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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
7 Muluc, 10 Pax, 2 Ik           5/29/07

Selamat Jarin! We return after a short hiatus to discuss some truly interesting developments with you. As you may already suspect, many secret agreements have come into effect while we were on our break. Our Earth allies have been able to get a range of necessary conditions drawn up against the last dark cabal. These rules make it even more certain that the collapse of this cabal and its illegal US regime is quite imminent. Many banks around your globe are being forced to adopt new ways even before this cabal becomes history. This is shifting the protracted financial global chess game to the advantage of our Earth allies. We are overseeing this closely and, concurrently, making plans to ensure that our own various projects also come swiftly to fruition. We are close to putting into office a series of new regimes whose purpose is to bring peace to a troubled world and allow a great prosperity to come into the lives of Mother Earth's citizens. These changes also set the stage for the formal announcements that lead us to mass first contact with your world.

      While we are excited by this progress, we hasten to add that we bring a sober realism to bear at all times on our assessment of what is currently playing out on your world. This dark cabal has proven itself very adept at reversing previous sticky situations that seemed to spell its doom. Our present efforts aim to temper these risks by bringing in new players who have the potential to thwart the cabal's counter-moves. It is, quite simply, time for the madness and chaos created by the dark to come to an end. Hence, we have rigged the game in favor of our Earth allies. As you know, doing this has not been easy; in fact, we had to call in a number of galactic chits to enable us to achieve the position we now enjoy. In the past, the special strength of the dark lay in its cunning: This trait was learned at the side of some of the most hard-core Ancharan empires of this galaxy. Using the advice of our new and changed (i.e. ex-Ancharan) allies gave us ways to remove any possible "slither-room" from the dark cabal's strategies. These actions are now paying off.

      As we work the last cabal into a corner, those who control that organization are engaged in the usual immoral activities, which, in the past, allowed them to escape any tight spots. But now our new strategies are working as planned. Consequently, we are expecting very soon to see the completion of the deliveries and the exit of the present US regime. These events will open the way for many things that are to be announced publicly by the new transitional governments. Throughout this schedule, we intend to position various operatives whose purpose is to oversee the carrying out of the many provisions of the agreement of 1998 that will ensure first contact. These provisions promise your world that the great global prosperity can lead your societies toward a higher level of cooperation, which, in turn, is to establish world peace and bring an enhanced understanding of each other. In this environment, the deployment of long-suppressed technologies can permit you to clean up global pollution and put an end to world hunger.

      Being this close to the time of your world's transition is most satisfying for us. Nevertheless, our work is just beginning. We need to make sure that the agreed-to stipulations are indeed carried out by our Earth allies. To this end, we have carefully worked out a number of ways for the divine decrees to come into being. Although our degree of intervention in your affairs grows by the day, it adheres strictly to the amounts that are acceptable to Heaven. Accordingly, we are ever mindful of the fine line between what we wish to do and what actually gets carried out. Our analysis of your world is constantly re-evaluated as we update out databanks with intelligence and directives from our many liaisons and their diplomatic counterparts. Further, our task is to do this within the scope considered legitimate by Heaven. Our Spiritual Hierarchy liaisons also relay to us their sacred decrees, and these documents serve as our policy parameters. The result is a scenario heading us toward first contact.

      Heaven is deeply committed to your return to full consciousness. Her purpose is to manifest the divine plan on planet Earth and throughout this solar system. It was Heaven's call for first contact, which brought us in great numbers to your shores nearly two decades ago. As we matured this operation, we discovered both your strengths and your weaknesses. We can tell you that for the most part you are a moral people driven to commit many immoral acts by a group of dark minions known by many names, both known and unknown. This is the time when these dark secret rulers give up this amoral governance of you and when an age of Light reclaims you. We restate this in order to remind you that the conditions presently surrounding you are divinely decreed to go away and that a worldwide action to this effect is well underway. We are a part of this, and our actions can and will bring you into a new age of Light!

      The many fleets that daily watch over you are dedicated to a first contact that brings you to the very threshold of full consciousness and then with ease delivers you to your full consciousness destiny. Doing this has been quite an experience. We are now engaged in a series of activities that are to ensure the fall, at long last, of "the first domino." Thereafter, a veritable deluge of interesting events can ensue. Right now, the last actions in this operation are taking place. The legal transition of the present state of America to its former constitutional status, along with the global delivery of your prosperity funds, constitutes the first domino, and it has been one tough nut to crack! Nevertheless, our liaisons assure us that this domino cascade is ready to snake its way around the world.

      Our first contact commanders are gleefully awaiting the final orders to carry out first contact. We sometimes feel as if we have been spending a lifetime preparing our fleets for this much-awaited moment! Everyone involved has practiced their role to the point where they can do it in their sleep. We laugh at ourselves as being the most over-trained first contact landing fleet in the entire Galactic Federation! So you can be very assured that we are more than capable of pulling off a first contact at a moment's notice. Every scout ship sent out on its daily rounds knows what to do if suddenly called upon. All potential contingencies are gone over in each crewmember's mind at least a million times, and all assigned motherships have the scout-ship release points memorized. We can safely state that we are indeed ready to launch a first-contact mass landing!

      A first contact is something very special, and the landing truly deserves the vast amount of training we have put into it. Understandably, we dearly wish to bring this auspicious day forward. To this end, we recognize how vital is the present series of actions we are engaged upon both above and on your world. Our many liaisons, as well as those from our fleet who currently live among you, are busy bringing this date forward as swiftly as possible. We are indebted to those among our Earth allies who, from the start of our more direct involvement in these matters, encouraged us in this role. We are also most grateful to the many of you who in your dreams and meditative thoughts have given us ideas on how best to proceed. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we went over the latest developments preparing your globe for first contact. Our increased involvement can lead us all to success! The key elements are this fleet and, most importantly, you. Your continued courage and focus are critical. We sincerely thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make this mission's outcome a success. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
9 Men, 13 Moan, 2 Ik                  5/15/07

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more interesting goings-on to discuss with you! Our program to break the deadlocks, which have recently been frustrating all those involved, is now reaching some eventful milestones. A great deal of necessary movement in the international banking field has occurred, which promises that the deliveries are close to being manifested. Our representatives inform us that many important breakthroughs have been achieved very recently, which, coupled with what we are doing in Washington D.C. to promote a swift and legal regime change, indicate that first contact will shortly return to its former fast-track status. Here, we remind our Earth allies that their many similar programs are being integrated into these most crucial procedures. Our intent is to prepare your world for a number of surprises. As we often note, first contact has become combined with an elaborate prelude that is now sliding into place. Further, those persons involved in these changes are being prepared for their momentous duties.

      To change the direction of an entire global society, and at the speed that is required, is a truly colossal undertaking. A huge number of people have to be primed and many sound agendas ready to roll. And yet these factors now stand ready. The training is being expedited by special technologies and aided by the large body of intelligence that we alluded to last week. This new data is demonstrating to our Earth allies just how sneaky and reprehensible this last dark cabal really is! Remember that this group controls most major players in your present reality. As the playwright for new global scenarios, the darkside has maintained an illusory stage production that has masqueraded successfully as events of substance. Our intelligence is able to blow the lid off this charade. Our Earth allies were astonished by these discoveries and have proposed valuable people to be trained by us. As our joint projects move forward, it is critical that what is meant to occur in the next timeframe comes off as planned.

      We are working on numerous items of interest to first contact, the most important of which is a suitable US regime change. The new transitional government most assuredly needs to be devoted to moving America back from the brink of some massive disasters, all of which have been carefully put in place by the last four administrations. The agendas they followed include forging a single North American Union under one government; weakening the US economy severely; outsourcing the key elements of the economy; and sabotaging the US dollar. On top of this is an accelerating drive to institute policies designed to remove the Constitution further and further from legitimacy and to substitute a plethora of statute-based legal codes. When we began diplomatic dealings with your top officials, we had to become conversant with these trends so that we could work with our Earth allies to create a template for returning the US regime to its constitutional roots. Today, this operation contains all the necessary steps for doing this.

      On a more general note, the endemic corruption and wholesale covert theft indulged in by most governments on your world need to be turned around. Election and appointment to government positions are supposed to be an immense privilege predicated on honor and merit. Instead, ruthlessness and self-interest seem to be the prime qualifications for high office on your world, and very few men and women of honor are to be found in positions of real influence. All too often those who possess merely great economic and financial resources rule the roost. To correct this our Earth allies have put into play a means to transform this sorry situation; the new form of governance they are preparing has a great many screens to prevent a repetition of the degradation of the past, the most important safeguard being your direct involvement in government. Another stipulation is the re-chartering of corporations into special limited public partnerships, as these entities have a wide social and ecological impact on their communities. These companies need to be geared toward responding both locally and globally to a variety of social and environmental moral imperatives.

      At the top of our agenda is the distribution of a massive prosperity drive. This project creates a truly global abundance as vast funds are funneled out to reach every person on this globe. Humanity, for the first time in recent history, will be free of the burden imposed by lack and limitation. With freedom comes responsibility, and one of the prime duties is for you all to become government watchdogs. This requires the use of the Internet and other technologies that can unite you into large, democratic interest groups. This body politic can also push for the end to the "UFO" cover-up. This world of prosperity is far different from the one you now know. To begin with, it is much more peaceful and cooperative; true harmony among nations can only happen when scarcity and need are not fomenting aggression born out of desperation. Also, the amount of sharing and cross-cultural acceptance will immensely increase.

      A world released from the need for conflict is ready to embrace its cultural and racial diversity. A form of technology, at present suppressed, is to become widely available to you; this device is designed to "put you inside the head" of the one you are speaking to. This interphase unit instantaneously translates language and cultural nuances, making your words completely comprehensible to the other party, and visa versa. Thus, conversation goes to a whole new level of exchange. Further, entire networks of speakers can be simultaneously interphased with one another. As you can imagine, this can result in a huge surge of understanding and appreciation for each other and your many varied cultures as the linguistic barriers that divided you melt away.

      Your future is about cooperation and a worldwide coming together. The event of our open arrival is a waypoint along the road that is making you into, first, a planetary human and, ultimately, a galactic one. Our projects simply form part of Heaven's greater momentum to achieve this divine goal. Your present systems are breaking down as the last dark cabal and its adherents work feverishly to prevent the inevitable uplifting. Nevertheless, your divine future is unstoppable. Thus, your present world is meant to crumble and to do so in the very near future. Our part is to do what is necessary to see that this occurs as planned. Your part is to accept this, to remain positive, and to know that first contact draws closer. What we are doing is designed to make this possible.

      The privilege that Heaven confers on us is one we do not take lightly. What we are currently engaged upon is now moving forward at a most wonderful pace. Our first contact team is divided into many components, the most essential of which is the one that looks after you. Our medical teams and our liaison with the various aspects of our Earth allies are dedicated to getting this mission thrust quickly into the final stage of open, manifested contact with you. Likewise, our many fleets of observation scout craft work to prepare Mother Earth for the final grand event. Our senior staff is similarly preparing to deliver the broadcasts that mark the opening stages of actual contact. Our entire mission is focused on bringing our technology and our personnel to your shores as swiftly as possible. Together, We are truly Victorious!

      Today, we discussed some of the projects we have undertaken to assist our Earth allies in assuring the people of Earth that the necessary pre-contact changes come off as Heaven so intends. Know that we are doing everything necessary to ensure your great victory. We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)



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