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Emptiness, the Place of Neutrality
A Message from Astra, the Guardian Angel
July 6, 2006 
Direct your light at the void in which all wisdom flows.  All manifestation, mental, emotional and physical, so therefore you may consider it as the great library of eternal wisdom and you are recipients of this energy.  As you are in this moment and as you have spoken of the lecture that you have read, you have, in this moment in time, seen many facets of your own being.   That part of the self that is obsessed with time, motion,  activity and the part of the self that is connected through the heart, through the emotion and the part of the self that is able to just be with all of the chaos  and absorb only light.   For when you are speaking of being in the place of neutrality, you are speaking of the place where all light exists and therefore, you can envision yourself in that place absorbing the light, like a sponge absorbs water.  
Even though there is a vibration of chaos all  around you, you are in one aspect of your energy constantly refueling yourself with the truth, with the love and with the wisdom of the One.  So therefore, in truth, you are doing many parts at one time.  You are  working on the lower vibration through the ego consciousness and you are addressing on that level.  And as that is taking place, there is another level of  compassion, of understanding, of exploration of self that  is continuously moving and motivating you on a higher plane. 
Then there is that place of neutrality where you are being nurtured, refueled.   What is most important is to be able to flow from one to the other consciously, able to  see all of  your parts operating at once through your God consciousness,  through your higher self, able to take that higher consciousness and ground it into the ego consciousness allowing that part of you to realize that something greater is operating which gives you the flexibility and the mobility to go from one level to the other, to be able to address everything at the same time.   And when you were speaking in the lecture about doing  this and you were speaking in your personal terms  about  wanting to express emotion and also wanting to keep that  compassion moving forward and wanting to refuel, all of  the wanting was there but the ability to see the path to it, the way of it was blocked and that is because you are only seeing yourself in one dimension. 
You are not able yet to see yourself operating on all these  dimensions and that is what you are working to do and in your speaking, you were exploring and realizing that it can be so, it can be done.  And as you continue on in your journey, do the experiment for yourself, whenever you think of it.   Whenever you are in some state where you are in an emotion, ask yourself where the other levels  are.  How  do I reach from this emotion to the place of neutrality?  How do I reach from this emotion to the place of compassion and understanding.   And as you ask the question, you will begin to receive the answer.   Every circumstance is different so every answer will come in its own form.  In other words, it's not a set recipe.

Nothing is written in stone.  So therefore, it has to do  with the creativity, and the creativity is the creator.  And when you are allowing yourself to absorb that   neutrality, that emptiness, that space where the creator  can pass through,  then the information that you require  will come in multitudes of ways and you will be able to  utilize whatever comes without saying this is not the way it should be or this is not structured enough or this is not what I am accustomed to or this is not acceptable or  whatever the language might be that holds you in that  position of being closed in your mind, in your vision. 

 So as you practice, your mind will expand, your vision   will expand.  Your ability to see the truth will expand.  For within every situation lies the truth and the truth is ever changing.  This is very important to understand,  for there might be a truth today that might be a lie tomorrow.  There might be a truth in one situation but  when placed in another situation, it is an untruth.  So  it is very, very vital to allow the guidance to direct you to the truth, for if you use your physical mind to do it, you will usually miss the mark, for the physical mind  is very rigid and it has many restrictions.  All of these things are with you.  In other words, the wisdom already exists within you.  Practicing is what is required, for you are in the dense body and so therefore you can easily become lost in the confusion.  And when you're lost in confusion, you always revert back to old habits that you rely upon, and they are never the right remedy. 
Only that which is new can be the correct remedy because it is a new vibration, a new situation, a new understanding, a new way of seeing, believing, and feeling, and so therefore, that is another way to measure whether you are within the present moment or not.
 We will speak much more on this subject in later classes, for there are worlds of information, but you need to go through exercising yourself to begin to touch those worlds and to begin to understand them more clearly for yourself.   It's a personal understanding, for each individual will experience in his/her own way and will understand through his/her own level what we call capability through his/her higher consciousness.  And even that, when you are all at the same level it will be different for each person because you are
 unique in your sameness, in your oneness.  You are still uniquely  individual, for you all display individual aspects of the One.   You are all part of the One, but the One is extremely complex and has many facets, and you each  display a different facet and that is why you blend so well together.  The blending comes from your differences as well as your sameness.  So, we will suggest that you do these exercises for yourselves whenever you can and in every situation.  And do not punish yourself if you feel that you are not understanding or that you are not getting anywhere or that you cannot come out of one  vibration and move easily to the next because that is all part of learning, going through the frustration, going through those places where you are hitting the  blank wall. 
 Because every time you go through that ego exercise, you break it down more and more.  You bring more and more humility into the ego.  For until the ego  breaks all the way down into the place where it is completely humbled, until that moment you will not have the openness to receive all of this information and to seek all of these truths.  Keep this information close to your heart and be gentle and loving to yourselves.
QUESTION:  You know, when you were speaking before about neutrality and emotion and all these different aspects of the lecture, I just couldn't believe how many parts of my life I've sort of have touched on this, but I didn't understand it at the time and one of them was even today when I was taking a spiritual bath.I started to hear some inner guidance and as soon as I heard it, I tried to analyze what it was and then it was gone.  But, the one thing that I did hear though was stop trying to be someone.  You already are someone special, so is everyone.  And it was just kind of ironic that's pretty much how you were describing us as, you know, different parts of the God energy.

ASTRA:  Yes.  And all of these parts playing at the same time like an orchestra.  All the instruments are playing together and you are this great orchestra.  You are the symphony of life.  And so when you are  there and you are questioning that part of your instrument that is speaking to you, it's like the trombone questioning the piano.  Why are you playing those notes?   When the trombone should just be playing his own notes.  Do you follow?

 ANSWER:  Yes.
ASTRA: So when you're in your spiritual bath and you are hearing these words, all you are doing is you are taking your bath.  Absorbing what's coming.  Don't question it.  It's like you are absorbing the water and the salt and the elements that were placed in the bath into your body.  So these words are another element that are coming in.  And it's very important that even if you don't question and you hear everything that's coming in and then when you are finished hearing it all, then you start to question it again.  It is best to acknowledge what you heard and acknowledge if you don't understand it and then let it go.   Because in the acknowledging, the understanding will follow at the proper moment.   Something will manifest in the physical which will make what you heard very clear.  If it isn't clear in that moment,   something will come to make it clear.  Do you follow what we are saying?
 ASTRA:  So you are just acknowledging that wasn't clear.  I hear this.  I don't know what it means. Let it go.  And you will at the proper moment know what it means.  For nothing  comes in by accident.  Nothing happens by accident.   Everything happens for a reason.  But man is so tied up in his ego consciousness that he very often doesn't see the reason and it takes him a great variety of frustrations to get to the reason.  We can take as an example if someone is all of sudden hit with a disease and they are in total shock and they are denying that they have this disease and then they are angry about it and they go through all of these different emotions and it takes them all of this frustration in order to come to a place where they recognize what the disease is teaching them about themselves.  Once the disease starts teaching them about themselves, then they begin to realize this is why the disease came. 
Let us say it comes to a person who is extremely ego conscious, extremely materialistic and all of a sudden they go through these steps with this shock  to their system which leads them into a place of  turning to God, turning to the Creator, turning inward and then they realize this disease is a gift because it awakened them to something so valuable that they would have never reached without the disease.  And it's like that with everything. The ego is so rigid and so closed off, that it  doesn't always do what it would do in its natural state which is to immediately see what, why, where, what's going on, be able to go from one dimension to the next dimension effortlessly.  Only when there is enough emptiness can one move that quickly into understanding what is playing out in front of them. 
 But we can say to you that it always has to do with yourself. It always has to do with what the self is learning, what the self is needing, what the self is missing and needs to find in order to continue on.  It always has to do within that realm.  That helps to narrow it down a bit, but it's still extremely difficult for the ego to move that quickly through an unpleasant situation and to see the light within it.  And this is part of your human condition, that these steps are a necessity in your world.   When the new world is created on the earth's plane and all the energies are raised to a higher vibration, you will no longer have to suffer through all those steps.  It will be effortless to go from one to the next and then the next level of Self, until you reach the God Self.    We will continue to work on emptiness, the place of neutrality. 
Love in Light, go in peace.  ASTRA                                
                  ASTRA The Guardian Angel channeled by Anna Harlas
                   astraanna@aol.com     www.astraanna.com  

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