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Matthew's Messages

March 22, 2007 - Part 3
070321 -


Continuation of October 26, 2000 conversation with God, from "God: More of Who I Am" chapter in  Illuminations for a New Era 



S:  Yes.  Just one more thing, please.  What did you mean about my being of "Matthew's lineage"?


GOD:  Matthew's soul is ancient, of the light from the beginning.  Not as your son, but as the composite of all the soul experiencing that includes his soul, which did experience prior to your soul becoming an explicit sensory aspect of his.  But once a part of the soul that was the originator of all the experiencing, you and he have never been separate in the knowingness and have chosen to be together in human and other lifetimes for a period of long, very, very long, longstanding.


S:  That’s a lot of time together! Thank you, God, for talking with me today.


GOD:  You are welcome, and I thank you for letting me talk with you. We talk with each other, my child.  Never must I be "impressed" with your sense of wonderment that I would speak with you, but let me exalt in your wonderment of knowing that never are we separate.


We must not stop meeting like this!  I wanted to feel one more smile with you before we say goodbye for this moment.  And now I say, Ciao, knowing full well that you don’t consider that a “God-like” word of leave-taking.  Actually, I wanted to say “Toodle-oo,” but you’d just ascribe that to your imagination, wouldn’t you?


S:  Probably! You usually speak to me more simply than Matthew or any of the others.  Why?


GOD: Because my relationship with you is so simple!  You don't make long charades or diplomatic or esoteric conversations with yourself, do you?  Then why would you and I converse in those unusual ways, ways that would be too absurd to ever happen with just yourself.  So, there you have it—we ARE simple, dear soul!


May 2, 2001


S: So, why did Sylvia lose her lawsuit against that huge corporation?


GOD:  Well, I sure don’t want to be held personally responsible for that, but please do not think that I accept this as a final judgment.  Light is not going to forsake this situation! What Matthew has been telling Sylvia, to persist in this until there is a just resolution, is right.  She needs to continue with her convictions that the light will prevail and it will!  This case is not over! I am interested, of course, in the just outcome that will benefit many.  The corporate corruption that she is battling is another area of heavily entrenched darkness on your planet that’s “coming to light.” (NOTE: Sylvia did persist, and over a year later the corporation offered her a major settlement.)


S:  But do you personally – or some force you designate – intervene in unfair situations?


GOD: My goodness, child, all the time!  Well, not in the exceptional case of Marnie, which you know is out of my jurisdiction, but in situations on Earth, where I have special interest in its pristine beauty and glory returning, indeed I do intervene.  Sometimes these occasions are due to angels coming to Earth, divine intervention, spirits helping – there are many designations for the help you receive from any of my helpers. 


S:  But are you in your entirety doing anything?


GOD: Quite a bit, Suzy!  I'm glad you smiled at that!  But in the cases of "divine rescues," it isn’t necessary that my full powers prevail. It would be like sending a hurricane to provide one drop of water to a tiny thirsty seed. 


S:  I see.  So then what are you doing?


GOD:  Actually, I have addressed this before, when you asked what my “omnipotent” self does.  It isn’t necessary that my entirety take charge of anything individually happening on Earth.  That is for my helpers to handle, but I am aware of EVERY happening to EVERY soul.  How could I not be, as each is a part of me and I experience exactly the sensations as each is experiencing them?  I’ve spoken to you about this on many occasions.  Anyway, my entirety – and I shall use your word for I AM – sees to the higher motions, like the universal bodies staying in order and orbit. 


S:  I do recall that now, God, so please excuse me.  Is it really so that everything that ever has been, is now or ever will be, already is known?  If that’s true, why would you ever have to wonder what will become of any of your children?  I remember your comparing the “dark” souls to baby birds pushed from the nest and being frightened because they didn’t know what would happen next. 


GOD:  You are the pesky one, dear child!  In my entirety, yes, all is known, but with free will choices abounding until the final physical breath, what is known is the potential for something to happen or develop from a process. 


S:  So then it isn’t really correct that everything actually is known–only the possibilities are known.  Is that right?


GOD:  The possibilities and the probabilities, beforehand, and certainly, the happenings afterwards.  Think of this, Suzy – if all were absolutely known, if nothing required any independent thinking or decisions or activity, then why would there be any need for multiple experiencing?  What would there be to learn?  Why would life itself be necessary?  We could just fast forward to The End, which is the Beginning, and let all lives of all times reside at that initial point of Being.  


S:  That makes sense, but it certainly is different from the omniscience ascribed to you.  Does Creator know?  Or is omniscience incorrectly attributed to you and maybe to Creator, too?


GOD:  I guess you could say that by comparison with what individuals know, Creator and I know so much more that omniscience isn't far off.  But we did NOT give that word to us!  Do you think it is another strategy of our opponents to so far distance us from you and everyone else?


S:  It could be.  But I suppose some people hold you in higher respect or reverence because of that. 


GOD:  My dear child, what I do know at all times are the attitudes and sensations of all of my children!  And believe me, those who truly respect and revere me do not need me to know everything that according to the definition of omniscience I "should"!


S:  OK, then!  Did reptilian civilizations start as descendants of the Christed realm or did they start in this universe?  


GOD:  So you’re back to those.  The energy of those souls who embody as reptilians—I mean those you call "bad," for simplicity's sake, because others are “good,” you know—didn’t originate in this universe.  That energy came in through the portals created when universes melded.  That was a provision of our gaining some advantages in the melding, but frankly, I didn’t foresee just how much damage and for such duration this would cause.  There, that's quite an admission, isn't it?


S:  And how!  There goes omniscience right out the window!


GOD:  Which is exactly where it belongs, Suzy!  Now then, it is so that some among the reptilians have long been oppressing human populations not only on Earth, but in many other places in the universe, too.  They are the mutated descendants of the primeval force you call Lucifer, and have proliferated with what I can say is alarming powers and numbers. 


In this time of universal cleansing, not only your planet's, the direct and primary effort of this essential change is to permeate those reptilian souls with light.  They are without conscience due to the light eons past having been eroded from them.  It also is so that some of the reptilian descendants, far more in number than the pure bloods, are a combination of human and reptilian genetic orders and are not to be penalized by their heritage, which in most cases is not within their awareness. 


I should—no, you never should say should!–clarify what I mean by those souls are not to be “penalized.”  Penalty is not a harshness except in your language and effects.  It is more so a neutralizing of the darkness by the light so that a state of equilibrium can be obtained.  This balance is required before the light can start to become predominant within the soul.  Therefore, I hasten to say that it’s in this context that I use “penalty.”


S: I see. Since the inclination for evil started with Lucifer’s free will choices and he was in Creator's First Expression and you were created later, do you still feel responsible for that energy in this universe?


GOD:  “Evil”–that’s what you mean here, isn’t it?–was initiated by the misuse of Creator's free will gift to all Its creations before I came into being, that’s so.  But when I came along in the line and was given this universe to manage, all that transpired after that is indeed my responsibility.  So it isn’t an assignment of responsibility for that energy pattern, as that was not of my making, but it is up to me for correcting, shall we say, and I do wish to banish it so that love and light from the Beginning can return.


Suzy, we have had a most enlightening and enjoyable long talk today!  I feel that finally you are knowing me on a more "personable" level than you did for so long, which your entirety concept of me welcomes!  And now, my beloved child, I bid you good day with celestial blessings as you chart your other activities.


June 4, 2001


S:  God, do you play with animals wherever they are?


GOD:  What an endearing question, my child!  Yes, I do.  I delight in the animals that are loved and tended well, like the shepherds of biblical times enjoying the feel of the fur of their sheep or goats.  It is no different in this date on Earth.  I delight in all my creatures, even those who are in your eyes fierce.  I weep for and suffer just as do those who are neglected or brutalized or wantonly killed.


S:  Will you please tell me what you’re going to do to save the whales and dolphins?


GOD:  That is a request for me to save them, is it not, and not a question?  But of course I'll speak with you about this.  My emissaries are diligently working to defeat this intention to destroy these beautiful souls that are the anchors of light on planet Earth.  It is my intention that those who would willfully do the bidding of the darkness shall not be permitted by law and by activity to continue. 


The US Navy is not "in the loop" insofar as understanding the dark intent behind the destructiveness, as they are thinking only in terms of what they are told–necessary "defense" against the "enemy."  They are not thinking about the harm that would befall massive numbers of whales and dolphins and other sea life or the domino effect of such damage, and they have utterly no idea about the sacredness of these highly evolved souls, the cetaceans.  


The “dark” intention for mass destruction of these sacred souls will not be permitted to happen!  I can’t deal out of any equation free will, because that’s not my invention, as you so well know.  In fact, it is my responsibility to preserve that capacity or capability in each soul's embodiment.  But when it comes to allowing free will to destroy those lives in the oceans, which are the most highly evolved souls in embodiment on the planet, that cannot be permitted, and whatever has to be done in the way of light prevailing overall, will be done!


S:  I’m so glad to know this! But what about the whales that are being killed legally by Japan and Norway?


GOD:  I'm afraid those come under legality in the countries of the killing origin, so in those cases, the souls of the people who permit and actively kill will have to be softened, lightened, one by one.  The “big lawmakers” may not cotton to this change, so the efforts to voluntarily curtail this practice have to be made on an individual basis. That’s also true where ceremonial killings take place.


S:  How soon will we see merciful changes?


GOD:  Immediately, my child!  The Navy will not be given the authority to continue the destructive testing because the outcry against that will be amazing.  It may not be widely publicized, however.  More than likely the testing will be quietly shelved after another effort or so to justify it for “national defense.” 


The part of the reptilian civilization that throughout all Earth time has been manipulating the weakest and most power-hungry souls who have embodied there will be in a rage and will plunge ever deeper to wage battle with the light forces.  So do not be surprised to see other areas of what you will consider, and rightly so, to be inhumane, but know that the torture, maiming, killing – yes, outright wanton slaughter! – of human and other life, the animal and plant kingdoms who are the very life of Earth herself, cannot last much longer.


S:  Is this battle taking longer to win than the light forces thought it would?


GOD:  I don't know.  I think that collectively the light forces did plan to vanquish all darkness by the year that keeps being mentioned, 2012.  That is indeed a critical time in your planning and calculations, but it is meaningless beyond Earth's timing machinations. 


It is not that there will be no victories on huge fronts prior to that date.  I think that if 11 more years had to pass in the same measure of killing, sorrow, rage, fear, grief and terror, that indeed desperation would befall every soul of mild and gentle nature and turn the hearts of peaceful light warriors into retaliation for the dark forces' massive and widespread activities.   Oh, indeed one of gentle nature has the capacity to rise up against a foe, and with swords blazing!  My child, destruction is in every heart on Earth.  Those who feel the most self-righteous would like to annihilate the most “ungodly,” you see.  These hearts and minds are at the fringes of the opposing powerful groups, and the sheep are all the masses within those slender parameters.  


S:  I see.  Well, I certainly don't see everything.  Is there no limit to the brutality that you will tolerate in one of your souls?


GOD:  Surely you’re not asking if I will intervene with powers I do NOT have?


S:  You told me that you intervene in unfair situations all the time, remember?  Isn’t it unfair that ruthless killers are annihilating innocents?  Where do mercy and divine grace – whatever allowances you have to protect the helpless and Earth herself – come into this light vs. dark battle?


GOD:  Ah!  I should protect the “innocents”?  What about when those “innocents” were the ruthless killers and the roles have been reversed?  You would ask me to step into the karma that these souls are choosing to work out for their spiritual advancement?


S:  No, but Matthew and you yourself have said many millions of souls are suffering far more than the karmic lessons in their pre-birth agreements.


GOD:  We’re both right about that, Suzy, but I still can’t step in and stop this merry-go-round!  Those souls who indeed are suffering beyond the limits of the lessons they had chosen now are choosing to leave embodiment in great numbers via disease, starvation, massacres, and natural disasters before the end of their original contracts, which at soul level have been amended as being completed.  This could be considered the "mercy and divine grace” you are wanting.  


I realize that from your standpoint, this is no relief from the darkness of oppression and tyranny over souls still on Earth, but once out of that realm, the departing souls escape from those controls over their lives.  They join the light forces against those prevailing dark forces on Earth – that is part of their reason for leaving, to fight the light battle from this higher plane of light.  Remember that I told you this is a matter of souls, not physical lives?


S:  All right, I see.  What about the energy of the whales that were anchoring light energy here until they were killed?  What about those whose sonar has been distorted or damaged by the sonar testing? 


GOD:  My goodness, child, you are protective of each and every lamb of God, aren’t you?  That is fine – I’m not finding fault!  I realize that you cannot see the overview of the energy or the soul breeding places and healing phases. 


As for the whales that are killed, it’s true that their energy no longer is within those bulky carcasses designed to anchor the light within the oceans.  However, their energy may remain there to join the light workers on that liberated basis of "free spirit" or it can work in the universe with the light forces in body who are stabilizing Earth in these times of greatest changes ever on my Eden planet.


S:  I see.  Overall then, you are satisfied with the progress of the light forces even though the dark forces still are causing terror, hunger, endemic disease, torture of the body and mind?


GOD:  You are pointing fingers in either despair because that is what you see, my child, or in criticism because any of those situations still exists.  This is a play set in motion and it cannot be stopped, frozen in midsection, and the players nevermore growing from that point upward or forward. 


It seems that you have no intent to judge others, but nevertheless, my child, you are placing your values, your ideas and what you need for your heart to be lighter, on all other souls.  They do not have the same lessons or the same qualities of character to even identify rationally with what you need for your soul to be at peace! 


It is not a simple situation at your level of understanding life and learning, of remembering.  It is simple from here – getting things back into balance. I do wish it could proceed as you would like, as all others also pure in heart would like!  Impatience with the slow dirge-like procession of killing and grief and control seems to be the emotional blanket forever covering the planet. 


Earth herself is weary of this.  She, most of all, has suffered almost unendurably, and her consciousness, too, is asking for stepped-up light for her healing.  The light is coming in such grand measure, my child, that you need to take this into your brain and process it that way, because emotionally you are set back each time you read of a brutality to any life. 


So, I'd say that you may wish to read this and tidy up the areas where my words are not spelled correctly or you would prefer to soften the language, choose a better word, insert an omitted word – all that sort of work you have been trained to do.  Please add our talk today to the others I want in the third book. 


 S:  OK, but God, I don’t think you answered my question about whether you are satisfied with the light's progress here.


GOD:  I think I did, but it may not be to your satisfaction.  Would you like to tidy up our conversation as you read again my words and evaluate my response?


S:  Thank you. …. I still don't think you told me whether you are really satisfied with the progress of the light against the dark forces on Earth.


GOD:  I see, my child.  Very well, in a word, NO!  How could I be satisfied when so many of my soul aspects are crying in torment and deprivation and others are the cause of this? When many of my children are enchanted by Satanic worship that abounds in such widespread rituals of torture and killing that your mind could not handle it?  When some of my children have fallen so far from the light that they rule with tyranny and destroy all who oppose them?  When so many of my children are living in fear and horror or are dying because of the deeds of these others who also are my children?  When deception and corruption abound to the point of no truth being illuminated except when the light is so strongly exposing it that those who believed the lies are devastated upon learning the truth?


But my dear Suzy, I am able to see the broader horizon, the full measure of this conflict, and when I see the light that is emanating today from a soul that yesterday was hazy, more inclined toward control by the darkness, I rejoice in that lost one – the “prodigal son” – returning.  When I see big areas, like a town in your thinking, where light is emanating from hearts that formerly were cold and dark, I rejoice! 


Would I like to see the TOTAL of Earth life in peacefulness, love, sharing, caring and service one to another?  OF COURSE I WOULD!  But do I have the power to snap a finger and have this be so?  You know I do NOT!  So I send my love and light everywhere, to every soul, and I may as well rejoice in the pockets of light rather than dwell in the pockets of darkness and weep, you see. 


S:  Yes, God, I do see as well as I can, because trying to imagine all that you must be feeling is overwhelming.  Do you ever feel that way yourself?


GOD:  If you will just think of me as all of my children, then you must know that I do indeed feel correspondingly overwhelmed.


S:  Yes, of course.  I’m sorry–I get stuck in my single-self feelings and lose sight of what you’ve told me.  Will you please explain exactly the limits of your powers on Earth?  I know I’ve asked similar questions, so maybe you’re expecting me to know this, but I really don’t except that you have to obey Creator’s laws. 



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