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Living in Flow (December 2007)

 St. Francis through Anina Davenport


St. Francis: Our friend Martha (name changed) just came back from a trip. We encouraged her to go even though she felt a bit “under the weather.” This is part of “living in flow” as well, to challenge yourself a bit.


Questioner: I am afraid of overextending myself.


St. Francis: You are because you used to do that.


Questioner: Yes I was sick a lot in my 20s.


St. Francis: But it is not about overextending. It is more about taking a leap. It is about trust. It is about trust.


One of the problems that you all have is that your mind wants to figure everything out in advance.


Questioner: … before the actual experience.


St. Francis: Yes the mind is all about protection or what it interprets as protection. We ask you to stretch yourself a bit; to take a risk, to try something new, to have some fun.


Questioner: To explore?


St. Francis: Yes to explore. Have a sense of curiosity about your life. Have a sense of adventure. Enjoy that not all of it is all planned. Free yourself of the old.


Questioner: I feel stuck these days.


St. Francis: Martha felt a bit stuck before the trip and as she was traveling she was able to shake lose some of these stuck energies.


Questioner: Maybe I should walk more.


St. Francis: Walking is good. Physical movement helps to shake off old energies. If it is too cold outside dance or do some yoga.


So, we want you to get away from “I have to figure everything out before I can take some action.” Much information comes as you take the first steps. Sometimes you have to go on faith so to speak


Questioner: Follow my intuition?


St. Francis: Yes the mind says, “According to our risk/benefit analysis this is not worth doing or quite possibly a waste of time and energy.” Your Being, your deeper Being which is aligned with intuition says, “Go ahead.”


Questioner: Then I should go ahead?


St. Francis: Yes.


Questioner: What if my intuition is not so good.


St. Francis: You know getting in touch with your Being, with your true Self and with its intuitive information is a skill that can be learned.


Questioner: A skill?


St. Francis: Yes a skill. But you have to practice it. You have to listen to that small voice inside of you and follow it. First on small things, then you follow it on bigger issues.


Questioner: What if I am wrong?


St. Francis: That is possible. This is an earth school and this implies learning and lessons and yes at times you will be wrong. That is part of how you learn.


So let us go back to intuition. For many this is an underdeveloped sense. You have studied in school and developed your mind. You skilled your senses such as hearing, seeing, touch and smell and you have learned to pay attention in life. Maybe you have also practiced centering and grounding yourself in the here and now and physically into earth. Maybe you even practice martial arts or some other form of being aware of energies and your posture and movements. All that is good.  Now intuition: where does intuition come in?


Questioner: It’s that small voice that says: “Go there. Do this. Call her.”


St. Francis: Yes.


Questioner: It is faith.


St. Francis: How do you mean?


Questioner: The feeling that I am loved. The universe loves me. Or I am part of this universe; one with it.


St. Francis: Yes that helps. Now intuition comes in silence.


Questioner: Ok.


St. Francis: Let us explain silence. Silence does not mean “no noise”. Yesterday Anina sat in a café. It was busy and she could hear sound fragments: the cappuccino machine and soft music in the background and at the same time she felt this quietness inside from which words sprang that were helpful to her. When people say silence many mean no noise but noise need not be a problem.


Questioner: Including my own noise, my mental noise.


St. Francis: That too can be there. You just say, “Ok mind you are doing your thing. I will delegate you to the background and I am going to tune into another station now: my higher self station.”


Questioner: Ok.


St. Francis: You see that is another trap of perfectionism. I need the perfect environment to hear my Being. Total silence for example; and then my mind needs to be quiet too: a perfectly empty mind just like I have read in those spiritual books.


Life is not like that. Life is messy. Noise is part of this. Outside noise. Your own mental noise. Of course you can lessen it but don’t get trapped into waiting for the perfect condition before you talk to your Being. See it more as an extra radio that you can turn on. Turn that station up and the others down. That is all you need to do. No problem.


Questioner: How do I know I am on the right station so to speak.


St. Francis: Trial and error. That is one way. If the information is loving, kind and practical and works you can see that it comes from the right place. In general you will feel a sense of peace and love when you tune in. It will not feel like stuck energy. In fact it can get you unstuck by its higher frequency.


Questioner: I feel there is joy with it too.


St. Francis: Yes joy and excitement a kind of subtle excitement.


Questioner: It gets me back into flow.


St. Francis: Exactly. Emmanuel’s story in our book  Manifesting in Alignment with Soul was one way we tried to convey that sense of “let’s go, let’s keep flowing here. Come on. Life is good. Life is joyful despite all the problems one might face.”


Questioner: But sometimes we have to rest.


St. Francis: Of course ideally there is a relaxed movement. Tension is not good and again do the best you can. There is no perfect living in flow. But we want you to play with these concepts. So take a step. Take a risk now and then and see what happens.


Copyright Anina Davenport 2007.


Anina Davenport’s articles have appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and other publications. She is the author of  Reflections on Ascension, Oughten House, Energetic Empowerment, IUniverse and her new book Manifesting in Alignment with Soul, IUniverse. These books are available from any book store including Amazon or by calling 1800AUTHORS. You can view the content of her last two books on; to receive a 121 page electronic excerpt of her new book please contact Anina at



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