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121 Page Excerpt of 

Manifesting in Alignment with Soul
Channeled Teachings of St. Francis

Anina Davenport

 From the back cover:

The purpose of Manifesting in Alignment with Soul is to help you to co-create with the universe with more ease and joy. You do not create alone. There is a whole universe out there ready to help and support you on your path. The book focuses on creating Highest Good, which means that sometimes you are not sure what you are creating, or what your true Self wants you to participate in. This becomes clearer as you take the first steps and keep intending Highest Good. There are practical examples and discussions of obstacles on the way; and throughout the book we remind you to be loving and gentle with yourself. You can achieve much more with ease and relaxation than with force and extreme effort although at times and in emergencies that might be necessary. We want you to come more into a flow where creation just happens. Your job is to check your beliefs and make sure that you are not working against yourself or your true Self. Our job is to remind you gently when you have become stuck in a rut or pattern and help you to get out of it. The book contains certain energies and can be picked up at random if you feel you need some help. Our love is with you.

St. Francis

This book can be ordered from any bookstore or by calling 1800Authors.
It is published by IUniverse and has 227 pages and is priced at $18.95.

 About the Author:

 Anina Davenport grew up in a quiet village near Munich, Germany. In college she studied Business both in Germany and England. After several years in the business world, she met her husband who is American. They moved to Boston where Anina completed a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. After several years of working as a therapist and supervisor, her channeling and energy experiences started full force. Anina was then guided to focus her efforts on writing, channeling and integrating the new energies. At present she lives with her husband and dog in Minnesota. She is the author of Reflections on Ascension. Channeled Teachings of St. Francis. Oughten House Publications and Energetic Empowerment. Channeled Teachings of St. Francis. IUniverse.  She has also published various articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Anina can be reached via e-mail at


Anina’s Comments on this Book.

 This book has helped me to stay in flow in my life. Even in the morning I feel a new flow. I am not a morning person and I don’t jump out of bed with “It’s a wonderful new day” on my lips but this book has helped me to clear out obstacles to flow. If things seem blocked I just affirm “I create in alignment with Soul” or similar statements and things seem to flow. St. Francis has challenged me to keep throwing out old beliefs that do not work any more and when I do that flow does come or maybe it is more that I stop resisting it. Sometimes I just pick the book up and its energy is helpful. My main goal in life has been spiritual growth and I think this book makes that a priority (without neglecting the practical side of daily life).





 Introduction by Anina

 Introduction by St. Francis


Chapter One

Clarity- Sensitive Children- Psychic Enmeshment- Taking Action on Impulses from the Soul- Limiting Beliefs- True Feelings- Emmanuel’s Story- Manifesting with Joy- Highest Good- Creating from Neutral


Chapter Two

Creating with Ease- Trust- Separating from Others- Creating with Joy- Dealing with Terrorists- Respecting All People- Opening to Receive- Dealing with Abuse- Creativity- Feeling Excitement with Life


Chapter Three

Culture and Creativity- Being in Flow and Grounded- Feeling Joy- Calming Down “Mental Waves”- Creating Peace Within- Holding Light- Truth Receptors- Making Choices- Overconfidence and Underconfidence


Chapter Four

The Body- Trusting the True Self- Realization- Biology- Illness- Dealing with Heartache- Co-Creating - Conflict in Relationship- Living in Flow


Chapter Five

Receiving Energy- Stream of Silence- Electromagnetic Frequencies- Staying Real- Manifesting from Stillness- Clearing Old Energy- The One Self- Emmanuel’s Story- Co-Creation- Releasing Beliefs of Victimhood


Chapter Six

Finding Out What You Want- Erwin and Dave’s Story- Releasing Feelings of Powerlessness- Dr. Steven’s Story- Emma’s Story- Making Peace with What Is- Emmanuel’s Story


Chapter Seven

Power- Intending Highest Good- Allopathic Medicine- Dealing with Anger- De-cording from Fear- Emmanuel’s Story- Standing apart from Drama- Global Pain- Jealousy- Emmanuel’s Story- Flowing Energy- Enlightenment-Relaxation- Attention Deficit Disorder


Chapter Eight

Creating in Alignment with Soul- Emmanuel’s Story- Creating with a Purpose in Mind- Staying Centered- Emmanuel’s Story- Taking Risk- Changes in Life- Creating in Alignment with Soul- Structure- Surrender


Chapter Nine

Suffering- Creating from Neutral- Relationships- Catherine’s Story- Detachment- Surrender


Chapter Ten

Stillness- Change of Perspective- Dissolution of the Personality- “Secrets” of Creating- Emmanuel’s Story- Living in Flow- Emmanuel’s Story- Laws of Manifestation- Emmanuel’s Story




About the Author


Introduction by Anina



I started channeling Manifesting in Alignment before I published my last book Energetic Empowerment. Saint Francis likes to have me working on several projects for various reasons. For one it is good to take a break from a book at times and secondly it is easier to let go of one when you have another one in the works so to speak. Manifesting in Alignment was not as intense as Energetic Empowerment had been for me. When I was writing on Energetic Empowerment I felt as if I was being worked on energetically very intensely by the guides and I guess my own Self. I did a lot of de-cording and releasing of old energies and felt very relieved when this work was done. Of course the releasing and clearing work is never really done but I felt after I finished the book that I had graduated from some energetic boot camp. It felt good. As I mentioned in my previous book I am a student of the spiritual teacher and avatar Amritananda Mayi or Ammachi as she is usually called. I give information about her in Resources. Her guidance continues in dreams mainly and recently I was asked to release some of my tensions and to trust her and God more. I am ‘working’ on that one with I believe some success meaning I feel more and more relaxed and often things do fall into place and if they don’t they don’t and I can let go and be open for what is next.

          Some of my friends have suggested that I call the book ‘Creating in Alignment with Soul’, but I do like the term ‘Manifesting’ because I think it implies that we do not create alone. We have an intent, we clear the way and then we ask for God’s grace and see what happens. I always add now the words ‘Highest Good’ to my requests. “If that is Highest Good I would like for this to happen.” St. Francis likes to use the analogy of the bow and arrow: we aim it to a certain direction. We get centered and clear, we breathe and then we let go. After that we don’t have any more control. We let the arrow fall where it may and then go from there. To me the term manifesting also has a somewhat mysterious quality. We don’t know all the ins and outs of creation but we can still participate and sometimes we get thrown around a bit like a surfer on a stormy sea but I believe that if we trust life we will be alright. If everything was all planned out and we could control everything wouldn’t that be kind of boring? Plus sometimes we can see in hindsight that the universe made much better decisions for us than we would have made even though our will looked better to us at the time. There is a way I believe to be a participant in this great mystery of life without being controlling or overly analytical. I think it has to do with playing the dance as we are shown the steps. Sometimes we have to take a big extra breath because something seems scary but deep within where all knowledge comes from anyway we know that this is what we need to do. This is the next step. St. Francis puts a lot of emphasis on not getting paralyzed or frozen. He tells me that that is the biggest problem in creating: to get stuck. When I do get stuck he always tells me to go for a walk, dance, do yoga, write or do something similar to get the energy unstuck. I also do a general de-cording once a day because at times we feel stuck because we have cords with people who feel stuck. A friend of mine once said that negative ego is really stuck energy. I thought that was an interesting perspective. My next step is to ‘let go and let God’ more and more and to learn to dance this mysterious dance with as little resistance as possible. The universe always presents us many choices and things to do and to enjoy unless we don’t let life in. At times of course we are asked to stop and rest and do nothing. St. Francis talks about that as well.

          As in the last book Energetic Empowerment I have changed all the names of people who brought me questions for this book. Some of the questions in this book came up in readings that I did and some questions just appeared out of nowhere. St. Francis again told me that these were from my future readers. I have tried to keep this book without grammatical mistakes but some of the words that St. Francis ‘created’ I have left in such as de-cording, underconfidence and other such words. I sometimes did not edit an awkward sounding phrase if it expressed the meaning of his message better than the edited version. I have also capitalized certain words such as the Self if it refers to the greater Self or the one Self or the words Higher Self or Highest Good. I think it helps to make these words stand out. In fact I often visualize the phrase HIGHEST GOOD in capital letters in my mind. If I am in a difficult situation I take a breath, center and ask for HIGHEST GOOD.

          Dear Reader I hope this book will be helpful on your journey to wherever that may be. Please take what feels right and leave the rest. I wish you all the best.

          Anina Davenport


Introduction by St. Francis


The topic of our new book is Manifesting in Alignment with Soul. What does manifesting in alignment with soul mean? It refers to creating things, thoughts, concepts, situations or circumstances in alignment with your soul, your Higher Self. It is akin to the idea of God’s Will but it speaks to the fact that there is an active component. You see in manifesting there is an active component and a passive component. Every situation needs a perfect balance: a certain amount of passivity and a certain amount of action.  Action can be the idea, “I want this,” or “I think this is part of my purpose.” Your soul works through impulses. You suddenly get the impulse to go to a certain bookstore or to drive home on a different route. That is your soul guiding you unless you are driven by fear or resentment or greed or other such impulses. We don’t want to get into judgment here, just observation. So how can you get your impulses most clearly? Well, this has a lot to do with your energy field. You have “antennas” to receive the impulses of your soul and all people have these antennas. The question is: when did you last use them? Do you keep them clear and how many stations do they pick up? There is your soul, your Higher Self, guides such as angels or spiritual teachers and then there is mass consciousness, what your friend is saying, your spouse, old voices from the past that still run like tapes, all that. The clearer you are within yourself the clearer you can pick up messages from your soul and the more efficiently you can manifest in alignment.

So, in our first chapter we will focus on clarity. This will be topic number one: clear receiving and alignment. We will give you tools to discern which message is from your soul and which is from your personality and at times personality can manifest as well and that is all right. What you don’t want to do is manifest other people’s dreams such as for example your mother’s or father’s dreams for you. That is all right if it coincides with your soul’s wishes but if it does not it will set you back on your evolution. That’s just the way it is. Daily there will be other people giving you impulses on what you should do, how you should work, how many cars you should have, what colors to wear for spring. We are joking but mass consciousness will try to influence you. Every day you are bombarded with other people’s ideas of how you should live life. Not just directly through TV, radio, the Internet and in conversations but also telepathically. “I wish Karen would call me,” is a telepathic thought that goes out into the ethers. If Karen is susceptible to that she will call. So the first component in manifesting in alignment with soul is to create clarity for you and a clear communication between yourself and your soul or Higher Self.

Number two: you need to know what you want. Many people don’t know what they want. Someone might think, “Maybe I want to live by the sea but the Black Hills would be nice as well and I also like flat land.” You have to find out what you want. Write down what your ideal place to live would be. Write down the attributes of the partner you want, the kind of children you want, the kind of dog you would like, your ideal job, the friends you want. Write down what you want. Otherwise your soul cannot deliver it to you. Robert wants just whatever. Guess what? That’s what the universe will bring him: whatever.

Many people are afraid of their power. Or even the word personal power. We will talk about power in this book. Once your soul and you are clear on your wants the negotiations can begin. So let us say you want to live by the ocean and you want an average temperature of 70 and 80 degrees. Let us assume that at the same time the various spiritual beings in charge of supporting humanity and mother Earth at this time of change can see that they need a light anchor that brings in Divine-Mother energy in San Diego. In this scenario you are now a candidate and if this move is Highest Good for all involved then you can soon start packing. Now let’s assume you have a spouse who hates the ocean. He refuses to move to San Diego. He wants to stay right here in Boise, Idaho. Well then you have a problem don’t you? You might never make it to San Diego because he will be part of the negotiations on the higher levels and of course in your daily life. So if you are co-creating with another be careful that you don’t cancel each other out. Don’t waste your energies on visualizing living near an ocean if your other half is not inclined to move there. It is good for both of you to work out what you want before you get into trying to manifest something.

Number three: be open to input. Let us give you an example. A friend of ours wanted to create a nicer place to live. She looked at an apartment complex but since she has a low income she thought she could not afford it. Then a woman mentioned that some of the units are set aside for people with low incomes and that our friend would qualify. So if you see obstacles don’t come to quick conclusions. Stay open. “Maybe it could work anyway” is a good concept to consider. If you and your soul want to have or manifest something there is a lot of power. It is the power that can move mountains.

Number four: don’t put limitations on the manifestation. If the perfect man for you comes with black rather than blond hair as you visualized him be a little flexible. It is good to have a bottom line such as, “I only want to date men who treat me with respect,” and it is good to be open to results that are different from what you expected. Be flexible.

Number five: be aware of karma, limiting beliefs, soul lessons and other such topics. There are times when what you have visualized does not come in. Soul does have an override.

Last but not least enjoy your creations. Once you have created something that you love for example the perfect house, be grateful. Say, “Thank you, God for giving me such a wonderful place. I really appreciate this.” Gratitude will help to keep you in flow.

We suggest you try out the tools and ideas given in this book and see what happens. You might be surprised at the new ease that you will find. Try it out.

Saint Francis





To manifest you need clarity. What do you want? Many people do not know what they want in various areas of their lives. The reasons are many but one of the main reasons is cords. In our previous book Energetic Empowerment we showed how to cut cords and become more independent of other people’s input. If you constantly hear your mother’s voice saying you should become a doctor or a banker how can you hear your own? Your soul whispers most of the time so you have to learn how to listen to the quiet voice within. You need to cut down stimulation from outside and negative cords can interfere with your ability to hear your own whispers. We won’t repeat what we wrote in Energetic Empowerment but let us start with an exercise that we had in the last book as well.

Start with protection. Call in your favorite guides and the Archangels and then visualize a golden ball in the middle of your chest. Expand the ball. Make it bigger until it encompasses your whole body. See it in the shape of a golden egg. Set the egg on fire (not literally of course, symbolically). Imagine Divine light burning up any negative energy in your system and any old negative cords. Release them. Free yourself. Then go to the next step. Ground yourself. Feel your feet. Now ask a question such as, “What is my purpose?” Stay with it for a while. See what you are getting. If you don’t get anything then take a pause and then ask again. Or ask another similar question. Then let go. If there was no answer it might take some time. It might come through certain channels such as a book, a friend, a TV program or a dream. Be open. Then close down your visualization by closing down your chakras. Wave your hand in front of your body three times. Go from crown chakra to first chakra. Feel your feet. Come back into regular life. Relax. An answer will come.

You have to work on clarity. There is a lot of manipulation happening on psychic levels and you need to learn to stay in your own energies: stable, grounded and clear. As we said we won’t repeat material from our previous book Energetic Empowerment but if clearing is a big issue you might want to start with releasing old energies in your system that are not you.

Another tool to help you to stay clear is to go step by step; so many of you get overwhelmed by bigger tasks. Write them down. Break them up into little pieces. Decide if there is one thing that you can do right now. Not twenty or thirty, just one. Once that is completed go to number two, then number three and then reevaluate. Maybe number four and five have changed or are not relevant anymore.

Many of you have been overwhelmed as children. A good parent will challenge his child but not overwhelm him. Unfortunately many parents are so overwhelmed themselves that they just dump their feelings of overwhelm and anxiety on their children. Most don’t mean to do so but it happens. Another factor that affects children’s learning is fear. In extreme cases a war can wreak havoc on a child’s nervous system. Terrorism fears even if the child is relatively safe can affect a child. Anything the parents are afraid of can affect the child. Children are like sponges. Their auras are quite vulnerable and need to be protected. Over-stimulation as well as under-stimulation are not good for a child and neither are they good for adults but adults can modulate their exposure to stimulation at least somewhat. What is over-stimulation and what is under-stimulation is very individual. A very sensitive child can more easily get stimulated than a less sensitive child. In fact a less sensitive child might need more stimulation to reach his perfect arousal point. One child needs peace and quiet, another learns better with some locomotion around. It is all individual. Do you have questions?

Questioner: Yes. What is the source of a child’s sensitivity? Or why is one child sensitive and another one is not?

St. Francis: First of all no two people are alike. Everyone is wired differently. Sometimes you meet people that seem to be on your wavelength or you have a feeling of trust and understanding that you usually don’t have with others. You might feel at home with these people. Most likely you are from a similar soul group. There are certain characteristics that do connect you. You are also wired similarly. That is one of the reasons you feel so at ease with the other. Your auras are similar, your soul entities mesh. You feel at home. We don’t want to get too much into energy systems but let us say a couple of things. Energy systems are multi-dimensional. So all the wonderful pictures you see in books about auras and various other energy bodies are good but remember there are many dimensions and your energies are all connected.

The artist child will have a very sensitive nervous system especially relating to sounds. A psychic is also wired for his or her task. A psychic often has very fine-tuned receptacles which make it hard for him to be with too many people in small rooms. His antennas go on overwhelm. Too much information is the message that gets sent back to the brain. There are techniques that can help with this just as a musician can use survival techniques to spend time in a room with unmelodic music, but it is not good for either to spend time in environments that strain their sensitive instruments.

Questioner: When you say ‘wired differently’ what do you mean?

St. Francis: Okay. This is hard to explain without showing you pictures of different systems. You see with certain photography you can now see auras. But there are many much finer parts of your energy system that your technology cannot yet detect. Think about a tree. The tree trunk is like the aura but the branches, the many twigs and leaves are the more refined part of the energy system you cannot see. We can for example see if a person is psychic or artistic or refined or quite practical or talented in engineering, whatever it is. When we say ‘we’ we don’t mean Anina. She can get information from us in readings but she cannot see it.

Questioner: Why not?

St. Francis: Her focus has to be inward. It would be confusing if she saw too much. Who would write these books if she was just wandering around looking at auras all day long? We are joking but not completely. Now an artist whose purpose it was to paint auras and the finer elements of energy systems? Yes, for him or her it would serve a purpose. Let us add one more point. Part of this process of enlightenment is for you all to become more inner-directed. Psychic information can actually get in the way. That was part of the reason we wanted all of you to cut negative cords. Psychic enmeshment as we call it can get in the way of your centeredness and groundedness.

Questioner: What is psychic enmeshment?

St. Francis: Let us give you an example. You have cords with your older brother. You know he is mad at you because you said something he did not like. You feel his anger entering your aura through the cords you have. You also hear some old judgments such as, “my little sister is not smart enough to understand me.” You are in your room trying to meditate. You want to get centered and clear but instead you keep hearing and feeling your brother’s judgments. That is psychic enmeshment. It is not evil or unusual but it keeps you from what you were meant to do here. It keeps you off center. Now let’s assume you cut cords. Your brother is still mad at you but it does not bother you anymore at least not right now. There might be things that need to be resolved with your brother in a conversation or by letter but whatever conflict there is does not keep you awake at night. Do you see the difference?

Questioner: Yes I do.

St. Francis: It can be much more insidious. Let’s say you live in a neighborhood where most people are somewhat depressed. Guess what?

Questioner: I’ll feel depressed as well.

St. Francis: Yes, if you do not work on staying centered and aligned with your soul entity that can easily happen. Cords get thrown around quite easily. It’s not an unusual event. In some places it is like a web that you have to stay out of. Parts of Germany in the 1930’s were like that. Any time group consciousness creates certain mass beliefs such as a certain group of people is better than another group or it is alright to abuse women or other such concepts you have to stay strong not to take on such mass thoughts. Like big black cords they are floating around trying to attach to whoever is willing to carry them.

Questioner: It seems to me group influences can be quite powerful.

St. Francis: Correct, but you can stay aligned with your center. Some might call that having integrity or a conscience. We call it alignment. So let us get back to clarity. Once you receive some answers, let us say for example you hear that your purpose is to be a teacher then what do you do? Now you need to act. Let us say you received several messages in meditation or in other ways such as dreams or day dreaming that teaching is your true purpose, the profession where you would be most happy and most successful. We define successful as a kind of work that satisfies your soul and allows you to make an impact on others in a Highest-Good manner. So where do you go from here? Let us say you work in an office and you don’t even have a degree. We suggest you write down on a piece of paper: goal: teacher. Now next get clear what kind of teacher you would like to be. You don’t have to be one hundred percent clear. Chances are you could go various ways. Maybe you like both young children and teenagers. Maybe you would like to teach college. Write down what you want. Let’s say you want to be a college teacher of French and English. Now, don’t feel any pressure with this, just write it down. Think about it on your walks; if there is a college nearby walk there. Imagine yourself as one of the professors. Imagine yourself in the classroom teaching a famous English novel talking about Henry the Eighth.

So, if you don’t have any degrees this is a long-term project, eight years maybe; longer or shorter depending on your stamina and financial resources. But once you start you are on your way and the eight years can be fun. You will learn about something you love. Your mind will be expanded and challenged. You will meet new people, be confronted with new ideas. There will be a flow that will help you achieve your goal. The most important thing now is to practice patience. Many start various goals but they do not pull through because of impatience. The long-term project will be a process with many steps. Which school will you choose? Which subjects? How will you pay for it? Where can you get loans? What other opportunities are there? Maybe you could spend a year in Paris. Think big. Don’t let a lack of resources limit your thinking. Use your common sense. Do not get yourself in humongous debt but don’t limit your thinking. Say, “Universe, I want to spend a year in Paris and I want a way so I can afford it. Help me.” If you truly want something the Universe will help. There is always a way unless it hurts another then it won’t work but everything that is in alignment with Highest Good will work.

It is important to have a plan. Part of the objective of a plan is to take a big goal and put it into manageable steps. The steps can be revised, changed, or even dropped at some point but it is good to have them. They create a structure for you. A mental structure which is one of the starting points of building something. You create from the inside out. Let us repeat this: you work from the inside out so you have to get clear on the inside what you want. That is what some people call creating; we prefer to use the word co-creating. You co-create with the Universe. Are there questions?

Questioner: Yes. I’ve been trying to create money or more money for years. It’s not working.

St. Francis: Do you work with affirmations?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Do you affirm on a daily basis, “God, I accept your blessings?”

Questioner: Not daily but I say it often.

St. Francis: Are there certain beliefs that get in the way?

Questioner: Yes, part of me thinks it is not spiritual to have money.

St. Francis: All right. You think money is evil?

Questioner: Yes, I guess I do.

St. Francis: It is not. Money is energy. Some people use money in evil ways; if you use money to buy a gun and shoot someone or bomb another country other than in self-defense that could be considered evil, but not money itself. You need money to pay your rent and to fulfill your purpose. Many of you rent an office, take classes or buy books that help you in your work. Money is one way to enable you to do that.

Questioner: A lot of healers are stressed out because of money issues.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: Why?

St. Francis: Because it creates stress not to know where your next meal is going to come from or whether you can pay the rent.

Questioner: Shouldn’t we be above it?

St. Francis: You do with this problem the same that you do with every other problem. You go step by step. You face your fears. You ask God for help. You keep faith. We will help you. That is why we write these books. Don’t worry. There are ways to either move to a better place or if that is your path to become happy where you are and the best way is to do both. Learn to be happy where you are in life and be open to good things entering your life.

Now, there are certain truths: that there is pain in life, there is suffering and some of it you need to just accept as in, “Okay, there are difficulties in life. I am being challenged here to develop my spiritual muscles and to keep faith.” Another genre of suffering comes through your belief system. “I don’t deserve” is a big one here. “I don’t deserve to be treated with respect.” “I don’t deserve to be compensated adequately for my work.” “I don’t deserve to have my own space.” “I don’t deserve a partner who respects me.” The list goes on and on. So where do these beliefs come from? On one level they came from your childhood and certain experiences in your life where others taught you that you are less than them, not that important, not worth an effort on their part to treat you right. On another level it is related to other lives even other dimensions, other probabilities. It does not matter so much where it comes from because the now point is where you can start. Imagine a laser lens that looks at a knot and is able to burn it off. Here in the here and now you can burn off these dysfunctional beliefs.

Questioner: Someone told me I should see these beliefs as children and treat them with love.

St. Francis: Love transforms them as well but let us explain what love is. It is not that sentimental, “Oh, look at those cute beliefs. Look at how they are ruining my life, but I’ll love them anyway.” No, love is not that different from the laser beam we described. Love is ruthless. Love serves truth and truth is love. If you have a flower bed you have to do some weeding. You might do it gently to make sure you get the whole plant but you must be ruthless or soon there won’t be a flower bed, just weeds. If you have roses for example you prune them back. In the same way even good beliefs need to be held in check. You don’t want to turn into a Pollyanna. Now for most of you there is no danger of that but some do go overboard. They have a smile on their face even if they are very sad. Then you have gone overboard. There has to be a balance. That is where feelings come in, true feelings not made-up ones.

Questioner: What are made-up feelings?

St. Francis: Well, think of the salesman or the politician who smiles a lot and projects a happy image to achieve a certain goal such as a sale or a reelection.

Questioner: So what are true feelings?

St. Francis: Now true feelings come from deep within. Think about water bubbling up from a spring. That is what it is like. True feelings are not forced. Like a spring they bubble up and then they flow out.

Questioner: Where do they go?

St. Francis: It is energy that goes out of you and goes into the room. Now some sensitive people might pick them up or sometimes some not so sensitive people pick them up. You live in a sea of energy. We mention in the book Energetic Empowerment how you can stay clear or as clear as possible from negative emotions. Now positive emotions for example a baby bubbling with joy and excitement in the next room are no problem. Emotions travel and eventually they dissipate. One reason for churches or any other place of worship is to have emotions of joy and love for God and the universe accumulate in one place and uplift everyone. Unfortunately some places of worship have become dry or worse places of hate and judgment. Most people can feel if they come into a house if there has just been a fight among the family members. The negative emotions can be sensed similar to an oncoming summer storm for example.

Now, let us get back to true emotions. True emotions bubble up from deep within you and flow through your system easily even cleansing it if need be. Both sadness and joy can be cleansing. There is something that we call pure sadness that is quite beautiful. It is not manufactured sadness as in, “My life is so miserable. The world hates me.” No, it is sadness from deep within your soul that enables you to cleanse yourself. It comes from deep within. It is real and it leaves. It does not stick around. It is there to come up and leave.

We will talk quite a lot about emotions in this book because emotions are central in the process of creating the life you want. Emotions are one of the tools that can tell you if an impulse or idea comes from your soul, your Higher-Self levels or from your personality or someone else’s ideas about how you should live your life. Emotions don’t lie. Now as we said you can manufacture emotions and even fool yourself with those but true emotions don’t lie.



So let us go back to our friend who wants to become a teacher or professor. Let us call him Emmanuel. So Emmanuel has figured out he wants to teach English and French at college level. He also wants to spend some time in Paris. He has started to contact colleges and schools to find out how to attain the skills he needs. He is getting information about student loans and work-study programs. He is getting excited about his goal. Right now Emmanuel is working in an office selling office supplies to retail stores. He will keep that job for a while because he needs a pay check. Someone told him it is important to not start hating what you do because it gets in the way of creating with joy. Emmanuel does not hate his job. He just finds it boring and tedious. He decides to think about ways how he can make it more interesting. He devises a new way to organize his files. He is friendlier on the phone. He makes sure his work is impeccable. He tries to dissolve personality conflicts he has with others. He uses energetic tools to stay centered at work and not get drawn into drama or office politics. He stays grounded, stable and focused on what he wants to do in his life.

Questioner: What energetic tools can he use?

St. Francis: We have given many tools in Energetic Empowerment and there are other books that give tools for centering and grounding. So the next step is time. Have you ever watched animals that go out and hunt food and get water and then they just lie around? It is called downtime. Some of you instead of sitting on a tree looking at the sun sit on an easy chair in front of a big black box called TV but it is a similar concept: downtime. Wait. See what happens. Are the schools Emmanuel contacted going to write back? What is out there that matches his interests? What information is the Higher Self going to bring back? If you do it right which mainly means you ask your Higher Self for help and then listen and watch what happens then coincidences will happen. Emmanuel will go to a party where surprise, surprise there is a guy who teaches at a nearby college. They have an interesting conversation. This guy John has some information that Emmanuel can use. A flier for a workshop ends up in Emmanuel’s mailbox. It is a seminar on Manifesting your Dreams. Other such coincidences start to happen. This is really your soul at work. She is saying “Okay, let’s see maybe this would help. What about this option?”

Emmanuel is smart in that he does not get into a frantic state of mind which says, “I have to create my dreams right now or I’m a loser,” or the opposite side which is, “This is all too much. It will never work.” Instead Emmanuel says to himself on his daily walk with his dog Sparky, “It will all work out eventually. I just have to go step by step, trust the universe and do my part as well.” Emmanuel is quite hopeful things will work out. He is a bit like the turtle in the children’s story about the race between the turtle and the hare. He goes slowly. He conserves his energy. He stays focused and he arrives eventually.

In the Manifesting your Dreams workshop (Emmanuel did follow up on that flier) Emmanuel meets Susan. Susan is quite a flamboyant woman. Susan wants to become a dancer but does not know how to go about it. She has all these ideas but no money and no plan. She talks endlessly about all the things she tried and how nothing worked out. Her energy is quite chaotic. She is a receptionist right now and hates her job. In fact she is afraid she might get fired soon because she has told too many people in her office how much she hates her job.

“How can you be so calm about all this?” she says to Emmanuel when they start talking on their break.

“I am moving in the right direction,” Emmanuel says as he unwraps his lunch.

“But how are you going to pay for college?” Susan asks. “Do you have savings?”

“No, not really,” Emmanuel admits.

“And how good is your French really?”

“Pretty good I think and I am planning to spend more time in France. I would like to get to know Paris better.”

“Paris? Do you know how much that costs?” Susan throws her long hair back.

“Well,” Emmanuel hesitates for a moment. “It is true. Paris is pretty expensive.”

The class continues. Emmanuel does the exercises kind of half-heartedly. Susan is right about money. He really does not have great savings. Emmanuel feels a bit down. The next day at work he is still down.

“Are you okay?” asks one of the other employees.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Emmanuel responds. He does not want to talk about it. For a week he mopes around. Sparky cannot even get him to play ball in the park. He tries licking his owner’s face. Sometimes that helps.

“So why did you send me to that course?” Emmanuel asks his soul. He always figured there was one and it could hear you. At times he felt he heard back from it,

“We did not send you,” is the answer.

“But the flyer in my mailbox…”

“Yes, it was an option.”

“It was a waste of time and money. All it did is get me depressed.”

“Oh, so the exercises got you depressed?” his soul asks somewhat mischievously.

“No,” Emmanuel thought for a moment, “that Susan person got me depressed.”

“Yes, so you expect everyone to cheer you on in your goals?” Emmanuel hears his soul respond.

 “No.” Emmanuel got it. He did learn a valuable lesson from all this. Don’t open your dreams to negative people. Now Susan is not a bad person. In fact she had a charming side to her but she is just full of doubt. It obstructs Susan in her own life and influenced Emmanuel because he let her negativity in.

“Don’t let it in,” he hears his soul.

“Well,” Emmanuel responds, “I’m going to be more careful with whom I share my dreams or whatever else is dear to my heart.”

“You’ve just met a dream-trampler,” his soul says. “Dream-tramplers come in all forms. Some are dear, well-meaning people but they are victims of limited thinking. They have to learn to open up and let some fresh air in.”

“All right,” Emmanuel nods.

 Later that day he goes to the park with Sparky and throws him balls. He thinks back to the conversation and ponders the insights that his soul has shared with him.



St. Francis: Are there any questions?

Questioner: Isn’t sometimes doubt a good thing?

St. Francis: Yes, it can be. If you are planning to put all your life savings into a project that is quite risky a little doubt is not a bad thing. You see you don’t want to fall into either the trap of overconfidence or too little confidence. You want to be in a balance.

Questioner: How do I achieve a balance?

St. Francis: Well, there is something called common sense that is quite important. Common sense does not mean you never take a risk or think about everything for years before you make any decision. Common sense means you move ahead in a grounded and centered way. You use your mind and your heart in your decisions. You are balanced.

Questioner: How can I become more balanced?

St. Francis: All the techniques that we teach can help you to become more balanced. Our first book Reflections on Ascension has an exercise where you work with your sub-personalities. Write down what your various sub-personalities want. Now Laura you have a big risk taker in your personality. That is good as long as you keep it in check. It is like having an incredible race horse in your stall. Quite an asset but you have to treat her carefully. She can take off quite easily. Are there other questions?

Questioner: Emmanuel is not a risk taker.

St. Francis: Emmanuel makes decisions quite deliberately. Now we are not saying everyone should be like Emmanuel. People are different and that is part of the beauty of humankind. There is variety. We don’t want you all to turn into clones but we try to demonstrate certain ways of getting what you want or better said what your soul wants for you.



So let us get back to Emmanuel. He looked at some of the material he got from the course and one exercise in particular attracts him so he plays around with that one in the evenings. It entails writing down all the dreams he has. Not just becoming a college professor but also other dreams such as travel, getting married, having kids or another pet as the case may be for some. Emmanuel has no desire for kids right now but he would like a partner. He tries not to think too much about this topic. In general he is quite self-sufficient and he hears from his brothers and sisters enough about all the problems they have in their marriage. In fact his oldest sister is getting a divorce.

“If you think of it this way you will create it,” he hears a little voice. Oh, good old soul has an opinion on everything.

“Well, you are probably right, Iris.” Emmanuel responds. He recently decided to call his soul Iris. Higher Self, inner Self, higher Consciousness all those words seemed too intangible to him. He wanted a name for his soul and he always loved irises. His mother planted lots of them in her garden, purple and yellow ones.

“I don’t really have any good role-models for relationships,” Emmanuel muses to himself.

“Do some reading,” he hears his soul respond.


“Yes, psychology books. Books that explain what a healthy relationship looks like. It is hard to create from a vacuum.”

“You tell me,” Emmanuel sighs. His parents were never really happy in their marriage. The kids felt it. In fact Emmanuel had vowed early never to get too close to another person.

“Lighten up,” he hears Iris say with a chuckle.

“Was she laughing?” He thought he heard a laugh.

“Are you mocking me?”

“No”, Iris says softly, “I’m just suggesting a change of mood.”

“All right,” Emmanuel feels confused.



Later that night Emmanuel walks by a restaurant that plays Spanish music. What was it? Santana maybe? It was wonderful dance music.

“Get that record,” Iris says. “That will loosen you up.” Emmanuel thinks he hears another giggle but he is not sure. “You need to shake off some of that stuckness and seriousness.” Iris continues. “We are creating here. And what are we creating?” Iris asks.

“A job as a professor and what does music have to do with that?” Emmanuel responds feeling a bit belligerently.

“No,” Iris shakes her head, but of course Emmanuel cannot see her. “We are creating joy, joy, joy. Now,” she continues in a more serious tone, “for you the job as a professor of English and French is part of it although…” Iris stops herself.

“Although what?” Emmanuel asks.

“Well, I don’t want to bring up too much at a time.”

“Go ahead,” Emmanuel encourages Iris.

“Okay. There are other options. Working as a professor is not the only job you can thrive on but for now we decided this is best.”

“So there are other options?”

“Yes, there are always other options. The Universe is abundant.”

“Now I’m confused,” Emmanuel says.

“Sorry,” Iris lets out a sigh. It was a compassionate but also somewhat amused sigh. Iris is always in a good mood, always ready to laugh. She can see humor in the darkest of circumstances.

“And who the hell is ‘we’?” Emmanuel inquires still feeling overwhelmed. He likes order, one thing to focus on. Now there are all these other options?

“Some other time,” Iris responds and Emmanuel’s mind goes blank.



St. Francis: Questions?

Questioner: Why does the exercise Emmanuel does suggest writing down all his dreams? Why not just focus on the professorship?

St. Francis: Because all your dreams are connected. If your dream house is a ranch in New Mexico then a professorship in New England does not fit. It is better to be clear on that.

Questioner: Can I manifest everything I want?

St. Francis: Well, the first step is to get clear on what you want and you will notice in this process that some things that you thought you wanted you actually don’t really want or need. Then there is the idea of Highest Good. We’ll get to this next.

Let us talk today about joy. Sometimes when you are manifesting you forget joy, inner bliss. You are so focused on the details of your project that you forget why you are manifesting it in the first place: to increase your bliss. In our example Emmanuel wants to go to school and study French and English because he loves languages and he likes to read. He enjoys great literature and can see how he would enjoy teaching it to others. He also wants a career and he wants to make more money and at some point have his own home maybe even a family.

How you create has a lot to do with your focus. You can create something with joy or relative ease (we say relative for there is no perfect ease in this world of duality) or you can work hard on it, suffer and conquer your project so to speak. If your focus is only on your project you can get sucked into monotony, too much hard work and even depression. If you focus on joy and keep in mind your creation you can create with more ease, more fun, more aliveness and fewer struggles. Many of you have been indoctrinated into the belief system that you can only have something if you work really hard for it. Don’t get us wrong. We approve of hard work. At times it is necessary but often it is not. Often less is more. Often intuition, patience, kindness and openness to the gifts of God get you further. One of the keys to manifesting with more ease is to not forget your joy.

In certain management programs the trainers incorporate play time to loosen up the class. These guys are on the right track. The problem is you can’t get executives loosened up in a weekend training program. It has to become a life style, a part of one’s life. Another concept in business that some managers use is the idea of win, win. You win. I win. Or how can we both be happy with this? It’s very useful for marriage too. How can we both get what we want? Now some people were told it was selfish to get what one wants. It’s not selfish it just is. There are also different desires. Some yes, serve no one, not even the person desiring them and others are what we call soul desires. Emmanuel’s wish to become a professor is a soul desire. Iris is going along and as she indicated there are other professions that Emmanuel could thrive on and make a contribution with. Soul is flexible.

So we want you all to lighten up a bit. Get that Spanish music tape or whatever it is that lightens you up. Dance around in your living room. Laugh. Watch some comedy. Roll around on the floor with your pets or your kids. All this will help you create. Are there questions?

Questioner: I don’t feel much joy. In fact I am

St. Francis: Do you see a therapist?

Questioner: Yes, for a year. It has not helped.

St. Francis: Have you tried another therapist?

Questioner: I’ve been to many.

St. Francis: Have you tried medication?

Questioner: No, my spiritual teacher told me I have to do it without medication. He told me he once was depressed but got over it and I can too.

St. Francis: What is his name?

Questioner: (Name).

St. Francis: Your teacher’s brain chemistry is very different from yours. He does not have the biochemical problems you do. It was relatively easy for him to overcome his depression. We feel you need something physical to help you.

Questioner: What do I do?

St. Francis: Consult a psychiatrist. We are not saying you should take medication. You choose what you want to do in life. Not us or your spiritual teacher. You are responsible for your own happiness. You can also try herbs first.

Questioner: Does working on belief systems help?

St. Francis: Yes it does.

Questioner: Maybe I’ll do more of this.

St. Francis: If you wish. It is up to you. Are there other questions?

Questioner: I come from a strong work ethic. No pain, no gain. Does this work against me?

St. Francis: No, it can work for you. As always we are talking about balance. It is good to be used to work for what you want. The problem comes when you overwork.

Questioner: Overwork?

St. Francis: Yes, the house is basically clean and you go over every detail again. You lie awake at night wondering if you did everything right at the office. Is the customer going to buy the goods or not? That’s overworking.

Questioner: Could you talk about stress?

St. Francis: Yes. Stress is a great source of illness. Too much stress can damage your physical system. Some stress is good. It gets you out of bed in the morning. Maybe a better word is challenge. But if the challenge turns into overwhelm and too much your system starts to shut down energetically and physically.

Questioner: How can we live without too much stress?

St. Francis: All right, let us go into it.

Number one: a lot of stress comes from old voices that are overly critical and feel overwhelming. These could be old authority figures for example. De-cord from these old voices and also cut negative cords with people who still think about you in negative ways and have thoughts such as, “Margaret was never very smart, etc.”

Number two: cut any negative cords you still have with anyone. Keep the positive connections. Let go of negativity.

Number three: become your ally. Don’t abandon yourself in the middle of projects. Don’t tell yourself you are too weak, too stupid, too sick or whatever it is you tell yourself to get what you truly desire. If your soul wants you to have something you can get it but you’ll have to cut out what we call negative self-talk. Burn it off with mantras if that works for you. Or write down your objections and then burn the paper or throw it away.

Number four: remember joy. Do something joyful every once in a while whether that is a walk or a good book, a dance class or maybe even a day dream about a very happy time in your life. Activate your joy well. You can tap into it. It is there.

Number five: don’t let yourself get stressed out. People with a terminal disease will often tell others how silly they feel about some of the things that they used to get stressed out about. Develop a perspective about what is important in life. Don’t stress out about the little things and if you talk to a person in the last stages of cancer they will tell you a lot of things are really not that important. You don’t need to get sick to find that out. Read a book by someone who has wisdom. Think about priorities on your walk. Write down what is most important to you. Keep a list. Let go of other details in life.

So we want you to create without stress. In fact we want you to create with joy. This is not just a course on getting results but the title of this book is Manifesting in Alignment with Soul. Joy is part of this.





The Concept of Highest Good


Whenever you create anything intend Highest Good. Say, “I intend Highest Good.” You don’t need to know what that means. Just intending it will help bring the desired results. There will be things in your creations that you are sure about. For example you might say to yourself, “I want my house to have a view and I want my next boyfriend or girlfriend to treat me with respect.” There will be other aspects where you are unsure. Is this really good for me or do I just think it is? Am I stuck in an old pattern? Am I creating from old conditioning or am I truly co-creating with my soul, with God so to speak? Then keep saying, “I create Highest Good. I intend Highest Good. I surrender to Highest Good.” Do you have questions?

Questioner: I don’t like the idea of surrendering.

St. Francis: Then stay with, “I intend Highest Good.”

Questioner: Is Highest Good like God’s will?

St. Francis: Yes, but I’m sure Martha prefers the phrase “Highest Good” to the words “God’s will.”

Questioner: Yes, I grew up with a punitive God. I don’t need anymore “surrender to God’s will” stuffed down my throat.

St. Francis: And no one is doing that.

Questioner: Right, yes.

St. Francis: Okay, let us continue. Sometimes when you keep intending Highest Good about an issue or relationship or question you have, you create clarity. You wake up one morning and you say, “I get it now. This was not really good for me. That is why it did not happen.” Or conversely you realize that one of your desires is truly a soul desire not just your ego screaming, “I want this.”

Some of you have been given a lot as children. Whatever you wanted you could have it. You just had to put up your hand and Mom or Dad was running to provide for their precious offspring. Some of you just had your hand half up and your parent would give you a “don’t even think about it” look. We are talking in extremes but you get the picture. So, some of you are very hesitant to ask for anything while others don’t quite understand why everyone is not getting up immediately to provide their every need. Both strategies are fraught with danger. The hesitant one might never get what he or she wants while the other expects too much. Jean who was denied much as a child feels guilty about having a good meal (after all so many people in Africa are starving). Meanwhile Matthew does not understand why his girlfriends desert him and cite, “Too much exhaustion and I don’t want to serve other people constantly,” as reasons. However Matthew always finds new girlfriends. In fact Jean might end up as one of Matthew’s girlfriends. Secretly she admires his ability to stand up for himself and ask for what he needs. Maybe she could get some self-worth by serving him or so her ego speculates. We won’t go into this any deeper. You all know what we are talking about. So look at yourself. Are you more of a Jean or a Matthew character? Maybe you have a bit of both? Or there are areas where you struggle. Some people have no problem asking for a raise but feel timid around new people for example. One of the things that can help is to look at who is in your life? If there are a lot of selfish people who you can’t let go of you need to look at your own selfish side. Are you suppressing it? Are you asking too little? Do you feel guilty just to breathe? Do you at times wonder if you take up too much space? You don’t of course but is there an inner voice that tells you that you are too selfish to ask for your basic needs?

So what does all this have to do with creating? Well, you create from your beliefs and emotions. If you believe you don’t deserve respect who do you think will show up in your life? It will be people who will treat you with disrespect. Now there are lots of people in the world who don’t understand respect so just having some in your life does not mean you attracted them. But if they stick to you like glue and you can’t get rid of them there might be a problem. It is up to you to decide what exactly is going on. Sometimes there is karma, sometimes a lesson and changing your beliefs can help in dealing with such situations. You create from your beliefs. If you think you deserve a nice house you are more likely to create it.

Now, one of the important aspects of creating is to let go of guilt. If you create out of guilt your creations will produce more guilt. We want you to come from a place of joy and relaxation and self-acceptance. From that place creation is the clearest and most powerful. So whenever you create from guilt stop and say, “I release all guilt. I accept myself completely.” Now accepting yourself does not mean that you approve of negative behavior. In fact as any therapist can tell you self-love allows you to let go of destructive behavior such as consuming drugs and too much alcohol.

Let us do an exercise for self-acceptance. Start with protection. Imagine the Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael in the four corners of your room. Relax. Breathe. See a golden ball in your heart chakra. Let it expand until you stand in a golden egg. Feel calm and protected. Now say, “I intend to accept myself. I intend to create from joy and love and self-acceptance.” Then close the visualization. Relax. Get back to normal. Close down your chakras by bringing down your hand three times from the crown chakra to the solar plexus and first chakra. Relax. Let go.

Intentions are very powerful. Let us repeat this. Intentions are very powerful. You create with intentions so be clear about your intentions. If you create something you do not like look at your intentions. What were they?

Questioner: I always intend Highest Good but it’s not been successful.

St. Francis: Give us an example.

Questioner: I wanted to create a bigger practice. I’m a spiritual counselor. I wanted to serve more people and also make more money. I have a lot of expenses.

St. Francis: Yes, so what did you create?

Questioner: Well, not much so far. There are few people and my office costs are the same. I might have to go back to working in sales. At least I had health insurance there.

St. Francis: We detect some resentment.

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Let it out.

Questioner: I work so hard and charge not very much. Some people think I should not charge at all but what am I supposed to live on, air?

St. Francis: Are you clear you want to be a healer?

Questioner: Sometimes. Sometimes I’m not. Is this bad?

St. Francis: No. None of this is about judgment. It is about clarity. What do you want? What are you willing to give? What do you want in return? The clearer you can be the easier it is for the universe to give you what you want. Do you feel guilty about charging?

Questioner: Yes I do.

St. Francis: Then deal with these beliefs first.

Questioner: Yes, why is it okay to pay a plumber or doctor but not a healer or spiritual counselor? We all have gifts.

St. Francis: Correct. The gift for plumbing or great architecture or anything else is just as divine as the healing gift.

Questioner: Exactly and just like the plumber I need to eat and feed my kids and just like the doctor I studied a lot to be able to do this.

St. Francis: Write it all down. What you want, what you don’t want. Burn the paper later. Let go of obstructions. See what happens. You see, dear ones, this creating is a process. There are many elements. More questions?

Questioner: Yes. So is the clearing of old beliefs helpful in creating what you want?

St. Francis: Yes, because any belief you have can potentially create. For example you say to yourself, “Oh, I’m so sick today. I’m getting old.” Now don’t get us wrong, people are getting older, people get sick. That’s part of life but the problem is the amplification as in, “I’m sick today and I’m sure this will last a while, I get sick often. See this is my weak immune system.” Now you might have a weak immune system but amplifying this reality does not help. If you catch yourself doing that say, “I let this belief go. I open myself to God’s abundance. I open myself to health and happiness.”

Questioner: I’m sick a lot and I beat myself up about it.

St. Francis: What do you say to yourself?

Questioner: I say, “Louise you shouldn’t be sick. You are only thirty-five. You should be further ahead in your job. You should be able to do more, be more.”

St. Francis: How does beating up on Louise work?

Questioner: I feel sick and disgusted with myself. I’m tired so much. What do I do?

St. Francis: First of all it is good to get checked out by a doctor. There are some physical things that can make you tired and medicine or supplements can make a difference. Number two: get a tape with positive visualizations that allow you to see yourself as vital and healthy. Don’t worry if your self-talk continues during the course such as, “Yes, maybe that works for others but not for me.” Or, “Easy for you to say I’m different.” Or, “I’ll never get better.” Just let the tape play and if the negative talk comes up say, “Good it’s coming up. I release it.” See angels with vacuum cleaners sucking up all these negative beliefs that come from your energies. Let them be transformed.

Questioner: I have an illness and my doctor said it is incurable.

St. Francis: There is still a lot you can do to feel better. Work on your beliefs. Do what you need to do to feel good. Take your medicine, your supplements. See a good naturopath and a healer. Do the exercises. Release fear. Relax. We know you Jennifer don’t believe in miracle cures but don’t forget medical science will soon have many cures that were believed to be impossible just years ago. But are you happy now?

Questioner: Yes I am.

St. Francis: Can you be happy despite the MS?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Focus on that and see the illness as a challenge. You are developing many spiritual muscles while you have this illness such as not giving into fear. You could live in fear twenty-four hours a day but you don’t. You don’t let yourself. You pray to Mother Mary instead. You cry and get back up and do what you can. You focus on the positive in your life: your husband, your children, your paintings. Good job. We applaud you.

Questioner: So I am creating something good?

St. Francis: Yes, look at your life. There is much good; much to be grateful about. You have a loving husband and two beautiful daughters. Also you recently found a new doctor who is more understanding. Your recent research led you to some new supplements that help. You found a new exercise routine. You are studying various spiritual books that give you joy. Don’t just look at the MS. It is only a part of your life.

So success is a life that works. And there can be tragedy in that life. There can be hardship, heartache, problems, difficulties but you are up to it. You face the challenges and sometimes facing the challenges means you rest. It does not always mean work more, do more. It means relax, center, get clear. Go from there.



We want to talk more about Highest Good. Is it really Highest Good for Emmanuel to become a professor of English and French? As we have already indicated it is one Highest Good probability. There are others. Emmanuel would for example make a good gardener. He has skill in working with flowers, designing garden spaces. He loves the outdoors. It would work. There isn’t usually just one choice such as there is not only one soul mate for people. There are many soul mates and many choices when it comes to finding someone to share your life with. The idea that there is only one perfect person out there for you is false. Number one there are many possible mates and number two none of them are going to be perfect but many are going to be good enough so to speak and with many you can create a joyful existence. The idea that there is only one soul mate, one true profession or even one true spiritual teacher creates a lot of stress. This universe is abundant. There are always many options. The only limitations are your belief system. There are many people to love, many children to nurture and all kinds of pets that can serve you well and you can serve. The universe is abundant. Are there any questions?

Questioner: I believe this idea that there is only one soul mate or one profession creates a lot of drama.

St. Francis: It does. What would Romeo and Juliet have been if Juliet had just said, “Oh well, there are probably other good men out there that I can marry?”

Questioner: That sounds callous.

St. Francis: We are joking but there is also a point. The universe is abundant. Now we are not denying the depth of feelings you can have with another. The intimacy to use a psychological term, but you can have this same depth with someone else. First of all you need to have it with yourself. You need to love yourself then you can be open to others. The universe is abundant. We want you to repeat this phrase throughout the week. See what happens. The universe is abundant. The universe provides for me. Play with this. Tell us what happens next week.

Questioner: Saint Francis, I have a question about passion.

St. Francis: Okay.

Questioner: I have created a new product and I am now trying to sell it.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: I think it is a good product. I believe in it but I don’t feel passionate about selling it, marketing, etc.; friends tell me that I should be more excited, more passionate.

St. Francis: What does passionate mean to you?

Questioner: Well, it means excitement and in a certain way overdoing things.

St. Francis: Your parents were passionate by that definition.

Questioner: Yes, there was always high drama in my house. They were high achievers. Everyone in my family was so driven even my brothers and sisters.

St. Francis: And you hate that feeling?

Questioner: Yes. I was so sick so much of the time. I could not stand all the tension and nervousness.

St. Francis: So you want to create something different?

Questioner: Yes, I liked the fact that you brought joy in so early in this process. I want to create with joy not with all this tension.

St. Francis: Understood. Now let us talk about a term that fits here, the concept of neutrality. Last night our instrument had a dream. She was shown a cat whose name was Jessie. She was a little kitten and she was very weak, close to dying. Anina let her crawl into her hands and then she felt energy come from her hands to the cat. She did not do anything. It just happened. The owner was quite upset and a part of Anina felt with her and wanted Jessie to make it but another part was neutral. That part knew it was Jessie’s decision and whatever happened was fine. Jessie would be fine on the other side as well. Well, Jessie decided to give it another go at earth life in this particular body. Anina also told the woman in the dream to not be so emotional around Jessie because this cat was very sensitive and absorbed negative feelings quite easily. Anina told her to go for a walk when she was angry or write out negative feelings in a café. Anina could see that the cat could not stay in the family if people did not stop venting in proximity to this cat. Anina wanted us to tell you the whole dream so that those of you who live with a sensitive animal and not all of them are that sensitive, will consider the impact you have.

Now, let’s get back to neutrality which Anina felt in the dream regarding to whether Jessie lives or dies. It is a sense of “I can be okay either way” and if you take it to the next level it is a sense of “all of us will be okay either way”. The world will go on and energy never dies. Jessie would have changed form. Her energy would not have been destroyed. Energy just changes forms so if you are attached to form which most of you are, there’ll be loss. Many of you have had glimpses of this neutrality in dreams. You might have watched yourself have realizations such as such as, “My boyfriend might not stay but leave but I’ll be fine either way. Donald might leave me. Oh well, that’s okay. Another form will come in or not. I’ll be okay.”

Masters live in that state. They truly do not care what happens and yet they are full of compassion. They empathize with your pain but don’t get caught up in it. “You’ll be fine,” they tell you telepathically or in words. “You’ll be fine. God is great. The universe is abundant.” Some people say they are in that state and in truth they are suppressing their emotions and feigning objectivity and detachment.

So how do you get to neutrality and you all had glimpses but none of you have it all the time. Anina wants to add here that neither does she. She still gets very attached to certain things. Now the most important thing is to be honest. One way to play with this is to be where you are with gusto. If you Jack love your new Jaguar then love it with gusto. Keep your sense of humor about being so attached to a thing with four wheels and new red paint but don’t trample your joy either. So you love your Jaguar; big deal. Some people become really boring in an attempt to be neutral or what their version of non-attachment is. Please don’t become boring. Please don’t suppress all your opinions, your emotions, your idiosyncrasies that make you you. Please be true to yourself. Some people are passionate by nature. They have a lot of fire. They want to run off and change the world not over time but now. They often lack patience and get bored with the step by step processes that it takes to affect real change. As always balance is the key. Yes, you want passion but it needs to be tempered by patience, non-attachment and the ability to live with any outcome. “Let go, let God” is a good affirmation.

In this process of creation you will need to ride the energy. We like to give you the image of the surfer because just like the surfer you have to ride the waves. What are the waves? It is the sea of energy you are in: the energies around you, the energy of the contractor who is involved in building your house, the energy of the client you are serving, the energy of the stars that change daily, the seasons’ energy and so on. You need to respond to these energies and passion can get in the way. There are days where it is better to sit back and rest, recuperate or do some inner work. If you push yourself against the energies disaster can happen.

Questioner: How do we know when to sit back?

St. Francis: You will know. You can feel it in your body. Dreams will tell you. There will be signs and if you don’t get it your Higher Self will scream in your ears. Now passion is good when the time is right, when your Higher Self says, “Okay, go,” then you put in the fast gear and zoom along just like a surfer who just got on top of a big wave. You feel the passion, the excitement. The time is right. Now John your family wore itself out.

Questioner: Yes, my brother has an ulcer. My parents died young.

St. Francis: Exactly. That is not a very efficient use of energy. That is like being in fifth gear no matter what’s going on around you. At some point you will crash. Let us give you some practical help with the book.

Questioner: Okay, please.

St. Francis: Now the book is written. You self-published and there are some practical things you can do?

Questioner: Yes, a web site maybe.

St. Francis: Yes, all that will get clear. Let us do some visualization to help you get clearer on what is going on. You can all choose a project but we will mention John’s book in the visualization. Substitute this for what you are working on. A new job, a house, a husband (laughter), whatever.

Start with protection. Call in Archangels Ariel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael. Ask in a guide you trust. Start with the golden ball. Put it in your chest. Expand it. Relax. Feel safe in your bubble. Now ask yourself, “What do I want? What does my soul want? God what is the purpose of this?” See the book in your mind’s eye. Hold the image. Then multiply it and see it all around you. Let it face outward to the world. You have created this. What is its purpose? Be quiet for a while. See what happens. Is the book going out to other people? Is it traveling to other countries? What is its energy? How does it affect other people’s energies? Let it travel to other people and touch them and help them. Are you holding the book back? Notice if this is the case. Notice, but don’t worry about it. Keep multiplying the book. Keep seeing it travel. You need not do anything. It has its own energy. Give it some freedom. Let it do what is joyful. Let it travel. See it go to other countries. See it go into bags and backpacks, into UPS bags or postal packages as gifts or orders. See it travel. See it on a book shelf. See it fall off book shelves into people’s laps or reach out energetically. Again you are not doing any of this. The book is doing it. Yes it is your baby so to speak but set your baby free. Let it hang out with others. See it multiply. See it dance in space. It is so happy and it wants to share its happiness, its energy. There is joy in John’s book.

Questioner: I feel like I need to cut some strings I have with the book. I want to hold it close.         

St. Francis: Yes and let it multiply as well. There will always be book energy around you. Such as a child still thinks fondly of his parent if the parent was good to the child even if the child is now fifty-three and lives half way across the world the book will never leave you. Keep multiplying it. Let it go out and create joy. See the words: joy, joy, joy, joy. This book will create joy. Let it. Tell it, “It’s all right. Go out and play.” Just like Martha’s dog gives great joy to others let your book do the same. Share it. Share its energy. Okay, close down the visualization. Relax. So what did you learn, John?

Questioner: I learned I was attached to the book but once I multiplied it I could easily let it go. I never realized the book had a life of its own. I saw it dance and jump around a bit like Martha’s dog actually. I saw it go to other countries. It was quite easy. I saw the purpose of the book is to create joy and I like that idea. I feel more joyful now about selling it. It feels less burdensome.

St. Francis: All right, we will do more on this. This is a good way to teach manifesting with ease.


Chapter Two






Creating with Ease


Today we want to talk more about ease. We got some music today and we want you all to dance a bit before we start this session. Dancing is a great way to shake off old energies and to get into joy and ease and creating with ease that is what we want to talk about next. Part of ease is to be physically at ease. Now if you have pain you need to do certain things including pain killers for some of you and we are talking to the reader here. Some of you have had success with visualizations. Herbs can help so can baths and certain exercises. For some of you the pain does not disappear completely and you need to learn to tune it out. You can focus on a mantra instead or on white light or God, whatever works for you. See God taking on your pain and She will. So we don’t want you to think, “I cannot create with ease because I have pain,” for you can. You just have to work a little harder at it but it is possible. Now, let us move some more. Turn on some music that you like and move your body. Feel the energies in your body moving out. Sometimes there is energy trapped in the body and that can create pain.

Questioner: Why would there be energy trapped in the body?

St. Francis: It could be some old energy that is ready to be released.

Questioner: I had a dream about an old girlfriend last night. There was some old anger that seemed to come up. I affirmed it needed to be released.

St. Francis: Yes and it has been released. This is a good example. Sometimes the trapped energy is related to old feelings. It can also be old physical pain: an old shoulder injury can be felt again for a couple of days as some old energy around this issue is leaving. Dancing or any kind of movement can help release these old energies. So right now move your bodies the way they want to move. For the reader we suggest you try this at home. Play with this. Let your body be moved by your Higher Self. Let it be healed by YOU, the vaster you, the you that you are part of. Feel your Higher Self. Set aside the mind who tells you to move this way or that way. Let your soul move you. Feel your body lengthening, your muscles stretching. Feel the space inside your body. Feel your breath: in and out; in and out. We have put the Archangels in the four corners of the room. Do this now. Archangel Michael, Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel. Bring them in. See smaller angels with them. Let them vacuum up any old energies that get released. Don’t leave them in the room. Let them be transformed. Visualize light coming in. Feel it in your bodies. Relax.

Now think of something you want to manifest. Think of it lightly. Don’t grab onto it like a water craft in a stormy sea that can save your life. Get some ease. Let it come to you. See that desire you have, for example the desire to write a book. See the book. Let it come to you. Is it easy? Is it still far away? Maybe it is not time yet; if it comes easily touch it. You don’t even have to hold it. If it is right for you it won’t go away. It will stay. Louise, see the house you are thinking of buying. Does it feel easy? Is there flow? Is the image staying? Is there a struggle? Notice all that. Stay in joy. Stay in ease. Relax. Close down the visualization.

So the old way of creating was with will power. The new way is different. We don’t want you to give up all your will power but we want you to let go of strain and too much “efforting”. Relax. Let go. Let God.

Questioner: Wasn’t will power necessary in the old times when density was so much stronger? Isn’t it the higher frequencies that are on earth that allow us to create more easily?

St. Francis: Yes and no. Yes, you are right the higher and finer frequencies that have been anchored on earth and in mass consciousness allow you to create with more ease and quicker as well. No, because let’s take the example of Jesus. Here is a very high-frequency person in dense surroundings. Palestine at the time of Jesus was quite dense. So Jesus came in and he did not come alone. There were many high-frequency souls who were part of the plan so to speak and incarnated at the time to help with the raising of frequency. Now when Jesus created he beamed out a high-frequency path to whatever he wanted to affect. He literally energetically surrounded what he wanted to have and infused it with light. Then he let go and most of the time it would then come to him. He did not have to “work at it”. It just happened or so it seemed but it was really an energy play. So our point is while the earth had a much lower density at this time the creation of whatever needs to be manifested can be just as easy if your frequency is high enough and you can draw others or inanimate objects to you. This works also in terms of rain for example. You can draw rain to you. Rain dances do work if they are done with love. You are not forcing nature. You express your love and it gets returned. Some people get so obsessed with techniques they forget the love. Clouds will open and give off their water if you love them enough. You don’t need special mantras. Jesus was trying to teach that as well that it is the love not the metaphysical technique that makes the difference.

So Louise, when you have a picture called the perfect house and beam out a high-frequency path to it, it will come to you. Do that right now. Start with the joy. Feel the joy, the ease, the love you have for God, for Jesus, for your dog. Open your heart. Send out that joy and let it come back to you.







Today we will talk about trust. Part of this whole equation is trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in the universe. Trust that your choices are valid. Trust that you can remedy mistakes. Trust that you can be forgiven and that you can let go of whatever wrongs you feel others have committed. You have to become free, fluid, willing to expand and to let go of old energies that can hold you back. You cannot create if all your energy is consumed in resentment about something that happened long ago. You need to let go of old grievances. Understand that some people don’t have the intelligence or ability to act rationally. Forgive even those that are hard to forgive.

Let us do another visualization. Start with protection and put Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Ariel in the four corners of your room. Call in Jesus or Mother Mary or Durga or Siva or Buddha. Call in who you trust. Then ask, “What is keeping me from creating? What is keeping me from creating with joy?” See some situation come up. See an old grievance you have. Say, “I let it go.” See it disappear into the light. See it being sucked up by a ball of light. Source is dissolving it. You don’t have to carry it anymore. See Jesus or whoever you choose filling you up with golden light. Let your aura be filled with light. Let your body be filled. Take it in. Relax, let go. Breathe normally. Close down the visualization. Feel your feet. Relax.

Questioner: Can I share something?

St. Francis: Yes, go ahead.

Questioner: I saw that part of what keeps me from joy is my loyalty. Or let me say a misunderstood loyalty.

St. Francis: Yes?

Questioner: My son is often in a bad mood and I feel that I should not be happy if he is unhappy.

St. Francis: That is a common thought form and a misunderstood form of loyalty. Why is your son unhappy?

Questioner: He does not like his school. He hates his teachers. He is very stubborn. He is rebellious and he is unkind to others and they respond by snubbing him.

St. Francis: It sounds like he has lessons to learn.

Questioner: Yes, that is what my husband says, but I still take on his unhappiness. Do you have some advice?

St. Francis: Yes. Every time you think of your son Mark see the word separation in big letters. You have to separate mentally, emotionally and maybe at times physically as well.

Questioner: Yes, I often go into the garden when he is in the house angry and gloomy.

St. Francis: Does he see a counselor?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Good. Now you can also see the words Highest Good but start with separation. That is most important. You two had many lifetimes and much enmeshment. You are clearing this in this lifetime. No more, “I’ll carry your emotions for you. Give me your pain.” Instead tell him in words or just telepathically, “I see you as a responsible adult who can take care of his problems. I’ll do whatever I can to support you in a rational and reasonable way but I trust you can solve your own problems. I see you as strong and competent.” In terms of negative energies that he brings into the house you can install a psychic vent to suck up any negative energy. You can visualize angels with vacuums clearing the rooms in your house. Bring in the Archangels routinely. Play mantras or other sacred music that appeals to you to keep the vibrations in the house high.

Questioner: Should I talk less with him?

St. Francis: No, in fact you might be talking more and with more love and truth in your words but with less pity and enmeshment.

Questioner: I don’t want to expect too much of him.

St. Francis: You see Betty, when you were a girl too much was expected of you. You were supposed to be a little adult at age five but it taught you things as well.

Questioner: Yes, I’m very self-reliant.

St. Francis: Yes, at times too self-reliant. You see it is all about balance. Now self-reliance is good. Not asking for help when that would be Highest Good for all involved is not. It is about balance. Now David needs more expectations. Expect more from him. He can deliver.

Questioner: I think his football coach expects too much.

St. Francis: Yes and that is a great secret of life, to hit the right note. In terms of stimulation, over-stimulation can be harmful and so can under-stimulation. You need to find the right level for you.

Questioner: That will bring me joy?

St. Francis: Yes, to take care of yourself, energetically and in other ways, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Try to provide for yourself the right level of stimulation. More exercise would be good for you by the way. Linda overdoes it a bit. Try to find your balance. That is living with joy.

Questioner: What if I don’t know what the best response to my son is in a specific situation?

St. Francis: Excuse yourself. Go to the bathroom or your room and do the golden ball exercise. Separate energetically and then see the words Highest Good. Ask what would be Highest Good in this situation.

Questioner: What if I don’t get anything.

St. Francis: Tell your son, “I’m not sure right now what the best response to this is. I need some time. I’ll get back to you.”

Questioner: Okay.

St. Francis: Other questions?

Questioner: Saint Francis, you answer these very practical questions. What do those have to do with enlightenment?

St. Francis: Everything. Daily life and how to navigate energetically has everything to do with enlightenment. What you are trying to do is to bring light into every area of your life. Even those who look banal such as which flowers you plant or what colors you wear. We don’t want you to become paranoid but be aware, aware of your energies, of what comes through you and what you give out. As you know what you give out comes back. So give out love. Give out peace and understanding but not compliance with negativity as Betty just described. This is a hard one but part of creating. You cannot create joy or with joy if you are burdened with garbage, energetic garbage.

So let us get back to creating with joy. In fact the word joy is a good one to keep on your mind. Keep seeing the words: joy, joy, joy.

Questioner: How can I create with joy when every time I turn on the television they talk about war and death?

St. Francis: There has always been war and death. Somewhere in the world there is war and death.

Questioner: So I need to detach from it?

St. Francis: Correct. Cut the cords you have to disaster news. Now if you want to send money or support a relief effort or even go over to Iraq and help people there, that is fine. But if all you do is sit on your couch and scare yourself and paralyze your own creativity then you are helping no one.

Questioner: What can I do?

St. Francis: You have to find your purpose. What is your purpose? Everyone has one.

Questioner: How do I find it?

St. Francis: Okay. Let us do another visualization. Again start with protection. Bring in the Archangels Michael, Ariel, Raphael and Gabriel. Put them at the four corners. Ask for protection and healing and support with your visualization. Now start with the golden ball exercise. Put a golden ball of Divine light into your heart chakra. Expand it. Encompass your body and then beyond your body, your aura. See yourself in a golden egg. Put the egg on fire. See Divine light burning any negative cords that you have with others or images of disaster, war, etc. Cut your ties with TV. Now start to relax and breathe. Ask for your purpose in this life. Ask, “What can I do right now to fulfill my purpose? What steps can I do today or the next weeks?” Relax. See what comes.

Okay. Close down the visualization by grounding. Feel your feet. Breathe. Go into your body. Move your right hand three times from your crown chakra to your first chakra to close down your chakras back to normal size. Relax. What did you see Louise?

Questioner: I kept seeing my baby as if my main purpose is now to be a mother. I also saw that he picks up my fear. I saw that to be a good mother I need to practice more peace. It’s almost as if I have to discipline myself not to get into fear. I want to do more visualizations to feel peace and to stop this anxiety because I can see it affects Howard.

St. Francis: Yes, it also affects your husband, your neighbors and your friends.

Questioner: How do I get to peace?

St. Francis: You de-cord from negativity and then you literally see the word peace. Keep saying peace. Intend peace. Intention is what creates your world. Not the world but your world. Intend peace. Bring peace into your vehicle.

Questioner: What about anger I have?

St. Francis: Write it out. Talk to your therapist and intend peace; do both. So now we want all of you to intend joy. See the word joy around you. Pick symbols that represent joy for you like certain plants or a picture from your childhood or your dog whatever it is.

Questioner: I see stars all around me.

St. Francis: That works, yes. Now think of a project you need to do and ask, “What is the most joyful way I can complete this? What would be fun?” Let’s take your book. You are at the editing stage. What do you see to make this project joyful?

Questioner: (Pause.) Well, first I see myself throwing away old copies of my book. I feel overwhelmed with all the papers I have around. Then…I don’t know.

St. Francis: If you feel stuck go back to the word joy. See joy around you. See the word around your body.

Questioner: Well, I see a laptop because I hate working at home. I also see that I rush myself and then I resent the work.

St. Francis: So no rushing?

Questioner: Yes, no rushing.

St. Francis: What else? There is more.

Questioner: I have to organize my workplace more. In fact my whole house is a mess.

St. Francis: So to clean first?

Questioner: Yes. I feel overwhelmed with too much stuff on my desk.

St. Francis: What else?

Questioner: I want more people to read it.

St. Francis: Okay. There is more.

Questioner: I can’t think of anything else.

St. Francis: You have to work more in increments. You work for a long time and then you exhaust yourself. You need more breaks and more exercise in between. The energy of the book has to be released. It gets dammed up in your body. An hour at a time is enough.

Questioner: What else?  

St. Francis: Don’t push yourself. You are more efficient if you don’t. Let it flow. Relax. Don’t worry. Be serious but not too serious. Relax. Play in between.

Questioner: I still have problems with making things easy. I get so wrapped up in details and then I tense up.

St. Francis: The secret to making things easy is detachment. You want things to go a certain way and that is all right but then if they don’t, relax. Say, “Okay, I wanted this to go one way but it did not, it went the other way or this happened instead.” Then let go. Release the grasp that you have on the outcome or the thing or situation. Relax, release, breathe. Say a mantra if that helps and then go to the next step. Okay, where do I go from here? What is my next step? Relax, get centered. Call a friend if that helps but not every time you are out of it so to speak. Do it sometimes when you really need it.

Questioner: I can’t release the grasp. I am physically tense.

St. Francis: Can you walk and do some exercise throughout the day?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Try that.

Questioner: I have the same problem but I can’t get away. I work at an office from nine to five.

St. Francis: You can do some breathing exercises.

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: You can visualize all your problems going to God.

Questioner: Yes, I can do that.

St. Francis: You can do the golden ball exercise.

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Let’s do it right now. See a golden ball in your heart chakra. Expand it. Put it on fire. Burn any old cords and any negative energy. Release all tension energy or any belief that tension is good or necessary. See yourself with the right amount of tension. Not too tense and not so relaxed that you fall asleep. Awake, aware and relaxed. See the problem you have in your mind’s eye. For Sarah it is getting her kids to school on time. See the words joy. I can do this in a joyful manner. See how you can do this in the most relaxed and effective way. Relax. It does not need to be hard and if it is it can be okay as well. What did you get Sarah?

Questioner: I saw a clock with the time six a.m. I usually get up at six-thirty but it’s not enough time. I saw that I should take at least fifteen minutes for meditation and time for myself. In general I think I should try to go at a slower pace.

St. Francis: Okay. We want you all to practice this. Practice as often as you can. Choose the most mundane situations such as going to the grocery store or cleaning the house. How can this become more fun because this is your life? It is not about the three or four weeks vacation a year that you have, it is everyday life you want to look at.

Questioner: Something happened to me after a visualization I did at home.

St. Francis: Yes?

Questioner: I did a visualization on the concept that creating can be easy and joyful. I think I cleared some beliefs of suffering and some of my beliefs in the “no pain no gain” philosophy. I saw angels with vacuum cleaners sucking up these old beliefs. Anyway afterwards I got up and fixed a clock that had the wrong time for a couple of weeks. I got up and pressed a couple of buttons and it was fixed. I am sharing this because I did not know how to set it. I still don’t. (Laughter.) It just happened. I thought I have to go through the whole house and find the instruction manual and then maybe I can do it. But yesterday I just did it. It kind of happened by itself.

St. Francis: So what do you think happened?

Questioner: I think I let go of beliefs that life has to be hard at least for a moment and then I set the clock. It just happened.

St. Francis: Yes correct, and this is exactly what we want you to learn. We want you to find out how to operate with more ease. Good example.

Questioner: But sometimes life is hard.

St. Francis: Correct, at times life is hard. We are not denying that but even in the hard times you can operate with ease.

Questioner: How do I do this?

St. Francis: What is hard in your life?

Questioner:  I’m going through a divorce.

St. Francis: So there is a lot of heartbreak coming up?

Questioner: Yes, heartbreak and financial fears and taking care of the children as a single mother.

St. Francis: Choose one to work on.

Questioner: Okay, the heartbreak.

St. Francis: Give us an example.

Questioner: Well, the loneliness. The thoughts of ‘what if I had somebody’? What if I never find love again? What if I die alone?

St. Francis: So relax. Breathe.

Questioner: Now I feel like crying.

St. Francis: That’s okay. Go ahead. Now what is the most loving, most compassionate way you can deal with this?

Questioner: I can tell myself that there will be people for me.

St. Francis: All right. So there is hope.

Questioner: Yes, hope.

St. Francis: What else?

Questioner: I can tell myself that I am lovable.

St. Francis: You have thought about this.

Questioner: (Laughing.) Yes, I have.

St. Francis: Good. What else?

Questioner: I can tell myself that there is a universal intelligence or a God that will take care of me, that I will be all right.

St. Francis: Very good. You will be all right. Of course you will be all right.

Questioner: My friend says this is a Pollyanna approach, that I might not be all right and that I have to face the truth of my loneliness and go into it.

St. Francis: So what is the truth of your loneliness?

Questioner: I don’t know.

St. Francis: Does your friend like drama?

Questioner: Yes, it’s always about life and death, living on the edge.

St. Francis: Well, then that is her belief system. Has she grown with this?

Questioner: No, I believe she just scares herself.

St. Francis: And keeps the adrenaline level high?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Now we don’t know your friend and don’t know what is right for her and there is a theory of going into the feeling but most people just scare themselves.

Questioner: She says just ‘be with it’ but she is in so much anxiety that she is with her anxiety mainly.

St. Francis: Now one of the skills that we have tried to teach all of you over the years is self-soothing, bringing in your Higher Self, approaching a problem in a calm and relaxed manner and other related skills. Many of you did not learn that from your parents. Instead there was drama, anxiety and no problem solving. We are not blaming anyone it just did not get taught because the parents themselves were living in chaos and overwhelm.

So back to our question: how can you make it easy on yourself, that loneliness and heartbreak?

Questioner: I walk a lot.

St. Francis: That is good: exercise, dance, meditation, writing, art, talking to friends all that can help.

Questioner: I sit with it too.

St. Francis: How?

Questioner: I call in Mother Mary and I ask her to help and sometimes I feel the loneliness as a feeling.

St. Francis: That is another aspect that we want to point out. This loneliness can be dissolved slowly and over time. Don’t tackle more than you can handle. You have your whole life to resolve loneliness.

Questioner: My friend says this is what creates the problem, to delay facing it.

St. Francis: You don’t delay. You face a bit at a time. How many lifetimes of heartbreak, divorce, loneliness do you have, thousands maybe? Are you going to clear it all in an hour?

Questioner: No.

St. Francis: One of the ways that you create stress for yourself is that you hurry yourself. You tell yourself, “I should be over this by now. I should not be feeling this.” Well, you are feeling this or that whether it is loneliness or anger, rage, sadness whatever it is. This is the fact. Stay with that and be as loving to yourself as you can.

Questioner: I used to beat myself up.

St. Francis:  We know.

Questioner: I’ve gotten better.

St. Francis: Yes, some people think if they are hard on themselves that will help solve their problems. Problems are solved by solving problems not by berating oneself or others. People who berate themselves often also berate others. This just makes the problems more difficult to solve or creates new ones.

Questioner: So should I ask, “What is the most joyful way to deal with heartbreak?”

St. Francis: Yes, good; very good. Again, this is what we want you to get to; to think in this way. How can I make it easy on myself and create a certain efficiency, a certain flow even with issues that are hard. We don’t deny that some issues are difficult, but you see many people don’t even ask this question, “What is the easiest way? What is the most joyful way? Universe, show me.”

Questioner: What is the most joyful way to deal with terrorists?

St. Francis: Okay. Number one: let’s drop the word terrorist. It has all kinds of connotations. Let’s replace it with human beings for they are human beings who hate others and are willing to hurt others. So these human beings have hearts just like you do and we are not excusing any actions, not at all. We also acknowledge at times people who have done terrible things need to learn hard lessons but they are still human beings and we don’t care about what concepts people use: Muslim, Christian or Fundamentalist etc. All these labels are excuses. Religion has nothing to do with murder.

So, human being to human being, there is a deep emptiness, a deep hole that is being filled by something. In this case it is this hateful ideology. Others fill it with too much food, addictions, pornography whatever it is. It gets filled with something. Now in Energetic Empowerment we talked about Germany in the 1930’s, how there was a web of negative energy that affected many people in Germany and influenced them. Al Qaeda has a similar web and some of those who are part of it were part of the web in Germany. Some souls reincarnate to do evil.

Now, the UN is one of those organizations that was founded to help combat such webs, let us call it that. The way to combat them is through love. Energetically (we are talking to energy workers so that is why we focus on this aspect) you can weaken the web by sending love. When we say sending love we don’t mean sitting there and sending love all tensed up and working hard for world peace. That is one way but please, please, let’s relax. One way to send love is to see a report about an Al Qaeda operative and to say, “This is a human being too. He has a soul.” It is a gentleness, an ease, a loving forgiveness.

Questioner: I don’t want cords with these people.

St. Francis: We don’t want you to develop cords just compassion. Just remind yourself, “This is a person too. He is divine too although he is not acting like it right now.” You will meet these people in your dreams especially if you live in the US and are a light worker. You will meet these people and your government and people from your own country who are frightened and have started to see the world in black and white, good and evil. It’s not that simplistic. There is a lot of negativity in this country as well and it needs to be cleared. We want you to practice compassion.

Now the UN is part of the solution. It has to be. Are there problems at the UN? Of course, but it is the best you’ve got and it was founded with an intent to create peace in the world; a very powerful intent at the time after two world wars. Many saints all around the world support the UN and its organization energetically. It is not coincidence that Al Qaeda is targeting the UN. It is a voice of reason and humanity.

So, a solution in Iraq has to take the UN into account. There are some beliefs in the US right now that need to be cleared such as, “We are the best. We are the greatest. We are the greatest country in the world, better than others. We are better people. Almost God’s chosen people.” Not everyone holds these beliefs but enough people do that it creates chaos. In a world of duality the shadow side always appears. Right now you have pictures of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners on TV. This humiliation is necessary. The other beliefs were getting out of control. Nationalism can cause a lot of damage.

So in your dreams you as light-workers work with beliefs. You help many self-righteous Americans to let go of some of that self-righteousness. It is necessary. Be proud of your country but don’t put it above others. You are inviting trouble.

So you have to deal with the hate. It is palpable: Americans hating Middle Easterners, Arabs and many Europeans and other people around the world hating Americans. Rather than looking at your own problems you hate another. Blame another for your unhappiness. It is the oldest trick in the world. Granted there are some real problems, economic, political, etc. but there is no excuse for hate. Anger or a spirited discussion can be helpful but hate is stale energy that produces more stale energy.

Now you all know what you send out comes back so if you send out hate it will come back to you. It might come back in another form. Maybe your husband will start to hate you, or your son. Be careful with revenge, it will only hurt you. So what to do? What to do? You are already doing it. You have all worked on becoming more peaceful and more kind also to yourself. Radiating peace and love is the most powerful tool you have to create harmony in the world. It also affects this web of Al Qaeda that we talked about not by attacking it but by deflecting darkness from earth. This web receives nourishment from hate, despair and other emotions that can fuel it including fear. By radiating peace you take away its nourishment. It is not doing, it is being. Being gets the job done.

Questioner: Does that exclude doing?

St. Francis: No, doing might flow from it. Now again we are talking to light-workers, to those of you who have chosen to create on the energetic level mainly. Some light-workers also get a lot done.

Questioner: I had a dream with Kofi Anan. I sent him peace-energy in the dream. It happened spontaneously.

St. Francis: Yes, this is what we are talking about. Kofi Anan is a world leader and of course he works with light. He has a lot of protection. This is an aside because many have plotted to kill him and spirit intervened or told him to change his plans.

Questioner: Is he a light worker?

St. Francis: Yes, but he does not have the time to do the work that you do for example. You work a lot with other people’s beliefs also at night. Kofi Anan has to do a lot of coordinating, a lot of physical work of bringing people together. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle. And everyone is important.

Questioner: How can I help the relationship between Americans and Arabs?

St. Francis: Start with, “All people are divine. All people deserve respect. All people want love and happiness. I love and respect all people.”

Questioner: I don’t respect terrorists.

St. Francis: You need to respect others. Now you can hate what they do and set appropriate boundaries but you need to respect your fellow human beings. If you treat others with disrespect or say that they are sub-human you are hurting yourself. If you torture a terrorist you have not won. You have become sub-human yourself. You have sold your soul for some ideology. Now, protect yourself. Please don’t be naïve. Don’t be gullible but stay in your center. Don’t lose your moral compass in your fight against terrorism.

So back to Arabs and Americans and of course there are also many Arab-Americans who love both of their countries America and their country of origin in the Middle East. You are all people. You are all from the same source. God loves all of you: every single one. Love your culture but be careful not to divide yourself from others. Question beliefs that divide you from your fellow humans. Question authority that tells you one religion is better than another. Question beliefs such as “only Jesus saves”. Jesus saves yes, but there are many others; Mohammed among them.

Questioner: I have trouble receiving. Can you talk about how I can open to receive?

St. Francis: This process of receiving is a tricky one for many of you who have been hurt and received more than you bargained for; so now you close yourself off. You say to yourself, “If I am not open than no one can hurt me,” or you create some other similar theory. It does not work very well does it? It leaves you lonely and depressed and wondering what it is all about. You need human contact. Everyone does. You need human affection. To realize there is at least one person who cares about you is important. People without such contact become alienated from others and themselves.

So how can you receive when you have just been hurt, when your lover recently dumped you? Maybe your parents don’t understand you and your friends seem oblivious to your pain. What do you do? Here is what you do. You declare: “I open to receive good things from the universe. I open to receive kind people in my life. I accept God’s blessings.”

You declare it. You state it even if your surroundings do not reflect such statements. Keep intending and keep saying, “I am open to receive wonderful friends, good things, joy and laughter. I am open.” Think about what you want. Play with what kind of friends you want. What qualities do you want? Someone who is loyal, kind, compassionate, respectful of your space, loving, with a sense of humor, intelligent, competent, grounded, centered…continue the list. Mull it over in your mind. What are you open to receive?

Now this gives you a sense of control. You can set the parameters. You can say, “I don’t want a spouse who cheats on me. I don’t want a business partner who is disloyal. I don’t want a friend who drains me and does not give to me. I don’t want negative people in my life.” You have the power. You have a safety valve. You don’t need to be open to “whatever”. You can create your reality; your reality, not reality as a whole for that is a co-creation with the rest of the universe.

Now, if you meet someone who is disrespectful show respect. Treat them as you would like to be treated but don’t open your heart to them. You don’t give strangers your ATM card so why would you say to your body and energies, “Open wide” when a person who is not trustworthy approaches you? This is a spiritual misunderstanding. You can love them, see the Divine in them and bow to their Higher Self if you wish but be careful who you trust. So when we say, “Open to receive” you have the control knob. You can shut down, you can close off your energies. Decide who to trust and who to stay detached from.

Questioner: I recently saw an Avatar. She loves everybody. Jesus loved everybody.

St. Francis: Yes, Jesus loved everybody but did he treat everyone the same? No, he did not. The word appropriate comes to mind here. You treat people appropriately to the energy they give out. So Clara you want to love everyone. You can. Go to people’s Higher Self. Say, “I love you or I honor you. I respect you. I appreciate you.” Do so in your meditation. If someone talks to you in a disrespectful way respond appropriately and love them on the Higher Self level.

Martha, you have a little boy. If he is disrespectful you let him know your opinion.

Questioner: Yes, I am hardly ever angry at him but sometimes I play angry so he knows his behavior is not alright.

St. Francis: And you still love him?

Questioner: Of course.

St. Francis: This is what Avatars do with their students and disciples. They love them but they mirror back their behavior to help the person learn.

Questioner: My spiritual teacher says I should accept whatever comes my way.

St. Francis: How do you feel when he says that?

Questioner: I feel like a victim. My older brother was very abusive to me. He hurt me and sexually abused me. I still have people in my life who are abusive. Should I just take it?

St. Francis: No.

Questioner: How do I accept them?

St. Francis: You accept that there are people in life who are abusive. This is part of life. You accept that. Dear ones, it is cold outside today. You all came with your mittens and coats and boots. You accept the cold here in Minnesota. You don’t go outside, sit on a bench without a coat and cry about the weather. At least we hope you don’t. (Laughter.) Your brother is still abusive. You accept it. You limit your contact. You love his Higher Self. You wish him all the best and you leave him alone. When he becomes abusive on the phone you say, “I need to be treated with respect” or you tell him you won’t continue the conversation unless he stops his abusive behavior. If he does not do so you accept. You take him where he is right now. Who knows? In five lifetimes he might be Mother Theresa but not now. Now he is Billy in Basic Earth Training; Course 101: Respecting Others.

Questioner: Well, he seems to repeat this class.

St. Francis: Lessons will be repeated until learned. Isn’t that a wonderful concept? No one skips a class. Everyone gets the same teaching. No graduation before it is learned.

Questioner: I should accept that he is abusive?

St. Francis: Yes, at times Billy is abusive. It is not your fault and you cannot control him. Ask for respect and then let it go. Relax. Don’t take on his problems for he has many.

Questioner: So I accept what is and go from there?

St. Francis: Yes, it is cold you wear a hat, Billy calls you names on the phone you hang up.

Questioner: I want love from him.

St. Francis: What you want from him he cannot give you. Now ask for love from his Higher Self. On this level yes, he can give it to you but the personality is not ready to give you what you want. There is an apple tree in the yard. It is too young to give apples. Now, when autumn comes you can talk to it, plead with it, do the apple dance if you wish but no apples will come.

Questioner: (Laughing) Okay.

St. Francis: It is quite possible that friends will arrive at your door with apples. The supermarket will have a special on your favorite brand of apples. Apples will be discussed on TV. Your husband will bring home apples from the grocery store. Your neighbor will knock and present her new apple strudel.

Questioner: Yes, I get it. The universe is abundant.

St. Francis: Exactly. Don’t get hung up on the form or from whom you want to receive. Be open to receive what you want without putting on conditions where it comes from.

So we had a question from Louise about life sometimes feeling boring or what did you call it as if there was a down time. So Louise much is going on. This is part of the reason you feel so tired. You have had some interesting dreams.

Questioner: That is correct.

St. Francis: So while not much seems to go on at the outer level there is some new sprouting here.

Questioner: Is this related to spring?

St. Francis: Correct. Your soul uses the seasons just like your plants do. There are some new beliefs, some new structures created in your psyche, in your energy system.

Questioner: I’ve been tired.

St. Francis: Yes, this energy rearranging does take energy and that is why you are tired.







We want to talk about the role of creativity in creating in alignment or creating your Highest Good whatever phrase you prefer. Now the most important thing about creating in alignment is that the energy flows. Stuck energy creates “stuckness”, density, depression, disease and so on. Creativity or doing something creative whatever that may be for you (and it can be reorganizing closets) lets you breathe and release old energy. Whenever you move and do something from an impulse from your soul you create space for yourself. You move forward, you relax, you release, you let go. Are there any questions?

Questioner: So when I paint I free energy in myself?

St. Francis: Correct. You get an impulse to paint. You see inner pictures, colors, you have an idea. Different scenarios form in your mind: a woman with flowers for example; or a house with flowers. Or a woman with a house with flowers. Whatever the picture you start to get you get out your paint, your canvas. You start painting. The energy flows. The pictures start to move onto the canvas. The idea materializes. It creates a great movement in your energy system. A path is created; an energy path of manifesting pictures onto canvas.

Now while you are painting and creating some old energy gets thrown up as well. Excuse our analogy but have you ever had a good flu where later you felt cleared and clean so to speak? Where the mucus threw out all kinds of old toxins? Where your body got a good spring cleaning, a good scrubbing? It is a bit like that.

Movement is very important; movement of energy. Physical exercise can help. It is also important to keep your mind clear. Emotionally a good cry is a good thing every once in a while. When you are creative you move. You move energy.

Questioner: After I paint, I often feel very good but at times stuff comes up.

St. Francis: Well, for you Peter painting is a light infusion. There is an infusion and a stirring-up of old energies.

Questioner: Yes, at times I think about my childhood when I paint.

St. Francis: Tell us more.

Questioner: Well, it just seems to drift by me like a movie. I don’t feel too attached because I am busy with painting. In a way I feel I release things.

St. Francis: That is very good.

Questioner: Saint Francis, I am writing a novel.

St. Francis: Yes?

Questioner: The characters appear just out of nowhere. There is some similarity to people I know but there are also differences. Where do those characters come from? My writing teacher said it was my imagination but I’m not sure what that means.

St. Francis: Now in terms of novels there are many sources. For you they come from a pretty high place but they can also come from pretty negative places.

Questioner: What kind of negative places?

St. Francis: Well worst case scenario is they can be channeled by a negative entity. If your characters give you nightmares and that happens to some writers it can be a not so positive force giving you these ideas. It can also be suppressed material of your unconscious and the writing can be cathartic by providing release to your shadow side so to speak. Now Molly in your case you have some pretty high-level guides channeling you the rudimentary structure and your own self is filling in some of the process.

Questioner: Would it be like a painting whose outline is there?

St. Francis: Yes, but you can make some changes. It is very helpful to you this writing. It soothes your system, gives you an outlet and answers some of your questions.

Questioner: A friend of mine has read part of my novel and finds it soothing as well.

St. Francis: Correct. That is part of its purpose; to soothe.

Questioner: What else?

St. Francis: To soothe, to entertain and to stimulate the reader’s mind, to get him to think about issues he would not have thought about, to provide insights or let us put it this way: ways of looking at certain issues, ‘aspects of truth’ we like to call it.

Questioner: I have three kids and no time to be creative.

St. Francis: Well, parenting is creative or can be if you take it seriously. Also are there some creative things you can do with your kids?

Questioner: Like painting?

St. Francis: Yes, for example; or reading stories, making up stories, cooking or gardening.

Questioner: Yes that’s true.

St. Francis: Everyone is different. Everyone needs different outlets. What is one person’s pleasure is another person’s nightmare. So find out what is right for you. One time where all of you are creative is during night in dream time. If you have suppressed energy during the day night is the time to release it. You create stories at night where you can release old emotions for example. Or cry old tears. You can be who you really want to be or become more aware of your fears if you suppress them. Dreams are very important.

Questioner: I have heard they did studies where they kept people from dreaming and they went almost crazy.

St. Francis: Yes, because the safety valve was gone. Dreams are a safety valve. They release energy that builds up during the day.

Questioner: My teacher told me that I don’t need to dream.

St. Francis: If you face everything right now then dreaming is not necessary from that perspective but dreams serve many functions. For example in dreams you often try out new things or situations. Let us say you are thinking about moving. You have selected a house in another neighborhood. Now in dream time you go over there. You investigate the neighborhood. You spend some time in the house; check out its energy more closely. Then you wake up. Let’s say you don’t remember the dream but later at lunch you think, “I don’t really want to move to this house.” You think, “This is strange” while you are munching on your sandwich. “Yesterday I was still pretty excited about this.” Well, you changed your mind. You explored the energies, the probabilities and the neighborhood in your dreams and decided it was not a good match for you.

Questioner: What other functions do dreams have?

St. Francis: There is in psychology a field called psychodrama. You play out a role in a drama that you create with other actors. You play out for example a scene from your childhood. Peter might play your father, Molly your mother, Martha your sister. You do that to look at an issue. Maybe you switch roles and play your Dad for a little while to see how the whole scenario looked from his point of view. Or you change your role. Let’s say you were an angry teenager. Now you try understanding, or you let your sadness show. Or if you were super quiet you play a more assertive or verbal character. You do the same in dream time. You create scenarios for yourself to learn from those.

Questioner: It is cheaper than therapy.

St. Francis: Yes, now a good therapist can help you learn much from psychodrama especially if you are rigid. It is very helpful to switch roles and see things from another’s point of view.

Another category entails dreams about the future. There are times where your future self speaks to you.

Questioner: I thought we had many probable futures.

St. Francis: Alright. There are times where one of your future selves speaks to you. Hopefully it is one of your Highest Good probable futures. Like a rope that can lift you up and help you climb your Self comes at times to give you a lift, a clue, a bit of energy to help you jump over obstacles. Often that happens in dream time. You get in touch with a probability or are told something will work out or won’t work out. You are asked to change course or stay with what you are doing.

Questioner: Are other people’s future selves involved?

St. Francis: Yes, usually projects or situations involve other people. So in such a dream you tune into a probability, a probable outcome and get information, feedback from that.

Questioner: I don’t need to be in dream time to do that.

St. Francis: No, you don’t but dream time is one way to do it. To play out scenarios, connect to your future self, get general feedback.

Questioner: What else do dreams do?

St. Francis: They help you to heal physically. Let us say you have not exercised enough. You broke your foot for example. In dream time you can run. That will help emit certain chemicals necessary to keep you fluid and keep the memory of movement alive in your body. It will stimulate your mind towards the possibility of healing. “Soon I will run again,” it will think.

Your soul uses dream time to give you messages and show you things; teach you new tools even. Many of you learned about de-cording in dream time. Paula you had an interesting dream.

Questioner: Yes I did. I dreamed that someone tried to cord to me and give me his feelings of depression and fear and I took a blowtorch and burned the cord. In the morning I felt free as if I had burned some other old cords through which I carried his stuff.

St. Francis: You did and that was a good example of practicing a tool in dream time. So how does creativity factor into this? First of all dreams are creative. Dreaming is a creative endeavor. Secondly dream time can support your creative endeavors. For example you can evolve one of the characters in your novel during dream time and then in the morning when you get up you can just start writing. You already have inklings about what will happen. You sit down and let the show roll.

Questioner: Do characters evolve on their own?

St. Francis: Yes they do. Characters have lessons just like you do. Challenges, pain to overcome, achievements, losses. They mirror the life you and others lead.

Questioner: Do they come from my unconscious?

St. Francis: No, for you they come from your soul level. Now some unconscious feelings are being made aware but the character itself is created by your soul and manifested on paper by you. They are there for you to learn something but others too. They are about a new way of being.

Questioner: What about those horror novels? Where do the characters come from?

St. Francis: Now some of it can come from archetypal fears that all of humanity shares. In this way such horror novels can have some cathartic value but if it just scares you and gives you nightmares it is not a good thing for you. Sometimes dark forces virtually channel such a book and you will have dark force energy in the book and maybe later also in the movie version. Stay alert to what you open yourself to. That is all we will say about this. So, we do not want to impede your creativity by too much fear. If you are careful and know when to be open and when to close yourself you will be fine.

Questioner: I think some dark characters are important or the book will be boring.

St. Francis: Let us put it this way. Depth is important. If people only smile and say nice things and no one struggles or has to face some demons yes, it will be not just boring but unrealistic as well. But, in our opinion, the shaded character is much more interesting than those that are all good or all bad. You need depth, faults, accomplishments and failure; the whole shebang so to speak.

Questioner: Characters need to struggle.

St. Francis: Go on.

Questioner: Well, I like my characters to wrestle with real life issues.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: But I also want to incorporate in my book what you have taught us how to approach life with more ease and not let it get so crazy.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: How do I do this?

St. Francis: You let your character do it. You say, “Okay Louise or Mark or whatever your character’s name is now wants to live a life that is saner. How can he do that? Let him struggle with that.

Questioner: My character has a tumultuous relationship.

St. Francis: Do you have a tumultuous relationship?

Questioner: No, I used to.

St. Francis: Let Mark your character figure out how to either change his relationship to become saner or let him meet another woman.

Questioner: Maybe I’ll do the latter and still let him see his old girl friend periodically with all the craziness she brings. I don’t like her.

St. Francis: (Amused.) You don’t have to like your novel characters. In fact it is good to bring in some that you don’t like. Now you like the main character?

Questioner: Yes I do. I’m afraid if it’s too sane it is boring.

St. Francis: We agree you need dysfunction. That is easy to do. Just look around at the world. Now what we are suggesting is for Mark your character to learn how to deal with dysfunction in some way. There will always be dysfunction even in monasteries there is dysfunction. People take their personalities with them. You cannot leave the world but you can transform it inside.

Questioner: Okay. Thank you very much. I think I just got unstuck with my book.

St. Francis: You are welcome.



So, creative endeavors move energy. Let us repeat that. Creative endeavors move energy. Channeling moves energy too. Those of you who channel in whatever form you do that know how good it can feel to express whatever comes from your higher levels to be expressed; similarly with writing, creating music, designing a garden, a house, a plan for your life. “Let spirit move you” is a common phrase in your language. It is to be taken literally. Some of you are like big boulders that we have to push and push, others respond to whispers (amused). We are having some fun with this. Now big boulders need lots of energies, the more sensitive ones we can just gently tap on the shoulder. Different guides prefer different methods. We don’t give pushy guides to sensitive people and boulders don’t do well with the subtle energies. It is all well worked out. What you have to do is to open yourself. What does that mean to open yourself?

Number one is very simply to state the intention: “I open myself to spirit. I open myself to Highest Good. I open myself to my soul. I am open to God, the Goddess.”

Number two is to watch what happens. For example one day you keep saying aloud or silently, “I am open to God.” Later that day you hear thoughts such as, “Why would God come to me?” Or “I am not important enough.” Or “God might punish me. I better not open too much.” Or whatever other crazy ideas your ego comes up with. There is a very easy solution. See angels with dust busters vacuuming up these old beliefs. You don’t need these anymore. They are part of the past. Let it go.

Number three is again to watch what happens. Spirit will send you messages, new impulses and ideas. There will be excitement and peace has excitement in it as well. The peace we talk about is not a dead peace; a ‘nothing ever happens here’ peace. Let us say more about excitement: it is an inner excitement, an inner fulfillment that is also serene and calming. You see when you get the two polarities exciting and calming together there is a kind of click, a relief and that is what true bliss is. It is serene as well as exciting.

Now, there is a connection between creativity and excitement. There is also a connection between creativity and serenity. Creative work calms the emotions unless you work against that by drinking ten cups of coffee or whatever you do to quote on quote stimulate your creativity. Obviously that is not the way we are discussing. Some people use drugs to get creative. This is counterproductive. We won’t preach about drugs harming your brain. You know all that.

Questioner: How do I get creative?

St. Francis: You start. If you are a writer you write. You write something: “This morning it rained. My tea spilled on the floor.” You start the process of writing. Use cheap paper so you can toss it. The physical movement of writing whether that is with a pen or a typewriter starts the movement. It starts the intention. It gets those old rusty pathways from brain to paper going. The intention is really everything.

Questioner: So painting is the same?

St. Francis: Yes, painting, composing music, planting a garden or creating a dance or a theater piece. You just do it. You can toss it later. Go for a walk, take a break.

Questioner: I feel really stuck in my life. I have a job I don’t like. I doubt myself. My relationship is stuck. I probably don’t have one. I need some fresh air.

St. Francis: For you Patsy we suggest a little trip would be good.

Questioner: I don’t have any vacation time.

St. Francis: How about riding your bike? Walking more? Putting on music in your room and dancing. You need some physical movement. Often physical movement can help your creativity. In this case it is the creative movement you need to change your life in a way that gives you more fulfillment. What makes you happy?

Questioner: I used to have a dog. That made me happy.

St. Francis: Do you have time for a dog?

Questioner: Well maybe I can bring it to work.

St. Francis: Okay. What else?

Questioner: I used to have a diary. Writing helped me clear my mind.

St. Francis: Okay.

Questioner: But I’m not a writer.

St. Francis: That does not matter. It is about creativity. It comes in all forms. Writing a diary is a creative act. Cooking yourself a nutritious meal is a creative act, a creative act of nurturing yourself, of self care. What is your job?

Questioner: I’m in retail.

St. Francis: Do you like it?

Questioner: Sometimes.

St. Francis: What do you like?

Questioner: I like it when a customer is happy with my service, and if I can help someone.

St. Francis: What do you not like?

Questioner: When other people dump on me. They come in mad and if I take two seconds too long they blow up at me.

St. Francis: Are you practicing the tools of Energetic Empowerment?

Questioner: The golden ball and de-cording?

St. Francis: Yes, for example.

Questioner: Sometimes yes. You are right. It is a good place to practice.

St. Francis: With especially difficult customers you can talk to their Higher Selves. There is a lot you can do.

Questioner: You mean at home?

St. Francis: In the moment and yes also at home in meditation. You can become the one person Mr. Smith does not blow up at or maybe he still will but you gave it a shot.

Questioner: Okay. I don’t dislike my job. I just want more time off.

St. Francis: Have you asked for time off?

Questioner: Yes but not really forcefully.

St. Francis: Talk to your boss’s Higher Self. Have a little conversation in your meditation. Tell him or her about your wishes.

Questioner: I’d like to be able to meditate more, read more.

St. Francis: All right.

Questioner: Maybe even do a class in creative writing.

St. Francis: You can do a class and/or you can just start to write. Write a story. Write down your past. START.

Questioner: Just do it?

St. Francis: Yes just do it.

Questioner: I like to paint too.

St. Francis: Do it. What painting or writing or redecorating or making a video or picture album does is it gets old energy moving. It relieves the pressure on your energy valve.

Questioner: Our energy valve?

St. Francis: Yes, the one you use to suppress old trauma, emotions and anger; whatever it is you are not ready to face. Creativity helps to relieve that pressure. This is one reason why the arts are so important also in school. If you cancel the arts in school you will need more medication for your children. You can study this.

Questioner: Sport is important too?

St. Francis: Yes. Movement is important. It need not be organized. In fact riding one’s bike at one’s own pace can be better but in this culture sports provide an out time so to speak, a way to rest and relax and play or watch a game. That is good.

Questioner: Teamwork is good.

St. Francis: Yes the team spirit. Just don’t get too competitive. So as you move one area of your life for example your job, other areas will move as well.

Questioner: I am bored with my life.

St. Francis: What are you bored with?

Questioner: My job, my house, my girlfriend, my country, everything. I am bored with myself as well.

St. Francis: Now that is honest and the feeling “I am bored with myself” is the cause of the others or part of the others.

Questioner: I know. I need to generate some excitement for myself or in myself.

St. Francis: Correct.

Questioner: How?

St. Francis: Now movement is good. We know we keep repeating this but a good thing needs to be repeated.

Questioner: An exercise plan?

St. Francis: Or a walk in the park. It is for you to experiment with how much movement you need. There is also movement in the form of new thinking and this can be a book, a movie, a group of people discussing something whatever it is that stimulates your mind is good here.

Questioner: All right.

Questioner: Is creativity the antidote to boredom?

St. Francis: We would not put it like that but there is truth to that statement.

Questioner: Where does boredom come from?

St. Francis: Often boredom is stuck energy. Something that is stagnant within you. It is akin to depression. There are some similarities.

Questioner: Some people seem boring.

St. Francis: Some people have a lot of stagnant energies and have been told or tell themselves they have to live with that. That there is nothing they can do about it.

Questioner: How about people who are depressed and have a biochemical imbalance?

St. Francis: If it is a biochemical imbalance then you have to go to the biochemistry.

Questioner: With drugs?

St. Francis: Yes or herbs or other methods that alter biochemistry and exercise can alter biochemistry somewhat. So can energy work.

Questioner: Is one’s biochemistry karma?

St. Francis: To some extent. There is also the environment. What your mother ingested when she was pregnant, other factors like that.

Questioner: Some people when they get bored commit violence or join gangs.

St. Francis: Yes in certain environments some people react to boredom with violence. In such places it is very important to provide stimulation especially to the children. That can be sports but also education. Teach these children a trade, an instrument, a way to learn a profession. Get them to invest in their world. Take them out of their environment every once in a while. Children need guidance. Children need interesting adults showing them an interesting way to live. Interesting can mean a person who is happy, a person who has a talent and a person who knows a lot about history or frogs or whatever. Take these children on field trips. Show them nature.

Questioner: How do you become a person who is excited about life?

St. Francis: You make a choice. You say, “I choose to be excited about life. I choose to participate. I choose to be happy.”

Questioner: Can I just say, “I choose to be happy or excited” and then I’m happy?

St. Francis: No, but what you are doing is you are sending an intention. Many people intend to be unhappy. They don’t see it that way but they wake up with a sigh, “Damn it’s Monday; another boring day.” The intention is set: “Damn it’s another day.” Try it. Walk around for a week and keep saying, “I choose to be happy. I choose to be happy.”

Questioner: Isn’t that denial?

St. Francis: We did not say force yourself to smile when you want to cry. Just say, “I choose to be happy.” Keep saying it. Experiment with it. See what happens.



Following Week:


St. Francis: What happened?

Questioner: Well, it was funny. I kept saying, “I choose to be happy” and I had these moments of happiness. It almost surprised me. I thought, “Oh boy this is working.” I thought it should be more complicated. But then I was also afraid like when is the other shoe going to drop.

St. Francis: Just watch all this. There is nothing you need to do about these thoughts.

Questioner: So then a friend called who is quite depressed. After a while she said, “How are you?” I said, “Good.” Then I felt a bit guilty.

St. Francis: You should not be happy if she is not?

Questioner: Yes, then I thought well, she keeps creating her own problems.

St. Francis: Now you are trying to justify that you are happy and she is not at least right now.

Questioner: Yes, that’s silly.

St. Francis: It’s not. It’s understandable but you don’t need to. You don’t need to justify being happy. You don’t need to apologize for it. You need not fear punishment for having a happy life. It’s a birthright. Grab it.

Questioner: I wasn’t happy all week either.

St. Francis: Well, then it’s not so bad. (Laughter.) So Paul, play with this and find you own answers. Dare to be happy. Dare to be peaceful. Dare to go at your own pace. Dare to talk to your soul. Dare to ignore those who tell you that you should be miserable.

Questioner: Alright, I’ll experiment with it.

St. Francis: So creativity brings you happiness. How does it do that? Number one: the expression. You are here to express. The flower in the garden is meant to open and show its beautiful petals. The puppy is meant to run around and catch toys or flies or whatever he is chasing. The apple tree is meant to bear fruit. And no, not all women are meant to have children or need children to feel fulfilled but each human being has to find a form of expression.

Questioner: Does this relate to purpose?

St. Francis: Yes and it is more. It is making a joke at the grocery store. It is running after your dog, painting something that won’t hang in some gallery, doing something frivolous because spirit moves you, giggling with your children, tickling your husband, your lover. All these are forms of expression. Purpose, yes purpose is important but you need to be playful. Don’t get too heavy, too serious. Relax. Have some fun. Sometimes getting away from your purpose can be helpful. Many great inventions came when people were not thinking about a problem. It solved itself by accident so to speak. What really happens is you set an intention and then let go. The letting go is as important as the intention. It creates the space for the idea to fall in. So we want you all to relax more, to practice ease so to speak, and to become brilliant in your sleep (amused).

Questioner: I used to write but can’t do it anymore. What can I do?

St. Francis: Go to a café or a place that sparked writing for you in the past. Get out a pen and a notebook and start, “I used to write but I can’t do it anymore. That is curious. I wonder what happened. Right now the child next to me is shouting. This morning I woke up really tired. It took me a while to get started…” Just write. Write something. The process of physically moving your hand on paper is important. It will spark something. Write a diary. Write about your dog. Write out your emotions. Write down what you feel:”Today I feel bored. I’m afraid of seeing the dentist tomorrow.” Write it all out, relax. A story will come; you just need to get into flow.

Questioner: I feel I’m creative at my work.

St. Francis: Yes, what do you do?

Questioner: I sell socks but every exchange I have with people is different. I feel the flow often when I am with others.

St. Francis: How do you feel it?

Questioner: It’s an energy that comes into my body. I know what to say and how to move with the other person. Physically I know when to step back and when to step forward. It’s like dancing.

St. Francis: Yes like dancing.

Questioner: Sometimes I feel energy comes through my eyes to them. It feels as if I spark something in them. Or something that comes through me sparks something in them.

St. Francis: Yes your Being talks to them, energetically.

Questioner: It’s like a recognition.

St. Francis: Yes, your Being recognizes their Being and in truth there is only one Self. Self recognizes Self.

Questioner: Does this mean I’m enlightened? I don’t want to sound arrogant but sometimes I wonder maybe if I’m chasing after something that I already have.

St. Francis: Yes, you already have it. Your flower is opening and there is still more clearing to happen. We deliberately did not say more clearing to do for your Being is in charge.

Questioner: I understand. Not every encounter is like that.

St. Francis: Yes and that is fine. It’s a question of timing. You are well on your way and there is more clearing that will happen.

Questioner: It feels like there is nothing to do.

St. Francis: Yes, and there is also nothing to avoid. Action happens.

Questioner: Yes. I just get up and do whatever needs to be done.

St. Francis: Correct.

Questioner: Do I need more creativity?

St. Francis: That is the wrong question. What gives you joy?

Questioner: Music.

St. Francis: Then play music. Dance to music. Compose music. Follow your joy.

Questioner: Alright, I get it.

St. Francis: Good. So Peter has given us a wonderful example of creative living. He experiences joy as he sells his socks and he might sell socks for the rest of his life or maybe things will change. Peter knows how to follow his soul. For now selling socks is what he does and he dances with his customers and they dance with him.

Questioner: I’d be bored selling socks.

St. Francis: You probably would be Mark and you need to find out what is right for you.



Chapter Three






Culture and Creativity


There is a word in German which is Gleichmacherei. It means trying to make everyone the same. Sometimes when foreigners are ‘integrated’ into a society there is an attempt to take away their culture, to make them look and think like the natives. Now there has to be an accommodation but that can take place without dispossessing another of his or her uniqueness. Ideally both the immigrant and the nation that he has joined both win from the exchanges. The immigrant brings gifts and points of view that enrich his new homeland and the new culture teaches the new citizen a new way to live that is challenging and rewarding. Our immigrant friend let us call him Francois will take on new traits that are helpful to him but keep elements of his old culture that are useful to him and his new homeland. A practical example might be certain recipes he brought from home. Less apparent but just as important are certain ways of looking at life that are more loving and less stressful than what is practiced in his new homeland.

So how does all that relate to creativity? It does because creativity is also about stepping out of a routine. It is about trying something new. In other words more accurately it is about finding yourself in the NEW in FLOW. You cannot flow if you want to keep your age-old beliefs that maybe worked at age five. Or if we go back to our immigrant and his newfound friends in his new homeland we will find that Francois and his friends will need to let go of some old beliefs. Change is part of life. Embrace it.

So Francois will need to let go of some old beliefs and adapt to his homeland. He will keep what works for him and might teach some of his new friends in his new country some beliefs that might be useful for them. Living in another culture is a great opportunity to question yourself and your beliefs. What works and what does not work? Francois notices that there are aspects of life where people in his old country were happier than the people in his new home. Why was that? He needs to investigate, make sure he is not dropping those beliefs. There will be other aspects where the new homeland will seem saner. Francois is smart enough to take on some new beliefs from his friends. He becomes more open-minded. Now you need not move to drop your old beliefs. Sometimes it is helpful especially if many people around you have very fixed opinions of you. They don’t want you to change. You feel smothered. Then moving is good.

Creativity is all about flow, going with the flow, being fluid. Are there any questions?

Questioner: How can you be fluid and not feel ungrounded?

St. Francis: Now grounding is very important. Go back over Energetic Empowerment to look at how you can ground yourself. Do the exercises. De-cord. Go down into earth. Develop roots. Feel your feet. Breathe. When you ground yourself in old beliefs you have built a house on sand so to speak. You have to ground into the NOW, into the present moment, into reality. Does that help?

Questioner: Yes, but I still feel things are changing so fast around me and within me that at times I get dizzy.

St. Francis: Then slow down and ground. Work in the garden. Clean your floors. Do the laundry. Get very practical and focus. Breathe. Relax. Now is one of those times when many old beliefs are released. Don’t force it. It is happening. Your soul is guiding you. Just don’t resist either. Ground to earth and the present moment, not illusionary ideas of who you think you are.

Questioner: I’ll try.

St. Francis: Your Higher Self is in charge. Trust it. You think too much. Relax. Just let the wheels turn on their own.

Questioner: I think too much?

St. Francis: Yes. Inquiry is good. Watching you mind is good but you get too intense. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your flowers, your garden and your life. Relax.

Questioner: I have just started this new method of meditation.

St. Francis: It is good but don’t go too fast. Intense is not good for you. Your system resists.

Questioner: Yes, I did get sick recently.

St. Francis: Yes, you see joy is very transformative; joy, relaxation, ease. If you can get up into this zone so to speak you can burn up a lot of old energies, patterns, beliefs without having to work so hard and stressing your system too much. Relax, Julie, relax. We want to remind all of you that these new energies that are coming in are quite powerful; if you can spend time in nature that will be most helpful for your bodies.

Questioner: We are planning a trip to the ocean.

St. Francis: Yes, the oceans, rivers, big bodies of water are helpful, very helpful. So don’t feel you are missing out on anything for you are not. Everything is happening in Divine Timing and slowly if it must. Are there any more questions?

Questioner: How do I stay fluid?

St. Francis: Good question. Number one: you stay awake. You live in your body. Feel your toes right now. Feel your breath coming in and out. Go inside your body. Feel yourself. Number two: intention. I intend to be fluid. I intend to stay with the flow. In Energetic Empowerment we gave the picture of the surfer. Be like this surfer. Feel your feet. Be aware, ready for the next wave. Be flexible. If the wave comes you move. You bend. You don’t say, “There should not be a wave.” Or, “I don’t want to get wet.” Or, “This wave is not good because it is smaller than the last one. I’ll skip it.” No. You go with what is. So Robert, you respond to your new boss appropriately even though he is not as nice as your old one was. You have to be fluid. Bend differently to this one. It is a different dance. You need to use other energy muscles. Number three: you watch. You watch what happens. You learn from your mistakes and successes. Today I was riding the waves. Yesterday I fell down a lot. What was different? What can I do? How can I deal with Justin?

Questioner: Well since you bring up my new boss how can I deal with him?

St. Francis: Give us an example.

Questioner: Well, I did this sale and missed something in the paperwork. Anyway he treated me like I had ruined the company.

St. Francis: What did he say?

Questioner: He said he expected better from me. He said my work was not good enough for the standards of this company. I left feeling defeated and abused.

St. Francis: Do you believe your work is good enough?

Questioner: Generally I do but at times…

St. Francis: Well as a third person what would you say?

Questioner: I’d say it is fine but I make mistakes at times.

St. Francis: That is human.

Questioner: Yes. I don’t make more mistakes than others, probably less.

St. Francis: All right, so there is no problem when he says your work is not good enough. You know it is.

Questioner: Well, no problem until he fires me.

St. Francis: You think he will fire you?

Questioner: No, I think he likes to abuse others. I’m one of them.

St. Francis: Are you planning to leave the job?

Questioner: No. Other things are all right.

St. Francis: Okay, so you want to survive.

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: So you are confident in your abilities.

Questioner: Somewhat.

St. Francis: Somewhat?

Questioner: Well, I know I’m good at work and then I doubt.

St. Francis: Write down, “I am good at work because…” Then write down, “I am not good at work because…” Get practical. Look at the facts.

Questioner: Okay.

St. Francis: If you have doubts or unexplored doubts he can hook into you. If you are confident about your work, feel it is ‘good enough’ then he cannot get in.

Questioner: Okay.

St. Francis: Do you do the golden ball and de-cord?

Questioner: Yes I do.

St. Francis: Okay. Feel his energetic attacks bounce off you. See it as practice. You can practice your energy skills with him.

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Install a psychic vent in his office before you go in. Let all the negative energy that gets generated be pulled up into this vent. See angels helping.

Questioner: Okay.

St. Francis: Let us know what happens.

Questioner: Okay.



So we started a couple of sessions ago talking about joy. So what causes us not to feel joy? That is an interesting question, isn’t it? It is the struggle with the world some of you say. Robert would cite his boss. Ann would talk about Iraq or world hunger. We would suggest you can still feel joy even though there is a war and Robert’s boss can be a pain in the neck. There can still be joy.

Questioner: I felt a lot of joy the week we focused on choosing joy. Recently I talked with an old friend who was very depressed actually two of them and now I feel depressed again.

St. Francis: You have then corded to them and you are processing their feelings.

Questioner: Yes that’s true.

St. Francis: De-cord, focus on your work. What do you do?

Questioner: I’m a painter.

St. Francis: Focus on your work. Let your friends live their own lives. Relax. Give them to God. See Highest Good when you think of them.

Questioner: How do I get the joy back?

St. Francis: Say, “I choose joy. I choose happiness,” and then let go. You have also had nightmares.

Questioner: That is correct.

St. Francis: You are clearing some very old energies, some old emotions.

Questioner: Yes, I’m also on a detoxification regime with various herbs.

St. Francis: Yes, some of the old energies and toxins that are cleared out of your system show up in your dream time.

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: So de-cord and focus on your purpose. Get out of your friends’ business.

Questioner: They asked me for help.

St. Francis: Yes for an hour or however long the telephone conversation was. Then you need to hang up and de-cord.

Questioner: All right.

St. Francis: So to get back to our theme there can still be joy for Karen even though two of her friends are depressed right now. In fact Karen can also see the words joy and the names of her friends when she feels better; “Joy to the world” so to speak.

Questioner: Will that help her two friends?

St. Francis: Maybe, maybe not. How much joy are those two willing to let in? That is the question. Some people are quite stubborn. Karen knows it is not about forcing joy on another. It is more like walking by a pretty flower that invites you to celebrate life and enjoy its beauty.

So let us do a visualization: Start with, “I choose joy or I choose peace” if you wish to use this phrase. See the words joy. Feel joy. At home you can use music if that helps. See joy and then relax. Breathe. See what pictures come to you. For Karen it might be her painting. For some of you it is your garden. Stay with the word joy. If you are depressed just visualize the word joy, joy, joy. What is coming to you?

Questioner: I see the ocean.

St. Francis: Good. Mary is seeing an ocean.

Questioner: I see my book.

St. Francis: Roger sees his book.

Questioner: I see a different job.

St. Francis: So Robert sees a different job. What kind of job?

Questioner: Something more relaxed with less trauma.

St. Francis: Okay. That’s something to explore.

Questioner: How do I get there?

St. Francis: Relax. Your soul will guide you to it. She just started.

Questioner: Okay.

Questioner: I see myself driving in the country, hiking and swimming.

St. Francis: Is that doable?

Questioner: Yes, I can take some time off.

St. Francis: Good. Do it then. Drive in the country. Do some hiking and find a place to swim. Joy is practical. We want you to experience it.

Questioner: I want joy right here, right now.

St. Francis: Say, “I want joy” and let it go.

Questioner: But I still feel depressed somewhat.

St. Francis: As much as at the beginning of the group?

Questioner: No, less. Okay, I’ll say it again, “I want joy. I want peace. I want God.”

St. Francis: Okay, now sometimes when you say, “I want joy” the opposite will come up particularly beliefs that cause you to cover up your joy. For example, “I can’t feel joy if there is world hunger or my best friend is depressed.” Or “Joy is not productive. I need to get my work done.” By the way joy is very productive. A lot more can be accomplished if you are happy. Other beliefs that might come up are: “I’m unrealistic. I can’t have joy. There is too much suffering in this world.” Or, “Joy is not possible if my health is failing or I can’t pay my rent.” Joy is always possible and you can cry and still feel joy. It is part of your Being. It is always there but your beliefs do not allow it to be there. We are talking about beliefs such as “I should be more serious. Life is hard. You snooze you lose.”

So, all these beliefs are going to be thrown up including the one that says that it is not right to be happy when others are not. The truth is happiness produces more happiness and it can be catching if you let it. Let it in. So let us recap.

Number one: play with the intent. I choose joy or I choose to be joyful.

Number two: watch what happens. Don’t be discouraged if joy does not come or comes for a short while and then old beliefs of suffering and ‘life is hard’ come up. Let these beliefs come and let go.

Questioner: How do I do that?

St. Francis: Just a moment.

Number three: as these old beliefs leave see how your life becomes easier, less stressful. Notice how when you no longer believe in the value of stress and overwhelm and tension it ceases to be part of your life. Every once in a while you will have a choice to go back to tension and stress. “Okay”, you then say to yourself “I could do so and so and create a lot of stress in my life. Well, I choose not to.” You will notice that you get more done when you are in flow.

Number four: go back to number one. This is a process and will go on for a while. You do not eradicate centuries of conditioning in a couple of months. It is centuries because your father’s beliefs are alive in you and his beliefs came from his ancestors. So you now break the chain and put the beliefs up to the test so to speak. Is this belief sane? Does it bring me peace? Is it true? Does it work for me?

So to answer Mary’s question: deep down inside you know if a belief is helpful or just part of an old energy system that is not relevant anymore. When you were born you stepped into an old blueprint; your karma, your old beliefs, your conditioning. Now it’s time to break all this. So ask yourself, “Is this belief helpful? Does this bring me joy, enlightenment or does it just waste my energy and my time? Is it a waste? Just producing pain?” For example the belief “I’m not good enough and unlovable” produces much suffering, unnecessary suffering. 

Now, you can use Presence to transform this belief. Energetically you can bring in the power of the light and zap this belief so to speak. You can use mantras and sacred music. You can use understanding and say, “This is silly; I am going to drop this belief right now.” You can use laughter especially when you realize that you are running around blasting to the world psychically. “I’m not good enough” and then you wonder why people tell you, “Oh, Vicky, you are not good enough for me.” Reflection can become quite amusing.

Questioner: What if a healer works with us and zaps this belief of I am not good enough?

St. Francis: Now a healer can zap it for you at this moment but if you go home and start thinking again, “Now Irene is a nice healer but the truth is I am not good enough” then there is nothing Irene can do about that. The thought originates from you.

Questioner: How do I change it?

St. Francis: You see how ridiculous it is. A healer can help if you spend a day feeling good enough and realize that this is a much saner, healthier way to live but you need to get it so to speak.

Questioner: I understand.

St. Francis: The universe will send you people who feel not good enough because sometimes patterns in others are easier to observe. So you meet Lydia who thinks that the world would be better off without her. So you listen for a while until you decide that this is a ridiculous belief. Now you cannot change Lydia but you can change yourself and decide that you are important to the world. That you count and that you are good enough and deserve love and respect. That is how it works. You decide. You see clearly. Maybe it took hours and weeks of Lydia’s complaining and ranting and raving. It takes as long as it takes. So thank Lydia and move on.

Questioner: Move on to what?

St. Francis: A happy life where you believe you count and can make a contribution.

Questioner: Okay.



Questioner: I live around a lot of people who feel despairing and well, unhappy.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: It seems so hard to stay upbeat in this environment. I use a lot of the tools. I work hard on keeping joyful but sometimes the despair around me seems to seep in.

St. Francis: Yes, your environment affects you especially because you are quite sensitive.

Questioner: What do I do?

St. Francis: Move.

Questioner: Move?

St. Francis: Yes. Move.

Questioner: Where?

St. Francis: To a happier place.

Questioner: How do I do that?

St. Francis: Step by step. We will help.

Questioner: I love the ocean.

St. Francis: The ocean is good for you, yes.

Questioner: Can I move there?

St. Francis: Do you want to?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Develop a plan. Get information about places you are interested in. Go there. Check it out. Look at apartments.

Questioner: I recently had a dream where my spiritual teacher told me to be more quiet and have less thoughts. He wanted me to calm down the mental waves.

St. Francis: Yes. What is your question?

Questioner: How do I do that? Calm down my mental waves?

St. Francis: You do less mental stuff. You relax. You feel your body move. You get more into flow or just being. You find out which activities help you to do that and that can vary from person to person.

Questioner: For me writing, gardening, even editing sometimes helps; also playing with my dog, looking at nature, walking, hiking, swimming, being near water, the river, the ocean all that helps.

St. Francis: What gets you out of the flow?

Questioner: Watching too much TV although some is fine. Getting involved in other people’s problems unless there is something practical I can do. Questioning myself, beating up on myself that gets me out of flow real fast and also arguing with others or my wife takes me out of the flow.

St. Francis: So notice. Notice what helps and what gets you out of it. How about mental discussions about life?

Questioner: I used to enjoy those. Now I just want to be. Go step by step. Do my job. Go home. Take care of what’s in front of me and not worry about other people’s business. I like stillness. I like to sit by the river and just be still.

St. Francis: Let us talk more about mental waves as you have called them. You are all sitting in a sea of mental waves. Let’s say you are at a restaurant. People are talking. You are exposed to waves of thoughts. If you have psychic abilities and tune in you can pick them up.

Questioner: There is this movie “What Women Want” where Mel Gibson suddenly hears other people’s thoughts, actually women’s thoughts.

St. Francis: Yes, that is a good way to show it. So there are other people’s thoughts but there are also your own thoughts of the past, of what happened during the day, of places that you have been to and so on. So even if no one is talking it is quite noisy. That is why many spiritual aspirants have gone to the caves of Himalayas or into a monastery in the countryside. They were looking for less mental wave activity. Now, none of you live in a cave or monastery. On the opposite the world is your grinding stone where you sharpen your skills but you need to come from a clear place.

Questioner: So how do you calm your mind waves?

St. Francis: Number one: you keep your mind occupied. “Occupied?” you ask. “Occupied with what?” Well, there are mantras. There are certain exercises mostly the ones that focus on the body. Work can actually help if it is practical and helps you to keep your mind focused. “Now I will write to this customer. Then I need to finish this invoice. I have to go step by step.”

So let us take the example at the restaurant. You feel your energies get jammed. All these thoughts are coming at you. Go into your golden ball and say your mantra. Calm your mind. By the way, one calm mind affects all the minds around it if they are open to it. Calm down. Breathe. Relax. Feel your body. Release tension. Release stress.

Questioner: Some spiritual traditions say the mind should be empty. Isn’t a mantra counterproductive?

St. Francis: Empty refers to being in flow. Now if your mind is truly empty you can forget mantras and just be with that, but for you until you get there a mantra is extremely helpful. An empty mind is a mind that has no more past or very little. You burn up the past and dysfunctional old patterns through mantras, through spiritual practice, through being in the here and now. That is how you reduce your mind waves.

Questioner: I feel this mental stress.

St. Francis: Describe it to us.

Questioner: It feels like nervousness but also a feeling that the new energies are too intense. My body has trouble coping with them.

St. Francis: Your body needs rest and lots of movement. That is how you ground the energies (others are different). You walk, you garden or you dance. Movement is important. Take time for hiking, for nature. Relax. Don’t push too hard. Breathe.



St. Francis: Let us say a bit about nature. Nature can bring you into the now. Being in nature, observing nature, lying next to a tree, a pond or a river…all this can help to calm down the brain waves that we are talking about.

If you were to test the brainwave of a person that is enlightened you would find that they are longer and less up and down compared to a person who is not enlightened. You will find the same with breath and heart rate. More relaxed, less fickle. Mind, heart, breath, all these things are connected.

So nature slows down these waves. So does a place that has energies of an enlightened soul such as a chapel or temple. Any place that is sacred will slow down your mental body and help you calm down and relax. Hearing the voice of an enlightened being can do that too for that voice carries the energies of stillness and relaxation.

How does this all fit with our topic “creating in alignment with soul.” It fits because this is the place we want you to create from this calm, steady place where you are focused, clear and relaxed. From this place you will make decisions which are Highest Good. They will support you and others.

Questioner: I look at politics and I think decisions there are not created from an enlightened place.

St. Francis: No, not yet although some are. There are some highly evolved people in the political arena. You can tell by their energy. If their energy is calm their decisions make sense. Or at least make sense at some point. You can tell these are people who are coming from a place of emptiness, a place of calmness, relaxation, a place of peace.

Questioner: Does this mean they are not lively?

St. Francis: No, peace is very lively. Peace is full of life, excitement. True peace is rich. So the question is not so much, “Why are these people in power not more full of peace, full of love?” But, “What can I do to increase my inner peace and support myself and others this way?” For the peace you feel you extend to others. It happens automatically. No technique is needed.

Now your first question is valid and when you vote don’t vote for the warmongers but the primary focus is on your life. How can I create more peace within and then that translates out. It can be just an energetic thing or maybe you will spring into action in other ways.

Questioner: I see all the money the political campaigns spend. A lot of starving children could be saved with this kind of money.

St. Francis: Then give your money to starving children and not to campaigns. It is a choice you can make.

Questioner: But isn’t it wrong to spend so much money while others are suffering?

St. Francis: It is what people do.

Questioner: So it’s not wrong?

St. Francis: It is what it is. It will change. As consciousness rises people will spend money more directly on the needs of others.

Questioner: I will vote for one candidate but I don’t feel inspired by him.

St. Francis: Then inspire yourself. Find excitement within. Create excitement in your life. Create some movement.

Questioner: I don’t find politics inspiring.

St. Francis: Then what is it that inspires you?

Questioner: Gardening. I want to design gardens.

St. Francis: Then get to it. We know you feel depressed or somewhat depressed by the political situation but the raising of consciousness will change things. In a way you now have the old framework of “my way or the highway” play itself out for all to see and it is not working very well is it? Something new, something more creative, something kinder, gentler and more intelligent is needed. As your country raises consciousness it will get the politicians that match this consciousness. It is quite simple.

Questioner: There seems to be some old beliefs of “we are the best”

that have to go.

St. Francis: You are correct there is a difference between self-confidence and telling others that you are better than everyone. Be assured the other nations don’t enjoy being told that you are the greatest or America is the greatest. It is a wonderful country, a beautiful country, even a great country. No one has problems with that except the extremists and you need not cater to them.

So do you see that there is a parallel? While you are looking for a different way for more creativity, more joy and more peace so is the world as well. Can we resolve the Israeli/Palestine conflict? Isn’t there a creative, a peaceful solution that satisfies all? Yes there is and the peacemakers will have to tap into this emptiness, this black void, this rich space of creativity and intelligence that can provide the answers. Your job as light workers is to prepare the way energetically, to act as a bridge between this consciousness and the old way of doing things. You do that by becoming the consciousness, by integrating these new energies into your body; by radiating them. You are light anchors. There are light anchors all over the world now holding various levels of that consciousness for others.

Questioner: I am not enlightened but I feel I am a light anchor.

St. Francis: You are. You need not be enlightened to be a light anchor but you need to hold a percentage of light. It is not an all or nothing thing. Each one of you is important. So each of you go and shine your light. Make your contribution. Does this help?

Questioner: Yes, I feel less depressed now. I feel more hopeful.

St. Francis: Good. We also want to mention again that you work at night. You go out in your light bodies and teach. You help others let go of old beliefs. You soothe those that have been hurt. You do a lot and most importantly you ignite others with your light. You don’t give it to others for they have it inside but you help to ignite it in others. Much happens that you don’t know about. For example last night you traveled to a place where people were frightened and desperate and you transmuted some of their fears.

Questioner: I felt fear this morning. I felt not afraid but like fear was in my field.

St. Francis: Yes and you and your cat transmuted the remnants of it this morning.

Questioner: Yes, my cat jumped into bed and then I felt better. But I had no dreams about what I did and where I went.

St. Francis: Sometimes no dreams are better but be assured you made yourself useful last night. And you all do so. We are including the reader. There is so much more light on the planet than there used to be. It is quite amazing.

Questioner: My sister is a fundamentalist Christian and thinks anyone who does not think like her or prays to Jesus will go to hell.

St. Francis: What is your question?

Questioner: How do I deal with that?

St. Francis: You love your sister. She is your sister. You don’t have to argue about faith with her. Now you might let her know that it does not feel good to you when she tells you you’ll go to hell because you pray not only to Jesus but also to Mother Mary and Kali. You see Jesus taught love and compassion but people take his words and twist them. So then Christians hate Jews and Muslims and Muslims hate Christians and Hindus. People hate each other and wish each other hell. Jesus never wanted that. He wanted love and tolerance. But people choose their beliefs and whatever beliefs you choose, it has consequences. Sometimes people become so hateful they become sick. Sometimes people are sick because of their environment or physical causes. We are not saying the cause is always emotional but hate is never good for one’s health. So let your sister believe what she believes. Agree to disagree and love her. She might come around.

Questioner: Is the Bible the only true word of God?

St. Francis: No, no, no. There are sacred teachings throughout the world. To know what is true you need to feel the energy of the words. That will tell you if the particular word or phrase is true. The Bible has been changed various times. As many of you know Jesus taught reincarnation but various powerful people later changed the records of that part of his teaching. It was inconvenient to somebody. You all have a truth receptor in your heart. This place knows whether a teaching or part of a teaching is true or not. We’ll talk more about this next time.



We talked last week about your truth receptor. You all have one. You know what is good for you and what is not. Maybe it takes some digging or going within would be a more poetic phrase but this truth receptor, this part of you that knows, is there. One of the challenges and beautiful aspects of this path is that you will have to find the truth in each moment. Whatever statements you hear ask, “Is this true? Is this true for me? Is this the right way to proceed?” You might have ten people screaming in your ear, “Go that way” if the Higher Self says to go the other way you need to follow that. Now we know that it is not always easy to hear your inner self, your consciousness, your I AM or whatever phrase you like to use. Now, sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you need to say, “I’m not sure what the right thing to do here is, let me meditate on it or think on it.”

What we taught in the Energetic Empowerment book is helpful here and you can use the golden ball to disconnect first especially from people who try to sway you. Now, information from others is of course acceptable. Be open to information, but after you have the facts go within. What do you think is right? What does your inner voice say? And everyone has one. Often it is helpful to make your decisions less complicated. Break them down. Let us use a fictional example. Let’s say there are three houses you could buy and you feel all confused. Sit down and do the golden ball exercise. Then see two doors. Feel your feet while you do that. One door says, “Buy house on Park Lane.” Another says, “Do not buy house on Park Lane.” See which one opens. Then again see two doors. One says, “Buy house on River Street.” The other door says, “Don’t buy house on River Street.” See which door opens. Then see two more doors. One says, “Buy house on Oak Grove.” The other says, “Don’t buy house on Oak Grove.”

Let us say you got yes two times: Park Lane and Oak Grove. Ask which one is better. See two doors. One says, “Park Lane”. The other says, “Oak Grove.” If both open they are equally good. Then it does not matter. You would be equally happy with either house. Sometimes choices are like that. It really does not matter too much if you choose A or B. Questions?

Questioner: I always think my choices are extremely important and I am afraid to make them.

St. Francis: You grew up in a broken home. As a child you felt responsible for the violence. Children often do that. They wonder, “What if I made Daddy mad? What did I say? I have to be careful not to say anything that can upset him or my mother.” So you become extra careful. Choices seem like life and death decisions. You don’t trust yourself and the choices you make because after all they often lead to negative consequences. For example your father started raging or destroying furniture.

Questioner: How can I get beyond that?

St. Francis: Number one: realize that his raging had little to do with your decisions such as when to clean the room or what to say or not to say at the dinner table. The raging really was his problem. If it is still going on it is his problem. He has an anger problem.

Number two: trust is a choice. You can choose to trust yourself. Start with small things. Buy a sweater you like even though you are not one hundred percent sure.

Questioner: (Laughing.) Yes shopping for clothes takes me forever. I’m never sure.

St. Francis: Watch this process and also see how ridiculous it is.

Questioner: Yes, sometimes I have to laugh about myself. I get so hung up on little things.

St. Francis: Yes, humor is a great teacher. Laugh about yourself. Now there is overconfidence and there is “underconfidence”. The overconfident thinks very highly of himself. He thinks everything he touches should turn to gold. When he talks part of him contemplates how lucky his listeners are to hear the pearls of wisdom which flow from his lips. He feels insulted when anyone disagrees with his opinion. In fact he will bully others at least energetically to agree with him. He will draw them in with his eyes. They say: “You must agree with me. How dare you have your own opinion.” This is an extreme example. The overconfident come in many forms often more subtle than we have described.

Now the ”underconfident” have thoughts such as, “How important is my opinion? Who cares what I think? Why should I speak up? No one listens anyway and what if I am wrong? The other person seems to know what’s right and wrong. It’s really a waste of time for me to have an opinion plus didn’t my spiritual teacher say it is better not to have an opinion? Just go with the flow? I better shut up. Silence is golden isn’t it?” Often the “underconfident” had parents who were bullies. The problem is the “underconfident” will have problems making decisions. They will always doubt themselves even after the decision was made. Was this the right decision? Maybe I should have gotten the blue sweater. I wonder if it is still there. But the blue does not go so well with my jeans…too much blue.” We are joking but see how you waste a lot of time. How you don’t seem very centered, and you are always wavering, maybe this way or maybe that way is right. I’m not sure. Questioning yourself even on little things and most likely driving your friends crazy.

So what is the answer? The answer is balance. The overconfident person needs some doubt. He needs some deeper investigation into thoughts that say, “I’m usually right. Everything I do turns to gold.”

Questioner: Isn’t that a good affirmation to have?

St. Francis: Well, the overconfident has certain beliefs that attract abundance but underneath there is often a big hole and great insecurity but you have to dig to find it. Now these are deeper beliefs that say, “I’m no good, I have to bully others into loving me or they won’t.” Or the belief that you need to control others; these beliefs need to be questioned or they will create a reality that mirrors what the person believes.

Now the “underconfident” needs more confidence, more of a sense of, “I count. I’m important. My contribution makes a difference.” He needs to trust that he can voice an opinion and that this opinion or advice can be helpful to others. He needs to learn to trust his choices and have a feeling that if one decision does not work out he can make another one. He needs a sense of power that he has the power to create a life that he can be happy with.

Questioner: Isn’t that ego?

St. Francis: This is balance. Now as you come into balance the Divine can act through you and you can become a more pure instrument. Think of a piano that is all out of tune. The lower grounded powerful notes don’t work so well. The high notes are kind of shrill, squealing and out of tune. Even Mozart would have trouble making good music with this one.

There are steps in this process. Some people think they are extra spiritual because their self-esteem is low. “I always think of others first,” they say and think they are quite evolved. In truth they are afraid to speak up, afraid to look at that deep wound that lies in their energy system called abusive childhood or past-life traumas. This way the energy gets trapped. Old anger which could free things up gets suppressed. God will send them people to step on them and instead of getting angry they deny themselves even more.

Questioner: Are you talking of the release of old anger?

St. Francis: Yes. So if you look at these patterns in yourself and that is why we mention them you can dissolve them by understanding. Watch yourself. “Alright, I do this. Oh, I did not know this was my motivation. I thought I was being kind but in truth I felt fear. Why was I afraid of this person? I am afraid because…” Write it down. Process it. Learn from it. Free yourself.

Making decisions is a process of entering a flow, your Higher-Self flow. How can you ride this wave so to speak if you have all these fears or preconceived ideas of “I’m right and he is wrong” or vice versa. All this gets in the way of decision making, of aligning with soul and of living in sanity.

So let us get back to the truth receptor. Everyone has one. That is the first step in discovering your truth receptor: to know that you have one. People might tell you, “I know better what’s good for you,” but unless you are on drugs or incapacitated in other ways you can go deep within to connect with that part of you that knows. Animals have them too. Have you ever lied to an animal and gotten away with it? If you don’t like them they will know. Don’t lie. Be honest. Say, “Sorry, Willie I don’t like cats but maybe we can respect each other.” Willie will probably leave you alone but if you try to pretend you like cats he might scratch you.

How do you get to this truth receptor? You have to get still. Scriptures usually talk of the quiet voice within although sometimes it can get quite loud. But in general it is quiet.


Chapter Four







The Body


Let us talk about the body. There has been a split between biology and religion. The flesh is sinful and so on. Many of you, even those that don’t agree with the former statement, have still been influenced by it. The body is somewhat lower, less Divine and needs to be overcome. Pleasure is seen as a negative thing and needs are to be denied. All this influences your biology.

Questioner: Does the body feel rejected?

St. Francis: No, not so much rejected but confused: I am supposed to perform to get to heaven but I’m evil. This is extreme of course. Most beliefs are more in the middle of these two statements. Let us state something that will help. The body is innocent. Let us repeat. The body is innocent. Biology is biology. A rose is a rose is a rose. Nature is indeed innocent which does not mean it does not have desires, urges. Anina is collecting some seeds right now and they did not do well at the kitchen window which is the north side of the house. Now they sit in the bedroom on the south side and the little seedlings are growing and thriving. As you gardeners know they need sun. We use that example because many of you also need sun or certain foods or movement and you say, “I should not have such desires. This should be good enough.”

Our furry friend, Anina’s dog Hannah recently had allergic reactions to one of her foods. The food had to be changed. This is simple biology. Now Hannah is highly evolved and going on journeys with us and her other guides but still simple biology applies. The body needed the right nourishment. Now of course there is leeway and we don’t want you to get overly concerned about just the right food, environment, etc. but some basics apply such as sun for flowers, movement for bodies.

In your schools you would do much better if you allowed kids to move more. That means more breaks between school sessions with running and rope swinging whatever the children want to do. Twenty minutes between sessions would increase brain activity and activate learning.

Your biology needs a place in your society. Mothers who have two jobs and kids to take care of have to ignore their body’s signals for rest, exercise and so on. In general your society does not make enough room for movement. Too much sitting, worrying and repetitive movements that overuse certain muscles and others atrophy.

          Many of you worry too much about the body. There is worrying and there is care taking. Worrying is looking at a bed of seeds on the north window and saying, “These will not make it.” Taking care is putting them on a south window, giving them enough water and nutrients and knowing they will sprout, maybe not all of them but at least some of them. We don’t want you to worry. We want you to take care of the body.

          Anina recently saw a program on television about muscles. How people can develop more muscles and how muscles atrophy. Just as you have muscles in your main body you also have “muscles in the brain”. Well they are not real muscles but they are nerve connections that can be used or become atrophied. Two things are important. Number one: nourishment. Protein and certain super foods such as green algae or peanut butter, beans or herbs such as yerba mate, gingko bilboa, ginseng, etc. can all help. Use the herbs that have been given to you. They are like the fertilizer you give to your seeds. Number two: it is important to exercise the brain. This refers to different ways of thinking such as math, crossword puzzles, games, reading, writing, repairing machinery, studying, etc.   

          Questioner: Does channeling come in there?

          St. Francis: Yes, when our instrument channels us certain nerve connections get activated. More happens by the way.

          Questioner: What else?

          St. Francis: Her system, her energy system gets flooded with high frequency energy. Her frequency gets raised. Her creative juices start to flow. Her brain gets activated in the same way the brain of a painter or musician gets activated when he or she paints or composes or performs. Now everyone’s brain is different but there are similarities. Those people that you call psychics have certain pathways that were often created and further developed over lifetimes.

          Questioner: But it is a new brain this lifetime.

          St. Francis: Yes the brain is new but the way it is used is similar to other times and certain grooves get created.

          Questioner: Isn’t everyone psychic?

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: So what’s the difference?

          St. Francis: Everyone has muscles. Not everyone puts attention to them the same way. Our instrument recently saw a report of a tribe that lives mainly on and next to the water. She noticed that the seventy year old man who was interviewed had many muscles. More muscles than the average person in Minnesota (amused). She could see that the constant swimming which uses many more muscles than watching TV (amused) was part of the strength of his muscles. It is similar with psychics. They use certain “muscle” pathways, nerve connections more often than the general public does and often have so for lifetimes. It takes a certain skill to get certain information. You call it a gift. We call it a skill. Gift works too as long as you understand it cannot just be buried in the sand for lifetimes. If you do that it will atrophy.

          Questioner: I don’t want to be a psychic.

          St. Francis: Yes, because there are other things that interest you. So you focus on those. That is okay but Martha you often separate yourself from others. You say, “So and so has this ability but I don’t”. Let us say this person is a genius in physics or this one a great swimmer. This one makes beautiful music. Your Aunt Aida makes the best cornbread in town. You say, “I feel less than or separated,” instead of saying, “Oh good, this person can inspire my mind in terms of physics. This person can help me to become a better swimmer. Let me watch him on television and Aunt Aida can help me with my cooking skills. I benefit from having all these people around. The crippled child of my neighbor can help me learn how to laugh even if I have to live with difficulties.” See people more this way as a support and an inspiration. So you can develop your abilities and if you want to channel you can do so. If you want to paint pick up a brush, if you want to write start writing. Write down your thoughts.

          You are biological creatures and life involves action, action and movement. Life also involves stillness, an inner stillness, an inner restfulness. Stillness does not mean inaction. It can imply resting and doing nothing so to speak but more often it is action, an action that comes from a center, a center of stillness. Now stillness is everywhere so you could also say that there is no center but for now we will stay with the first analogy.

          You have to learn it for yourself first. Very practically you go for a walk and you breathe. Thoughts will come. Worries will come but you just keep walking and you stay with that awareness, that consciousness that is underneath negative thoughts. Thoughts such as, “What if my boss gets mad at me because I have not completed the project? What if my child gets sick? What if I need to replace the refrigerator? What if Eileen is mad at me? Is she?” And so on and so on. You keep walking and you stay with the consciousness underneath, the awareness. Yes Eileen might be mad at you, your child might get the flu, and the fridge might need replacing. Walk on. Walk on.

          Some of you had some horrible experiences in the past: child abuse, being physically assaulted by others, addictions, dark nights of the soul. What do you do then? You keep walking. You don’t deny and many of you can benefit from therapy but then you move on. You don’t go back to, “What if I had had better parents? What if I had never gotten raped? What if I never had gotten cancer? What if my wife had not left me?” Keep walking. Move on.

          This is very important and we do not mean to minimize traumas and whatever needs to be processed needs to be processed but don’t get stuck. Move on. Move on. There is a consciousness, a state of being that supports you. You cannot focus on it or grab it but you can let it in. Breathe, pause and feel it. It is there. This can be your rope to hang onto. Not your worries and fears but the sense that things are going to be okay. “I don’t know why or how but they will.”

          Questioner: Some people might call it faith.

          St. Francis: It is yes. Faith in your true Self but it is more than that. You are accessing this energy. You are letting it in and that is not correct either because you are it. It is you so how can you let it in? But words are all we have and they point to something valuable. So faith is believing something that maybe you don’t know but you know your true Self and you can access it.

          Questioner: I am always confused how much to control and how much to just surrender. I’m not sure what surrender means anyway.

          St. Francis: (Amused.) Thank you for your honesty and it is confusing isn’t it? One thing that would help you Peter is more patience, slowing down your life even more.

          Questioner: Can I go any slower? I feel like I’m agonizingly slow.

          St. Francis: Yes to your question. Regarding your comment we understand your feelings but slowness is a key for you. Also when you are in doubt about what to do in a situation, pause, relax and see what is in front of you.

          Questioner: Feel the energy underneath?

          St. Francis: Yes. Also tell yourself, “I can trust my inner self. I can trust this. An answer will be found. I don’t have to go into panic, fear, premature action. I can trust this.”

          Questioner: This stillness, awareness?

          St. Francis: Yes, stillness, true Self, whatever name you want to chose. Relax. Breathe. Then decide which action to take.

          Questioner: Or watch a decision being formed?

          St. Francis: Yes that is semantics. Whatever statement works for you choose that.



          Questioner: Saint Francis, you said we can’t grab it.

          St. Francis: No you can’t. It is you. That is like trying to catch yourself.

          Questioner: But we can experience it?

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: But we should not focus on it?

          St. Francis: No, you make room for it. You pause, you slow down. You breathe but you don’t grab it. It comes to you or the realization you are IT comes to you.

          Questioner: And then it goes?

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: I think I’ve had that realization and then it was gone.

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: What do I do?

          St. Francis: Relax. It is the relaxation that provides the opening.

          Questioner: Sometimes it comes when I don’t think of it.

          St. Francis: Yes, but you are open. You are relaxed.

          Questioner: Yes, that’s true. You cannot give it to me?

          St. Francis: No, because you have IT so we cannot give it.

          Questioner: But you have given me healing energy.

          St. Francis: That is different. That is not IT.

          Questioner: Oh, I thought that it was the same.

          St. Francis: No it is not.

          Questioner: But living in IT is healing. I mean living consciously in IT.

          St. Francis: Yes because you will make the right decisions for yourself and others. It will be Highest Good.

          Questioner: So Peter needs to slow down. And me?

          St. Francis: Don’t worry so much. Do your work, relax and breathe. Let IT come to you. Invite it. Relax. We cannot give IT because you have IT. YOU ARE IT.

          Questioner: How do your teachings fit into what you just talked about?

          St. Francis: A big part of our teaching is quite practical. How do I deal with Aunt Aida? How do I find my own truth? How do I not get sucked into somebody else’s belief system? How do I survive energetically, emotionally and physically? Sometimes people ask in readings, “How can I pay my rent?” and then they apologize that the question is not spiritual. You need a place to stay don’t you? To say to one in panic and fear, “You rely on THAT,” can be helpful for the one person that is ready to run with that but for most people more practical advice is called for. That is also something that you will learn and some already have. There are no pat answers. It depends on who, when, what.

          The IT lies underneath your life. It is what is beneath, the ground, your support. It is available if you can be still enough and when we say “still” we don’t just mean not speaking. In fact you can experience IT while speaking. It is more an acceptance, a willingness to stop wrestling and to end the fight with yourself.

          Questioner: My teacher said that I need to accept “what is” but yesterday I was in a traffic jam and quite nervous or impatient. What do I do?

          St. Francis: Accept that you are nervous or impatient. Be gentle with yourself. Say, “Ah, I am nervous and impatient. That’s interesting.” Just let it be.

          Questioner: I feel so inadequate.

          St. Francis: Ah, there is the real problem. Accept yourself. You are adequate. God created you. He makes no mistakes.

          Questioner: I don’t really believe in God.

          St. Francis: Alright. You are part of this beautiful universe and you are adequate. Very adequate. You are a beautiful being like all are.

          Questioner: Impatient.

          St. Francis: Yes, at times impatient. So what?

          Questioner: No big deal?

          St. Francis: No.

          Questioner: My teacher says this mental noise keeps me from realizing IT.

          St. Francis: You can realize IT also with mental noise if you are not attached to the noise. You can observe, “Ah, I am nervous today and impatient. Now I am biting my fingernails. This is interesting and all part of life.”

          Questioner: But I am really something different. I am awareness, pure consciousness?

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: So I can just let my personality do its thing: be impatient, nervous and all that?

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: Then what happens?

          St. Francis: You are releasing the grip of “Mark has to be this or that”. This brings relaxation into the situation.

          Questioner: Which releases the nervousness?

          St. Francis: Yes. It also brings an attention a bit like an energetic laser beam that removes the energies of nervousness and impatience.

          Questioner: It burns them up?

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: Without me doing anything?

          St. Francis: Correct. Awareness or intelligence does that beautifully. It happens in the allowing space.

          Questioner: Is it a process?

          St. Francis: No. It happens right there, right now. But the effort of not criticizing yourself, of staying flexible and in flow, of relaxing, of saying again and again, “It is okay. Everything is alright now. I can relax.” That might be seen as a process.

          Questioner: Constant criticism is a habit that is hard to break.

          St. Francis: Unless you see what it does. Even if you realize only for a split second, “It damages me. It damages my relationship and even my body.” Then you can drop it right there, right now.

          Questioner: Okay, I see that but I keep criticizing myself.

          St. Francis: Then you are seeing it intellectually as a concept but not with your heart.

          Questioner: Girlfriends have left me because of it. They said, “Get some self-esteem.”

          St. Francis: You see and this is tricky but it is not even so much about getting something, self-esteem in this case, but it is about dropping something.

          Questioner: The criticizing of myself?

          St. Francis: Yes and the criticizing of others.

          Questioner: I don’t criticize others.

          St. Francis: But you do in your thoughts.

          Questioner: Well, yes I do.

          Questioner: Can we live in this awareness and still have opinions?

          St. Francis: (Laughing) Yes. You still have a personality that likes let’s say the Opera and dislikes Hip Hop or the other way around.

          Questioner: Or likes all music?

          St. Francis: Yes, but the personality is not who makes decisions. It is the other.

          Questioner: Action comes from that awareness?

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: Can people be in touch with this awareness and make mistakes?

          St. Francis: No, but people can think that they are in touch with this awareness acting from that when they are not. It is possible.

          Questioner: Do you need to get established in it?

          St. Francis: It establishes itself if you let go.

          Questioner: Let go of old conditioning?

          St. Francis: Yes. Relax. Let life show you what to do. Follow the signs. Relax. Breathe. Don’t worry.

          Questioner: My teacher says the golden ball exercise and establishing energetic boundaries is not helpful because all are one Self.

          St. Francis: Some people have not learned how to withdraw their energy, how to not be a bus station for other people’s negative emotions. It is helpful for those people.

          Questioner: But the one Self idea?

          St. Francis: Rita you live in an apartment building. Every floor has apartments and signs where everyone lives. There are doors, bells and post office boxes for every person.

          Questioner: Yes.

          St. Francis: Would it work if there were no doors, no bells and no separate entrances?

          Questioner: Maybe.

          St. Francis: No, it would be chaos. A certain separation is needed in the world and it is part of learning. You can see Mrs. Atkins upstairs as part of the external consciousness and still tell her not to read your mail. Be practical, dear ones. The thief who comes to your door is part of your Self too. Don’t let him in and don’t let others steal your energy. You need it to run your body.

          Let us get back to biology. You need certain energy to run your body. Just like the seeds in Anina’s bedroom need light, water and nutrients so does your body need food, water and you also need sunlight. New studies have for example shown that Vitamin D production is hampered if you do not get enough sunlight. Too much can be harmful too. So your body knows all that. Your body does not need to be told. “Make sure you get enough sun so that you produce Vitamin D.” Your body will naturally want to be out at certain times. Enjoy fresh air, sun and some of the other elements.

          Now you get some energy from nutrition. A lot of energy comes just from breathing. Oxygen is important obviously. Some energy comes from the elements. For example you might stand in a beautiful lake and feel the water and earth’s energy as it comes through the sand and feeds you. Oceans are similar. Mountains have power too. Rocks have power. Plants have power and energy. Roses for example do emit not just smell but also soothing energies, beauty and balance.

          Questioner: How about energy healing?

          St. Francis: Yes, you do get energies from other people. There is always an exchange. Sometimes it is positive and sometimes not so positive. The ideal energy is the one you get from your Higher Self or God if you want to use that word. That is the energy that is most pure. That is the energy that will help you heal your body if that is part of what you are trying to do. That is the energy that will propel you forward and get your projects done and your purpose fulfilled.

          Questioner: Can you explain energy healing?

          St. Francis: There are many types of healing. Some healers for example focus on clearing you of old energies. Some focus on specific organs and give them energy. Some use the mind mainly and insert new thought patterns. Some people do that naturally but not consciously. They are natural healers you could say even though their main job might be accounting or teaching. Thoughts such as, “You are a good person. You can overcome this. Nobody blames you. I see your soul,” can be very healing and do affect the body.

          Questioner: Do I get energy from my healer?

          St. Francis: What is her name?

          Questioner: (Name.)

          St. Francis: Yes, she mainly clears old energy and then her guides work through her and fill you at just the right places with energy.

          Questioner: I feel good after the healing.

          St. Francis: Yes, there is a nice exchange. Your energy too supports her. In fact your guides work on her too through you.

          Questioner: But she does the healing?

          St. Francis: Yes, she is the one who holds the intent for Highest Good and Highest Good does not preclude energy healing for the healer.

          Questioner: Two for one?

          St. Francis: Yes. The Universe is efficient.

          Questioner: I have arthritis and feel tired a lot. Can I ever get enlightened?

          St. Francis: The short answer is yes. It is also not about you getting enlightenment. It is an awakening in what is. A releasing of falseness and then in a way no effort is needed.

Let us continue. You Maggie need to work on your particular lessons. Brian over there has his. Marina has hers.

Questioner: What are my lessons?

St. Francis: Illness is one of your lessons.

Questioner: Overcoming it?

St. Francis: Accepting what is and doing the best you can moment by moment. Peace is very important to you. There is a stillness meditation that we want you to do. Slow movements are helpful as well such as dancing slowly to music you like and moving but with love and gentleness.

Brian’s lessons are about how to pay the rent, feed his family. Yours are accepting a body that does not always do what you want.

Questioner: Accepting my body sounds like giving in to the illness.

St. Francis: No, accepting what is NOW. Tomorrow things can be different. You need to live more in the NOW. You live too much in the future.

Questioner: I worry a lot.

St. Francis: Try not to. Go into stillness instead. Breathe. By the way we say that to you. To another we might suggest writing or walking a lot. But you Maggie have access to the stillness. You have access to an energy that moves your body slowly and just right.

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: The stillness can burn up any worry.

Questioner: And illness too?

St. Francis: Start with the worry. Start getting some peace of mind and from there good things will happen.

Questioner: But I should not do stillness with the intent to heal myself?

St. Francis: You can have the intent but also enjoy stillness for stillness sake. Try to be with what is even if your ego thinks it is not what it wants. Try to relax a bit. Let go. Let God.

Questioner: I have all these visualizations such as going through my body and clearing out toxins and negative energies.

St. Francis: Relax first and yes, if you want to do visualizations you can but for you and we are talking to you Maggie, stillness is more powerful. A trust in the universe and its inner forces is most helpful. You feel like you need to support yourself, defend yourself. This tension creates part of your problems. Relax and whenever you are in doubt about a situation see the words Highest Good. See it in capital letters: HIGHEST GOOD, HIGHEST GOOD, HIGHEST GOOD. If someone has hurt you see the words Highest Good. If you think of the person put the words Highest Good next to the person. Keep affirming Highest Good.

People will hurt you. Life will throw you a curve ball. Problems occur. Yes that is part of life. But the question is what do you do with it? Do you let it affect you? Do you let it distract you from your goal? Do you stop anchoring light? Do you stop taking care of your kids? Do you stop cleaning your house? Or do you move on? Do you continue?

Are there any questions?

Questioner: My girlfriend left me and I feel hurt and lost.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: What do I do now besides visualize Highest Good?

St. Francis: You go on. What is your profession?

Questioner: I’m a dentist.

St. Francis: You go on. You go to the office. You pull teeth. You put in fillings. You put on crowns.

Questioner: But at home?

St. Francis: You clean your house. You cook for yourself. You call your friends. Do you play a sport?

Questioner: Yes, basketball.

St. Francis: Good. You play basketball. You take your dog for a walk. Your life continues.

Questioner: Should I go into therapy?

St. Francis: If you think that will help. Go ahead. Try therapy.

Questioner: I’m waiting for the magic bullet.

St. Francis: There is no magic bullet but there is good news: life goes on.

Questioner: I recently got cancer. At first it seemed like my whole life would change and it has in a way but in another it is still the same. I go to work. I talk to my friends. I play with my kids.

St. Francis: Yes, there is magic in the ordinary. Thrill seekers don’t understand that and if you like thrills go ahead but it is the day to day life that counts. So Mark, if you are going for a walk and coming by a path where you and your girlfriend used to sit and you tear up be with that. Let the tears come and then go back home. Make yourself some tea. Put on a movie. Clean up the kitchen. Feed your dog. Call a friend.

Questioner: Life goes on.

St. Francis: Yes. Now in the context of life goes on if you want to go to therapy to explore old patterns and release the past fine then that is fine but do not use the psychological to hide from life. Go on. In fact physical movement is important and helpful. It is one way to communicate to others and more importantly to yourself: “I’m continuing. I’m walking on.”

Questioner: How about a person who cannot move? Who is in a wheel chair?

St. Francis: This person needs to move in different ways. He can move his mind, think new thoughts, take a ride to the country, see new things, start a class, challenge his brain, join a club and meet new people. It is the going on, the continuing. That’s the movement we mean.

Questioner: My spiritual teacher often says, “Do not move. Be still.”

St. Francis: That is a much misunderstood concept. Stillness of the mind is an acceptance of life as is including girlfriends who disappear or betray you. It is a dynamic stillness, a stillness in movement, a “life goes on stillness” and a centeredness that does not let you get too distracted by others. It is not about not doing. You cannot stop action. Let it roll out.

Good movies show you that. Good movies do not have magic bullets. They are subtle. They show ordinary life. They show the magic underneath. They show the stillness that lies underneath. They show the emptiness.

So number two (and we are talking to Mark now): focus on your life. What are you here for? What is your purpose and you have already figured out the fixing teeth part but what else? What makes you happy? What makes your soul sing? What gives you joy?

Questioner: You mean I can focus on the girlfriend that left or my own life?

St. Francis: Correct.

Questioner: What about the hurt?

St. Francis: It will come up. Do therapy if that helps but we don’t see any major psychological issues that need to be addressed. You see your mind now wants to work on the hurt like a bad tooth. It needs to be extracted right?

Questioner: (Laughing.) Yes that’s right.

St. Francis: Well, it need not be extracted. It is not a tooth. It is energy really. It is emotion. It will come of its own accord. You can suppress it by focusing too much on it.

Questioner: And then I make it bigger?

St. Francis: Correct. You see it is a delicate balance to not suppress but also not to perpetuate. As our friend Jane likes to say, “You can make this easy or hard. Which one is it going to be?”

Questioner: Okay that helps.

St. Francis: We cannot tell you what to do. Neither do we want to. It’s your life. But we can point you in a certain direction. We can say, “Look at this. Look at that. See if from these angles. What happens when you consider this possibility? What happens when you do that?” Tell us next week about any insights you have had.



Following Week:


St. Francis: So Mark how was your week?

Questioner: Well I got up. I fixed teeth. I played basketball. I went for walks with my dog. I cried some. I got the flu. I watched a bunch of old movies. I called my Mom.

St. Francis: Life.

Questioner: Yes, life going on.

St. Francis: Good.

Questioner: It was painful but I was okay.

St. Francis: Breaking up a long-term relationship hurts.

Questioner: Yes it does and still I was okay. The walking helped a lot.

St. Francis: Good. Good. Is there a dog park close by?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Go there. Hang out. Talk to people.

Questioner: About the weather?

St. Francis: Yes, the weather, their dogs, the newest sit-com.

Questioner: That does not sound rather deep.

St. Francis: What would be deep? Sitting at home feeling your deep hurt?

Questioner: You are tough on me.

St. Francis: No, but you have a side that likes to wallow, not explore, not resolve things, not release old patterns, but wallow.

Questioner: Okay.

St. Francis: We are all for releasing patterns, letting go and to others we might recommend “deep” therapy but not to you.

Questioner: Don’t I have to face the pain?

St. Francis: You, and there are others who do that as well, use the idea of facing your pain as an excuse to wallow in it. It becomes the extricating work. Meanwhile you could do something useful such as improve your basketball game or do some cheap dental work for poor kids. Now, to someone who is a workaholic and avoids pain we would say, “Stop. Face your pain.”

So let us get back to manifesting in alignment with soul. You Mark and everyone else are co-creating your life. If you focus on pain there will be more pain. If you focus on what is good in your life without denial you will get more of that.

Questioner: What does co-creating mean?

St. Francis: Okay let’s start with that. We use the term co-creating. Others use different terms. We like the word co-creating because it reminds you that you are not doing this alone. In fact creating all alone is slow and often harder than it can be if you let spirit in. So yesterday Mark went to the park. He co-created his reality by deciding to go to the park. He had an image and saw himself with Barley his golden lab there and he put on his boots and went. Now Mark did not create the trees in the park obviously. He did not create the paths, the birds, the sun, the wind and the snowflakes. But he did co-create his experience by putting on his boots and going there. Let’s keep it simple.

Another example: Margaret had an idea to send her resume to a graphics designing firm and last week she started a job there. So where did her idea come from? It came from her Higher Self or her guides, spirit if you will. In fact her ego said, “This is a silly idea. They don’t have job openings. If they did it would be in the paper.” But as it happened one of the managers just fired a person and said to his Higher Self, “I wish I could find someone who comes on time, has talent and knows how to work in a group.” So the Higher Self sent out the call to the universe. Now Mr. Forrester the manager does not think in terms of Higher Self, spirit, etc. but he has learned that if he asks for something and lets go and trusts good things often happen. He learned that as a boy and that is part of his success in life. So anyway the call goes out and Margaret heard it because she listens to her Higher Self and even though her ego tells her it is unlikely that this will work she trusts her impulses. Others heard the call and did not respond. One guy did respond but his work was not as good as Margaret’s. So for Margaret finding this job involved a mixture of being open, listening to spirit, acting on impulse and having true ability in her craft. For Margaret this entailed college and many years as a graphic designer.

So it is a combination of factors. Many of you think it is just magic but there is work and preparation involved. Some of you do too much. You work and work and don’t ask spirit enough for help. Others do the opposite. They think they can just sit there and things will happen for them but action is required, even if it is just changing beliefs. That too is action.

So you co-create with the universe. You listen, you evaluate and then you follow an impulse. Beliefs are really what enable you to listen or they can stop you. For example the belief, “I don’t deserve help,” makes it harder for you to receive help. The universe wants to give but you need to open yourself to receive and you have to let go of old unhealthy thoughts such as, “I don’t deserve until I’m healthy or until I lose twenty pounds or until I receive my promotion and earn more money.”

Throw those limiting beliefs out. You can live now. Live now. Don’t wait. Don’t wait until your girlfriend comes back or you’ve lost weight. Have fun now. Don’t let beliefs stop you. Go ahead, lose weight or don’t but don’t let it stop you from participating in life.



Questioner: How do I approach a problem?

St. Francis: Alright. You have a problem. You say, “I intend Highest Good here. I do not know what to do now but I intend Highest Good.” You listen. You wait. You ponder. You stay awake for answers.

Step two: you ask for help. You say, “Higher Self please help me with this. Show me what to do. Send me energy. Please give me strength and wisdom. Help me.”

Step three: you accept help. When insights come you write them down. You don’t say, “Oh, it’s that Higher Self babbling again. (Laughter.) I’m hearing the same old guides, same old guardian angels. Can’t they come up with anything new? It’s always: go slow, relax, go within.” (More laughter.) Anyway the insights from your Higher Self will be practical and sometimes it takes a while for the process to unravel. It is good to take some time to open yourself to the support of the universe.

Let us do a visualization: do your protection for example a golden ball exercise. See a golden ball in your heart chakra and expand it. Clear your energies with the golden light. Then say, “I intend Highest Good.” Then say, “I open myself to the love and support of the universe.” Say it in a general way and if you have a specific problem you can say, “Universe, please help me with this situation (whatever it is).” Close down the visualization and thank all the energies for their help.

Step four: you wait. You stay open. You say periodically, “God, I accept your blessings.” Or you say “thank you” if you feel joy in your life or happiness if the sun is shining.

One of the elements of manifesting with Highest Good in mind is patience. You give up the need to have this or that resolved immediately. We are talking about outer solutions. (In terms of your energy system we want you to stay as clear as you can. As soon as you feel ‘off’ or ‘off center’ we want you to clear your energy system.)

Now you might have to tolerate some pain. Some emotional pain for example like Mark has with his girlfriend. Or pain with a son who does not call or pain in a work situation that is not changing. Meanwhile your Higher Self is looking at probabilities. It surveys what could work out. So do you want to dissolve the pain or manifest Highest Good?

Questioner: But manifestation should come from joy.

St. Francis: Yes, if you can come from joy. If there is little joy then try to be patient. Clear. Pray and trust. Talk to your Higher Self.

Questioner: I have a friend who treated me with disrespect and I don’t know what to do.

St. Francis: What do you want to do?

Questioner: Nothing.

St. Francis: Because?

Questioner: Because it is her problem and I don’t want to get into conflict resolution over something that is part of her character. She is pretty selfish.

St. Francis: Okay.

Questioner: But part of me wants to talk to her.

St. Francis: Why?

Questioner: To explain myself. To clarify I’m not the bad guy here.

St. Francis: But she disrespected you.

Questioner: Yes, but I’m afraid if I ignore her now I’ll get accused of being the bad one.

St. Francis: Is that familiar?

Questioner: Yes, my uncle used to disrespect me and then yell at me for trying to ignore him.

St. Francis: So that is your fear?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: (Quiet.)

Questioner: Yes, it has little to do with her although she might be mad at me if I withdraw but she would also be mad at me if I confront her. I feel like I lose either way.

St. Francis: Yes, from the perspective that you are approaching it you lose either way.

Questioner: What is another perspective?

St. Francis: Another perspective is that these things happen in life. People don’t see eye to eye. People don’t get along. You can wish another Highest Good and all the best and prefer to not be part of their ego games and if they throw anger your way so be it. You are strong Lisa. You have ways to protect yourself. You were very vulnerable at age five but now you can protect yourself. So let her throw anger at you. Deflect it. Close your system. Ask angels to transform it. Ask angels to send it to Highest Good. Some will most likely be transformed and some goes back to the sender. It has nothing to do with you. If it is Highest Good for her to receive back her anger or some of it she will because lessons need to be learned.

Questioner: Okay, so there is no problem?

St. Francis: No, there is some old fear. Ask spirit to help you with that.

Questioner: Should I write her a letter?

St. Francis: No. You are trying to accommodate. Now write it for yourself if you wish but not for her.

Questioner: I want to do nothing.

St. Francis: Yes, do nothing. Deal with the fear. Ask for Highest Good.



Following Week:


St. Francis: So Lisa what happened with the situation with your friend?

Questioner: It’s funny but it resolved itself. We still talk but I’m now clear about my boundaries not in regard to the old incident but in new situations. I say, “Yes I can do this but not that.” We were going to meet for coffee and she was twenty minutes late and I told her it bothered me. But I was able to tell her that in the moment. I also did not take it so personally anymore.

Questioner 2: Will you still meet with her?

Questioner: Maybe. I have not decided yet. But I feel in flow with it and I take it one issue at a time.

St. Francis: Good. So today we want to talk about flow. We talked previously about intention. We talked about giving things up to Highest Good. We talked about having a plan and still being flexible, going with the flow. Let us talk more about you.

There is another force besides your ego. And we won’t beat up on the ego. It has its uses. In order to live here you need a personality which ideally is a sane and healthy ego without too many negative traits such as jealousy, bitterness, old anger and lack of courage, etc. Hopefully you have cleared a lot which does not mean you don’t get angry, jealous or irritated at times. We are shooting for sanity not perfection.

So let us talk about flow and flow is what Lisa talked about when she said the problem with her friend solved itself or seemed to be less of a problem. Part of what she did was she detached from her wish that her friend would act in a certain way. She acts the way she acts and Lisa will respond appropriately. Maybe meet with her friend or maybe not. Most probably she will meet with her for a limited time.

Living in flow means you are not making problems out of situations. It is not about sugarcoating but about being more realistic. Many people are pretty selfish. So of course you will run into them. You can get along. You can dance without getting drawn in. You can even play selfish yourself. You do whatever works. You don’t become a martyr or a rigid rule obeyer. You do what works from your center of integrity.

Another new element for Lisa has been the “let’s see what happens” attitude. Lisa is into having plans. “Next time I meet Doris I will say this or that.” Usually Lisa tries to figure out, “What if she says so and so? Then what will I say?” We are not against having plans. Flexible plans. But what if Lisa meets Doris and flow starts to happen. Instead of A Lisa says B? Instead of not meeting again she agrees to meet because it is the right thing in the moment? Next week saying A might be appropriate or P or T. You understand what we mean?

Questioner: Yes, you mean decide in the moment.

St. Francis: Yes, from a sense of ease, flow, even strength if you will.

Questioner: But there are different probabilities.

 St. Francis: Yes, there are various probabilities. Correct.

Questioner: Depending on how much flow you can take in?

St. Francis: Yes, but this is not a competition or race. You take as much flow as you can. Good enough. Let us use the analogy of the surfer. Maybe you don’t ride the biggest wave but you ride one that is right for you right now.

Questioner: Lisa, did you feel a sense of success after meeting Doris in flow?

Lisa: Well, it felt good and it felt right, like it clicked but I don’t know if next time will click. Maybe it will be a disaster.

St. Francis: What are you afraid of?

Questioner: Getting attacked.

St. Francis: You are going back to the five year old getting criticized. You are fifty-two.

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Doris can call you every name in the book and you’ll be okay.

Questioner: I’m more afraid of the energy.

St. Francis: You have protection. Use your shields. She cannot hurt you.

Questioner: Maybe Doris is scared of Lisa.

St. Francis: Well, Doris is scared period. So ask for your fear to be transformed. Relax Lisa.

Questioner: I feel better with a plan.

St. Francis: As in?

Questioner: What to say, how to stay centered.

St. Francis: A plan is fine but if you feel flow go with that.

So, sometimes flow also brings up fear. That is why we ask you all to go slow. Feel the flow. Do what you are guided to do. Follow the impulses of flow and then release fear. By the way, walking or dancing or any other form of physical exercise is helpful here. It centers you. It helps you release old energies. It keeps you moving. It affects the chemicals in your brain that produce fear. It helps to counteract that process. If you can, exercise in nature. Much energetic good comes from nature and communing with her.

So Lisa, you are on the right track. Fear does not necessarily mean don’t go there. Sometimes it means you are on to something.

Questioner: I recently got in touch with an energy that is very relaxing, very soothing, a bit like your energy.

St. Francis: Yes?

Questioner: I feel it pulsating inside my body creating healing or so it seems to me.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: It is also part of a flow. I feel it leads me to a store for example or helps me when I cook or helps my customers at the bookstore. It calms me and them or so it seems.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: I feel it when I dance. I love to move my body in whatever way feels good.

St. Francis: Yes, so what Sarah describes is very important. These are the beginning steps of a more permanent state of relaxation or effortlessness. Tell us more.

Questioner: I am more relaxed about certain topics. It does not bother me so much anymore. Even the war and I feel a little concerned that I feel so relaxed about it. Like maybe the world is going to hell and I feel warm and relaxed. But in general I feel grounded and calm. It is like an “okayness”, an “okayness” with life, my life and a realization that I don’t control it anyway. Well the big things. I do decide which dog food Charlie gets. (Laughter.) And I do vote and support certain causes. I don’t feel powerless but calm and relaxed.

St. Francis: Go on.

Questioner: I find myself going step by step.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: I have given up multi-tasking and I get more done.

St. Francis: What else? How about relationships?

Questioner: I feel more distant but in a good way. I can see people’s egos and my ego and I think, “Alright I see what happens. My friend said this and I said that and I feel hurt and she feels superior or whatever it is and I just watch.” A couple of days later I don’t feel hurt anymore. I feel okay. Or maybe still hurt but okay too. This energy is so beautiful.

St. Francis: It is your energy. It is you. It is us. It is Martha. It is Peggy and Julie. It is in this room. It can be contacted by the reader. It is encoded into these words. If the reader intends to be open it will come to him or her. Good.

Questioner: There is gentleness to this energy. A sweetness that is quite beautiful. I’m planting seeds right now for my flower garden and it feels like that kind of energy. Like the seeds it feels sacred, sweet, life affirming. Maybe babies have it too.

St. Francis: Everyone has access to it. Not everyone chooses to let it in. Many proclaim to be too busy, too important. Some are too angry, too bitter or too busy to find people to blame for their life or gripe about this and that. We are not speaking with judgment but one has to open oneself for the subtler energies. So Lisa, continue exploring and don’t worry. This energy is here to stay. Enjoy.


Chapter Five







Receiving Energy


So how do you get energy? Let’s come back to that. You get it from food, the sun, the elements, earth, other people, and other beings including animals and then there is another source.

Questioner: Our Higher Self?

St. Francis: Your Higher Self yes and in a more expanded sense Source or God if you will. The universe has unlimited energy as least in relation to you as a person. The problem is not a lack of energy outside of you. The problem is using it.

Questioner: The body has to sleep?

St. Francis: Yes for example.

Questioner: I would like more vitality.

St. Francis: Yes we understand but that is not what it is about: more energy.

Questioner: That’s what keeps getting advertised on TV. How to get more energy, how to be able to do more, produce more, have more pleasure, etc.

St. Francis: We want you to come back to the silence because that is where your clue lies. That stillness, that quiet nothingness is pure energy. There is a tremendous amount of energy that you can draw from.

Questioner: How do we access it?

St. Francis: The trick is, and in a way that is a safety valve for all of you, that you cannot access it from ego. Meaning if you have a mind that is full of thoughts of power, jealousy, ill will toward others and competition it cannot be sourced. You need to be still, loving, gentle and pure or have some degree of purity and we mean innocence not moral judgments. Animals have this innocence.

Questioner: Do I have to be completely still?

St. Francis: No. The ‘good enough’ principle applies here: a good intent and the thought, “I’m not perfect but I’m good enough and I will ask for God’s grace and relax and let it come.” Then you need to accept it.

Questioner: I meditated last night and I think I felt the stillness and it felt like a benediction.

St. Francis: So Sophie, accept it. Say, “Thank you Universe.”

Questioner: Will it come back?

St. Francis: Yes, you sit down and open yourself. You feel the energy. You relax into it. You let it wipe away your stress and anxiety. Yes you have cleared for a long time. You are now ready to access more and more of this.

Questioner: What do I do now?

St. Francis: You keep sitting down at a certain time or whenever convenient and you connect to that stream. Then you spend time in your garden, walking in nature as much as you can. This will help ground you. Relax too. Get enough rest.

Questioner: It is not verbal?

St. Francis: No, it is not.

Questioner: In fact I have trouble thinking afterwards. I don’t want to be too mental.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: I just want to be quiet and clean my house, cook and do my work.

St. Francis: Yes, stay with that. There is nothing to figure out. It is like an embryo growing. It just grows in the mother’s body. It does not think, “Now I need to lengthen my arms. Oh God, I forgot the second toe.” (Laughter.) It is a natural process and the best you can do is get out of the way. Weed your garden. Clean.

Questioner: What about TV?

St. Francis: You can watch TV and watch a story, be entertained but you will see that the highly mental problem solving, the “what’s wrong with the world” political-conflict shows for example won’t work. They contain too much mind. You see you are in the middle. The mental makes less sense to you but you can still get into it and hinder the stream of silence. Later you will be detached enough to see it and not get drawn in. For all of you now the silence is more important. You can solve the world’s problems later and they are not solved by people yelling at each other as some TV shows do these days. There needs to be communication.

Questioner: But we need the mind?

St. Francis: Of course you do. We are not against the mind but it has to work in concert with the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects and it needs to be guided. This stillness which is also part of this greater intelligence will do so.

Questioner: Are you part of this stillness?

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: So Anina has already access to it?

St. Francis: She does and it is not solidified. She goes back and forth with stillness, wisdom and personality problems, feeling overwhelmed, abandoned, rejected, jealous, sad, and angry: the usual list. But the stillness can burn all this up.

Questioner: Why does she go back and forth?

St. Francis: You all do. All in this room have access to this energy and then you go back to habit and old patterns. We are not criticizing you. That’s what happens.

Questioner: Does her personality come up in the channeling?

St. Francis: The personality is part of the channeling. It lets us in and sometimes it argues with us: “I don’t want to get this. I want different information. I want my friend to be okay. I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to see this. This is too horrible or too much work.” It is all very normal.

Questioner: So you provide a bridge to her through channeling?

St. Francis: We are a door to her and to anyone who calls on us. Others are doors as well. Jesus is one of the most famous doors but it has to be Jesus and not just a concept. Jesus is full of love and he is not what many make him out to be. So relax dear ones. Continue your meditations. Try to think less and breathe more. Enjoy this beautiful spring day. Get out and feel the earth.

You are all right now going through a period of recalibration of your systems. There is much tiredness and that is normal. Some of you have had dreams of resting and resting is important. Judy had a dream where she saw a horse sleeping in her bedroom. Anina interpreted this as, “There is power in resting,” and that is one valid interpretation. There are others. So try to get rest, time in nature and some peace and quiet.

Questioner: Saint Francis, my town recently got wired for wireless internet. Since then I have experienced heart racing. What do I do? I don’t want to move.

St. Francis: You do not need to move but the technology around you affects you dear ones. Not just computers, also TV and radio waves. So the key is a strong aura: anything that strengthens your energy system whether that is herbs, crystals, meditation or visualizations. You have many tools and the golden ball exercise where you see a golden ball in your heart chakra and expand it is vital. You can also ask for God’s protection. Say, “God please protect me from the negative influences of electromagnetic frequencies and all other negative energies that I might encounter.” Ask for help. For you Debbie we suggest you put a tourmaline stone in your house. Ask it to absorb all negative energies including electric magnetic frequencies and then clear it weekly with salt water. In terms of being out of the house you can choose to carry a tourmaline or some jewelry that is specifically made to deal with electric magnetic frequencies and other negative influences. Do some research on the internet to find other technology that can help you. There is much you can do. Use the rescue remedy (Bach flower remedies) and also Yarrow to help your nervous system relax among all that electricity and the other energies that come to you. Use also some oils such as cypress that keep you centered. Centering and grounding is most important. Just as it is necessary for a radio to have a grounding cord so it is for you. To deal with all the electricity you need grounding. Carrying tourmaline with you can help as well.

 Dear ones use what nature has given you. Use the flowers, stones and sacred rituals and chants. Now playing sacred music in your house (even if you are gone) is very helpful. The ceremonies and liturgies and chants at the Pope’s funeral have had a beneficial effect on the earth’s atmosphere. Negative thought patterns were resolved. Beneficial loving thoughts were sent out. When you meditate and wish peace and happiness to all beings such good will has an effect for you and others. You all have powerful tools to clear your house, your neighborhood. Let us add here too about the positive effect of flowers. You all know that trees have many benefits. Even science recognizes that now. Flowers have a very subtle effect on the energy system of those who work with them or see them maybe walking by a beautiful garden. The colors have an effect but more than that the subtle being of a flower reminds you of your own subtle being. A flower can add refinement to your life. Like good music it can cause you to relax, to see things from a different perspective, to suddenly release some old resentment or release the grip of something you want that is not good for you. Being around flowers can be very healing to the nervous system.

Questioner: I have an amethyst. Can I use that to absorb negative energies?

St. Francis: Some stones absorb more. Some give out. Some repel. Tourmaline repels. It can also absorb if asked to do so and if cleansed regularly. By the way sacred music is another way to cleanse your stones. Amethyst is primarily a psychic stone. It will stimulate your psychic senses. It can if used properly bring you to higher dimensions but it is not a stone that will absorb negative energies for you.

Questioner: I have a clear crystal with tourmaline in it.

St. Francis: This will repel. The crystal will also add clarity to any energy that you process.

Questioner: Some people seem to have trouble dealing with others and call it spiritual. They denounce the world but it seems they are lacking some psychological skills.

St. Francis: You mean they use the word spiritual to not deal with what is?

Questioner: Yes.

St. Francis: Yes, most of the world especially this country uses the excuse, “I’m too busy,” to not deal with what is but some people put on a spiritual persona and use that. What is your question?

Questioner: How do you not do that and how do you stay real? How can I stay real?

St. Francis: Yes Maggie, the last question is the right one. How do I stay real? The truth is you cannot solve the problem of denial for Ted, Nina or Murphy but for Maggie, for Maggie you can find a solution. First of all you watch yourself. What am I doing? What am I saying? Why am I saying this or that? Why am I avoiding conflict? Or why am I looking for it? What is going on?

Questioner: Well, we all have blind spots.

St. Francis: Yes and life will help you uncover them. Why does such and such keep happening to me? Look. Detachment is important. There is also however false detachment where you deny what is and what you feel and sugarcoat your experiences.

          Questioner: Some spiritual leaders encourage denial in their followers.

          St. Francis: Yes but there had to have been denial in the first place. Otherwise you cannot get someone to follow you blindly.

          Questioner: Some spiritual teachers have sticky energy.

          St. Francis: You mean where followers get stuck like flies to a tape?

          Questioner: Yes.

          St. Francis: A sane person notices that and knows how to de-cord but if you have been told and believe you are no good yes, you might get stuck for a while.

          Questioner: It seems to me we need a new psychology: one that treasures life more.

          St. Francis: A new psychology is emerging. You see many pioneers and many but not all are women. They focus on goodness and love and help people set goals and improve their lives.

          So we would like to get back to manifesting in alignment with soul. Our next topic is manifesting from stillness. So Martha, Betty and some others have commented on experiencing more and more stillness in their meditations. It is a place of calmness and peace and that is the place we want you to come from.

          Questioner: It seems strange to come from that place.

          St. Francis: Why?

          Questioner: I am so used to coming from a place of mental activity, of, “I’ve got to do this,” of getting my adrenalin pumping.

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: To just feel still feels well, boring. It makes me impatient.

          St. Francis: You want action to come sooner.

          Questioner: Yes.

          St. Francis: Mark, look at your impatience. Don’t judge but stay with it. Say, “Okay, there I go being impatient.”

          Questioner: At the same time I enjoy being here and the sense of peace and restfulness that I feel here.

          St. Francis: Yes. Relax Mark.

          Questioner: I feel like if I’m too slow bad things will happen.

          St. Francis: Slowness and patience is part of this path. Just as quick and determined action at the right time is part of it. Go on Mark.

          Questioner: It scares me to go too slow.

          St. Francis: Because it is seen as inaction. Is the snake sitting in front of a mouse hole inactive or patient? Would it be better off running from hole to hole? No. Mark, you vacillate in your decisions. You go after one thing and then another. Then you feel all confused.

          Questioner: That is correct.

          St. Francis: This is the mind that is going back and forth. Should I do this or that or maybe that? Well as long as I’m running I’m doing something aren’t I?

          Questioner: I find it hard to be with stillness.

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: I want to run back and forth.

          St. Francis: Try to feel the stillness and the running at the same time. Breathe. Relax. Say to yourself, “I am in transition. I feel anxiety and stillness. That is okay.” Breathe. Breathing is important for you and will help to slow down the mind.

          Questioner: I feel I create a lot of problems by running around. By thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

          St. Francis: Correct. Relax.

          Questioner: Am I too ambitious?

          St. Francis: We want you to focus on centering, breathing and feeling this inner silence then the confusion will lift and things will become clearer and no Mark, you are not too ambitious. You are who you are and you are changing. It is a journey, an organic process. So if you can create from this silence you create in alignment with your soul.

          Questioner: A couple of months ago you wanted us to focus on joy.

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: Which one is it, joy or stillness?

          St. Francis: Now they go together but a couple of months ago neither of you felt stillness as you do now. So we gave you a mental concept of joy. The main purpose was to get you to a place where you do not tense up when you create. We also wanted you to let go of some old beliefs such as ‘creating is hard’ and ‘no pain no gain’. We wanted you to create with a lighter mode. We still do. Right now you can all feel this peace. So this is what we want you to focus on.

          Questioner: I meditate at night. I feel the stillness. I relax. I can let go of my troubles and at 2pm the next day I feel hurt by what a friend said to me.

          St. Francis: Have you discussed it with her?

          Questioner: Yes she is blocking me so I let go. I’ll probably just leave the relationship.

          St. Francis: That is what we want you to do and you have obviously figured out what to do about the relationship. Now about your hurt: just feel it. In fact your meditation might bring it up more. This is not about numbing your feelings. So we would suggest to you that you say to yourself, “Stillness is there. Peace is there and this hurt is there. It is old. It is leaving.” This is not a new hurt. You feel hurt and unappreciated. It is old, very old.

          Questioner: Yes, but I already did so much clearing.

          St. Francis: Your friend does not want to discuss the matter because she does not want to feel.

          Questioner: Feel her feelings?

          St. Francis: Correct. She prefers the spiritual or so called spiritual plane of bliss and peace. Now when you start denying what is such as hurt or anger or jealousy, or whatever it is, you close off parts of yourself and an imbalance is created.

          Questioner: What do I do?

          St. Francis: You let your friend do what she does. This is your lesson. You made the effort. You reached out. Now let go.

          Questioner: I’m often in situations where I try to bring clarity to a situation and others just sit there and watch me struggle.

          St. Francis: You do too much. Express your needs. Express your feelings but don’t try to express other people’s feelings.

          Questioner: With my parents I was often the negotiator like a peace negotiator. I would go back and forth, “This is what Daddy said. I think Mommy means this.”

          St. Francis: So you had to interpret what they said for each one.

          Questioner: Yes.

          St. Francis: This is a misuse of a child. Adults should figure out how to talk to one another and not ask their child to interpret adult language and emotions.

          Questioner: It did feel overwhelming and I do feel overwhelmed with this friend. If she does not communicate with me how can I fix this?

          St. Francis: She does not communicate in the way you wish because she regards feelings as inferior. She does communicate by saying, “We can talk about this but not about that. These are my conditions.” It is up to you to accept or reject.

          Questioner: I feel very uncomfortable around her.

          St. Francis: People who are not aware of their feelings are uncomfortable to be around unless you are able to shut out this part meaning you do not take on their denied feelings. If you can say, “I can talk about politics and the weather with this person and that they sit on their anger and sadness does not bother me,” then it might work.

          Questioner: I cannot do that with her. I feel so uncentered around her.

          St. Francis: Then that is your answer.

          Questioner: Okay. It does not make her bad?

          St. Francis: Of course not. It just does not work for you.

          Questioner: What will happen to her?

          St. Francis: We don’t know but any emotions suppressed will come up at some time. Maggie woke up crying last night. She felt bad about it. We say that the tears were a great release. Be glad that you can cry and let it go. The silence meditation will not let you suppress your emotions. Ideally, it makes you more real, more patient, and more centered.

          Questioner: Can you give us a meditation exercise?

          St. Francis: Yes. Some of you work with mantras. Some of you with Ammachi's meditation tape using the words OM and MA. Some of you have Buddhist techniques or Christian meditations. Some just stay with their breath. Do what works for you and here is another option: put the archangels around you for protection. Call on your favorite guide or deity. Call on Jesus or Buddha or Divine Father or Divine Mother; whatever aspect of God works for you. Sit down and relax. Keep your spine straight. If you cannot do so lean on the chair. Relax. Watch your breathing and imagine Jesus or whoever you have chosen behind you. He is helping to activate that stillness. Feel the golden ball in your heart chakra and feel your spine lighting up. Jesus is helping you to activate this energy. Focus on your breathing. Breathe in and breathe out. If you wish you can add a mantra or sacred syllable such as OM or the words peace or love. As you do that thoughts will come such as, “I have not paid the phone bill yet.” Or “Does Vera hate me? My stomach is upset.” Or “I’ll never get enlightened.” See a river in front of you. This is a sacred river like the Ganges in India. By the way the Mississippi is just as sacred. Give this imaginary river your thoughts and problems. See them as little boats made out of paper flowing away. The river will purify them. This is a Divine River that you are creating with your thoughts. Relax. Continue to feel the silence, the stillness and see your thoughts and problems float away as little paper boats. If something needs to be attended to and does not leave you alone, for example the phone bill, get up and make a note to pay the phone bill. Put it on your ‘to do’ list then let go. This is not a time to problem-solve. This is time to be with the silence, to be in silence.

          Close down the meditation. It is good to do this before going to bed. You can then carry the experience of stillness into your dreams. You will sleep better. Do you have any questions?

          Questioner: I cannot sleep after meditation.

          St. Francis: Then meditate at a different time and try to be still afterwards. Do something that does not require too much mental activity such as cleaning or gardening.

          Questioner: I need to go to work and deal with customers.

          St. Francis: Try to remember the peace and quiet you felt in meditation when dealing with your customers. Different meditations do different things. This one in general will calm you down and help you sleep but some people might experience it differently.

          Questioner: I need a morning meditation to wake me up.

          St. Francis: Alright we will do that one then.

          Again bring in the Archangels. Ask for protection. Now visualize a blue light in your spine. It starts at the bottom of the spine and moves up. It is an electric blue, a light blue. See it pulsating in your spine. See a blue light going up and down the spine. The spine is becoming bluer and bluer. The light encompasses the whole spine and radiates out beyond. It cleanses the spine and the area around it. Let it expand now to slowly encompass the whole body. Now see a golden light pouring in from your crown chakra and clearing the whole body. Breathe. Release any old energy you do not need including energies you have taken on in your dreams. Relax. Breathe. Stay with this as long as you want. If you feel ungrounded also see the golden light going down to the center of the earth and see green light going back up. See yourself grounded. Relax. Close down the visualization and go and have your shower. You can see another clearing there.

          Questioner: I am often ungrounded.

          St. Francis: Then spend less time on the first part and more time on the grounding cord. In fact you can do five minutes with the blue and gold light and ten minutes with the green grounding cord. You can even do some stretching exercises afterwards. That will help.

          Questioner: I find what helps me most to feel the silence is to be grounded and centered.

          St. Francis: Yes. You see this is all for you to play with. Experiment with the meditations and let us know what you feel and what insights have come to you.

Questioner: I have had some old trauma come up.

          St. Francis: What is it?

          Questioner: Sexual abuse by my uncle. I am quite nervous. I’m not getting real pictures but the feelings of powerlessness and fear that I had at the time are coming up.

          St. Francis: Is this the first time it has come up?

          Questioner: No, it has come up before. I’ve been in therapy for many years.

          St. Francis: Good. So you are dealing with it. Now the silence can bring up traumas. We suggest for you not to meditate for a while.

          Questioner: What do I do?

          St. Francis: Walking is good, spending time in nature, relaxing, watching comedies on TV or whatever gives you pleasure. Put as little stress as possible on yourself. Relax

          Questioner: Why would the silence bring up Maggie’s trauma?

          St. Francis: Because the silence goes into your cells. It is in your cells and by focusing on it you give it power and that is not quite correct but the best words we have right now. Anyway the frequency of your cells gets raised. This is another way of looking at it. As frequency gets raised the cells spin faster and start to release old memories.

          Questioner: But Maggie already worked on this.

          St. Francis: Yes and she released much and there is more which brings us to the next point. Maggie, keep saying, “I release this old energy. I let it go.” There is nothing you have to do, just relax and let it happen. Take good care of yourself. Relax. Take some time off. Go for walks in nature and think, “Good, it is coming up to be released.”

          Questioner: So that is not a negative thing?

          St. Francis: No, it is not. It is not pleasant and we ask you to be very gentle with yourself and talk in therapy if you need to but it is not bad that this is coming up. In a way it is a good sign. You are letting go and remember you need not get into the details. Read our explanations in Energetic Empowerment on how to deal with trauma. All you need to do is release the energy, you don’t need to know what happened. Keep saying, “I release this old energy. God, please help me release this as fully and easily as possible.”

          Questioner: I feel I need a lot of sleep.

          St. Francis: Yes you do.

          Questioner: Is grounding important for Maggie?

          St. Francis: Yes and part of PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is a feeling of being spacey and ungrounded. So, nature, slowing down, working in the garden, breathing or remembering to breathe, all these things help.

          Questioner: Why is there a spacey feeling?

          St. Francis: Fear un-grounds you.

          Questioner: If you let it in?

          St. Francis: Yes and if you are five and the uncle is forty it is hard not to feel frightened.

          Questioner: But now I am forty-two.

          St. Francis: Yes but the memory is still there. That is what releases and that is where the spacey feeling is too. So don’t take on big tasks. Do less if possible.

          Questioner: I’m tired too.

          St. Francis: Yes, emotional work takes energy. You’ll be fine Maggie, just take it easy for a while.

          Questioner: When can I meditate again?

          St. Francis: When you feel better. You’ll know. Let your meditation now be walking or gardening or lying on the couch with your cat.

          Questioner: Thank you.

          St. Francis: You’re welcome.

Questioner: My teacher told me I should identify myself with the all-providing Supreme Self and I should see everything within myself. Can you comment?

          St. Francis: You are the Supreme Self. So is Maggie and your mailman and the homeless guy downtown and your cat and the squirrel at your bird feeder. It is all consciousness. It is all divine. As to the second statement there will come a time where you will realize it is all within you. All is one Self.

          Questioner: How do I get there?

          St. Francis: You first of all take into account that it can be like that. You might even wonder about the implications which might mean something like if you hurt another you are really hurting yourself but your perception is not yet subtle enough to recognize that. You also realize that you have power or that the power of the Supreme Self pulsates through you as it does through everyone else. That power can be felt.

          Questioner: I have chronic fatigue. How can I feel that power?

          St. Francis: Becky, as you lie on your couch feeling tired try to go deeper. Go underneath what the body tells you at the moment. There is a supreme power that sustains you. Feel that.

          Questioner: Does that help my body?

          St. Francis: Yes it can.

          Questioner: My teacher said to some people she suggests to do the opposite and to leave everything up to God and to say, “I am nothing. God is everything.”

          St. Francis: This is a hard one for the Western mind. All of you are so trained since childhood really to take control and be responsible at times too responsible. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The first one can lead you to become full of yourself or egotistical if you deny your true feelings.

          Questioner: And if I am not humble?

          St. Francis: Correct. The second can lead to laziness: “I got up too late today. It must have been God’s will.” “I flunked my test. Oh, God’s will. I give it all up.”

          Questioner: What do you teach?

          St. Francis: We teach the first way to recognize your power and alignment with Source. When you are aligned, when it clicks, the power can come into action. So creating in alignment with soul or manifesting in alignment with soul. We want you to keep that phrase in mind. Get up in the morning and say, “I want to create in alignment with my Higher Self, in alignment with God, universal consciousness.” Keep it in mind. Say it to yourself. Intend throughout the day. The intention will help to bring it about.

          Let us get back to Emmanuel. Emmanuel gets up this morning and he says to the bathroom mirror while brushing his teeth, “I create in alignment with soul.” Iris, his soul, told him to say this and he is not one hundred percent sure what that means although he has inklings. It is really dawning on him that studying languages, and traveling, and getting to know other cultures are part of his purpose this lifetime. But he is still not quite sure how to do it.

          “I create in alignment with soul,” he says as he is tying his shoe laces. Now he is dancing around the kitchen table. He just turned on his new Salsa tape. Iris also had suggested more movement, “You’re too uptight,” she had said. He does not understand the Spanish words on the tape so he is singing, “I create in alignment with soul.” His dog Sparky comes out from his kennel to look what all the locomotion is about. Sparky needs food and water. Emmanuel fills his dishes.

          “Okay,” he says. “Let’s go to the dog park.” Sunday morning Emmanuel and Sparky always go to the dog park. Emmanuel gets the leash and gets ready to go. As he gets to Park Street he is about to turn right when he hears a little voice. “Go left.” “Iris?” he wonders and then he remembers his intention. Yes, he had asked for her help, he might as well follow it.

          “Okay, left,” he says to Sparky who is surprised. “What about the dog park” he seems to say but doggedly he follows Emmanuel to the left. They walk for a while. Emmanuel hears no more directions but his body just walks on. “Whatever,” Emmanuel thinks and lets out a sigh. As he turns the corner he almost runs into another man. It is an older guy probably in his fifties with a business suit.

          “I’m sorry,” Emmanuel says.

          “Oh, my fault,” the guy laughs. He is not American. He has a slight accent.

          “Oh what a cute dog,” the man bends down to pet Sparky.

          “Yes, he is cute,” Emmanuel responds.

“Ask him where he is from,” he hears. “Iris?” he wonders.

“Go ahead ask.” Iris sounds persistent. Emmanuel does not really want to ask but he decides to go along.

          “Excuse me sir,” he says, “I do not want to be intrusive but I detected a slight accent.”

          The man smiles as he looks up from petting Sparky. “Yes I am French,” he says.

          “Oh French,” Emmanuel nods not sure what to say next.

          “Yes, I am from Paris,” the man continues. “I am starting an import/export business here in the States. In fact I am looking for someone to help me.”

          “Oh yes?” Emmanuel responds getting quite excited. “Well what kind of job?”

          “Oh,” the man looks more directly at Emmanuel. “Well I am looking for someone with business experience and the willingness to do everything really. I need someone who helps me set up a new office here but then I want this person to spend a lot of time in Paris and be my liaison to the States.

          “What do you sell?” Emmanuel asks.

          “Haute Couture.”

          “Oh, fashion?”

          “Yes.” The man nods.

          “This new employee needs to speak French and English. Do you speak French?”

          “No. Well…” Emmanuel feels quite nervous. “I have been studying French for the last six months. In fact my big dream has been to live in France for awhile.”

          “Oh, I am Mr. Dupont.” The man extends his hand.

          “Oh, my name is Mr. Atkins, Emmanuel Atkins,” Emmanuel responds.

          “Well,” Mr. Dupont pauses for a moment and then he asks “Do you want to come to my hotel and discuss a possible job?”

          Emmanuel nods as he feels his heart racing.

          “I need a resume and if you could show me how much French you know and there is still some time. I need someone to start in three months. You would have some more time to study.”

          Emmanuel nods not sure what to say.

          “We can also talk about salary.” Mr. Dupont continues.

          “Yes.” Emmanuel responds.

          “Okay this is the number.” Mr. Dupont hands Emmanuel a card.

          Emmanuel nods still not sure what to say.

          “There will be some traveling back and forth to France but Sparky could stay at my sister’s country estate just outside of Paris when you are on the road.”

          Emmanuel nods. He still feels in a daze. It is starting to rain.

          “Alright then,” Mr. Dupont says and shakes hands with Emmanuel.

          “Good-bye,” he says and leaves.

Emmanuel just stands there for a while. Sparky looks at his owner trying to get his attention. The rain is getting stronger.

“Okay,” Emmanuel finally says to Sparky. “Let’s go home and get dry.”



          So things do not always work as fast as in our little story have but once you affirm, “I create in alignment with soul,” you are starting something. You set up an intention. It ripples out and comes back to you.

          Questioner: But didn’t Emmanuel want to go to college and then go to France?

          St. Francis: Yes but he does not have enough money so his soul is finding him another way to fulfill his goals. Also his goals might change. He might like the travel and stimulation more than going to a college. But he can still do that. Now that he knows more French it will be easier and cheaper. Let us take a break. We want you all to absorb the information that we have given.



          Questioner: Is saying, “I create in alignment with soul,” like affirming Highest Good?

          St. Francis: Correct.

          Questioner: But saying, “I create in alignment with soul,” feels more active.

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: Like I’m doing something.

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: Is that good?

          St. Francis: Yes it is good to take an active part in your life.

          Questioner: I feel more and more that I make my life happen.

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: That I am not in total control but have some control, that I have a part.

          St. Francis: Yes.

          Questioner: And then the universe supports me.

          St. Francis: Correct.

          Questioner: Saying the phrase, “I create in alignment with soul,” makes me feel like my creative juices can start to flow. I can flow.

          St. Francis: Good.

          Questioner: But I do not control the outcome.

          St. Francis: No, in fact the outcome might be much better than expected.

          Questioner: I never thought of it this way. I think more in terms of, “Don’t expect too much or don’t have too much ego. It’s not spiritual to have desires, to want too much.”

          St. Francis: When you say, “It is not spiritual for me to get what I want. My dreams should not get fulfilled,” you are trying to control the outcome.

          Questioner: Like I’m trying to play God?

          St. Francis: Yes: god is poor. He wants me poor. He does not want me to be happy. He does not want me to find a good husband or live in a beautiful home.

          Questioner: I never looked at it like that. I’m telling God what is spiritual.

          St. Francis: In a way, yes.

          Questioner: I’ll have to sit with that.

          St. Francis: Yes. So here is a clue: God wants you to be happy. He wants you to stop fighting. He would love it if people would get along. But if you can’t develop a positive vision of your life, you will have to live with the consequences of what you create. God won’t rescue you; unless you ask then of course He will help. She will help but you need to understand what you create.

          Questioner: This is what earth life is about?

          St. Francis: Part of it yes. You need to understand your creations.

          Questioner: Is my body a creation?

          St. Francis: No. We were referring to how you operate. How you get yourself in certain situations or how you get yourself out. Let us say your relationship with your spouse does not work. What happened? How did you get there? What patterns created this situation? Now you are not responsible for your spouse’s behavior but what do you do? How do you react? Do you assert yourself? Do you belittle yourself? Do you, if it is an abusive relationship, get out and create a life for yourself or do you stay and maybe create some good for yourself as well? Do you give up? Do you analyze? Do you go forward or backward? Look at the whole process without judgment. What is going on?

          Questioner: Sounds like therapy.

          St. Francis: There is some overlap but therapy often focuses too much on the problem. It forgets the spiritual aspect, that there is a whole universe ready to support you. However despite all this a good therapist can be helpful. So, what are you creating? We want to free you. We don’t want to throw another burden at you, another limiting belief and more shoulds. Of course some shoulds are reasonable. Don’t eat more than your stomach can handle. Don’t drink and drive. We are not talking about practical limitations but the psychological ones. I should not have what I want. I should not make my heart sing. What if it sings too loud? What if I speak up and Aunt Aida is offended? What if I speak my truth and my neighbor does not like it? Speak your truth dear ones, to yourself first of all. So, “I create in alignment with soul,” is a phrase we want you to repeat.

          Questioner: I prefer to say, “I create in alignment with my Higher Self and the Goddess.”

          St. Francis: That too will do just fine. Please replace the expression with what is right for you as long as it is a positive force: spirit. So saying the phrase by itself will help you. It will bring things into motion. It will make you feel more powerful. And we mean that in a good sense. We do not refer to power over others or things you cannot control but power to create together with the universe, to create something good: a book, a piece of art, a more loving family, a happy office, a beautiful garden, a new friendship, a ride in the country, a possibility to mentor another, a clean house, whatever it is. “I create in alignment with soul.” Say it often. Sing it if you can. This intention will draw to you opportunities to further your soul growth and on a practical level ways to pay your rent, find new friends and do what you love. “I create in alignment with soul.”

          Questioner: Will it help me with my health?

          St. Francis: Yes and we don’t guarantee outcomes. We too leave it to spirit. But we were joking a bit. This intention might well bring you new supplements for example to help you with your arthritis. You might come across a Tai Chi or Chi Gong class that helps your legs. Or maybe soul will talk directly and impulse you to do certain movements that help to release energy because that is part of your problem. You have collected too much energy.

          Questioner: I need to release it?

          St. Francis: Correct.

          Questioner: How did I collect it?

          St. Francis: Kundalini is part of it. Right now it is better for you to do less meditation and focus more on expression and movement. Take a break with raising frequency.



          So, “I create in alignment with soul.” We will repeat this phrase throughout the book and ask you to read this and to intend it. Repeat it silently or out loud if you can. Either way works. “I create in alignment with soul.” The sentence itself will free up some pent up energy. Go for a walk. Put on some good music. Keep intending, “I create in alignment with soul, Higher Self. I create my purpose. I create with God, All That Is, Universal Consciousness. I am in alignment. I create in alignment with God.

          Many light workers have problems with the word God. Many of you were killed in past lives in the name of God or so you were told. You were psychics, healers, herbalists, midwives or just people with spiritual power inconvenient to others who were in control. Release that now. Release your old fears. This is a good time to release. It is now time to come more into your power to create in alignment with soul, Higher Self, the Divine. Some of you feel powerless. Make an intention to release all beliefs in powerlessness. Say, “I intend to release old beliefs in powerlessness.” Just the statement itself will get things in motion. You can add, “I intend for all this to happen as efficiently and gently and with as much ease as possible.” If you wish you can add, “Dear God, Divine Father, Divine Mother, Higher Self, Dear Guides (or any of these by themselves) please help to make this process easy and gentle. Please help me.” “Please help me,” is a very powerful statement. It is not a victim statement. It is an expression of power unless it is followed by non action on your part. It is part of co-creation. You ask. You receive. You process. You ask. You observe, understand and possibly also teach and share. Then you ask again. You receive. You give. You understand. We think you get the idea.

          Some people were overwhelmed as children, maybe by a parent who bullied them or abused them emotionally, mentally, physically or sexually. Some children get overwhelmed by a very depressed parent, an alcoholic mother or a mentally excitable parent who explodes at the drop of a hat or for no reason whatsoever. These things can be overcome. You can create the life you wish for yourself but it requires effort. It can involve therapy for many or healing or other modalities. One of the most powerful tools you do have is belief work, setting intentions as we are doing in this book. This can shift things very fast. Do you have any questions?

          Questioner: I was abused as a child by an alcoholic mother so I was a victim.

          St. Francis: Yes at that time. Especially when you were three feet tall and your mother was five feet eight inches. The problem is that the experience gets held onto and then projected into the future. So you feel like a victim of your boss or the government or God for some. You have the mental idea “God has it in for me.” You can release this.

          Questioner: How?

          St. Francis: Intention and we will be working a lot with intention in this book. That is where your power lies. To state unequivocally, “I am free, I can create my own reality.” That does not mean you control everything. Obviously you cannot change the weather in Florida for example. But you can move somewhere where it is not so hot if you prefer cooler weather.

          So we want to get back to Martha. We suggest for her to affirm the following: “I intend to release any old feelings of victimhood. I ask for Highest Good. I ask Divine Mother (for that is who Martha trusts) to help me. I ask for this process to be as easy and gentle as possible. I ask for help.”

          Now back to Emmanuel. Let’s say he has some feelings and beliefs of being a victim. His credit card is maxed out. His car needs to be repaired. And Mr. Dupont, remember Mr. Dupont? He has not called back. In fact Emmanuel tells Sparky that this probably won’t work anyway. Sparky goes back into his box. Emmanuel is too depressed today for him.

          Questioner: Do victim beliefs cause depression?

          St. Francis: Yes and vice versa. It can become a vicious cycle and you need some intervention, for some a therapist, for some it is biochemical and some can do it by themselves by observation. Some people if they are able to look at their processes somewhat objectively are able to say, “Enough. It’s enough. I can’t stand this anymore.” Understanding, true understanding can transform any situation.

          Questioner: They get sick of themselves?

          St. Francis: No, more like watching themselves do the same merry-go-round. “It’s enough,” they say. By the way all these options are not mutually exclusive. You can get therapy, observe yourself and work with biochemistry. Try herbs first if that is possible.

          So Emmanuel too has some victim beliefs. In his family the father was the weak one or so it looked like at least. His mother had taken control and at times bossed the father around. Emmanuel, identifying with his father, felt anger but also took on some of the sense of helplessness that his father felt. He felt conflicted. Conflict especially complex conflict intensified is one of the patterns that really stops flow. This conflict needs to get untangled and sometimes it needs to be resolved one by one and then it needs to get released energetically. So, Emmanuel took on some of the feelings of helplessness that his father felt. When we say took on we mean that literally. Energy in form of beliefs and patterns and conflict wandered from his father’s energy system to Emmanuel. It became a burden, an energetic burden.

          So let us continue. Emmanuel has trouble in relationship. Not much more than the average person but there are some special challenges. For example he is attracted to controlling women. Strong women in his interpretation but often he finds out that he is being smothered. Then he recoils. He has tried the opposite, women who see themselves as weak and it repulses him. He is looking for a more balanced woman and that is right there on the list after the years in Paris and the degree. However as you all well know in order to attract and more importantly keep a balanced partner one needs to be balanced oneself. By the way there is no one hundred percent balanced just as there is no life without problems or challenges. Also it is a dynamic balance. All parts of you have energy and sometimes energy flows from one part to another but no part is allowed to dominate or rule the others. There will be more about this in this book, don’t worry, we are just putting out some ideas.

          So Emmanuel used to go out with Betty. Betty, bless her heart, was quite an accomplished woman. She was the manager of a big store and quite efficient. She had quite a lot of structure which Emmanuel liked and she could get rigid which he did not like. In Emmanuel’s judgment she bossed him around. She felt Emmanuel could not make up his mind and rather than “wait around endlessly” as she put it, she decided where to go and what to do. First Emmanuel kind of enjoyed her taking charge. Then it annoyed him. He felt smothered. Betty got annoyed at what she called his unresponsiveness, his lack of decision making. Emmanuel felt he needed more time. He accused her of pressuring him and she did at times. So to make a long story short the whole thing fell apart. A couple of months later Emmanuel met Laura. Laura was very shy. She did seem to lack confidence but she was kind and not pushy like Betty had been. So Emmanuel felt relieved. He felt as if he could breathe easier. He also hardly ever fought with Laura. In fact Laura did not seem to have much of an opinion on most things. She followed Emmanuel and agreed with him most of the time. “Whatever,” or “I guess so,” were her favorite expressions.

          Emmanuel has a long talk with Sparky one night.

“You know,” he says, “I like Laura, well I think I do. I mean she is pretty and all.” He pauses and gives Sparky a bone for listening so patiently. “But I hate to say this,” Emmanuel lowers his voice even though Sparky won’t spill any of his secrets, “But,” he continues, “She is kind of boring. At least Betty had some spunk.” Sparky lets out a bark. “No, I won’t go back to Betty. I know you did not like her either.” Emmanuel adds.

“He wants another bone,” he hears an inner voice.

          “Iris?” Emmanuel asks.

          “Yes,” Iris responds with a smile

          “How about some advice with relationships?” Emmanuel exclaims as he goes and gets another bone for Sparky.

          “You have to work on your own parts,” Iris responds.

          “Which parts?” Emmanuel asks and gets out a notebook to write some of this down.



          “We are talking about the part of you that is afraid, the part that wants to speak, the part that wants to be quiet, the part that avoids conflict and the part that searches it out. And as an aside for God’s sake make an attempt to find out what you want.”

          “What do you mean what I want?” Emmanuel responds a bit annoyed at Iris’ forcefulness.

          “What do you want in a woman, from life and what kind of career do you want? Find out your purpose. Do some soul searching.” Iris answers seemingly undeterred by Emmanuel’s feelings.

          “Alright, alright,” Emmanuel does not like to be pushed.




 121 Page Excerpt of

 Manifesting in Alignment with Soul

 Channeled Teachings of St. Francis

 Anina Davenport

 From the back cover:

The purpose of Manifesting in Alignment with Soul is to help you to co-create with the universe with more ease and joy. You do not create alone. There is a whole universe out there ready to help and support you on your path. The book focuses on creating Highest Good, which means that sometimes you are not sure what you are creating, or what your true Self wants you to participate in. This becomes clearer as you take the first steps and keep intending Highest Good. There are practical examples and discussions of obstacles on the way; and throughout the book we remind you to be loving and gentle with yourself. You can achieve much more with ease and relaxation than with force and extreme effort although at times and in emergencies that might be necessary. We want you to come more into a flow where creation just happens. Your job is to check your beliefs and make sure that you are not working against yourself or your true Self. Our job is to remind you gently when you have become stuck in a rut or pattern and help you to get out of it. The book contains certain energies and can be picked up at random if you feel you need some help. Our love is with you.

St. Francis


This book can be ordered from any bookstore or by calling 1800Authors. It is published by IUniverse and has 227 pages and is priced at $18.95.



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This book can be ordered from any bookstore or by calling 1800Authors. It is published by IUniverse and has 227 pages and is priced at $18.95.