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From: Ross Bishop
Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2007 7:09 AM
Subject: Hopi Prophecy - The Blue Star


I apologize in advance for the length of this email.

Prophecy is tricky stuff. It is easy to misread the tea leaves. But something incredible is happening in the heavens and may point to the fulfillment of centuries old Hopi prophecy:


Ancient Hopi prophecy states, "When the Blue Star makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge"
A spectacular explosion caused comet 17P/Holmes to increase in size and brightness on October 24. The comet is now a half a million times brighter than before the eruption began. It continues to expand and is now the largest single object in the Solar system, being bigger than the Sun. The eruption continues at a steady 0.5 km/sec (1100 mph) rate. Holmes is still visible to the naked eye as a fuzzy star anytime after dark, high in the northeast sky. It is faintly visible from cities, and from dark country locations is truly remarkable.

This is an astounding story. When an object suddenly, unexpectedly, appears in our solar system THAT IS BIGGER THAN THE SUN, and can be seen with the naked eye, and is BLUE, it could be one of those heavenly events like the Star of Bethlehem that foretell coming events. I would also call your attention to the seven seals in Revelations (I’ll write more about that when I have time.)

From the Hopi:
"The return of the Blue Star (also known as Nan ga sohu Katchina) will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.
"Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier the Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.
" The messages will be found written in the living stone, through the sacred grains, and even the waters. (these could be the crop circles which have been found even in ice) From the Purifier will issue forth a great Red Light. All things will change in their manner of being. Every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest thing.”



What follows are two longer expositions of Hopi prophecy. Note that the events listed below were predicted many centuries ago and have been passed down. They were also all carved into Prophecy Rock at Hopi many, many years ago:

The Nine Signs of Hopi Prophecy
From White Feather, Bear Clan, Hopi Tribe

"These are the Signs that great destruction is here: The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle people in other lands -- those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as the white man has made in the deserts not far from here. Those who stay and live in the places of the Hopi shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon, very soon afterward, Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in our hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World."

The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.

First Sign: We were told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana -- men who took the land that was not theirs and who struck their enemies with thunder. (Guns)

Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. (Covered wagons)

Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. (Longhorn cattle)

Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron. (Railroad tracks)

Fifth Sign: The land shall be cris-crossed by a giant spider's web. (Power and telephone lines)

Sixth Sign: The land shall be cris-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun. (Concrete roads and their mirage-producing effects.)

Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it. (Oil spills)

Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like our people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn our ways and wisdom. (Hippies)

Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of the Hopi people will cease.



The following is an excerpt from LAST CRY  Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End Times, by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf © 1994-2004:

"The story of the Blue Kachina is a very old story, very old.
  I have been aware of the story of the Blue Kachina since I was very young.  Frank Waters also wrote about Saquasohuh, the Blue Star  Kachina in The Book of the Hopi, The story came from Grandfather Dan, Oldest Hopi.
"It was told to me that first the Blue Kachina would start to be seen at the dances, and would make his appearance known to the children in the plaza during the night dance. This event would tell us that the end times are very near.  Then the Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heavens which would mean that we were in the end times. 

"In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South pole. In the final days the Blue Star Katchina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter clock wise.
"This fact is evidenced in many petraglyphs that speak of the Zodiac, and within the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. The rotation of the Earth has been manipulated by not so benevolent Star beings. The twins will be seen in our North Western skies.  They will come and visit  to see who still remembered the original teachings  flying in their Patuwvotas, or flying shields.  They will bring many of their star family with them in the final days. 

 "The return of the Blue Star Katchina who is also known as Nan ga sohu  will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming.  This is where the changes will begin.  They will start as fires  that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.
" Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier  The Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever.  There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier.  They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways. 

(There is more. I have edited for length. If  you want the rest, email me and I will send it.)



The Revelation of Comet Holmes

The Earth-Holmes Synodic Cycle

Nov 23, 2004

The Lunar Planner


March 23, 2007 6:52

France Comes Clean on UFOs!

Plenty of people are convinced the world's governments are conspiring in a massive coverup of the "fact" that UFOs have been visiting our planet for years. In the U.S., for example, it's just obvious that a saucer crashed in Roswell, N.M. in 1947, and that government agents came and removed the little alien bodies. They're still on ice in a secret government lab. Oh, and we reverse-engineered a crashed saucer to discover alien technology too. You think the transistor was invented at Bell Labs, don't you. Ha!

The strongest evidence for all this is that there is no evidence. Naturally--because the government's files on UFOs are still mostly classified. Why would they be secret if there were no actual aliens? Answer me that!

But now the French are coming clean: their government has now released all of its secret UFO documents and put them up on the web. The site has proven so popular that you can't even get to it.




A Life of Celebration

A life of celebration, that is what all of us are looking for. We go through life celebrating many different occasions, going through great expenses and ordeals preparing for such events.  All of this is good, but is this what we really mean by celebration?  Is the true desire of celebration more from an external point of view or is it more from a deeper more meaningful inner space of the self?  To celebrate is for enjoyment, for pleasure, for having a good time with the self and with others.  So, do we just go on with our worldly festivities, which all of us enjoy, or do we also stop and look at our life and focus on the true meaning of this word:  CELEBRATION?

So, what is it that we are searching for when we want to celebrate?  Since we were children, we found so many different ways to celebrate life.  The consumer world bombards us, on special occasions, with their creative ways to manipulate our celebrating these events as they would have us.  These occasions are a good time for reflection and family gatherings, such as Thanksgiving.  For some, they are times of happiness and for others, times of loneliness and sorrow.  When we stop to think of the true reason for celebrating, it is a more permanent, deeper feeling we experience.  When we think of all the miracles of life, from nature’s intricate perfect ways, to the realization of who we are, we are amazed at the beauty of every moment.  When we stop to observe a sunset or sunrise, the petals of the flowers, the feathers of the birds, we feel the inner happiness in these moments.  When we think of the perfect rhythmic synchronicity of the human body, of the composition of any living and non-living being, we marvel at its wonder.  When we start appreciating the many precious aspects of life, we start living a life of celebration.
When we choose to live a life of celebration, we stop depending on just the outside, and we start discovering our true inner self.  When we discover our true inner self, our inner beauty begins to emerge.  We are more in the moment.  We realize we are not only live in our body but we are eternal beings of light, of energy, precious children of the Divine.  This brings enlightenment into our life.  With this awakening, we see humanity as our spiritual family, knowing this, compassion, love, generosity, and kindness, among many other feelings, emerge in our heart.  The moment we become aware of this, every moment, every soul, every situation is an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate.  Life becomes one of love and beauty regardless of the circumstances around us.  In diving deep within ourselves, we start extracting the “jewels” within us:  all our inner virtues and qualities begin to emerge, showering this world.  Our life is then lived as a celebration, of spiritual joy, a feeling that brings us closer to the Higher Being.
As we explore our relationship with this Being, the Ocean of Love and Compassion, our experience of this Supreme Soul is very enlightening and transforms us.  We bring the Divine into our life and every moment becomes one of meaning and deep significance.  His love fills our heart and heals it.  His strength gives us the courage to continue with our much needed changes.  His compassion makes us feel mercy and patience with the self and therefore, with others.  As our life changes, it is easier to experience easiness and flexibility, which helps us to enjoy life more.  This relationship with the Almighty Divine Being, Who is so known as God by many, brings us much happiness into our life.  When we experience this inner joy, known as supersensous joy, life is a celebration.  One who feels this celebration joins into other’s events, not coming into it in a needy way, but as a bestower, a donor.  We then bring happiness, peace and harmony wherever we go.  So let’s explore our inner beauty by connecting with the Divine and allowing His powerful love and light to shine in all of us.  His cleansing, purifying power will emerge and bring out the best in us, creating a life of celebration.
--by Rosa Cetlin


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