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Messages from Matthew

January 7, 2007
070107 -

New Energy momentum for Peace;  Illuminati influence,  control waning;   Energy that delays progress of change;   Young and older leaders appearing;  Power of Words;  Importance of Monoatomic Gold in bodies;  de-evolution of DNA;  origin of Earth’s spirit world;   Soul contract possible reason for illness;   future potential for people in health care fields;  this lifetime is last opportunity to complete third density karma on Earth;   outlook for world economic changes; Souls’ name identification beyond current lifetime;  some incorrect claims about future events;   helpful visualization technique



S:  Happy new year again, now at the computer, sweetheart!


MATTHEW:  And I say the same to you “electronically,” dear soul!  Let us start with my answer when you asked me on New Year’s Eve, will the energy from all the celebrations around the world have any lasting effect?  Always there is reverberation from the high spirits of crowds welcoming a new year, and some of it remains via action on good intentions; but never before in Earth’s history has the energy of that annual occasion given such forceful momentum toward peace.  Hearts and minds are filled with hope, with encouragement, that the time of peace is nearing, and the energy of those emotions sparkles magnificently. You can think of this graphically as the collective fireworks that briefly but spectacularly lit up the skies in a wave around your world as a global beacon guiding peace and spiritual enlightenment ashore. 


Your world is war-weary.  Even those who are committed to the war that is blazoned on newspaper front pages and dominates newscasts are weary, but it comes from their ongoing failure to achieve the victory they had expected to come easily.   Indicators of the frenzy in the administration and the fatigue in the military are the individuals being repositioned or replaced to create the appearance of a “new strategy” in Iraq.  Principal players who formerly supported the war have abandoned ship either by disillusionment that policies proven futile nevertheless were continued or by “seeing the light” and embracing it.  A great deal is fomenting behind the scenes and some results that could be considered “complete” are not being made public.  Incrementally they will be, because the ultimate reason for the tumult in the Mideast cannot stay cloaked much longer in the spin of “a democratic Iraq” or “Israel’s national security.”  With the ever-growing demands for troop withdrawal from Iraq and for attention to be given to stopping genocide, starvation, disease, poverty and new weapons development, the light is shifting the power from the dark perpetrators to the enlightened populace.  


If I had to choose only one word to describe what is happening in Earth’s energy field of potential, it would be turmoil, and turmoil is to be heartily welcomed as the forerunner of the masses’ desire for peace being manifested.  Reformation, or transformation, comes only when enough energy is put forth to move any situation from status quo into betterment.  This is what you are doing, and we praise and admire your steadfastness in holding the light throughout the years when little change was evident.  We know that you have been longing for tangible evidence of the light’s progress beyond our assurance that we see it, and your patience and perseverance will be well rewarded this year.    


But please do not anticipate totally smooth sailing during the process of energy adjustments.  We do not see the tenacity of darkest ones flagging and we do see their desperation growing—the combination indicates that they intend to keep the pressure on.  There will be more geophysical events to transmute the negativity stored as kinetic energy; weather anomalies leading to a more moderate climate globally will continue for a while longer; and disease, impoverishment and ignorance cannot be eradicated overnight.  Yes, indeed you have our space family’s incalculable assistance, but it is vital to keep foremost in your thoughts that each of you has the power to speed the day when Earth is radiant in the vibrations of love and peace.  Focused thoughts and feelings on what you want for yourself and your world is prayer, and the power of prayer is immeasurable!    


Understandably, many readers from countries other than the United States are asking about their leaders and when situations such as their unjust laws, denial of human rights, oppression of women, and civil wars will end.  So again I tell you that everything that applies to the US applies globally insofar as the light initiating changes from “bad” to “good” in all conceivable ways.  Because the US government seemingly is the bully regarding world events, it gets the most publicity even though it is the worldwide cabal often called the Illuminati that wields the power via the purse strings that have controlled many governments, provoked wars, and kept deceit, violence and oppression thriving.  Through a stream of defectors from lower level ranks and efforts moving forward to remove the vast illegal fortunes of the Illuminati, their control is being consistently battered.  Although it is becoming apparent that new political figures with promising ideas and intentions are rising in prominence in some countries, the beneficial changes underway are not coming from political systems—the changes so sorely needed are coming from the increased light in people worldwide.  It is the collective light on the planet that is ushering your world into the Golden Age! 


S:  Matthew, I think light workers understand this, but the yardstick for most people is change in national leadership, and all that seems to be happening in our government is talk and musical chairs. When will we see unmistakable evidence of BIG changes? 


MATTHEW:  I don’t know exactly when, Mother.  Change comes according to the energy put into it, and there are more factors affecting the momentum of change than the people who are determined to “stay the course” toward world domination with conquest of the Mideast as a necessary step.  The lack of truthful information in mainstream media remains a contributor, because many still believe whatever rhetoric is put forth, and the energy of their thoughts is “stuck” in that information.   But there are other influencing sources, too, mostly fear or apathy in people who do not have light workers’ understanding of what is transpiring.  People who are barely eking out a living wage are fearful of losing that income, and those who have no jobs or homes or health care and no hope of ever improving their living standards are fearful about what will happen to them.  Parents and grandparents despair about the world their families will inherit. These many millions of souls, plus all who are besieged with their own or loved ones’ debilitating illness or are grieving from loss of their dear folks, are preoccupied with their everyday lives that leave no emotional margin or interest in thinking beyond that.  Many people have become inured to war as a way of life and just go about their daily affairs; employees of companies that supply the war machine are interested in their jobs continuing; young adults who see no sense in making long-term plans escape into drugs or immersion in violent computer games; feelings of the religiously devout who believe their religion is the only true one range from despising the Muslim “enemy” to accepting that their death and destruction of their country is God’s will; and believers in Armageddon are simply waiting to be “saved.”  All in these population groupings could be considered passive supporters of the status quo by either creating more negativity for Earth to deal with or by putting forth no energy toward change.  


And there is another group supporting the status quo by the energy of their thoughts and feelings.  The troops in the trenches need to feel that they are serving a valuable purpose and so do their anxious families.  The many thousands who have sustained life-changing physical and psychological wounds and their families need to feel the same.  And certainly the families of the women and men who have died on the warfront need to feel the deaths were for something meaningful or they would be inconsolable.  The combined energy attachments of all those souls who need to believe what they do also slows the process of change in the government that approved of waging the war and wants it to continue.    


All of those many, many millions of souls need light to fill their hearts and open their eyes, and the light being sent to each and every one is letting Earth feel more hopeful that most of her humankind will travel with her.  She knows that as the vibrations increase along her ascension path, so does the communication between the soul and the consciousness, and sparks are flying, so to say, as her slumbering residents are awakening.  This is what I referred to as the continuance of spectacular fireworks being a beacon, like lighting the way to safety for the new soul-searchers.  


Another reason for Earth’s rejoicing: Among the children who have come during the past two decades are those with extraordinary capabilities and ancient wisdom and the mission to solidify the reforms that are being initiated by older generations who came with the purpose to do that.  Some of these highly evolved souls know who they are and exactly why they are there, and others are discovering this about themselves.  You will know these new leaders by their demeanor and actions—trust your intuition about them!—and if you are in close proximity, you will feel uplifted and energized by the energy emanating from them.  When these souls are in leadership roles and the light-filled multitudes are cheering them on, you and Earth will know that she is in good hands!  


Mother, I want to add one thing more before going to your question list.   Quite some time ago I told you to sign your correspondence LOVE and PEACE, and I want to tell readers why.  Simply writing, typing or reading those words evokes a higher vibration within you, and the spoken words create even greater impact.  Imagine the massive power you are generating by feeling love and working for peace!


And now let us start on the list.  Monoatomic Gold    (Available on our Healthy Products Page).


S:  OK, dear, and thank you for answering my question and more!  Someone who read that the Illuminati want us to ingest Monoatomic Gold because it prevents an increase in DNA strands and also primes us for mind control programming, wants your opinion of this.


MATTHEW:  I’ll be happy to speak about this, but it is MUCH more than my opinion!  The truth is exactly the opposite of that claim, and while that false information may have been passed on innocently, you can be sure that its originator knows Gold’s place in human evolution — in highly evolved civilizations, Gold is naturally an ingredient of their bodies because it is one of the most Beneficial Elements in the Universe.   

As the microcosm of the Universe that each of you is, this is how it applies to you:  Gold enhances brain functioning and contributes to physiological stability through cellular regeneration
Throughout the eons of deterioration of human intelligence and the loss of knowledge that each life form started in the pure Love essence of Creator and is a part of the Supreme Ruler of this Universe,  the use of Gold went from health to wealth.   It spiraled downward from its vital role in spiritual clarity and physical well being to its use as jewelry and other objects of opulence and eventually became the foundation for some economic systems.  Gold also is an important part of higher civilizations’ technology. The earliest visitors to your planet went there precisely to look for Gold, and upon discovering it, kept this a secret so they didn’t have to share their find with any other civilizations. 


S: I didn’t know all of that before, but I did know the information about Gold couldn’t be right or you wouldn’t have told me years ago to start taking it.    


MATTHEW:  Mother, we were talking about so many important topics then that what mattered was that you followed my advice, and since you did so without questioning, I didn’t think to say more about Gold.


S:  Does taking Gold have a bearing on age-reversal or a much longer lifespan than we have now?


MATTHEW:  It can contribute,  but just as in all other facets of your lives, free will reigns supreme, and even in Earth’s Golden Age, not everyone will choose to “de-age” or remain there indefinitely.
 In the beginning of physical forms, no disease, old age or death were in the DNA, and the ending of a physical lifetime was by the soul’s choice to move on to different experiencing in either another form or in spirit.  However, when darkness entered the universe and warring between the dark and the light forces started, physical death began from lethal injuries in combat.  That is when the world you call Heaven and whose proper name is Nirvana was established, as the fatigued and wounded light warriors needed a safe haven to rest and recover.  After the warring moved farther away from your part of the universe, Nirvana became the spirit sanctuary for your planet.  As more dark influence came into play, human DNA was manipulated downward from the crystalline-based structure that accommodates many strands to the carbon-based with only two strands in third density beings; and the most de-volved life forms were reduced to only primordial instinct.    Throughout the ages of this de-evolution,
Love energy—the most powerful force in the cosmos—has been beamed as light rays to every Soul in those low stations, and all who absorbed it have slowly made their way back along the scale of spiritual clarity and intelligence. 


S: Like we’re doing now, moving out of third density.


MATTHEW:  Yes, but most of you are much farther along on the way back than the Souls deeply mired in the lowest aspects of third density worlds.


S:  Thankfully we’re beyond that!  So many people are asking what we can do about health issues and what today’s practitioners will do when there’s no more illness on the planet, that I’m hoping you can comment extensively enough to cover everything.  Or do you want me to type all the questions?


MATTHEW:  That won’t be necessary, Mother.  I know that some questions are about individuals’ personal situations, and I’m not qualified to diagnose and prescribe therapies, so I can say only what I have before in messages:  Along with providing guidelines for coping with mental, emotional and physical anomalies that may be the effects of new frequencies, I recommended consulting a trusted specialist in alternative health care methods and prayer.  But we are aware of the general concerns and interests about this subject, and I will speak about those.  


To begin at the beginning, bodies are not solid.  Like everything else in the universe, bodies are energy fluctuating at one frequency or another, and blockages in the energy flow at bodies’ most vulnerable points are the cause of illness, pain, debility and ultimately physical death.  The vulnerable points may be vestiges of ancient wounds carried forth in cellular memory or areas weakened by some trauma in this lifetime.  When those conditions are provisions of soul contracts to balance or complete other lifetime experiencing, a body’s energy field blocks the healing energy being directed and health practitioners’ efforts cannot be successful.  When that is not the case, treatments can be effective in activating the body’s self-healing mechanisms when the patient has this belief and the intention to be healed.   


You need to understand also that everything “negative” on Earth pertaining to health and well being, such as endemic disease, malnourishment and impoverishment, viruses and pollution—all devised by the darkness in humankind—is there to provide what souls need to complete third density karmic experiencing and move into higher densities where no form of darkness can exist.  What happened is that far longer than originally thought, most souls inhabiting Earth only partially completed their chosen experiencing or, through their free will choices, kept incurring more karma that needed to be balanced by reincarnating in the same kinds of circumstances.  Earth was depleting her own light by giving it to her residents time after time as still one more opportunity to complete the third density experiencing cycle, and because of this, sixty-some years ago her planetary body was near death.  Rather than let her body die and her soul ascend, she chose to give her humankind one last chance to wind up their karmic lessons.  That is when she cried out for help and God authorized our space family to intervene with the infusion of light that kept Earth’s body alive.  She has had her fill of living in third density where darkness thrives, and during her ascension out of that station, her residents have the opportunity to accompany her.  Many who are experiencing painful mental, emotional or physical conditions are completing the balancing needed to make that journey with Earth. We know the suffering this is causing, and how we wish we could do more for you, whom we love beyond your comprehension.  But all that is within our province to do is send intense light to relieve the anguish and sorrow and provide spiritual guidance for this lifetime and the next, in spirit.  


Looking ahead, when Earth reaches still higher frequencies, Western medicine’s procedures will become history while the use of alternative health care more slowly diminishes, and all of you who are employed in any aspects of these current endeavors will welcome the changes.  Along your journey with Earth you will remember abilities and talents that in this moment still elude your consciousness, and when you remember the gratification they once gave, you may choose to enter those fields again.  If you wish to keep working in health care, you can use your knowledge, skills and experience to treat or teach souls in other civilizations—astral travel will be safe and commonplace in this part of the universe and “miles” will not be a deterrent.  Either way, you will be adding to the storehouse from whence all your knowledge came—the universal mind, where it can be tapped into by inspired souls just as you did yourselves.     


While these developments will be greeted joyously, we do understand that it doesn’t satisfy your longing to relieve pain and suffering right now.  We encourage you to follow your inner voice, whether the message is to forsake entirely the traditional methods or you are guided to add to your therapy reservoir the various forms of natural healing.  If your intuition tells you that patients would be receptive to hearing about soul contract choices and the purpose, tell them; and if not, tell them that science is discovering the body’s self-healing mechanisms and about the power of belief and healing intention.  And you keep in mind that your efforts can be successful only if it is the patients’ soul level choice.


S:  Thank you.  The next most numerous questions are about the world economy.  Basically people are asking about the new foundation for monetary systems, how national resources can be reallocated, how the debts of poor nations will be handled, what will happen if the United States can’t pay off its national debt, is the US economy collapsing, is bartering on an international scale part of the plan, and can worldwide economic collapse be avoided?       


MATTHEW:  We also see that these are primary concerns.  They are natural and logical because it is difficult for you to imagine any system other than what you are accustomed to, and only a comparative handful of people know how corrupt that system is or that international trade, banking and stock markets are manipulated by the Illuminati.  Although I cannot give you finite details of the changeover process, I can give you an overview and assure you that the honest, knowledgeable people who will manage the process intend to minimize disruption as they fairly distribute the world’s wealth.  The “new” foundation for currencies will be a return to an old one, where there actually was a set standard for exchange; now there is only a vague appearance of value as transactions are from computer to computer and the total worth of daily transactions far exceeds the money available to back them.  Because the debts of the poorest nations were incurred by desperation and the loans were not used to benefit the citizens, those debts will be annulled.  As for economic collapse in the United States, that country’s coffers have been empty for some time, and its citizens can only benefit from new economic management.  The US national debt is due to the Illuminati’s skullduggery in calculating it, and when their Federal Reserve System and its collection arm, the IRS, are dissolved, the actual debt will be manageable.


The unspeakable fortunes illegally amassed by the top Illuminati will be returned to circulation, and since those fortunes enabled them to control governments, banking and multinational corporations, that control will end.  Bartering can be an excellent way for nations to conduct some business, just as in small communities, and outright assistance will be given to impoverished countries. Many national borders have been set by the victors in war who wanted the natural resources, and that created “have-nots” who formerly were “haves.”  With the light in souls ending all conflicts, borders no longer will be cause for dispute because all peoples will be “haves.”  Not only will the Illuminati money be distributed wherever the need is greatest, but their control of natural resources will too, as will the wanton destruction of the environment through oil and gas extraction, mining, logging and pollution.  Technologies now suppressed and the more advanced technologies that will be introduced by your universal brothers and sisters will clear the pollution and provide renewable energy and building materials.     


Mother, that is as much economic insight as I can offer at this time, so please type the next question.


S:  Thank you for that information.  Matthew, I’m hearing from people who  read articles or channeled messages with various claims: Armageddon is here and the “saved” souls will physically go to a different world; the planet will be taken over by malevolent ETs; the planet will be destroyed by natural disasters or nuclear war; lighted souls will be evacuated in spacecraft and when they return, they will have to live underground; the shift will take 100 more years; only a few million people will survive the planetary cleansing; there will be 3 days of darkness followed by 7 years of famine; future life will be in gigantic spaceships. What are your comments on this?


MATTHEW:  Mother, if you asked Hatonn for his comments, I believe he would just say “Hogwash”—not because of his responsibilities in aid of Earth that are monumental in scope and require constant attention, but because that word says it all. 


HATONN:  Matthew, my friend, you are correct!  Now use my reply and get on with factual topics!


S:  Well, thank you both.  Matthew, I’m really eager to know your answer to this question: With our multiple lifetimes, what determines our name identification after this life?


MATTHEW:  Mother, when we first started communicating, you asked what the souls in Nirvana call me, and you were surprised when I told you, “Matthew—that’s my name!”  Each experiencing lifetime of the soul is an independent, inviolate god/goddess self—I call that the “personage”—and the name given to the personage at birth is the same when he or she enters the spirit world.  A new personage is born for each experiencing lifetime in physicality; and although in the spirit lifetime every personage has access to the knowledge and talents within the total “experiencing pool” of what I call the “cumulative soul,” each personage remains its Self and is known by the birth name.  Some parents “get” the name that the soul has chosen, like you did when I was born.  However, the cumulative soul usually is called a different name in the higher stations, where the collective experiencing of all that soul’s personages is known.


S:  Why?


MATTHEW:  It is more appropriate—and necessary.  Putting this into the continuum where it actually is, a cumulative soul may have 100s or 1000s of personages living simultaneously in many civilizations and stages of evolution, and in different genders, cultures, races and physical forms, or in spirit worlds.  So you can see that one name for the cumulative soul is certainly easier than referring to it by all the names of its personages!            


S:  OK, but each personage is its own complete soul and a part of God, and not just a part of the cumulative soul that is a bigger part of God—is that right?  Matthew, I’ve never understood this, that one soul has many lifetimes and each life is a completely independent new soul, and all are living simultaneously. I don’t understand how you can be in a distant galaxy and still be so close to our family here that you know our thoughts and feelings. Or how Hatonn could jump in the way he did. You have tried to explain these things, but I just don’t understand.     


MATTHEW:  Mother, dearest soul to me, this isn’t understandable at the level of comprehension prevailing on Earth.  Until that level rises as your planet travels into the higher densities where the reality is far less complex than any explanation sounds, think of this simply as the Oneness of All, which it IS! 


I’m feeling your edginess about space limitations, and I shall end this message quickly, with a request to readers.  Envision yourself laughing, your eyes sparkling with excitement and joy, and FEEL the lightheartedness and thankfulness as you see your exuberant self.  Now superimpose that vision on an image of a pristine Earth glowing in golden health, inhale the expanding lightness you are feeling, and let that energy remain within even as it radiates so far beyond you that you cannot even begin to imagine the light you are beaming out to the world!                        





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