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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
12 Caban, 15 Kayab, 2 Ik          June  26, 2007

Selamat Jarin! We come before you with some good news. The grand plan is working beautifully. The prosperity programs seem ready at last to be delivered. As we approach this most auspicious point in your history, it is necessary to tell you again to be committed fully to spreading these monies throughout the land! Our Earth allies and their many "compadres" have worked long and hard to bring this to fruition. Now it is your turn to carry out faithfully the detailed instructions that come with these monies. Never forget that these huge sums are the result of a long struggle, which is finally coming to an end. These protracted and secret battles were fought to bring each of you a new world. In this new reality a huge range of possibilities opens up for you. Remember this time as one in which a multitude of changes began on your world. It is also the prelude to our arrival. You are about to learn many things about yourselves that have long been hidden by your former dark off-world masters. As these facts come to light, drink them in and learn from them.

      The wisdom that you are about to gain has come at a great price. You and your ancestors were the innocent victims of a massive onslaught of manipulated half-truths, misrepresentations, and all-out lies. Drummed into you as facts, these myths led you to accept notions that stole your freedom and embarked you on lives filled with false temptations. You were given to believe that abundance and, above all, what you were able to aspire to was severely limited. We have watched for millennia while those leading you down many a sorry path kept up this nonsense with predictable, sad results. Ignorance, pestilence, and war were your lot in life; and millions died needlessly. Yet, you never sought to rebel or to seek your divinely bestowed sovereignty. This pattern we plotted for millennia to correct, but only in the present did the means begin to develop within you to challenge this state with any chance of succeeding. Until now, defiance of the status quo was rare. Attempts to "leaven the dough" of your plight were met with incomprehension on your part and were promptly swallowed up in another wave of dark manipulation.

      We intend that the true story of your origins and history serve as a guide for what is to follow. Freedom and sovereignty are no longer to be mere words to you. As a living reality, they will form the basis of wisdom. Normally, an evolutionary leap of this magnitude occurs over a much longer period; but Heaven and the Creator of us all ruled otherwise. This vast expansion in your knowledge and consciousness capabilities is required for the next steps on your divine journey to your destiny. This destiny goes well beyond the limited potential of this realm; it involves opening yourselves, almost overnight, to the fact that what you think you know and believe is not even a mere drop in the immense bucket that is the sum-total wisdom of Heaven! Our mission is to guide you with Love and divine Light as you move in accelerating steps toward full consciousness. First contact is the means chosen by Heaven for us to carry out our sacred assignments. Under the direction of Heaven, we have learned a lot about how to advance you toward your divine goals.

      On the one hand first contact is a massive operation involving our ships and personnel. On the other, it has become a mutually beneficial path that is teaching us all some valuable humility and a great deal about the benefits of focus and diligence in carrying out one's assignments. We are grateful to both our Earth allies and our Heavenly Hosts for this wisdom. Much is being learned each day about how to proceed; for example, how to most effectively capitalize on the resources available to us. As first contact approaches, we are delighted that this special duty is nearing its next phase. You can imagine how frustrating it is to be delegated the role of something that doesn't officially exist. Our huge fleet is not keen on always being cloaked, or being seen by most as largely unnoticed additions in your night sky. We would much rather become openly reacquainted with you all. The time has come to "drop in on you," as your saying goes, and pay you a visit.

      First contact is something we do not take lightly. Finishing this mission is highly important to you manifesting your destiny; and thus our primary projects revolve around achieving this objective quickly. Much that we did in the past aimed at speeding up contact. Your world, as it stands, is a scary place for many of you. We are very aware of the fact that first contact can transform your qualms into joyous relief. It is our greatest wish to spread joy throughout your realm, and our diplomats and liaison people work assiduously to bring this requisite state of well being to all. They frequently declare that contact can come not a minute too soon! And this is why we are so happy about what is now happening: The dark's great big wall is breaking apart, and the implications of this bring us a warm inner glow of joyous anticipation.

      As the mighty, well-oiled machine of the dark begins to fall apart, we are reminded of the comment about your world made by one of our first fleets on the scene: that while your potential was limitless, the dark's hold over you was prodigious. Shortly, this apt observation will be history. The Light is shining upon you and within you. Great events are gathering momentum to manifest before you. As we cruise your skies in growing anticipation, we watch this buildup, and converse with our Earth allies about those extraordinary events they now have planned. Truly magical things are preparing to happen! For our part, we are stepping up our monitoring of you and preparing to record some historic developments. These are to herald the impending arrival of first contact!

      While all this gathers pace, we carefully watch Mother Earth. Like you, she is most anxious to transform her self and her reality. To accommodate her, we need to keep up good communications between her Spiritual Hierarchy and our liaisons. It is important to maintain a balance between what Mother Earth intends and the time you need to be ready for first contact. An intrinsic component here is that she deeply wishes to be done with all this. She longs for first contact to happen so that she can at last allow the great outer changes to take place. Her constant refrain got Heaven's attention, and so this acceleration toward first contact has become the order of Heaven's day. This is another reason for you to rejoice, and to be assured that something glorious is about to happen!

      To many of you, first contact is, as yet, merely a mental construct. To us, it is a sacred operation that we intend to complete. Many events involving stupendous amounts of money are almost upon you. And further, many individuals are engaged in very perilous activities that, "in the twinkling of an eye," are to bring down two powerful governments. These separate thrusts are actually quite intertwined, and as we watch them unfold, we marvel at the degree of synchronicity involved. To a bystander, it looks as if Heaven has set in motion a series of random events; but then they collide and somehow produce the most advantageous results. In short, many seemingly unconnected components are coalescing to work a most divine miracle for us all!

      Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. We are pleased that you are very close to seeing the first dominoes fall. These events bring us closer to first contact and openly meeting all of you. We look forward to this day when such marvelous adventures can truly begin. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
5 Oc, 8 Kayab, 2 Ik            6/19/07

Greetings, dear Friends! We return to speak with you about many things now going on around your globe. As you know by now, our Earth allies, fortified with a detailed plan provided by us, have been swiftly tightening the noose around your last dark cabal. This strategy is nearly completed. The great prosperity promised you for so long is preparing to manifest. This project slipped out of our grasp far too many times in the past.  What makes this time different is the huge amount of planning put in before the event, with the express purpose of preventing any possible further snafus.  Thus, the present US regime is nearing its end.  A decisive encounter between this dark cabal and our Earth allies is now underway.  This prearranged confrontation is intended to set up the conditions for the events, which are to move your world out of its escalating chaos.  When this is done, a transitional American government can take power and, along with its new allies around the world, start to rearrange how your world functions.

      This process of moving your world forward into a new reality is not an easy task.  Your leaders are a motley crew.  The political realm they inhabit has taught them to be suspicious of all-inclusive schemes for change.  Our coup has been to convince most of them of the feasibility of comprehensive change and to gain the support of key adherents from all parts of the planet.  These leaders set up covert lines of communication between them, which led to a series of conferences.   Here, debt forgiveness became an international concept, and an immense transformation of your planet's banking, monetary, and financial systems were forged. These pacts, and all that they entail, are to be part of a series of splendid revelations that are soon to fill television screens across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.  These agreements are to put into play not only a great prosperity, but also a new system designed to increase that prosperity.  The goal is to take your world beyond the concept of "the haves and have-nots" into one that promotes true, universal equality.

      Working carefully with our liaison personnel, a great movement across your planet of sufficient quantities of gold and other precious commodities was undertaken.  These secret activities permit the provisions of these agreements to come into being.  We are proud of these accomplishments, but more to the point, we know that our plans can thus be fulfilled.  Supporting these events is a highly detailed program to transform the US Federal Reserve Bank into a true central bank.  This operation allows for a new American currency, adjusted to pre-inflation levels, to come on line and for a new currency agreement to stabilize the relationship between the world's designated major currencies.  In short, we are working to affect a well-thought-out means to transfer this abundance rapidly not only to the initial trustees, but also to all and sundry.  This process, concurrent with the setting up of multiple transitional, or caretaker, governments, comprises the first domino.  Thereupon your global economy is to be transformed very much for the better through the introduction of a whole slew of new technologies.

      These new technologies are virtually pollution-free and able to rectify much of the damage incurred by two hundred years of your now-planetwide industrial revolution. Your civilization then begins a rapid journey away from the unconscionable depredations of your global economy toward a society where your personal sovereignty and innate freedom take center stage.  This change of focus is fuelled by the secret agreements mentioned above.  This is why the series of worldwide announcements concerning this change of direction needs to happen on the heels of the prescribed government changes.  The agreements call for a program of massive changes to be declared and then put into practice.  The nature of the new technologies alone warrants a ceremonial launching!  The idea is to sponsor a spectacular metamorphosis of your globe, in which each village and urban shantytown is upgraded by technologies that instantly rebuild housing and provide a highly prosperous environment.

      The advent of post-computer technology coupled with a super-Internet environment is at the forefront of what we are doing to hasten first contact. Communication between individuals and businesses needs to be more conscious and intelligent; that is, it needs to move from the age of electronics to the age of light. We can then introduce artificial intelligence devices with their natural heuristic teaching modes.  Your science has gone far in these fields, but nonetheless still lacks some of the concepts to move fully to the next level of your computer-network and consciousness-raising revolution.  This heralds the next stage of the consciousness shift you are now erratically going through.  We intend to encourage this leap by ushering in those ideas and simple devices that can best prepare you for our arrival and create satisfactory global conditions for first contact.

      This new technology can quickly transform your world.  Nonetheless, many of the religious philosophies that permeate your societies need to be vastly upgraded and become more tolerant of each other, and people in general!  An upsurge in tolerance is a natural result of the technology that we shall introduce once the changes begin, and can lead to extensive intercultural exploration.  It will become clear that mutual acceptance and understanding on the part of all cultures of the globe can produce a new world that revels in its wealth of diversity.  This global and grassroots coming-together is a concomitant of the great shift in consciousness that is setting up the prerequisites for first contact.  We expect these technologies to create the social conditions that will permit the world's governments to announce our presence, and this, of course, sets the stage for first contact.

      First contact, as we have often stated, becomes a consciousness shifting procedure. The mass landing operation is to be preceded by events that move your society away from its present predicaments. From this more open perspective, the phenomenon of first contact can be understood as merely the last phase in a greatly accelerated path toward full consciousness. We realize the immensity of what Heaven is doing here: You are on the verge of incredible changes that are to be literally thrown at you! Yet, you possess the capacity to absorb these changes rapidly and to use this experience to open to yet more changes. And this capability of yours will be needed to accept what is possibly to come next. Know that Heaven has full confidence in you! Nevertheless, these projected scenarios can only take place after the first dominoes fall as planned.

      The main points of this message are twofold: First, know that the final drama before the arrival of your prosperity is happening now. An ultimate, decade-long chess game is concluding. This means that the large amount of interference you have been putting up with is just about over. The monies are to trigger a huge transformation not only in your lives, but also around the world. Second: Once this happens, the floodgates of change open wide. A multitude of big events and big discoveries will appear in rapid-fire mode around you. Your consciousness growth at this time will be fully tested by Heaven. From this, your global society can learn how to incorporate change quickly, and thereby, prepare itself for our arrival. Remember, Together, We are truly Victorious!

      Today, we included an overview of what is to come.  Heady times are upon you!  What lies ahead is a forerunner to first contact.  During this interregnum be focused, and above all, be ready to help your community and your world by coming forward with reassurance and guidance for possible solutions to problems.  Remember the aphorism:  Each problem contains the key to its solution.  We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours!  Selamat Majon!  Selamat Kasitaram!  (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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