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Today is: Magnetic Moon Dali 8, Red Solar Dragon (8-2-2007)

1968 days left until Rhythmic Solstice (Dec. 21) 2012

Harmonic Convergence 20—Awaken to Reality

26 Years of the Harmonic Convergence
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“It was 20 years ago today that the band began to play.”
(The Beatles)

"Five years - That's all we got."
(David Bowie)

While it was the White Galactic Wizard that ushered in the Harmonic Convergence, it is the White Lunar Wizard who oversees the 20th anniversary of this watershed event that opened the gates to the final cycle of the Time of Prophecy. Of course, the day after the White Lunar Wizard ushers in the new solar Ring (July 26, 2007) the Blue Electric Eagle shows up establishing the blue galactic spectrum, a 65-day cycle of transformation. It was the Blue Electric Eagle who greeted the dawn of August 16, 1987, and enlightened the 144,000 sun dancers with their missions for 2012.

Now, 20 years and 20 days later at the dawn of August 16—Magnetic Moon 22—it will be the Blue Planetary Eagle that enters the silence of the 144,000 sun dancers in their pre-dawn meditation. Will you be one of them?  Will you receive the transformative extension of the blue galactic spectrum in your heart? Will you awaken ever more deeply to reality and seize the day with the perfected vision of the New Time?

No one then could have imagined the cycle of transformation that was to set in after that cosmic moment 20 years ago—the galactic beam bath. What happened? The end of the Cold War and the “Desert Storm” on Iraq, the advent of the Internet, the evolution of the cybersphere and the usurpation of the human mind by virtual reality, the absolute triumph of money, 9/11 and the “war on terror,” global warming and the Bush dynasty’s “New World Order”—not the world anyone really wanted to see. Now five years to go. How will the cycle end?

Don’t you see, it really is up to you to wake up to reality? It is all a house of cards. The power of the imagination is entered by awakening from the Dreamspell of History and entering the reality of the Galactic Dreamspell. August 17, Magnetic 23, the Navigation Tower, is the day of the Yellow Spectral Warrior. Liberate your intelligence. Take back reality!  TAKE BACK REALITY!!!

This Harmonic Convergence let’s spend a couple of days off the Internet, and our cell phones and seriously practice telepathy. Let us make telepathic rings around the Earth uniting all hearts with strands of telepathic love. Let us really put our hearts into it. Let us see how many clear messages we can send and receive. It is our God-given right to do this. It is the choice we need to exercise. Homo noosphericus is not made out of optic fibers or nano-chip technology. The system will soon be overloaded and collapse of its own weight. Virtual reality is a dinosaur of the 12:60 imagination.

This Harmonic Convergence organize telepathic picnics and sit in circles of silence at the dawn—and sit there all day long. Let song burst spontaneously from your heart. Place a rainbow round the Earth. Project the power of mind—“I perfect in order to create,” says the Planetary Eagle. “I dissolve in order to question,” says the Spectral Warrior.

Take Back Reality! Create the Mind from the nothing that it is! Experience God-consciousness unfiltered! Wherever you may be, be there not afraid!


©13 Seed Year (2006) Victory Flows Mystery of the Stone
Galactic Research Institute



Venus & The New 32-Year Saturn-Orcus Cycle

A New Lunar Planner Article

Aug 1,2007

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The New 32-Year Saturn-Orcus Synodic Cycle
& The New Earth-Venus Cycle

Starts on The Planetary Alignment of
Aug 18-20, 2007
Earth, Venus, Sun, Saturn & Orcus


The Lunar Planner




Crop Circle - East Field July 7, 2007 - Lunar Cycle Timing

If the East Field July 7, 2007 crop circle is indicating timing of some sort as suggested by the Australian Scientist's research, there is no better way to communicate such timing--using a universal astronomical language. Using the sol-lunar cycle is the most obvious and fundamental way to communicate such Earth (local) timing.

See: http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=1290&category+Environment

Entry #4. From:  Australian Scientist (Who Requests Anonymity)
Lunar Cycle Count Down to August 18, 2007?
Subject:  Lunar Phase Diagrams At East Field 2007

Quote from the Australian Scientist:  "Yet I will show here by quantitative analysis, as well as by comparison to other pictures from the Cropcircleconnector Archive, that East Field more probably represents a series of four lunar phase cycles, spanning the summer of 2007. Three of those four cycles begin and end normally, whereas the fourth lunar cycle will end six days after a new Moon (possibly on August 18, 2007)."

A very significant astronomical alignment occurs on Aug 18-20, 2007. This is a planetary alignment involving Earth, Venus, Sun, Saturn and Orcus. More significantly the start of a new 32-year synodic cycle created by the Saturn-Orcus synod begins at this time. Coinciding is the start of the new Earth-Venus synodic cycle. This astronomical event is certainly a turning point in the astronomical cycles governing the evolutionary cycle of growth in consciousness on Earth. The details about this major event / transition occurring on August 18-20, 2007 is presented in my recent article posted on Aug 1, 2007:

The New 32-year Saturn-Orcus Synodic Cycle
& The New Earth-Venus Cycle
The Planetary Alignment of Aug 18-20, 2007

Link: http://lunarplanner.com/HCpages/Synodic-Orcus-Saturn.html

Whether this crop circle is suggesting a physical event, I do not know.  However, the time of its creation is also a principal significator.

This Crop Circle was created on 2007-07-07 - a significant day energetically. This day is when the Sun aligns with Sirius and Canopus (at ~21° sidereal Gemini). In addition Sirius, "the great world teacher," is associated with "events of a global proportion" (a player in the World Trade tower terrorist attack). This is not to say such global-influencing events involving Sirius/Canopus are always of a negative nature, they are not and can be quite positive. Canopus of Argo Navis is "the navigator," or helmsman (also a primary star used in NASA space flight navigation). Canopus is involved in the steering of the greater evolutionary course for the Earth and Humanity. I have written extensively about these stars throughout my Lunar Planner web site (for those wishing to use the search feature on my home page).

Obviously, research regarding the relationship of Crop Circles and astronomical cycles as a universal language, not only conveying messages through this language, but also in regard to timing, would be a voluminous project to dedicate one's energy and time to. Unfortunately I have not the financial leisure to to pursue such an intriguing and full-time research project. In leu, I hope this brief response and my article on the new 32-year Saturn-Orcus synodic cycle is of value to this pursuit for those interested.

Correspondence regarding this material is invited on the Lunar Planner Forum:Earthgrid.

Nick Anthony Fiorenza.
LP Forum: http://www.lunarplanner.com/phpbb/index.php





Greetings Kindred Spirits

This Moon's Natural Time Update can be found at:


including a special report:

The Opportunity of This Lunar Wizard Year...

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

~All Hail The Harmony of Mind and Nature!H




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