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Feb. 8, 2007   Global Meditation
Connection for Consciousness Gathering
Sacred Transformation     Phase One

Phase Three = Sacred Transduction   2/17 - 22
Phase Four =  Sacred Connection
   2/22 - 25
Phase Two = Sacred Transitions   2/13 - 17
Phase One = Sacred Transformations  2/1 - 12
 Open to, Allow for yourself, and Accept for yourself that a shift is happening at this moment.  This shift which is moving in a wave form over the earth, availing Itself to you, is one for permanent elevation in consciousness.  Not only is this wave-shift supporting you fully to elevate your consciousness, It brings with It the opportunity to enter a different timeline for yourself and earth.  A timeline that provides the ability to shift your consciousness vibration, your conscious awareness of the world in which you live as well as the ability to create, then manifest expansive change on earth.
There are several such openings of opportunities which will present themselves in the next almost 90 days, and we will offer weekly Meditative Gatherings with different themes for the week.
This first opportunity presents cosmic energies from our local planets, our galactic center, as well as from or in unison with the many thought forms or ‘collective grids’ which have kept humanity in a battle of duality and polarity for eons.  It is now time for these collective grids or holding tanks, to be fully opened and our ensnarement from or connection to these limiting holding tanks be freed.
We are entering a timeframe whereby there is a large evolution leap for those Souls Ready to move to the next level, or the next experience on earth. This next level is one where we are re-defining ourselves, re-teaching ourselves what it is like to live in peace, without the daily struggles we have been taught to except and…expect.
This evolution leap will not be attractive or desired by all souls. In honor of each person’s free-will, as well as honoring the Souls of those individuals who are un-attracted to this Moment for elevation in consciousness, we are Choosing to Gather together those Souls and those individuals who are hungry for non-life affirming actions to be non-existent in their reality. This is other than a prayer field participation for peace in war-torn, genocide areas which are driven by energies too non-life-affirming to recount here.  This is a Gathering for those who Know for themselves that the Way to Shift Earth and our Evolution, is by shifting our own personal inner realms.  Therefore, the themes, the Attention, the goals for each Meditative Gathering or Connection For Consciousness relates to working in tandem with the astrological energies moving through our bodies and consciousness fields right now, and using those in union with our Soul to fulfill an elevation in consciousness. With this more expanded perspective of consciousness and our organic divine nature, the vibrations automatically assist us to morph or shift into higher vibrations. This in turn allows us to absorb more of the higher vibrational energies which in turn, propel our reality into a more resource-full and love-affirming place to live.  Fairly basic quantum mechanics, nothing woo-woo.
As we focus upon the available times for personal-spiritual growth which are accented by the energies beaming forth from our local planets, we make vast changes in ourselves, with our participation in life, and in how we can begin to re-build our earth.  As we focus upon the changes we intend, the ‘old world’  which has run on hate and destruction, will fade away and there is more of our personal energy to devote to aspects of re-building, joy, creative endeavors, integrative wellness and transformational-healing which are now required. 
With the recent full moon of Feb. 2, 2007, we were assisted in more deeply understanding the specific items that each of us an individual realize needs to be changed immediately.  And as a focused, energized, empowered person, how we will be able to be involved with grand change.  In other words, people have been thinking about, visioning about their interests and passions and how they can use those to effect change in our world, right now.
In this year 2007, a vibration of ‘9’, it is an opportunity to personally and globally realize: what needs to be completed, what needs to be released, what seeks resolution and/or reconciliation, and what seeks or hungers to be established as new paradigms, as new ways to live, as new ways to interact with one another, with new ways to ‘educate’ children, and what is most vivid or passionately getting our Attention that we as a conscious person can manifest in our new world.
February is an excellent month for re-connection and relationship.  Both of these must first be maintained, nourished and nurtured within our inner realms, with all the archetypes of duality & polarity, prior to manifesting as our everyday encounters and experiences.  As compassion and partnership appear in our inner realms, so too will new avenues for Sovereign-ness, empowerment, and our outer relationships flourish and support us.
On February 8, 2007, we are Calling those who are passionate with re-creating our world & our relationships with each other as a conscious-global community, to join us in a Meditative Gathering.
The Gatherings of the next several months are considered a series for the Elevation of Consciousness. The name of such is: “Connection For Consciousness”.
The theme or foundation of this specific Gathering on Feb.8 2007 is: Sacred Transformation. We will be reviewing during the meditation, aspects of what needs to be transformed in our lives to produce more Sacredness.  Aspects to review, release and then apply Rarified Qualities so they may become the Sacred Transformation Grid for others’ path include: What beliefs keep me limited/separate in my abundance and wellness? What wounded habits keep me separate from my Sacred Sensuality? How do I control myself which produces a stifling of chi to flow through me and from me?   What creative tasks have I put on hold which now hunger for expression to the world? How am I assisting my community? What needs to be transformed to support me in having more fun each day or feel more connected to my children (or the children of the world who need assistance) or which will make room for more Love in my Heart? What requires a release to enable more peace to be around me in each moment?  What asks to be freed now so that I can truly and honestly listen to other people?  What blinds me from seeing the Harmony and Beauty around me?  How can I assist the environment of my local community, my world, my oceans? What relationships need to be released so we both may feel more alive and can fulfill our Soul’s greatness in the world?  Please add all other areas or topics which are important to you. And remember, for each limiting belief or action we transform in ourselves, we assist others around our world who have the same issue. This is potent action.
Whilst the Meditative Gathering, Connection For Consciousness is on Feb. 8, 2007 (as well as weekly for several months), if you feel you want to participate with this each day Feb. 8, to Feb. 12, 2007, this is profound. Each of us will feel it differently and be Called to add our energy to this Wave in different ways.  There is a core group which will be directly contributing several times during that 24 hour timeframe.  This is one of many new models starting to emerge as we re-create the new and what we can more readily use. There are those who are Called to Pray for peace or other results around the world.  Within the Connection For Consciousness Gatherings, we will transmute our already transforming inner & outer landscapes to manifest results that expand consciousness, which integrate polarity & duality rather than battle it, and which support the actions of others who are working with intent-filled Prayers.  
On Feb. 8, 2007, at midnight, we begin the Gathering. The core group for this will be starting in various time zones around the world to anchor the energies and begin activating the template which will then be transformed into a Consciousness Grid for earth. Please join in when it feels good to do so, and add your Sacred Transformation Energies for as long in duration as feels good.  Some people may add their energies to the Gathering once & some may add their energies several times during the 24 hours.  There will be those involved every 2 hours during Feb.8, 2007 and then at varying harmonic intervals during Feb.8 to Feb 13, 2007.
This is a Sacred Transformation Grid.  As it becomes stronger in vibrational quality, more & more people in the world, conscious or not, will be able to connect to it. As each individual Chooses and Claims their life to contain more Sacredness, they will attain such because the old struggle, control, destruction grid has been rendered un-accessible for those Souls requiring new ways to live.  We will be monitoring and assisting the Wave throughout the 24 hour frame, as well as daily in the week. We welcome all who desire to add their Love and Sacred Transformation throughout the week.  Join and participate whenever it feels good to do so.  There are enough people who will be participating to carry the Wave through the world and as momentum increases, so too the availability for “the 100th monkey” ignition.
The  Connection For Consciousness Gathering, Sacred Transformation, will begin on Feb. 8, 2007 midnight in whatever country you reside, and the theme of Sacred Transformation is in affect until 12 midnight on Feb. 13, 2007.  At that time (Feb. 13, 2007) the next Gathering for the Elevation of Consciousness will begin.  This creates a Wave of energy at the onset of the Gatherings, as well as momentum for each Gathering which then flows into the other Gatherings.  Both the focused intent of many people and the focused energy & intent in Wave form are extremely potent.  Since the earth was made with duality, polarity and paradox, it is appropriate that we set a new model which involves ‘set time intent’ and ‘Wave energy intent’.
A note:  We each will have our own personal way we like to review, release and activate our transformation.  Some will do it with Ceremony, others through walking in Nature, and others while journaling.  Each path is sacred and vital. There are 3 components which are important for the framework and the most important element for all 3 stages is PASSION.  1) What is important is the realization for everything which keeps limitation, control, separation and wounded-ness in place in our lives.  After the realization, 2) Release the ‘item’ out of your body and energy field. Intend that the same hold true for all other existences (some call them past lives).  3)Next is to apply the opposite quality to the space in your body or aura if you can sense that, otherwise just passionately feel & Intend that the opposite Quality of rarified vibration be present and secure.  If you are more comfortable, the feeling & sense of Appreciation may be applied to the area where the limitation was held (or in general terms, perhaps you are comfortable with just releasing & then feeling a deep sense of Appreciation).
In example, if one reviews how they control certain situations with others which produces a separate-ness response from others, or perhaps believing one’s perspective on things is the most correct.  After realizing you do this, after feeling how the other person feels when you do this, release the action which is now a habit for you in how you relate with others, apply Appreciation to that action because it has brought you to more compassion and love.  Call in or apply the Rarified Quality of “Wisdom to Understand another”(or Appreciatoin) and feel that move thru your body and energy field, then radiate that feeling or energy out at least 9 feet all around you.  The Quality you apply does not have to come to you by way of in-depth thought. As you address each limitation, release it and bring it to Sacred Transformation, a Quality or a feeling will present itself to you. It is a gift and the solution.  Embrace it and keep it as your own, until the next level for elevation in consciousness happens for you.
We look forward to participating and manifesting our new world together.


Rebecca Michaels; Reba@HarmonicWellness.com, Harmonic Wellness and New World Productions and  Sophia Manning; www.Callaisllc.com


I bless the world and all those unnamed fellow humans who are suffering, hurting and are lonely and wholeheartedly wish them IMPROVEMENTS of their situation! And I'm asking ALL humans to help create a LOVING, peaceful, healthy, spiritual and prosperous planet for EVERYBODY!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I love You Food, I Thank You Food, I Respect You Food, I love You Water, I Thank You Water, I Respect You Water, I love You Air, I Thank You Air, I Respect You Air.                                            
Hi everybody,
You are invited to join this group meditation, initiated by the Active Indigos Group  ~ :)
Every Friday at 9 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time): Group meditation for a healthy planet, peace, love, happiness and prosperity to heal the planet and develop greater peace of mind, greater happiness, more love and joy and more prosperity for EVERYBODY!
This is one way to work together to bring in more positive energy for manifestation of the highest good for ALL. Please feel free to join in spirit from your own home for this group meditation.
If you think you will be sleeping then, do it when you go to bed and set intent for it to join with the energies at 9 pm PST!
Time Zone Info:
United States
Sat. 1 am New York City, Eastern Time
Fri. 11 pm Minneapolis, Central Time
Fri. 10 pm Denver, Mountain Time 
Fri. 9 pm San Francisco, Pacific Time
Fri. 8 pm Anchorage, Alaska Time  
Sat. 5 am Accra, Ghana
Sat. 5 am Bamako, Mali
Sat. 7 am Johannesburg, South-Africa
Sat. 6 am Lagos, Nigeria
Sat. 12 pm Bangkok, Thailand
Sat. 1 pm Beijing, China
Sat. 10 am Islamabad, Pakistan
Sat. 1 pm Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sat. 10 am New Delhi, India
Sat. 1 pm Singapore, Singapore
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Sat. 6 am Warsaw, Poland
Middle East
Sat. 8 am Baghdad, Iraq
Sat. 7 am Cairo, Egypt
Sat. 7 am Tel Aviv, Israel
Central & South America
Sat. 2 am Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sat. 3 am  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sat. 12 am Lima, Peru
Fri. 11 pm Mexico City, Mexico
Skeptical?!   There is considerable evidence showing that combined and sincere meditation efforts have measurable effects. See for example PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab)'s Noosphere experiment and Gregg Braden's fascinating 30 min. The God Code video.
Take care everybody and take care of your fellow humans and the planet also :)
P.S. Suggestions for improvements and feedback re. omissions, time zone mistakes, etc. are greatly appreciated!
I love You Food, I Thank You Food, I Respect You Food -
I love You Water, I Thank You Water, I Respect You Water -
I love You Air, I Thank You Air, I Respect You Air.                                             
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