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"The Galactic Federation of Light".
[From  Michael Sun Bear to all concerned.]  07/20/07

Our mission is of peace and equality for those who choose it, and will not be
compromised by the illegal activities and secret operatives of your governments.
Be assured that we are well aware of the recent military maneuvers to
underground installations. Their activities do not go unnoticed and will no
longer be kept hidden from the general masses and the untainted media.

For the moment, know that you are being monitored by the Ashtar Command and if
need be, we will act under Federation law and will deactivate any detonated
nuclear weapon or any other form of countermeasure that the governments may
choose to use to create extensive disharmony and discord on the surface.

TO THE WORLD GOVERNMENTS: Heed our words carefully.  The final day has now come
to play out your diabolical roles with your misguided leaders and administrative
officials whose only intent is to annihilate humanity. YOUR TIME HAS NOW RUN
You will be held accountable for all actions in accordance with the Sirian High
Council of the Great White Brotherhood.

In accordance to the Federation of the Ashtar Command, those listed below are
directed to move or be removed from their posts:

** George Bush senior and his fellow Illuminati, who have never acknowledged the
Prime Creator directives

** George W. Bush, who not only has not conceded to prior directives but
continues to impose deliberate and unnecessary suffering through brutality with
no regard for human life

** Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Queen
Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, Felipe Calderon, David
Rockefeller, House of Rothschild, Rupert Murdock and all their subordinate
operatives whose continued involvement has led to countless acts of sodomy,
rituals and abductions of children and adults to be forcibly held in bondage
forever separated from their families, and which is sanctioned by your most
trusted government administrations

**All Federal Reserve Bank officials for their continued illegal practices

**50% of all current politicians once the Bush administration falls

Please note that Prince Charles and Alan Greenspan are only public figures who
have made a conscious choice to abide to the directives of the Prime Creator.

In addition, know that:

**Homeland Security Act will become obsolete because it has taken away
individuals privacy and freedom only to allow government invasion of homesteads
and removal of personal properties

**The CIA and all worldwide intelligence agencies will ultimately collapse

**Pharmaceutical companies that are not congruent in aiding humanitarian efforts
will meet their own demise

**The current Roman Papacy, under the influence of the Illuminati and all its
misguided global leadership, will come to an abrupt end

**The Pentagon will close permanently

**A temporary closing of the Federal Reserve Banks and others while
reorganization occurs

**FEMA, FDA will ultimately collapse

**All elected officials who have engaged in and choose to continue their illegal
practices will be up for public scrutiny of their secret agendas and mistruths

**Existing media presently under the influence of the Illuminati will transition
toward more positive roles in bringing healthy media to the public awareness

Let it be known that the following persons, places and events have been
currently ongoing under the directive of the Prime Creator:

**The current mission of our Lightship Cathena is the removal of all chemtrails
and the aircraft and pilots responsible for spewing poison into your atmospheric
and stratospheric skies, which has now reached critical mass

**Purification of ocean waters through an accelerator technology that produces
highly advanced light and sound frequencies to reverse the water electron

**Dennis Kucinich and Barack Obama are to temporarily fill in the executive
branch vacancies

**Select branches of government will be absorbed into a new governing body that
ultimately will be formed and approved by specific members of the Sirian High

The delegations of the High Council of the Ashtar Command are Universal
Ambassadors and currently have members of the Federation Command, which are
composed of countless lightships from various planetary systems. We are
currently living among our brothers and sisters of the Light on your surface
soon to return to our respective places of origin
when our mission is completed.

Just know that we are in the Lightships above you and we will do all that is
necessary to stabilize your planet so that we may all join together within the
United Federation of Peaceful Worlds.

Our delegations will soon meet with certain heads from your newly elected body
of government and want you all to know that you are not alone in the Universe.

High Council of the Galactic Federation of Planets

Ra, Imperial Commander

Lord Sananda Kumara, Commander in Chief

Saint Germain, Ambassador


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