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Matthew's Messages

March 22, 2007 - Part 4
070320 -


Continuation of June 4, 2001 conversation with God; conclusion of "God: More of Who I Am" chapter in Illuminations for a New Era



GOD: Well, first, my beloved child, your “single self” is exactly why you are having this Suzanne lifetime, and your entire range of feelings and what you do with them is your purpose for being there!  Never is sense of self to be equated with selfishness or egotism.  I don’t mean that a self cannot be selfish or egotistical, but there is a huge difference between feeling self-ness and those characteristics. 


As for the limits of my powers there, I feel the same confusion as you, and as you, how could I not?  So I shall give this a good effort.  I do not mean to sound weak and totally unlike the All That Is omnipotent being you still think me to be, because I do have powers, of course, but also I have limits.  They’re not like a barbed wire fence, let us say, with well-defined boundaries and exact limitations for maneuvering and pretty harsh effects for trespassers. 


What I MUST observe without exception is Creator's law of free will being supreme over all other laws.  I don’t mean that the other laws are weaker, such as like attracts like in the energy streams and the principles of manifestation, but nothing within my power is capable of subverting any of my own soul aspects' free will choices.  So in that sense, you could say that my “father/mother ruler" has given me far stricter moral and spiritual guidelines than any rules given on Earth, and you can see that the "supreme" energy potency associated with me is not without limitations.  


Let me give you an example.  Let us say that you see a star and think it would be nice if you could put that star in a different galaxy.  No reason is needed, only the capability of performing something that appeals to you.  You don’t have that capability for good reason.  Do you know what would befall any civilizations living on or near that star, depending upon that star for heat, light, orderly stability?  No, you don't, and therefore you don’t have the power to play with the celestial bodies. 


I do have the power and energy to do that because I know exactly what would happen if one star were taken out of its orbit and stuck in another place.  I don't know how taking the free will gift out of universal experiencing would upset life on a cosmic basis.  Creator does, and only It has the capability of amending the power of free will.  And that Creator did, as you know, in Its decree that the topmost darkness had to free all the captive free wills of the souls that force had penned into its cumulative energy mass. 


I believe you are beginning to see my position of the god of this universe with more of my perspective, dear child, although I must admit that it is not an easy one for any human being to fully comprehend.


S:  I do understand more clearly now, though.  Thank you, God, for your patience with me and for all of your answers, too.


GOD:  Child, it is my delight, my joy, to communicate with you in a sense that you know absolutely that I am saying these things to you, that it is indeed God answering your questions, respecting your questions! 




My many futile attempts to interest a publisher in the books and later, after I formed Matthew Books publishing company, futility in getting my print order filled, prompted a ton of talks with God.  He wants these few passages included.


January 13, 1997


GOD: Suzanne, you and I have chatted so often that I could, but I don't want to bother counting all the times.  You think you're playing mind games, but each time you chatter away with yourself, I am aware.  It is not always I who answers, but sometimes I do.  I don’t tell you what to do, but often I tell you what I think, and you say, "Gregory [my guardian angel], is that you?" or "Matthew, I know it's not you because you wouldn't talk like that."  No?  God is not what so many think, the vapor essence without face or voice or contact or would use only “proper” words.  No way! 


So, I am aware and correspondingly concerned about your attitude of momentary hopelessness about the book.  As Matthew has told you, I mandated this book and the ones to follow, and the Council of Nirvana is my supervising arm.  When I give orders – which is often, by the way, it's just that there is no punishment from me when they aren't followed – but when I give an order for something of the measure of importance I place on this book, it DOES happen.  I know exactly when, but you wouldn't understand my "time" even if I did my best to explain it in words you do understand. 


Very well, I shall do my best.  When the energy of the book – in which there is an amalgamation of many energies – when that energy flows in alignment with the correspondingly strong and like energy sources within the universal code for publishing time, voila, there it will be by name and worthiness. 


You see, I said you wouldn't understand.  But that is a facet of the translation of energy into Earth terms and it affects everyone there.  That’s all for this minute.  In abundance of light and loving energy to you and all whom you love, dearest soul, this is God, leaving in full appreciation of your communication, including what you did not say. 


March 10, 1997


S:  Matthew, if you’re sure God wants to talk with me, of course I’ll talk with Him.  Good morning, God.


GOD:  Suzanne, please listen to your son.  He can speak for me on these subjects you have been addressing this morning.  He and I would say the very same thing, and you wouldn’t like it from me any more than from him, isn’t that so?  It’s not that I'm unwilling to tell you myself, but Matthew knows far more than you are willing to attribute to your "little boy."  Here he is not anyone's "little boy."  You would be the proudest mother in the world if you could know him as he is in his full soul.


Well, let me see what I can say to encourage you.  You are challenging me a lot lately.  I love it!  You had removed me from your awareness far too long, and I'm joyfully welcoming this close communion.  Know that you just have to say, "God, get over here and tell me what's up," and then stand back in your thoughts and let me give you the answer you're seeking.  You tend to bluster your way through my reply, and then assume I never did get back to you.


Ah yes, the books.   Back we go again to needing reassurance, eh, Suzy?  Well, dearly beloved little soul, I am human enough so that I understand.  You aren't whining – you just want something intensely.  Naturally I know the full scope of your feelings, and believe me, they are well founded because this has dragged on far longer than you were originally led to think.  However, the course of the first book is straight, it is sure and certain.  Put your energy into the second book.


You’re not even mentally arguing with me, my child, and I thank you for that.  Actually, you're doing admirably on patience and faith, and I thank you for that, too.   


April 28, 1997                       


S:  Good morning, Matthew and all Friends who may be with you.


MATTHEW/GROUP:  Mother, we have to laugh at your prayer for light protection with elaborate confirmations that God also is welcome in these sittings.  Of course, He is laughing, too – as we laugh, so does He.  Now you’re wondering if we talk with Him and get clear messages.  Yes, all the time.  Frequently we discuss the various aspects of our greater service, and He speaks not necessarily in words, but certainly in  clear reply infused with light and love. 


MATTHEW: You have the usual list of questions, I see.  Yes, Mother, now it’s just me, your "little boy" speaking, as you were thinking since you’re feeling my more lively energy. I can handle this easily alone as the energy connection is so strong today.  Would you like God to say something about the books?


S:  Hi, “just you” sweetheart!  What made you think of God saying something about the books?


GOD:  I did, dear one.  I was nudging Matthew to let me in a moment.  I'm here to say I'm pleased that you are working diligently on the second book.  These books and the others to come will comfort and enlighten many souls, millions of my children, as you shall see. 


When?  How about soon?  Will you accept that “soon" is about as close as I wish to tell you and you will still feel heartened?  No?  Then how about the end of the calendar year?


July 19, 1998


GOD:  Suzy, this is God, nudging Matthew to let me in here.  You have been disenchanted with me on so many occasions that I'm surprised you're giving me the time of day now.  Why are you?  Because you still believe in me in the same vigorous way that you believed Santa Claus was real, benevolent, kind-hearted, generous - all those good attributes you gave that jolly old fellow for years beyond the other boys and girls.  Well, with me, a far deeper and more spiritual relationship, yes, but you're thinking right now: Why the hell did you tell me over a year ago that the books would be published by the end of LAST year?   


Surely we don’t have to go over that again, Suzy, that not for one second are your thoughts and feelings unknown to me!  You are having natural heartfelt concerns that Matthew's work ever will be published.  I let you down there, didn't I?  I did say the end of the last calendar year, yes, I did, and here it is in the next calendar year with July staring at us.  So what can I say about THAT?


Well, I can say that the human element that is God, in your frank terminology, screwed up.  Oh, God can't make mistakes?  Oh, ho ho ho, not!  Just as you can laugh at that, I can be rejoicing that we are feeling the light flowing in laughter at the same moment I also realize you are serious and require a reasonable answer. 


First, I ask that you forgive me.  And now you can say to anyone you think will accept that you chatter away with God that he said he screwed up and asked you to forgive him!  Go ahead, we both can laugh when you tell people this.


It isn't easy for you to understand, dear child, and maybe I understand only because I'm living each and all lives thoroughly, totally, in every moment.  Suzy, only if you were actually this “umbrella God” that you think of me could you see everything, of course.  But maybe like my other children who share your dilemma of why I have let them down, you can accept that if I am you and you err, I also err because I cannot avoid it.  Now put that into the perspective of every soul on Earth!


That time in your dimension was not a mistake, not even a miscalculation.  What I did not do was take into account that free will can change midstream even when the current is running so swiftly and surely as to be almost at the end of its journey to the sea - in this case, the sea of publication.  And my omission is why I’m asking for your forgiveness. 


What happened is that powerful forces of darkness came in a swoop and derailed a great many projects of light, including those manuscripts.  Yes, in a time that is even more right, this darkness will be dispersed and the books will see the light of publication. So, shall we make our pact to cooperate once again in friendship as our joint selves?  There is abiding love!


December 2, 1998


S:  Well, Matthew, that’s not good enough after all this time, so I’ll do what you suggested and see if God has a better suggestion.  God, hello? 


GOD:  Hello, my child.  


S:  God, will you please tell me what I should do now about these books that you “ordered” to be published? 


GOD:  All right, Suzy, let's talk about this. Here's my answer to what you “should do now.”  You shouldn't think in terms of "should.” This word has its place to be sure, but not as it’s too often used, as a directive, a demand, that one turn away from a direction intuitively chosen and switch into a direction of another’s choosing.


But you are serious about your work, dear daughter, and I never mean to make light of it, but to put light into it and surrounding it.  Light of it is essential, so I guess I was right the first time, but now with a positive slant.  


Think of a stream of light in which you see the books named Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven and Revelations For A New Era.  See that light stream glowing and moving steadily toward a brightness that exceeds the brightness of the energy stream itself.  That is all you need to do as your part in getting these into print. 


The universe is handling this now.  Just give it a helping hand and forego the negative outlook.  You know the power of thought in bringing to you what you want, so leave behind your frustrations and helpless feelings or you’ll just get more situations to give you those feelings. 


Of course you can do this!  You believe in me so how can you not believe in yourself?  You know they are one and the same!


August 4, 2002


GOD:  Those feelings of frustration are back, but this time I tell you, they are totally understandable. You have been told time and again that you are in control of everything affecting your life.  Well, just as I have my limits, so does your control over the printing have its limits.  What you have control over are your reactions, and in this case, your reactions are justifiable.


Moreover, they are not impeding the progress of getting the revised editions printed. Suzy, beloved child, I have only respect and yes, awe, that you have shown such exceeding patience, diligence and perseverance for more than eight years, and your energy poured into these feelings and service are in the light momentum of the books. 


All I can tell you beyond this is what I’ve mentioned in context of everything transpiring on Earth during this time of monumental changes there, this time of unprecedented changes throughout the universe.  The darkness is battling mightier than ever against all sources of light, and these books with their crucial information for my children are some of the foremost targets of attacks on Earth.  This energy is so entrenched around the books that all light being beamed to the soul derailing your efforts is not phasing her. 


Keep the faith, dear Suzy!  When my wishes are not met, I continue “the good fight,” and this is what you need to do, too.  I’m doing this now on so many fronts that you cannot imagine it, but not for a moment do I forget these books!  How can I – you do not!  Furthermore, they are my truth that I have mandated will be available to my children on Earth!


You have much material for the third book that needs to be organized and polished and more will come.  Work on this and keep focused on what you want – this information “out there”! – knowing that your faith will be justified that these vital books will “come to light” because I have ordained this!


January 6, 2003


GOD: It is time for others to get into this situation.  I am not saying that the light is failing the books, not at all, but a new kind of light service is required. Yes, Suzy, I mean that legal assistance is necessary to dislodge the free will of the one who is exercising it to prevent the books’ availability. You will be led to the attorney who will manifest this in conjunction with the light.  Remember, my child, I work in wondrous ways, and you may consider this one of them! 


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