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The Master Kuthumi addresses Energy Accelerations and

The Ancient of Ways, Holy of Days

We welcome you, our most dedicated students and Servers of Truth. Many of you have

been asking about certain days and purported energy accelerations and “Grid” openings

that are aligned to create World Consciousness.  We ask you this?   What is a Day?  From

your own experience and discernment, is one day more or less worthy than another?  We

suggest that this “attachment” belief is an Old Way that is passing.

Let us share with you one of the teachings of Jesus and Mary (Note: this portion is channeled –

i.e. not from any surviving gospel).

The Teachers sat on a low flat rock in front of their disciples, followers and students.

One student asked, shall I pray on a certain day?  Shall I fast in God’s name on another?

Shall I honor and remember the day of my birth, or my mother and father’s birth?

The Teachers replied:

On the day you were born in to body, the celestial host opened and celebrated your

passing from Heaven into Earth.

On the day you will die from body, the celestial host will open celebrating your spirit’s

passing from Earth into Heaven.

Every day from that day to this, the Ancient One watches and listens.

Every day from Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven, is a Holy Day.

Pray without ceasing.

Align every thought, every word and every action with the Ancient One. For if you

choose one day to pray, one day to honor your mother and father, one day to celebrate

your coming from heaven to earth, what about all the other days? If you fast to honor

God, you dishonor your God-like form and the perfection of your Creation.

Every day is Holy, Every moment is a Divine moment you have to align your heart and

your soul and your mind with One.

Pray without ceasing, this is the Ancient of Ways.

Do no become attached to the earth because you will leave it again. And again, you will

come. Do not become attached to you home, because you will leave your Home many

times. And again, you will return Home. Do not become attached to your possessions

because they will change to dust and will not bring you to the Kingdom of God. Do not

become attached to your children, because your children will leave you and find their

own Way. Do not become attached to your spouse because your spouse one day, will

leave also.

7-5-2007 Kuthumi on the Ancient of Ways Page 1

The Ancient of Ways exists in All Ways. The Holy of Days is All Days. Pray without

ceasing. Honor the Ancient One not by fasting but by Partaking in the fruits of this earth

in remembrance of Holy Ways.

One of the Disciples then asked: Teachers, are you not the Ancient Ones who walk with

us now?

Jesus replied: The Ancient One is inside each one. The Ancient One walks in All.

Mary replied: The Ancient One is inside of us Now. The One walks eternally.

Jesus continued on as written in the Gospel of Thomas (verse 11):

The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. During the days when you ate

what is dead, you made it come alive. When you are in the light, what will you

do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two,

what will you do?"

Jesus said to them, "When you make the two into one, and when you make the

inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and

when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be

male nor the female be female, …then you will enter the kingdom."

This our students in light, is the teaching of the Ancient of Ways and Holy of Days.

What about these days being promoted as “special” days to pray or meditate? Each day is

special, this is the Truth of the Word.

What about 7-7-2007? What about 7-17-2007? What about 9-9-2007? What about 12-20-


Our students, what about today? Today, this moment, this Now, is the only one you have

to manifest change and to Serve the Ancient One in the Way you are being called.  The

profound teaching of the Teachers is this: if you are acting to attract more wealth, more

prosperity and more happiness to your self, you remain two. This means, you remain

separate from God.  The “two” referred to by the Teachers, is the split between heaven

and earth, between your soul and your mind, between the outer world you experience as

“real” around you and inner world where the True real exists, as the In-Dwelling One.

If, by contrast, when you are aligning with the Confluence of the Ancient of Ways and

Holy of Days, you are creating for the highest good of All in each and every moment. If

you are listening within, you are not continuing the split of two, without. If you are

attuning to the innate Power of your Soul, you are creating abundance on all levels in the

here and now. True Abundance of Spirit is not about what you can attract to

yourself as a “sign of your spiritual power”. For our students in Light, those with the

most possessions and are often the most impoverished of heart. Why? Because in this

way, there is never enough for the self. In this way, suffering for the Many is perpetuated.

7-5-2007 Kuthumi on the Ancient of Ways Page 2

In this way, power is manipulated for the self. And the two remain two, the outer looks

more alluring than the inner, and the below separates you in illusion from the Above.

(Ah!~ but I want that new house, or new car, or vacation, or check in the mail!) Yes you

do. But these things will not create the peace you are seeking, nor will they assist you in

serving the One.

Let us assist you in understanding the male and female merger. You have a very difficult

time with this Teaching. We understand that.

There is a very profound spiritual practice in making the male and female into a single

One. The practice is to detach from the belief in separateness in order to feel in your

heart, your innate Oneness with All Things.

If you are in a female body, go into your heart, in this moment, for this moment is the

only one you have, and feel your Power to Act from the calling of the Ancient One. I AM

Power-full. I Serve the One. Observe what you feel, what you see and what you hear.

Make note of it because perhaps you will learn something about how you have been

encultured to deny your power and to give away your strength.

If you are in a male body, go into your heart, in this moment, and feel your Nurturing

capacity that calls you to Give what the Ancient One is asking you to give: Love. I am

nurturing, I am loving. I Serve the One. Observe what you feel, what you see and what

you hear. Make note of it because perhaps you will learn something about how you have

been encultured to deny your nurturing capacity and to hold back your Love.

If you are in a female body, go into your heart, in this moment, and observe what is there

that is calling to be Destroyed in the Name of the One. For in owning your Power, you

will find many things that are in the greatest good of Service to the One, that are calling

to be rooted out, such as the “timber in your eye”, the belief in your own disempowered

state, your willingness to give your power over to someone outside yourself.

If you are in a male body, go into your heart, in this moment, and observe what is there

that is calling to be Created in the Name of the One. For in creating from Love, you may

find that you Give Birth, in every moment, to more Love. From this place of creation, it

is not possible to harm another.

This is making the male and female into a single one. For you have all been male and you

have all been female. The belief in separation and difference creates conflict and lies. A

very interesting “lie” or half-truth is one that was inserted at a later date, into the Gospel

of Thomas.

[Saying probably added to the original collection at a later date:]

114. Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life."

7-5-2007 Kuthumi on the Ancient of Ways Page 3

Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living

spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the

kingdom of Heaven."

This is the partial teaching. The rest of the words of Jesus are: “So too, will I guide you,

Simon Peter, and all your brothers, so that you too may become a living spirit

resembling the females. For every male who makes himself female will enter the

kingdom of Heaven”.

Jesus was teaching that this separation and arrogance of gender superiority maintained

the split of above and below that prevents a spiritual seeker from finding Truth and the

Way and the Light.

Females have the power to create Life in their womb. And this life is created in darkness.

This has been envied and despised and persecuted long enough! Because of this

persecution, females continue to give away their power to protect this life, believing that

they may fall victim to the male tyranny. Thus, she feels separated, and vulnerable to

male authority.

Males have traditionally exercised the power to destroy life. And this destruction occurs

in both broad day light and the darkest of nights. Thus, he feels superior and righteous in

his actions that are not based on love.

Pray without ceasing that these old ways are coming to and end, for they are!

Integrate the Trinities of Love-Wisdom-Power within yourself, seeing, feeling and

knowing that you are All Within, male and female, dark and light, strong and weak,

creative and destructive. And what Unifies all? Love. Love from the Ancient One, the

Creator of All things Heaven and Earth.

When is the best alignment of days to do this, to feel this, to know this? Now, today, the

only day you have to manifest real change. Why do you wait for an interesting day such

as 7-7-2007 (7-7-9) or 7-16-2007 (7-8-9) or 9-9-2007 (999) or 12-20-2012 (3-2-2-3)?

Do this now, if you are on the Path of Serving the Ancient of Ways:

As soon as practical, put all things aside and find one person to look at. Do only this: look

into his or her eyes and see yourself. Look into his or her eyes and silently say: “I see

you. I see me. I see the Divine in All Things.” And then, our Beloveds, Choose Only


If you make this your practice in every moment, the Kingdom of God is Here and Now

and the outer and inner become alike, the upper and lower merge and the male and

female are co-creative partners in Light. This is the Ancient of Ways and Holy of Days.

This is the Potent Spiritual Potential that exists in each and every moment.

7-5-2007 Kuthumi on the Ancient of Ways Page 4

If you are willing to take an ever greater risk, do this little prayer looking into your own

eyes, each time you pass a mirror or see you own reflection: “I see you. I see me. I see

the Divine in All Things.” We will tell you that this practice will create far more

abundance in your life than trying to attract something from without as a use of your selfserving

power. It will also create far more inner peace than what you are creating now by

looking at yourself in the mirror and critiquing all your perceived “flaws”. What a loss of

opportunity for your own manifesting powers when you criticize yourself! What a

powerful, simple active prayer, when you drop this negative self criticism and enter into

the action of Loving and Accepting yourself for who and what you are in this moment of

Now, the only one where you can manifest change.

Yes, there are powerful grids surrounding the earth now. Yes, there are alignments and

attunements occurring on many levels of reality. Yes, there are accelerations of photonic

light entering your planet through the Great Galactic Alignments for the Human

Soul-ar Age of Universal Consciousness.1

Yes, the Holy of Days is important, but nothing is as important as the moment of now.

Nothing is as important as this:

Choose Only Love

For when you attract by secrecy, by self motivation and by inner poverty which leads you

to believe that you “need” something in order to be happy, you remain in separation. You

live in duality of either/or, and you are unconsciously judging yourself by your abilities

to “manifest” something outside of yourself. In this way, you continue to be separate

from the One. In this way, you are serving yourself, and not the greatest good for All. In

this way, the suffering you see in the world continues. Rather, as Jesus and Mary taught:

Pray without ceasing, choose only Love, and walk with the inner peace of

knowing the Ancient One within.

For the greatest good of All Humanity and all those on the path of Oneness

Master Kuthumi

© Ronna Prince 2007

1 See Kuthumi’s 8-31-2006 Autumn Equinox Discourse for more information in the Archives section of


7-5-2007 Kuthumi on the Ancient of Ways Page 5

Dear friends of Kuthumi and Ronna,
Also Attached as a PDF file, is Kuthumi's discourse for today (above) on the topic of special energy days, and alignments. Many of you have been asking about this, and Kuthumi has a few things to share on the topic.
Please feel free to forward the document with the copyright attached.
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Ronna Prince




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