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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
6 Ben, 11 Mac, 2 Ik                  4/3/07

Selamat Jarin! We come before you again with much to tell you!  The logjam that has delayed the deliveries of your prosperity programs is being broken even as we speak!  The seemingly never-ending hold-ups appear finally to be at an end.   Also, those involved with the return of America to her original constitutional status are likewise approaching a critical juncture in their mission.   Thus the time for the first part of your reality shift draws near.   We have been told to alert our forces and personnel and to be in position to act promptly.   We need to inform you that the previously forecast events are actually closer to happening that many realize.   Our Earth allies have also requested our personnel to see to those tasks that are precursors for what is about to go down.   We are excited that our mission is close to the point where we can complete the landing phase of this operation and are thus busy coordinating the various activities that prepare Mother Earth for this most auspicious time!

      First contact, as we may have mentioned before, is a complex process involving a multitude of necessary, interconnected steps for success.  Besides this, we also monitor all of you very carefully to ensure the triumph of our Earth allies and our arrival en masse on your most beautiful shores.  We deeply appreciate your patience and your focus. It is not easy to live in a world such as yours and continue, as you have done, to push for our victory.   Since the start of this mission, much has happened on your world and in this galaxy. The peace that now prevails in the galaxy is very soon to become your own planet's very pleasant status quo. Realize that the approaching watershed has been literally decades in the making and that an enormous amount of spadework has gone into undermining the dark's immense power base and getting the last dark cabal to its present state of panic and disarray. Now, at last, the final elements are slotting into place and we are reiterating this for a purpose: You need to know that the end times are now here. Your world is preparing to burst into bloom as she returns to the wondrous joy that is divine Light!

      As we pointed out last week, omens are coming thick and fast of a planet planning for the approach of massive change. Mother Earth's tectonic plates are in the midst of what seems to your scientists to be a period of rising hyperactivity. Similar conditions are appearing in your atmosphere. Both are hints of the impending surface reconfigurations. However, the huge changes to your planet's landmasses must go through some preparatory steps before this begins. The steep rise in the level of volcanism and number of earth and seaquakes is a hint of these preliminaries. Imagine what an intricate process it is to change so completely the face of Mother Earth. This colossal geophysical upheaval, contrary to your teachings on the subject, are not to take millions or even thousands of years, but are to happen "in the twinkling of an eye." And again contrary to the teachings of your science, these changes are set by the workings of the Divine. But rest assured: this is only to start once you have all been removed to safety, which is another reason why our active presence at this time in your history is essential.

      Thus, first contact moves forward, bringing with it the means to transform how your world reacts to our presence. Your peoples have been lied to about us for so long that even those who represent the Light on your world have reacted to our presence with fear. Our first task is to allay these fears and end the vast cover-up that began in the post-WWII era. We are not some rampaging group that created you to be a race of gold-mining slaves, among many silly notions! We are, as will become swiftly obvious, a benevolent organization of the Light that has come here expressly to reunite in Love and in Joy with a long-lost colony. You, dear Hearts, are from the stars! You are great Souls who have suffered for too long under the fiendish rule of the dark, and now the moment for your prescribed liberation is at hand! Some final legalities are being completed along with sundry last minute preparations before a series of announcements can begin. What we would like to do now is give you a better sense of what is scheduled to happen.

      The precondition for any constructive scenario is the removal of the present US regime. This entity is resolved to keep the "UFO" cover-up and carry on with its present course of escalating global confrontation. Ridding the planet of this dark force sets the stage for new possibilities and, as you know, a veritable cornucopia of sweeping changes is ready to roll. First among these is the ending of the US Federal Reserve (in truth, a private bank and not a government agency) in conjunction with the bringing on line of a new banking and currency system and tied in to a inclusive, global debt annulment program. An intrinsic component of this is the completion of the deliveries of the promised prosperity funds. Following swiftly on the heels of this will be an end to the phony "war on terror" and the withdrawal of all fighting forces from the Middle East. The emphasis then shifts to the creation of permanent world peace and developing global cooperation.

      Next, this initial momentum is to be turned toward encouraging a huge increase in your global societies' ability to "green" each nation on the planet and create the infrastructure for raising global living standards. This includes: clean and plentiful sources of water; more-than-adequate shelter and clothing; and an abundant, non-toxic food supply. Another vital ingredient is the technology to reverse the dangerous levels of pollutants and other solid and gaseous by-products that harm Mother Earth. This "improbable" scenario is to be accomplished by the release of hitherto suppressed and confiscated advances in technology; these devices and products can solve most of your present difficulties in a seemingly miraculous manner. We have had long discussions with our Earth allies about how to most effectively and swiftly resolve your current ecological disaster-in-the-making.

      Once these essentials are done, the subject of how to prepare your societies for our arrival comes up. The first phase described above, starting with the removal of the US regime, is expected to take about six to nine months. Thereafter, the transitional American government is to release the complete UFO files that until now have been kept in strictest secrecy. This will unleash a whirlwind of data into the public arena, including the truth of other unsavory secret activities. These necessary revelations are expected to produce shock and public outcry. The transitional American president is to expound upon and clarify many important matters, and public debates and forums are to be set up to discuss the issues of what is revealed. This period of national debate sets the stage for our arrival.

      This time of revelation can provide us with key information about how to proceed with first contact. The reactions of the leaders and members of your many indoctrinated groups can tell us a lot about you. We deeply desire to carry out first contact in a manner that allows you all to favorably accept and digest the fact of our beneficent presence and formal arrival. First contact is not a carnival act; rather, it is a divine alteration that is a necessary step on your journey to full consciousness. For this to happen gracefully, we need to know how you react to the fact that you are not alone and that you are of divine, extraterrestrial origin. While we watch you reactions, we intend to supply your governments with whole panoply of "magical" technologies to prepare the ground for our coming mass landing event. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we discussed the intended sequence of the upcoming changes for your world and the fact that it is very close at hand. But remember that how this plays out is ultimately in your hands. We ask that you continue on as graciously and Lovingly as you are now. The time for first contact approaches! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
12 Cimi, 4 Mac, 2 Ik                    3/27/07

Selamat Jarin! We return with another message about your Ascension and your move into a new reality. Mother Earth continues her determined march toward her fully aware state. Everywhere, your scientists are noticing conditions of heightened movement. You are now in the period when your global civilization must face up to the disaster that they have made of Mother Earth's surface and of her precious life-giving atmosphere. This abuse needs to stop, and stop now! The minor rumbles all across her surface area are warning signs; you are being prompted to come to a decision about how to remedy this, and then to take swift, concerted, comprehensive action. Mother Earth is chiding you, and indicating the utter gravity of your present predicaments. The current mode of virtual inaction is no longer tolerable. Your near-criminal negligence now demands a much more committed approach and plan of action. A global conference with effective legal "teeth" is now expected, and knowing this, our Earth allies placed a series of such forums on their calendar. The time comes for them to carry out their plans.

      While Mother Earth rumbles and spews forth her discontent, Heaven continues to prepare you for full consciousness. At present, the heart and new thymus center are the focus of attention, along with the new chakras located in the head. Heaven is working diligently on both those who have awakened relatively recently, as well as on those who have been on line for over a decade. You are all being connected up and adjusted to enable you to accept much higher frequencies in anticipation of our meeting. Heaven has somewhat altered the procedures of first contact by requiring that your planetary energies be bought more in line with ours. Hence, your global populace is to be raised in frequency by small increments until a satisfactory level is reached. You will then be fully ready for our arrival. How fast this is done depends on two factors: Mother Earth's determination to accommodate this change, and how close our Earth allies are to achieving their goals. We are currently assessing the situation so that Heaven can make her decision.

      By now it should be clear to you that your world is reaching a point where no-nonsense decisions must be followed up quickly by committed action. The delays and the covert programs appendant to both the Earth allies' and the last cabal's opposing causes must now be resolved. We mention this because this message is given to our Earth allies time and again. Those who monitor your world's spiritual progress and who have a say in this decision have weighed in on the side of speedy and positive action to remedy this particular situation. As we speak, the final implementation of this ruling is underway. Our Earth allies acknowledge that a significant transformation in power structures and in wealth distribution is long overdue. Those currently in charge are incapable of instituting what is necessary; in fact, those individuals and groups remain largely in denial of their sacred responsibilities to both Mother Earth and to humanity. Greed and callousness are still the hallmark of their reign, and so the time for a "quiet revolution" has now come! We wait upon the expected outcome and the achievement of first contact.

      From our vantage point, we look for signs of positive movement on the part of our Earth allies and carefully monitor what your last cabal is up to. We are encouraged by the increasingly friendly reception to our diplomatic and liaison efforts on the part of many governments in Europe and Asia. We are also heartened by the various American groups who press for disclosure and first contact. But this doesn't change the fact that the present US regime remains the primary stumbling block. Its adherents are determined to countermand the progress being made globally on behalf of first contact despite their growing awareness that their efforts are doomed. They are currently scheming to procure weaponry that they consider capable of obstructing the divine plan's mass landing scenario. Each day, your world grows more ready to accept our open presence among you. This pleases us greatly and keeps us moving joyously toward the moment of first contact.

      Our fleet works hard every day preparing for the open implementation of this first contact mission. Our personnel happily anticipate the time when we can greet each one of you in peace and sovereignty. Your world and her ecosystem are under a great deal of stress, and while part of this is due to the changes currently underway by the Divine, a major contributor to these looming crises is the shear carelessness of your world's peoples. We have been permitted to mitigate to some extent the severity of this situation, but in the end it is down to you and your own willingness to redress the effects of your neglect that will resolve these matters. We do what is permitted to nudge you in this direction, including partnering with Mother Earth's elementals to allow you more time to "get on board" and solve this dilemma yourselves. But we must reiterate how critical it is for you to act now, and to do so in a resolute and comprehensive manner.

      Our emphasis on the need for swift action on this issue springs from a number of scientific and societal reasons, among them, the matter of your dwindling global water supply, which is now a calamity in the making. Without a sufficient water supply, including an adequate flow of water in the major rivers of Earth, humanity cannot exist. This scenario now threatens the nations of Africa, Asia, and the Americas. As water scarcity approaches, it puts increasing pressure on the many instabilities that already exist in the areas just mentioned, thus strengthening the potential for serious discord. This situation demands your close attention, especially given the added destabilizing effects of global warming on an already volatile mix.

      These fast-growing predicaments make it critically important for you to be very clear that these are not regional issues, but global ones that can only be solved on a global basis. The unconscionable, continued use of fossil fuels is absurd in the type of global environment that you are now entering. Our Earth allies know this, and have drawn up plans to rectify the most crucial damage of your long reign of thoughtlessness. One of the measures of a society's ability to survive is the way it adapts to its changing surroundings and makes necessary course corrections required for survival. Your present dark elite has chartered a deadly course that will either decimate or totally wipe out humanity. This matter of literal survival is the prime reason why these amoral ones must go.

      The reason for your rising consciousness and for our swelling numbers around your planet is that the Divine intends to provide humanity with the resources to survive. It is not intended that you perish, nor that you continue in your present mode of bare survival. The objective is for you to become able to live in prosperity and to experience yourselves as an integral part of a hugely abundant universe. The new reality promised you is bursting with opportunities for you to fulfill your heartfelt dreams and to achieve your life's goals. Full consciousness invests you with the capacities to manifest your divine birthright, to be successful in your wondrous pursuits, and to be fully acknowledged for your deeds and for who you really are. In this magnificent realm, you are never alone, which is the basis for our mantra: Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we focused on some of the compelling issues facing your global peoples. We ask for your continued patience and to prepare for what is now quite ready to manifest and transform your world forever! The time for deliverance is truly upon you! We now take our leave. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: 204 East 2nd Avenue #408, San Mateo, CA 94401 U.S.A.
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