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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
2 Oc, 3 Xul, 3 Manik

Selamat Balik! We arrive again with a message of importance concerning the secret goings-on in your world!  Rejoice, dear Hearts! Many wonderful breakthroughs occurred in the past few days, which confirm that we are drawing quite close to the day for your long-awaited prosperity to show up at your door.  This means that the many necessary preceding developments have indeed been as effective as predicted and are casting their weight on what is close to happening.  These events are starting to embody the plans given to us by our Anunnaki consultants, and so we can say we are happy with the way things are going. But we need to ask you to continue your focus and to realize that all good things take time.  However, know that events are accelerating, and we are most encouraged by what is happening on all fronts of this vast and complex undertaking. In light of this, we instructed all our on-planet personnel to push forward with their current procedures and to maintain the requisite security levels. The success of these measures gives us the confidence to inform you of the closeness of our joint triumph!

      As these events approach, your integration into fully conscious Beings is also accelerating at an ever-swifter pace.   Right now, Heaven is directing our medical teams to concentrate on connecting your major energy meridians to your physical central nervous system.  This profusion of interconnections involves literally thousands of intersecting points within your physical body. Some of you may be experiencing particularly strong feelings of discomfort, or even areas of pain, in your body when you awaken during the night.  These aches and twinges are part of what we are doing at night to hasten the completion of this vital task. What we are preparing your body for is the integration of the last few layers of your upper Lightbody with your physical body.  This needs to get done as quickly as possible because Heaven is intent on bringing on line, albeit in a preliminary mode of operation, the two new chakras in your head capable of linking you up with the new forms of data that are now heavily streaming from the galactic core.

      These two developments dovetail with the Earth watch we are engaged in. Mother Earth is also speeding up the preliminaries for rearranging her surface features. Various tectonic plates are slipping at a much more rapid rate. The more critically unstable plates, like the Pacific and the Asian, are having their plate subduction rate corrected. In this way, Mother Earth is adjusting her tectonic plates so that they will be able to lock together at a moment's notice. This increases the number of earthquakes where this operation intersects with land, and so a number of quakes are happening in areas where they are relatively commonplace. These shakings--due to a lowering of the Earth's magnetic field--climate changes, and subtle shifts in deep ocean currents are to continue in some degree of heightened intensity until the present period of instability is fully alleviated. Then, once first contact has happened, Mother Earth can finish the wholesale surface reconfiguration she has in mind.

      The many interlocking processes we describe come together here to form the big picture. To us, first contact is quite a complex operation. Another aspect is the ongoing process of transforming the way your global society operates. We are amazed at the way our Earth allies and you are solving this very unusual puzzle. As the degree of chaos increases, so also do the opportunities for major change. You are currently experiencing a huge upward spiral of change that is to forge a new reality and institute a new, more discerning level of consciousness. Every day, we witness this process in full-throttle operation: We watch as your old guard, or dark cabal, struggles in vain to keep the lid on the society it has so long controlled. At the same time, we watch the birthing of a new group on the verge of power that realizes that new and drastic solutions are desperately needed. Resolving this clash will bring in the divine interregnum we often talk about, and this, in turn, leads to first contact.

      This movement in global awareness is punctuated by some very serious attempts on the part of this dark cabal to "emphasize" its control. The many wars, sporadic economic downturns, and socio-religious clashes are a last stab at making the old ways work. As you can see, these strategies are reaching their limits. Across the globe an immense amount of unprecedented cooperation is counteracting the effectiveness of these traditional, repressive methods of mass control. Further, humanity is learning to adopt small-scale economics that bring people and nations together. These grass-roots projects are gaining ground and redefining the way a society perceives itself. The next, splashier steps are to be taken by our Earth allies. Until then these small yet effectual initiatives are teaching local and rural areas how to develop themselves; they also demonstrate to the peoples of Asia, Africa, and the Americas what a powerful tool properly applied cooperation can be.

      This burgeoning economic cooperation has led to a degree of social cooperation that is changing the so-called developing world. It is also stimulating growing networks of people-to-people (as opposed to intergovernmental) exchanges between the developed and the developing worlds. These exchanges are showing that these mushrooming networks can become valid vehicles for positive change. Humanitarian groups are presently combining the social and the economic aspects in novel and effective ways. These globally oriented projects form the core of a swelling grass-roots movement that is also affecting Europe and beginning to make inroads into North America. This greatly encourages our Earth allies and us because this micro-movement has many implications for what is to happen soon on a much, much larger scale.

      The large-scale changes included in the programs of our Earth allies are getting close to happening. These programs need the small start-ups we just mentioned. Everywhere, it is being shown that human society is deeply invested in a new set of values. The repressive controls of the dark cabal are rapidly losing their hold. Humans deeply desire to prosper, and to do so in a more cooperative milieu. We stress this for two reasons: First, the ambitious programs about to be put into play need this change of focus in order to take root. Second, your world has only a short time left before a more violent push for change, on the part of the dispossessed underclasses around the globe, literally explodes on the scene. Our Earth allies know this and are determined to circumvent this violence by creating conditions that lead to a glorious era of peace and prosperity.

      You stand on the brink of many dramatic new perspectives that will quickly become normal to you. Our intent is to make it possible for the events preceding first contact to be greatly accelerated. This is also a stipulation of the divine plan. Our objective is to weave your desires and ours into a unique tapestry that encourages a swift cleansing of your world's dark natures. Then the goals of the interim governments can pave the way for first contact. We are well aware that the present state of your societies, despite the encouraging growth of the more cooperative grass-roots movement, is unequal to the event of first contact. It is therefore our assigned task to do all that is divinely possible to ensure first contact. Come what may, we are destined to come among you as part of a divinely decreed reunion!

      Today, we talked about a few of the elements leading to first contact. We remain fully confident that the path we are both on is taking us to that most magical of moments. We ask you to remain focused and ready to do whatever facilitates first contact. We know that this grand celebration is not far off! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Cib, 9 Tzec, 3 Manik                10/23/07

Jai Bashara! (Sirian for Hello, or Good Day.) We come, dear Ones, with another installment filled with discussion about your present situation and first contact. This last stage of the struggles to transform your reality revolves around a number of vital points: The most important is the distribution of the long-delayed multitude of prosperity programs, which is tied to the emergence of the new worldwide banking system and the new hard-backed currency system. These are designed to break the enormous power now held tightly by your last dark cabal.  Once this all comes on line, the end of the present US regime and its many global cronies can swiftly follow.   During the ensuing interregnum, a large number of announcements will signal the start of a wholly new and beneficent reality for Mother Earth's surface humanity.  A cornucopia of new technologies will come flooding in, and this will coincide with the revelation of your true history and a forecast of your glorious destiny.   A central aspect of this is to be our formal, mass first contact with you!

      Along the way, all of us learned much about how your reality functions.  Your last dark cabal, the Earth allies, and each one of you were instrumental in these lessons, and we are most thankful for these pearls of limited-consciousness wisdom.  They greatly helped us to swiftly integrate the former Anchara Alliance into our ranks, and when applied to your global situation, enabled us to draw up a series of coordinated plans for our Earth allies, which are now unlocking the door to your magnificent future.  These lessons from your Earth-school-of-hard-knocks now help us hasten the advent of first contact.   Be that as it may, this protracted first contact mission is unique in the annals of our fleet!   Below us turns a most beautiful and powerful realm upon which you are most graciously allowed to reside.   Mother Earth, like you, desires deeply to move on and return to her former pristine state.  This needs the entire solar system to revert also to her former fully conscious self.   This is what the term "Ascension", or "Enlightenment", refers to.

      This multidimensional awareness is attained by merging your spiritual realities with the physical. This procedure opens up a vast new world that most of you can barely imagine.  Think of it!  You become a true physical Angel, able to use your powerful resources to carry out the timely unveiling of this present Creation! This destiny awaits you once your present sojourn is completed. Thus, what our Earth allies are bringing to a head can be regarded as the great breach that finally frees you from the long tyranny of the Anunnaki's last and most stubborn minions.  This group of misguided ones has held you in bondage to their unjust cause for almost nine millennia, from the time of the great destruction of humanity by fire to the present day.  This period of your history has been recast, using a blend of invention and misdirection of the truth, and makes up what you call "recorded history. " Today's "events" are merely the current installment of this skewed fantasy.  The coming time will see the truth finally revealed!

      The truth about the true origins of humanity and about who you really are has been quite circumvented by your sciences. Instead, an extensive hoodwinking operation was put into effect about the beginnings of civilization. These historical whoppers manifestly fail to answer a number of questions concerning the anomalies and gaps in the evidence that has been amassed. The sum total amounts to a collection of illogical speculation and unconnected hypotheses that fly in the face of any objective inquiry into the facts. A divinely inspired evolution did indeed take place, but the part that is covered up is that these ancient points of origin occurred in a far distant, extraterrestrial environment. The final great leap to full consciousness was accomplished by a special divine intervention requested by Earth's Cetaceans and approved by Heaven. The fall of Earth's surface humanity into limited consciousness was brought about by the ancestors of the group that is your dark cabal.

      This dark cabal traces its origins to Atlantis where it developed its unquenchable lust for power. Many times in the past few decades, and using its time-travel capabilities, this dark group secretly sought to interfere with past history to save Atlantis from her fate: The sinking of Atlantis was an overreach of their power and cut short the experiments being done on Earth humans, which, had they been finished, would have ensured the total submission of the human entity. These meddlesome expeditions were divinely permitted to fail! These failures to alter Earth's main time path left these mischief-makers with only one outcome, ultimately nullifying all their attempts to hang on to power! This discouraging prospect quite failed to bring them to their senses, and the decision was made to keep them in power as long as possible, rather than to recant and help humanity build a new and more benevolent world. This irrational stance was bolstered by the delusion that somehow a way could still be found to duck out of what the Divine told them time and again. The resultant cabal directives continue to create the mayhem that surrounds you today.

      Once you understand the roots of the present circumstances, you are better able to comprehend the insane directives of your power elites.  You are watching the point in history when the dark's obtuseness brings on their downfall.  This fate hangs like a pall over the events of the day.   Many factors are coming into play now that leave the dark with only two choices (as it sees it): to abandon its plans for global control, or commit a form of global suicide. These two alternatives haunt the decision-making process of the directorates of the cabal as they plan their version of the current end game. Those galactic personnel assigned to monitor the inner workings of the cabal inform us that the numerous irrational and ill-considered directives being issued are a sign that the moment when the dark finally succumbs to the Light is actually quite near.

      The process of attrition against the dark is forcing it to make decisions that are hurtling it toward the fate consigned to it by Heaven.  Even though it realizes this, the cabal lurches forward like some short-circuiting automaton, and a sense of doom is beginning to pervade its every move.  Yet their residual power does, for now, defer their downfall.  This odd Mexican standoff is intensified by the cabal's commitment to the policies that reflect the original plan concocted by their former overlords, the Anunnaki, a choice that ensures that its days are numbered.  The dark can act only according to its own sacred philosophy, and this inflexibility has become its Achilles heel.

      This situation is best viewed within the larger framework of the Creator's plan: This time in your history is when you leave the 13 millennia of darkness and amnesia behind you and enter a time of remembrance. During this period, you regain your "lost" self and remember who you truly are. With this under your belt, you can complete your metamorphosis into your fully conscious self. This process substantiates your never-fully-eradicated memories, or dreams, of a long-lost earthly paradise, intimations that confused and puzzled you down through the ages. Now, at last, you are to enter a joyous time in which all that you have experienced and accomplished is to be amalgamated safely into a wholly new and wondrous Now. This celebration is your destiny. So look upon the present as the time when all your hard work, focus, and committed vision are to be magnificently rewarded!

      Today, we continued our commentary on the truth of the state of affairs surrounding you. We know how hard it is at times to envision a victorious outcome. Do not give in to your mounting frustrations; the world that we all deeply desire is coming closer each day! We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Ik, 15 Tzotz, 3 Manik                 10/16/07

Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Hearts, after a brief respite. The drama between the Light and the dark continues.  What we are seeing is a strange process that is reaching a pivotal turning point.  At present, the dark cabal controls the payout of monies via the world's banks and other related financial institutions.  This grip is beginning to slip.  In addition, the ability of the brave and diligent individuals working to oust the present US regime from power increases with each day.  These covert operations are coming to term in a slow but meticulous manner.  Each move of this undertaking is carefully designed to slot in consecutively to the next.   However, because the dark is extremely suspicious of our every move, all our actions must appear to be normal and innocuous.  This makes progress slow, and, indeed, at times can make one doubt whether such an enterprise can truly succeed! Our response is one of resounding affirmation! Our ways are the ways of the Divine, and this means that a triumphant outcome is inevitable!

      This transition to a new reality has two principle aspects. The first is the one mentioned above; the second is the huge shift in consciousness that is affecting your society, your planet, and yourselves. This shift, like the first, progresses at its own divine clip.   As with all things, consciousness lies at the core of all that is happening.  A central ingredient of this consciousness procedure is the first contact operation.   Each of you is sitting in a genetic structure (a physical body) limited in its interactions with your current reality.   You move through this transition according to a divine schedule, which activates your cells' RNA/DNA.   This, in turn, brings on line a new set of prospects for your entire genetic structure:  What until recently was called "junk DNA" is starting to change the very essence of your physicality!   The goal of this alteration is to return your physical body to a condition in which your full spiritual, mental, and emotional selves can easily be integrated.   The resultant fully conscious Being can justly be called your true ET-self.   At this point, it is appropriate to recall that your true origins lie among the stars!

      This process of change is part of a huge operation that began in the post-alluvian world after the fall of Atlantis.  Back then, the Anunnaki wanted to discover how they could best work with the strange human creatures left behind by Atlantis' sudden demise.   The result of these experiments led to the second flood, the so-called biblical flood, some 5,000 years later.   The Anunnaki's next experiments with humans led to another great failure and another global destruction, this time by fire, around 6,000 years ago.   What the Anunnaki were trying to accomplish with all this was to manipulate these limited-conscious humans into forgetting their previous abilities, allegiances, and origins.   In the present go-round, you can see these attempts of theirs were largely successful: The traumatic trials by fire and water finally rendered the surface humans amenable to the mumbo jumbo concocted by the Anunnaki.   These fictions and the distortions of the truth were tailored to secure the awe and unquestioning loyalty of their former unruly subjects.  Thereafter, centuries of subtle manipulation ensured the Anunnaki's unbridled power over humanity.

      Remnants of these past ages of surface humanity are to be found all over the world.   These puzzling ruins and monuments indicate a history that is very different from the silly interpretations spoon-fed to you in school. The pyramids of Egypt are not tombs!   Neither are those hidden in the jungles of the western Amazon, or those in the north of China.   Many other such "inexplicable" structures testify to your origins among the stars.   For some time now, your scientists have been carrying out highly detailed analyses of these many ancient sites, and this has furnished them with a lot of information about your true origins.   These covert studies prove conclusively that you were never primitive ape-men, foraging in the jungles and savannahs of your world.   You are the progeny of a humanity that unexpectedly fell from the grace of full consciousness and were abruptly cast, unprepared, into the world, following the fall of Atlantis nearly 13 millennia ago.

      All of this assumes great importance as you move inexorably toward your destiny. The last earth minions of the Anunnaki make up the members of what we choose to call your last dark cabal.   These recalcitrant ones continue to oppose the Light, despite the Anunnaki (their former masters) heeding the joyous call of the Light over a decade ago.   They see themselves now closing in upon the global control objectives that were drawn up just before the Anunnaki changed sides.  They doggedly pursue and are close to accomplishing these goals in the face of their former masters' urgings to accept the "new galactic ball game."   But this goal is now made impossible by the inflowing of the divine plan, and yet their greed, arrogance, and tunnel vision spur them on!   Their dark vision holds your world in the grip of terror, hatred, and endless war that threatens to destroy the very fabric of your global society. Happily, a very different scenario is now coming on line.

      This alternate reality is manifesting as the great changes happening behind the scenes reach the next crucial stage.   A large group of visionaries around the world are dedicated to creating what can be called the "Ascension-First Contact" scenario.   And it is this that we talk about each week in these messages because it is easy to see nothing but the vast destruction process so obviously underway around you.   This includes the widespread extinction of animal and plant species, the biggest extinction to happen on this world since the disappearance of the dinosaurs; climate changes of possibly disastrous proportions;  and a steep rise in tectonic plate movement.   These indications seem to spell doom for Earth and her surface dwellers, but this is where the ancient evidence, buried within and upon the Earth, and the changes happening to your RNA/DNA come into play.   These factors suggest that something very different is brewing!

      This alternate reality includes first contact.   As you put yourselves back together again, it is necessary for your rebirth to occur within the nurturing presence of your family.   As your true brothers and sisters, we gladly desire to be part of this process.   As you come into your maturity as a society, you will have a great many vital questions. Heaven and the Galactic Federation intend to be there to answer them.   Your return to a fully integrated global society that includes both surface and inner worlds is an intrinsic part of your journey.   The people of Agartha have watched your long trek toward full consciousness with much anticipation.  Reuniting with you is one of their most heart-felt desires.   We, likewise, look forward to completing the last steps prior to the grand reunion that is first contact.

      First contact is one of the final steps in your full integration process.   Our presence in your skies is to become progressively more overt during the transition of your society from its present state of chaos to an interregnum of eight to nine months before our official mass landing.   This period is to give you a time to redress the indignities Mother Earth suffered at your hands, and at those of your erstwhile rulers.    During this time, you can show your worthiness to interact with the Cetaceans as you take up once more the mantle of Earth guardians, or stewards, of this beautiful world and her hugely varied ecosystems. Thereafter we are scheduled to come and mentor you through the last parts of this amazing procedure.   We are also there to ensure that what is divinely planned comes to pass.    Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we addressed the importance of what is happening on your world. Each part of this operation is meant to slot in consecutively according to a prescribed timeframe. If events do not adhere to the main timeline, we are fully prepared to accelerate the moment of our arrival and thus ensure your divinely promised success. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)



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