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Djwhal Khul Weekly Spirituality Article

June 28, 2007

This is Terri Newlon from Sedona, Arizona, USAIf you are having trouble viewing this, please read this and other articles at  www.TerriNewlon.com  You can also listen to the following message, and all subsequent messages which change every Thursday:

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And here is Djwhal Khul's latest weekly Spirituality Article

"Aligned with Life Purpose and Spiritual Hierarchy Always Present"

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright.  A very warm Tibetan greeting to you and a little bit of an energising effect in the aura.  This is a perfect time to keep rejuvenating and regenerating energies in the auric field.  Now you might even just imagine the way you might fluff a pillow or shake something, shake the lint off a towel or something; kind of fluffing and waving motion going on inside the aura and there should be a nice little burst of energy, maybe some goose bumps or other cellular sensation that is appropriate, so kind of a vigorous energy is very timely right now.

In yesterday's Wednesday class, we talked about the Dharma Awakening for Humanity and as a kind of little recap of that particular session, we are going to just imagine always having at your disposal all of the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, you know, coaches, consultants, always there, connected and helping you, so that you are staying on target with your dharma which is also called life purpose.

Now life purpose and if you want to, next time we offer private sessions, if you want to get a life purpose or divine purpose alignment, those are rather short and you can do a question and answer after that.  Private sessions are offered by e-newsletter only.  That's how you find out when they are going to happen.  There is just a handful each month, probably not every month, but just a handful periodically.

A divine purpose alignment is not so much about getting the information precisely, in fact those of you who are wondering "what is my purpose in this life time?" I would say let go of the need to put it in a specific order in the brain and simply proclaim that you are aligned and then there are specific colours and exercises and what not that would be more custom designed for you.

But rather than separating yourself or Humanity,  say "most of humanity is not following their life purpose", I would say that we are still in that time period where positive thinking is extremely important because what you are thinking is manifesting much more quickly now and if you want to just assume, if you will, that humanity is pretty much on target, that they are in touch with their souls, that they want the world to be a better place and they want to preserve their home planet and create ongoing resources that keep regenerating themselves.  So just call upon that aspect of goodness in all of Creation and assume that that is what is operating because just that bit of transferring of energy in your own personal consciousness does add to the mass consciousness.  As you know you are not separate.

So the same thing with your life purpose, rather than thinking "it's out there somewhere and I haven't figured it out yet" or "the boat sailed and I missed it".  Or whatever runs through, because failure is going to be, fear and failure, are going to be running through your head periodically at least and again, just proclaim, "I am right on target.  Everything is moving along".

And then to go to your core value:

"What is it that I need?" 

            "I need to read a spiritual passage or I need a spiritual quote everyday or I need to meditate for 5 minutes or I need to just feel spiritual energy".

As I am talking of course, I am delivering that to your body:  the vibration of healing energy is carried in my voice pattern, it is also carried in print so when you are reading.  If you are reading this as a transcript by the way, you want to listen to my voice while you read.  You can to do both at the same time.   Either by telephone or over your computer speaker so that is oftentimes quite helpful; unless you are reading the Spanish translation and then still the vibration of my voice in the background, just playing that vibration  is attuning you to your spiritual partnerships and reminding you:

"Oh yes, there is a whole team of Ascended Masters.  There is a whole team of Angels, there is a whole team of Lightworkers.  It is extremely extensive and I am part of that team and this is one of my touchstones".

So assume you have, and you do have, the Spiritual Hierarchy right there, almost sitting around just above the top of the head, sitting around a circle there as your personal advisors and keep lining up everything that you do.  Now you could be paying your telephone bill or you could be shopping for your groceries for dinner, washing some clothing, whatever it is, keep lining it up with spiritual purpose:

"Nourishing my body; I am taking care of my expenses; I make sure I have clean clothing and that I am presentable" or whatever. 

 So the less and less and less contrast in your life; don't say "mundane" and "spiritual" for example.
E v e r y t h i n g   i s   S p i r i t u a l
Keep consciously making that link and you will see a dramatic improvement in the way that you feel about life, that you will be much more happy about things that you are doing.

 So we are going closer and closer to Oneness, further and further away from separation consciousness. 

All right dear ones.  This has been your weekly spirituality article.  It is a pleasure to be of service to you.  As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

LightNews: Prophecy for Today

 Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon


Djwhal Khul Weekly Spirituality Article

June 14th, 2007

Happy New Moon everyone!  

This is Terri Newlon from Sedona, Arizona, USA www.TerriNewlon.com  

You can also listen to the following message, and all subsequent messages which change every Thursday

By calling:  1.918.222.7201, Box 163

Or by clicking on this link:  http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WC4rwp5k

"Flow with Creation and Invoke Mercury"  

And here is Djwhal Khul's latest Spirituality Article:

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright, let's begin please with a beautiful golden white light coming in through the crown chakra, flowing down through the body quite nicely there.  Good.

You want to feel the flow of golden white light like it is liquid Love coming directly from creation flowing through the body so that you are always in the flow of creation with the ... almost as if your body is inside the umbilical cord, if you will, and the flow of creation is just constantly flowing through you.  Also you can use this to feel the liquidity of creation.  In other words, creation is a fluid.  Keep reminding yourself that everything is fluid and it's a matter of dispersing into the fluid or flowing with the current or whatever else helps you melt away constricts, constraints and obstacles in general.

This is a very powerful new moon right before Mercury going retrograde.  When it does go retrograde, the moon will be in Cancer so it sort of brings the focus back around and points everything in the direction of the home, it might be the family, home, property, your business if that is really the core of your being and where that internally as your home, it could be your service work, etc.

So we want to pay attention, look closely at details, sort of examine detail after detail.  It's a good time to be organized.  I would say tidy up, get ready for the Mercury retrograde and also invoke Mercury as a friend, as a messenger, the winged messenger of the Gods in the Tarot deck.

You want Mercury essentially bringing you divine messages and inspiring you to think in a divine way and you can imagine wearing Mercury right there in the center of the head as well.  We did go into much more detail on the title Mercury Retrograde Preparation, the sound file, the whole audio (teaching) of course is available on the internet if you want it.  Otherwise stick with your intuition.

Invoke Mercury as your friend. Pull in light from the Universe; get in the flow of things rather than resisting the flow.  During this Mercury retrograde in particular, it is wise to break down any stubbornness, any kind of rigid thinking, anything that holds you back, any obstacles, any self-sabotage, anything that holds you back.  Just let it go, particularly under the influence of the new Moon which is 14th June 2007.

Then you have your Mercury going direct on July 9th so between now and then, any way in which you get in your own way, and it may appear that others get in your way your, bureaucracy getting in your way, whatever it is take it within, consult with Mercury and dissolve it, just let it go.  Do not give it power.  Don't feed it "Oh yes, that, that whatever, protocol or something is something I cannot get around."

Convince yourself that where there is a will, there is a way and "With Love and divine messages, by releasing any resistance within my own consciousness, I open to all possibilities."

Alright dear ones.  As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

(This Spirituality Article transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

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