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Aluna Joy and the Ancient Ones from San Bartolo - March 2006

Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, a thousand years before the 13th century Dresden Codex and the 16th century Popol Vul, hundreds of ancient chambers were sealed in the lands we now know as the Maya lands. These chambers were constructed in a profoundly sacred manner.  Their purpose was beyond what we can conceive at this time. These chambers were sealed to lock in certain information and alchemical energy.  Once a sacred seal was broken in any one of these chambers, the energy locked inside would be released into the world.  All of this was meticulously planned out.  The ancient ones did all of this for us who live in this time.

One such chamber has been opened.  Although there are hundreds of such chambers throughout the Maya lands, this one has particular significance to the transformational times humanity is upon.  We are in the last days of a 104 thousand year cycle.  This chamber held the knowledge of Four Worlds; Four Worlds of 104 thousand years each.  The last of these Four Worlds is the one we are presently in.  In this chamber there is a hint of the Fifth World that we are at the brink of entering.   It hints at how we get to the Fifth World, and what we might expect when we get there.

This chamber lies deep in the jungles of Peten, Guatemala in a Maya site called San Bartolo.  It has been reopened.  We don't know exactly when the seal was cracked.  It is possible that it was opened as early as the year 2001 by grave robbers.  They didn't understand the significance of the chamber that they hammered into; they were only looking for treasure . . . for jade.  Little did they know that the treasure was not in the material objects that they were hoping to find.  The treasure was the energy.   The echo of this energy, this truth, is in the remains of magnificent murals.  These are considered the oldest Maya murals to be uncovered to date.

What they left behind for us to uncover would trigger a great mystery and a wave of controversy.  They left clues in artful murals.  These clues were left behind in a way that they hoped we would understand within the level of consciousness that we would have at the time the seals were broken.  The only way to convey these messages of personal mastery and ascension was through imagery that we could relate to.

At the time they sealed the chambers, over 2000 years ago, we were hanging people on crosses to die. We were killing people in the name of God.  Only the elite could read text.  There was mass fear, confusion, greed, war, mind control and overwhelming superstitions.  These regrettable actions are still taking place today and ruling the 4th world.

The advanced people who anchored this energy were not savages, and nor were they un-evolved.  The 4th world has yet to understand the elegance and sophistication of these people and their level of consciousness.  They were far more advanced than we can understand at this time.  Unfortunately modern archeology has jumped to all the wrong conclusions regarding most Maya Art.  Archeology experts suggest that the ones who sealed the chambers were bloody sacrificial savages and warring cannibals. Researchers read the murals as a recording of history instead of a type of letter that we could read today.  Archeology is not a science; nor is it history.  It is assumptions!  And the assumptions are wrong.  The mass media and academic worlds want to you believe these wrong assumptions.  Because within the clues that they left behind are keys to becoming free of the entrapments of the Forth World on all levels.  When you are set free, the powers in your world can no long control you, or feed off of your energy any longer.

The murals in San Bartolo are a brief history of your past worlds and an echo of the 5th world that is just in front of you.  Most history you do not need to remember.  What is most important for you to remember is that you always evolve, and you WILL enter into the Fifth World.   This is the Prophecy of the Fifth World.

A Brief History of the 4 Worlds . . .

The First World was a world of solely the consciousness of the mineral Kingdom.  It was a world directed by the guardians of the EAST, the color of RED, and the Element of Water.  It was a silent gestation time.  The Earth was mostly molten lava.  Crystals were beginning to form in the Earth's crust. Nothing moved, since it was timeless and spaceless.  There was only a recording of the blue print of life.   Some of the crystals you have today still maintain the encoding of this Blueprint of Life.   Some of you even know and feel this.

The Second World was the Kingdom of Plants and Minerals together.  It was a world directed by the guardians of the NORTH, the color of WHITE, and the Element of Air.  It was the wisdom of the blueprint put into action and the dimension of time.  Algae began to grow and evolved into various plants.  Time was born, and cycles of life and death began.  You could feel life bursting forth and falling away.  Some plants evolved from the minerals that had the Blueprint of Life encoded within them.  Some of you still ingest these plants to help you remember.

The Third World was the Kingdom of Animals, Plants and Minerals together.  It was a world directed by the guardians of the WEST, the color of DARK BLUE, and the Element of EARTH.  Animals gained the ability to move about their environment, and dimension of space was born and linked with time within the blueprint.  The world of the animals was instinctual.  Animals knew how to thrive, but didn't know how to manipulate their environment.  They lived with nature and in the present.  All was acted upon instinctually based on the encoding in the blueprint.  This world was the wisdom of the blueprint put into time and space with instinct.  Some animals still carry the power of this blueprint.  Many of you are still called to certain animal totems for this reason.

The Fourth World is the world of Human Beings, Animals, Plants and Minerals together.   It is a world directed by the guardians of the SOUTH, the color of YELLOW, and the Element of FIRE.  This world was the wisdom of the blueprint put into time, space, instinct , but also consciousness.  Animals evolved into Human Beings and began to gain the ability to change their environment.   The Human Being could envision and plan for the future and learned to manipulate the blueprint.  Humanity took its first steps in being a consciousness beings with creative powers.  They learned how to alter the Blueprint. Humanity considered itself master of all worlds without respect for earlier worlds. Manipulating the blueprint caused many problems. It created Karma based on the manipulations that caused harm. Human beings have misused minerals, plants and animals. Also, guilt, fear, greed, lust, gluttony, laziness and hate were born. The seven deadly egos. The Fourth world is a world of creative force.

Now, at the end of this World . . . using minerals, plants or animals to evolve the path of the human consciousness is not effective. Using force is having terribly consequences. Yet this is the highest form of the blue print as of now . . . . but there is another step.

The Murals Speak . . .
Each world is marked by a tree of life: "The Wacah Chan". Each world is 104 thousand years long. Each world has an archetype, program, or laws of nature that master that world. At the end of each world, a sacrifice of life was made. The life of that world has to let go to evolve to the next world. In the San Bartolo Mural, the ancient ones are telling us about being reborn into a new world. Researchers saw the images as a recording of ego centered history and sacrifice; not a letter of prophecy to mankind from ones from the future.

In native stories, there is a tale of the Eagle's rebirth. The Eagle can live to 70 or 80 years old. But half way through its life, it has a crisis.  It's beak and talons have grown too long to allow it to hunt or to eat. It's wing feathers have grown to heavy to fly.  The eagle has a choice to either be reborn or to die. If it chooses to be reborn, the Eagle takes its last flight to the mountains and finds a cave. While hiding from the world in the cave, the Eagle sands down its beak on a rock. It pulls out its talons and heavy over-grown feathers. It is a very painful process.  Months later, the Eagle's beak has healed, the talons have grown back, and new flight feathers have re-grown.  The Eagle has now been re-born and entered a new life.

For Humanity to enter a new world is very much like the Eagle being reborn. We must die to our old ways, our old programs and belief systems to enter a new world . . . otherwise we just impose obsolete laws of nature upon a new higher world.  It is just like a virus.   Being re-born is not a comfortable process, as all are asked to let go of what they know, and to trust that something better will take its place. It will be a time to give up and let the transformation take place.  Just as the caterpillar will turn into the butterfly, and a pearl will grow from the grain of sand inside the oyster, humanity will be reborn into a new world . . . the Fifth World.  It is time for great patience, trust, and understanding, so we can allow our new feathers to grow back in a new way.

The Prophecy of the Fifth World . . .
The Prophecy of the Fifth World is yet to manifest.  But when the ancients ones looked ahead, this is what they can share that we can understand at this time.  The Four Worlds, that we are moving from, were all on the same level of time, space and dimension.  The Fifth world is a step above previous worlds and marks an enormous transformation that we have ever experienced in the first four worlds.   The Fifth World will be a blending and harmonization of all four worlds, but taken to a different level.   These four worlds together, in a cosmic equality, will bring about a new kind of life. Mineral, plant, animal and human will be looked at as being equally alive.   There will be a type of intelligent communication between each world.  The ancient ones know that it is hard for us to imagine this right now.

In the Fifth World, it will not be part of the blueprint to use and abuse the mineral worlds any longer.   Mining for gold and silver, or other Earth based resources, will stop.  We will not wear gems for vanity, but for the energy and out of great respect.  We will recognize the Mineral Kingdom as living beings, way beyond what we do now.

In the Fifth world, it will not be part of the blueprint to use and abuse the Plant Kingdom either.  Logging forests for out of control building, produce grown with pesticides and other uncountable abuses will not be part of the Fifth World blueprint.  We will recognize plants as living beings, just as much we are living beings! There will be honor in earth gardening and taking care of the plants of the world.

In the Fifth world, it will not be part of the blueprint to use and abuse the Animal Kingdom either.  Caring for the animals of the Earth will be just as important as caring for our children.  We will not see a difference between animals and humans as we do now, even though we are all mammals in the Fourth World.

In the Fifth world, the new life will not use other kingdoms to manifest what they want or need.  More over, it is a symbiotic relationship or type of cooperation between the four world life types to create what is needed.  A lot of what the Fifth World will be for us, we can't conceive as yet.  But as time grows closer to the unveiling the pearl of the Fifth World, the clearer it will become.

Most important . . . when the Human Kingdom leaves the Fourth World, it will leave the world of force behind.  The four integrated worlds will enter the cosmic law of Gravitation.  Gravitation is one of the laws of the Fifth World.  Life will not manifest by force in order to make something happen.  The new life will use gravitation or allowance for manifesting.  People will not pray or affirm things into being, but instead assume it is so . . . and allow it to gravitate to them.  This is Fifth World Alchemy.  Some of you are already living this way.

There were some ancient civilizations that did live a similar form of this Fifth World for brief times upon the planet.  They did this to anchor the possibility for the future of the Fifth World.  It is like if you didn't know what chocolate tasted like, how could you explain it?  The lands you call Atlantis (most of which is now under the sea except for Santorini in Greece, and the Bahamas in the Caribbean), the Peruvian Andes and some places in the Himalayas are some of the places the ancient ones anchored the memory or, should we say, lived the prophecy of the Fifth World.  Many of you are drawn to these places for mysterious reasons. Know you know why!

They are many of you out there that this message will speak very loudly to. You are the ones that could never understand why the world is the way it is.  You may have never felt at home.  You also might have felt that you hid secret knowledge somewhere that you have yet to uncover.  You feel soul tired. If you know this in your heart, you are one of these ancient ones who have come back from the future to this important time . . . you are the ones who have come back to reawaken the blueprint of the Fifth World.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author, sacred site guide, and mystic. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph: 928-282-6292 Webpage: www.AlunaJoy.com E-mail alunajoy@kachina.net


India Daily Technology Team - Jan. 22, 2006

Life beyond biology and organic chemistry - Mechanical waves in the Earth's crust shows that the "Earth is alive" and communicates like all other living beings.

Scientists are finding that the Earth is alive and is communicating like other living beings.  The concept that life has to be associated with biology and organic chemistry is becoming an obsolete idea.   The earth shows, according to contemporary geophysicists, remarkable signs of life.  Like all living beings, it communicates through waves and responds to wave structure of communication.

The existence of structured and organized mechanical waves is the signature of a living Earth that manifests all signs of life.  It is easy to find the wave equations for the main types of bulk plane waves in an isotropic medium, since we can use principal axes.  That really defines the Earth's heartbeat.  This brings into question serious questions about extraterrestrial life structures.  They may not be biological and organic in nature after all.  They can be in the form of mechanical wave structures in the crust of a planet or star or even a black hole.  According to some scientists, even heavenly bodies in this cosmos are alive and are guided by Zero Point Energy structures.  The life is centered around ZPEs and the outer shell can take any form.  Even a neutron star or a black hole is alive, say some scientists.  All ZPEs are connected by the central mechanism of integrated consciousness - the underlying basis of higher dimensional existence in the Hyperspace.


MORE.... from Barbara Wolf

The scientific community begins to investigate the concept that life is centered around ZPEs (Zero Point Energy) and the outer shell can take any form.  This form can be a star, our planet earth, a human, or any other form.  If the human body is a shell or vessel containing energy (Zero Point Energy), then consider this:  Thoughts are waves of energy that leave or enter the human body/vessel containing energy.  When two people agree on a thought, a common saying is that the two people are on the same wave length. They are on the same energy pattern.  When thousands are on the same energy pattern, this creates a bundle of energy that is like many candles being lit at the same time.  The Light becomes HUGE.  Thoughts of peace are thoughts of positive energy.  The stronger the peace energy, the more is the potential for this positive energy to become a lasting reality.

Humanity has had a long-standing habit of continually focusing on negativity which takes the form of fear.  Excellent communication technology brings daily fear bombardments from the news media and other sources.  This fear puts chains around humanity.  It holds humanity in check so that any attempt to counter fear is quickly and usually successfully stopped.  However, positive energy IS.   It EXISTS, and therefore it must be considered.

The human mind tries to understand all incoming energy wave structures.  Already known energy wave structures give the mind little problem, but the complexity of unknown energy/wave structures will puzzle the mind.  Yet, the mind has the capacity to hold in the brain/memory these unknown energy/wave structures and to work on understanding them.

When the common fear energy is encountered by the mind, this energy gives the mind no difficulty with understanding it.   However, if peace energy is not well known to the mind, then of course there is a problem with the mind.   Yet, because the brain/memory stores unknown energy/wave structures and tries to make sense of the unknown energy/wave structures, there is a potential that the mind will begin to understand this energy.

Additionally, there is the concept that when enough of humanity understands peace energy, automatically those who have been dragging their feet will begin to walk the straight line of PEACE.

Do you see the advantages of mass consciousness?  When mass consciousness reaches a certain strength, and this mass consciousness is centered around Peace, then the chains of negativity in the form of fear fall away.  Humanity stands free.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


The truth is within us.

Center of the SUN ~ EQUINOX UPDATE...
Surviving the Spiritual Gauntlet . . .

>Having entered the first couple days of March, it has become quite
>apparent that we have hit some really powerful energy.
 I have been
>watching Equinoxes over the past 12 years, and they just seem to be
>getting more and more powerful. I have been having powerful visions/
>dreams... and nightmares (unusual for me) where I see dark beings
>rising up from the underworld, and I fight to stop them. The last
>couple of nights I could not tell if I was still here, or if I had
>crossed over to the next world. I can feel my nervous system getting
>re-wired or short circuited . . . it is hard to tell which in this
>moment. Some of the pieces that I have collected over the last 20 years are just now coming
>together. All this makes me feel like everything is about to change. I
>wonder sometimes how we can endure the rise in intensity. But somehow we do.
>The entire month of MARCH, that surrounds the Equinox, will be an
>intense emotional roller coaster month. We will feel far more
>sensitive to the world. Things might seem so dark that we wonder if
>we can survive this time. Many people have been having unfounded fears
>of dying or that the world is ending. Will this shift be comfortable?
>NO! But will we emerge Masters of it? Absolutely YES! We are going
>to get REALLY CLEAR about what is not working any more to the point
>that we will be forced to make many shifts in our lives to continue on. The world is going to change.
>Our lives are going to change. We cannot tolerate the injustices and
>misuses of energy and power in this world anymore.
> This month is beginning to really look like what I would call a
>Global Dark Night of the Soul. This sounds really scary, but it is
>not. Dark Night of the Soul, by nature, is deliberately
>transformative. It feels like death on all levels. While we may feel
>battered and worn in the transformation, realize that our Spirits are
>being tempered in the process. It is MOST IMPORTANT to surrender and
>trust the process. These unrelenting and intense times help us build
>spiritual strength by showing us our weak spots. It shows us where we
>are becoming Masters in our lives. This a necessary step for our
>ability to evolve into the 5th world. What a great opportunity for all of US!
> It will be imperative at this time of powerful energy, coupled by
>the Equinox, to be helpful and cooperative with each other. Be good
>to each other. Love each other. Help each other. This is the
>beginning of the new world and the birth of a new community. We are
>the baby chicks struggling to get out of the egg, the caterpillar
>fighting its way out of the cocoon. The birthing process is hard but
>well worth the effort. We are not going to give up. We are about to
>bust free of the limitations that we have tolerated for way too long. The time is so close now . . .
>the times are so powerful . . . We are letting go of this world . . . .
> This Equinox is going to be emotionally challenging for most all of
>us, but it will also prepare us for the entire year of HUGE
>transformation and spiritual awakening. This awakening cannot be
>stopped. I bet you have tried top stop it, so you could be comfortable, at one time or another.
>It is not going to work this time. This is a time of break downs,
>losses and dissolving old paradigms on all levels. This is a time of
>GREAT OPPORTUNITY. We canít build a new temple without tearing down
>the old one. It is time to get BRAVE . . . get out the spiritual work
>clothes and go to work.
> The two eclipses in the month of March will light up any shadows in
>your back closet that you have yet to clean out. Eclipses shine light
>into our own darkness. On March 14th there is a Full Moon lunar
>eclipse triggering even more emotional tidal waves.
> In these most powerful times, it is very helpful to give yourself
>time in a sacred place in nature. Sacred places, like mountain tops
>and temple sites, hold and support higher frequencies, so the
>transformation comes MUCH EASIER and with MORE CLARITY. If you can
>get away sometime in the month of March, especially around Equinox, it
>will ease the transition considerably. Also, high altitudes (over
>7000 feet), forks in rivers, water falls, the oceans (silicon beach
>sand can elevate the issues), or deep deserts can clear our heads and lighten the heart.
> This is a time where our Spirits are being tested to reach and maintain
>a higher level of impeccability and personal mastery. Becoming Masters is
>NOT about avoiding our feelings and emotions, but being master over
>how we react to them no matter what the outer circumstances. Not
>feeling our emotions is flat lining. We are here to LIVE. So feel
>the issues, do not take them personally, and rise above them and help those around you.
> I send you Love and Blessings and will again while in the Maya Lands
>for Equinox.
>~Aluna Joy
>Center of the Sun News is still posted at this link...
>Those of you that want to change your subscription please use your
>easy personally coded links below.
>-::- Radiant Blessings ~ Aluna Joy

>Remember . . . when two or more are gathered together in a common
>focus, the power to change the world is multiplied a thousand times
>more than if one person was doing it alone.
>A Solar Synchronized, 24 Hour,
>Global Equinox Celebration to Activate and Accelerate a HUGE WAVE OF
>POSITIVE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to instill Balance, Peace and Harmony into
>and between the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms.
>Taking place in your Sacred Place on the planet at Sunrise, March
>21st, 2006!
> The 5th World is emerging right now. No wonder life has a surreal
>feeling and an unexplained anticipation. It is a time where we feel
>everything in changing, and yet we can't decide if we are coming or going!
>There is SO MUCH ENERGY that we can't sit still, and yet there seems
>to be no place to go. But it is something YOU CAN DO right now! With
>our increasingly heightened manifesting abilities, WE can do something
>about bringing about a better world! But it will take a WAVE of MASS
>bring about PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, TRUTH, and INTEGRITY. All we have to
>do is put our DREAMS into ACTION! We can magnify these intents one
>thousand fold when we use powerful, balanced energy of an equinox!
>Thus the reason for the SOLAR WAVE for the past 11 years.
>WHY EQUINOX? On Equinox, the Earth and Sun are in perfect balance and
>harmony, as the sun is centered between the Northern and Southern
>hemispheres, and centered between earth and sky. This creates a sacred
>cross of balancing energy that naturally harmonizes the planet and
>humanity. When we consciously work with this energy, we have a great
>opportunity to affect a deep and positive change in the mass
>consciousness and our world. We can use this energy to manifest
>anything we desire. The bigger the wave of consciousness, or intensity
>of voltage of the energy, the easier it is for us to bring about shift
>changes. I'm sure you have noticed that the time between desire and
>manifesting has shrunk considerably. We have to watch out for instant
>Karma and instant Dharma too! There is not much time between Intent and Effect anymore.
>Ancient traditions of the world understood that the EQUINOX is a
>powerful time for manifesting dreams and visions and to accelerate
>synchronicity and intuition. From the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico, to
>the stone circles in England, to the solar markers in the Native
>northwest, Equinox is time that was honored as a powerful and
>transformative time. On any given Equinox, we have an incredible
>opportunity to make a profound difference in our world. Science is
>beginning to back these ancient truths with facts! What the mystics
>have known for eons, science in now confirming; thus bringing into the fold of LIGHT even the most adamant skeptic!
> Fear mongers of the world will futilely try to use this energy to
>place us into fear . . . But what we are seeing that negative intent
>and projection comes back to bite its creator. Universal Justice . . .
>Don't ya just love it! We NOW have time and space, for our precious
>God given energy, to take POSITIVE ACTION and CREATE A BETTER WORLD!
>The Star Elders say that we live in an age of prophecy. An age during
>which humanity has the opportunity to re-awaken to timeless,
>inter-dependent relationship with the cosmos. We are here at this
>special time to help fulfill an awesome and delicately orchestrated
>plan to align Earth and the Cosmos with the Elemental Kingdoms and
>humanity with Universal HEART. THIS IS OUR DESTINY and DIVINE PURPOSE!
>We are here to awaken to the full potential of being authentic, evolved, 5th World Human Beings.
> You are invited to organize
>a Solar Wave Sunrise Gathering in your Sacred Place on Earth.
>March 21, 2006 marks the first sunrise of the Earth's New Year (Also
>recognized as Maya New Year). Example: If first light of this new year
>lands on the Fiji islands near the international date line, this New
>Year wave ends 24 hours later in the heart of Hawaii. Just as you may
>have seen "the Wave" being done at sports and concert venues, you will
>be doing the same thing at Equinox sunrise in global proportions.
>However, this time, instead of outstretched arms, it will be
>outstretched hearts. If you can visualize a tidal wave of positive
>energy starting in Fiji, and building as it moves West to its climax
>24 hours later in Hawaii, you have the idea. A Global WAVE of LIGHT.
>Gather your tribes together for the Solar Synchronized, 24 Hour,
>Global SOLAR WAVE Celebration for Balance, Peace and Harmony for Earth
>and Humanity. As the Equinox Sun rises in your sacred area on March
>21, 2006, simply CELEBRATE PEACE, BALANCE and HARMONY in any way, and
>every way your heart desires. Gratefulness and joyful celebration can
>heal the imbalances we have created. This is the year we begin to CREATE the 5th WORLD that we
>are entering into! Celebration
>suggestions:http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/ solarwavemedatations.html
>NOTE: The exact time of Vernal Equinox is March 20th, 2006 at 1:26 PM EST.
>This Solar Wave begins at sunrise on March 21st (NOT the exact Vernal
>Equinox time). Some of you will be doing the Solar Wave before the
>actual Vernal Equinox, and some of you will be doing it after the actual time.
>For Example: Our group in Tikal, Guatemala will experience exact
>Vernal Equinox on March 20th, 2006 at 1:26 PM EST, but will not
>experience the FIRST SUN RISE until the morning of the 21st where we
>will be for the sun rise aligned with the top of the Temple of the Jaguar! WOW!
>Global Equinox Times Global Sunrise Times
>Tens of thousands, maybe even tens of MILLIONS of LIGHT Workers (WITH
>YOUR GRACIOUS HELP) will send out positive intent for an entire 24-
>hour period producing a 24 hour SOLAR WAVE creating a huge wave of
>energy infused with LOVE, PEACE and BALANCE that washes across the Earth and humanity.
>Brothers and sisters from the North and South on the same longitude
>will unite together within the balancing force of the Equinox SUN! We
>can use this powerful energy of the Sun to EMPOWER our VISIONS of
>balance and harmony just as the ancients did.
>The Star Elders ask that we take this one simple day to say YES to
>Peace, to Balance, to Harmony, to Love and Compassion. They ask that
>for one simple day, we do not allow the negatives, that are still a
>part of our world, to be in our consciousness. For one day, celebrate
>and be grateful for humanity and our planet. See the Earth and
>humanity in perfect balance, perfect peace, and perfect harmony. We
>cannot ignore the damage we have done. We must outweigh the negative energy with positive intent.
>It will take a lot of powerful conscious souls to do this at this time.
>"The more involved in the wave, the merrier" the Star Elders say.
>Remember . . . when two or more are gathered together in a common
>focus, the power to change the world is multiplied a thousand times
>more than if one person was doing it alone. Use your highest, purest
>intentions, and remember that the truth is within YOU. So just follow
>your hearts with balance, peace and harmony.


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