usually derive from strong soul level nudgings to get on with other choices in the pre-birth agreements that require different circumstances from those already experienced.


8. Planetary cleansing via earthquakes and storms will continue until Earth is rid of the negativity amassed over the ages of brutality and bloodshed, thus it is wise to be prepared with sufficient typical emergency supplies to weather these kinds of events.  Please remember that soul contracts are what govern physical safety and survival—do not let fear be the motivator for moving to a “safer” location.  Do not let fear into your lives at all!  This is a good place to mention that “global warming” is Earth’s return to the predominantly moderate climate that once prevailed worldwide.


9. From a variety of obvious causes, many, many souls will continue to transition from Earth to spirit life, and with each one’s departure, grief and missing the physical presence will befall family and friends.  One day not too distant, when telepathic communication again will be commonplace on Earth, everyone will know that the leave-taking is by the soul’s choice in agreement with all primary persons in that lifetime and LIFE is an unending cycle of incarnations, then residence in a spirit world, within eternal love bonds.      


10. Despite the highly publicized war-mongering rhetoric that is meant more to arouse fear than to undertake action, armed conflicts will ease, then cease as bellicose national leaders are ousted and lighted souls step in to govern in peace.  Peoples will start enjoying the liberties and better living standards so long denied them, and a cooperative spirit of working in harmony for the good of all will replace current conflict, anger, jealousy and ruthlessness.  This too will be a transition, not godliness blanketing the planet in one fell swoop, and patience a bit longer will serve you well.


11. The unconscionable inequality between rich and poor is coming to an end as the global foundation of financial dealings that has caused this disparity is coming apart at the seams. The largely unrecognized bankruptcy of the United States unavoidably will have domino effects, and the economies of many other nations already are in tatters.  When all of this stabilizes, you will have a sound basis for commerce and banking, the lives of billions now in bare subsistence level countries will be greatly improved, and the vast coffers of those who earned their fortunes dishonestly will be fairly distributed to end impoverishment wherever it exists.   


12. Contrary to reports that benevolent members of our universal family will make mass landings to evacuate peoples of Earth, that will not occur because there will be no need.  However, their ongoing massive assistance in a variety of ways will continue, and when it is safe for those living among you to introduce themselves and those surrounding you in spacecraft to land, they will.  Not only will that be a time of unequaled celebration on Earth, but all lighted civilizations in the universe will be cheering when that monumental day arrives!   


13. Now then, the lapse in my messages was intended to coincide with my mother’s move.  Although that has been delayed, she has been spending this time in other spiritual information avenues, and we thank all readers who refrained from writing emails and letters.  To those who did write their hope that messages would soon resume and included good wishes for her move, we appreciate your thoughtfulness.  But more significant to the point I need to make is the large number of individuals who wrote such as “I know he says we need to ask within, but I’m not getting answers and I really need his helpful messages” and “Please! We count on Matthew’s information to get us through these chaotic times.”


14. The absence of my messages had a purpose aside from my mother’s anticipated need for time, and that purpose is most evident in the sentiments expressed in those verbatim examples.  Despite our urging to the contrary, some of you still are relying on external sources to tell you what to think or feel or do.  By no means am I the only source of enlightening and encouraging information, but a difference is that not all other messages from light beings address readers’ questions, and I recognize the merit in this.


15. Please remember that in previous messages I have told you that my intention is to inspire you to develop your innate ability to discern truth from falsehood and learn to trust your intuition, and I offered suggestions to assist you to achieve this essential aspect of spiritual evolvement.  Those words are in bold italics to stress how crucial it is that you not delay in developing these key aspects of self—you have the capacity to do this and all you need is the will to use it.  


16. I also have said that by continuing to provide the answers that are within you, I was diminishing instead of stimulating your incentive to grow as you must; yet continue I did because you kept asking.  I think my responses to some kinds of questions totally missed the mark—to show that cluttering your thoughts with trivial issues or succumbing to fear with each dire prediction forms a barrier to raising your consciousness and attaining spiritual clarity. And I could have been more emphatic about this too: Earth’s journey to her destination is assured but yours isn’t; it’s your responsibility get on that same track. 


17. By making every effort I could think of to impart what you need to know, I don’t feel that I have failed, but neither do I feel that I have fully succeeded.  So I have been pondering what I can do to ignite the spark of your self-discovery of the powerful gods and goddesses you are, and the recurring thought is “tough love.”  Because it is not my nature to be harsh or abrupt, but rather as helpful as can be within universal laws—this is true of all souls in lighted spirit worlds—I knew that applying tough love would not come naturally.  But in practicing on my mother, I’ve seen that it can be effective.  Ever since we started talking nearly 14 years ago, I have been telling her that she needs to drink more water—she becomes engrossed in the task at hand, thinks “as soon as I finish this,” and simply keeps forgetting.  Not long ago she became much more diligent without my prodding, after I told her once again about water.  I knew her thought, of course, and I said, “No, I don’t get tired of reminding you, I get tired of your ignoring me.”   


18. I think God must feel like that when his children repeatedly ignore The Word he sent by souls who then spread it throughout the land. Lamentably, down through the ages The Word has been distorted by those with influence, who cast out the truths and inserted information that served their purposes of greed and control.  Now God-appointed messengers from the lighted realms are transmitting The Word to his receivers on Earth to waken his sleeping children in this unprecedented era on your homeland planet.  A message of timeless importance in God’s own words is well worth your reading and rereading. [August 1, 2007]

19. Now I will tell you something that is not in that message, an alert he gave my mother about a month ago.  It was not to scare her, but to inform her that tentacles with dark attachments are lashing out more ferociously than ever before in energy alignment with the thoughts and deeds of the recalcitrant souls, the darkly-inclined ones whose behavior is increasingly irrational and desperate as they are acting out their fear.  Since the low frequencies being emitted cannot penetrate strong psyches and spirits, they are attacking through anyone and anything that can affect those who are holding their light steady—as beacons for others, they also are major targets for the darkness.  God said this accounted for several recent unlikely occurrences in my mother’s home that caused inconvenience and expense—everything is energy, and tentacles with either light or dark attachments can and do affect inanimate things. 

20. But most important, God told her, is that she must be keenly aware of her surroundings and take utmost care in all her undertakings.  Because I am ever present, I know she felt that she always is cautious; however, she was not prepared for the new force of attack, and two days later her finger was severely slashed.  She was using it as she usually did to hold open a special door for dogs so the little blind fellow could enter, and suddenly the largest dog flung herself at the door, which nearly severed part of that finger.  Later I told my mother that a dark tentacle had “spooked” Jessie and why: How better to silence a voice that speaks through a computer keyboard? 

21. My mother, like all other dedicated lightworkers, is protected by the Christed light, and although God’s countless emissaries are ever vigilant over all of you, none may prevent something that would interfere with your choices. You must not only wisely take precautions in major endeavors, but also be alert to potential harmful effects of minor ones.  Because of that injury, my mother is more safely helping the little dog exit and enter, and although she could have used this way all along, she didn’t think it was necessary to do anything differently.  God’s message to her applies “across the board,” so extrapolate here and let her experience stir you to expand your awareness and thus your safe being.  

22. When I spoke of “tough love,” I wasn’t referring to a sensible suggestion like that, which comes from the tender caring of the unconditional love that all souls at this station feel for all of you.  Tough love means that no longer will I answer questions that are basically curiosity: Who will be the next US president, will President Bush be impeached, which world leaders are dark and which are light, will Iran be invaded, where is the economy heading, when will the war in Iraq end, how far will the new virus spread, what will stop the chemtrails, what if…?  Please understand that I am NOT saying these matters are not important—they are!—and it would be a most exceptional soul who could ask within and get accurate answers.

23. There are two important issues here.  First, in a sense, you have been given answers to those questions and many others—the descriptions of the promised Golden Age that other evolved souls and I have given you clearly show that any momentary concerns about such matters are unnecessary. Second, Earth’s energy field of potential is rife with countless zigzagging streamers, and although the finale—the Golden Age—is known, all free will choices with their positive or negative charges shooting out into that field every nanosecond preclude our knowing the absolute outcome of each energetic expression.  Energy is in constant motion so situations are ever in flux, and what in this moment appears likely, tomorrow may have lost its punch, or vice versa.  

24. But the primary point I need to make is, a forecast of specific matters that in time you shall see for yourselves as they unfold is not what needs to be paramount in your thoughts—knowing and BEing the souls you are, IS!  You could say that “introducing you to yourselves” is and always has been my purpose.  Going on more about this would merely be repeating what I have said in many messages.

25. Again, they are not the only source of enlightenment, encouragement and guidance, but reviewing them could be helpful as refresher courses generally are.  However, I know that with linear time racing right out of the picture and the same myriad responsibilities must be accomplished, most of you may not be able to do that.  Furthermore, I would be remiss if I did not stress here one more time the “other side of the coin” from dependence on external sources to carry you along on Earth’s journey, and I state with brevity that belies the inestimable honor we pay you: You are brilliant souls who, simply by radiating your light, are inspiring others to let their own light come to the fore!    

26. It is important to repeat as well something else I often have said, that each of you is a manifesting powerhouse and what you manifest not only is your very life, but affects Earth and the universe.  In line with this is the “2012” chapter in And then God said…then I said…then He said…, a book of extraordinary messages received by my mother and by Celestial Bluestar of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus, powerful light warriors with vital missions during this unique time in your world.  As God instructed, “2012” is pertinent excerpts from my messages, and I asked my mother to separately post that chapter as space limitations preclude adding it here. [“2012” in Matthew’s Messages on]  You “live in the now,” as your expression goes, where in each moment you are co-creating your “future.”  This is precisely why you chose this Earth lifetime and this is what needs to be foremost in your thoughts, your feelings, your actions! I believe that reading “2012” not only will be exciting as you visualize your co-creation, but it will remind you that you are eminently prepared for this transitional phase at hand.

27. Now, by request, I speak for all souls in spirit and in body at this station of spiritual evolvement: Our abiding love for every one of you shines like all the stars in the heavens—let our love lighten, guide and uplift your pathway, knowing that you and we are eternally ONE.  

Suzanne Ward



[Note from Suzy: You may have received this as a forward.  The former Yahoo group was disbanded—if your address was in that group and you would like to receive future messages directly, you will need to sign up on the new free distribution list that will be formed soon.  When that is ready, a note and the sign-up link will be posted on “Matthew’s Messages” page on  Please do not send your address to me—I can’t add any more to my list.     


Because Matthew wanted to send out a message at this time and my injured finger precludes typing for any length of time, he transmitted this in numerous short stages during the past week.  Even slowly typing with that finger “aloft” is counterproductive to its healing to the extent possible.  With all other projects completed prior to the “accident,” I intended to start answering emails that go back as far as March.  I don’t know when I can do this, so please continue to stretch your understanding and patience.  Also, no new emails, please.  Thank you!   


The new comprehensive index of the messages and books and the search feature in “Matthew’s Messages” makes it easy to access topics of special interest to you.  The index will be updated as new messages are posted.


Guests on the January 23, 2008 “Matthew and Friends” BBS Internet Radio/Station 1, will be Celestial Bluestar and David, the other receivers of messages in And then God said…then I said…then He said.  The book will be available early in the Spring.  A description of content is at  and you can preorder a copy at ]  


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