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World Angel Grid 

The Angels have asked us to work with them and create a

worldwide grid of angelic energy – a World Angel Grid.
By participating, you can help the Angels to:


Reverse Global Warming

                                Resolve Conflict Worldwide

                                           End World Hunger


                                                                           Bring Peace to the Planet

BY: Channeled by Stevan Thayer November 17th 2006
It is with great joy and gratitude that we speak with you today. The gift that you have given to us through your participation in the creation of The World Angel Grid is beyond measure. Because of your generosity and support, we have been able to give a gift to the world for those who will accept it. The gift is love. From the angelic realm, this gift of love looks like a shimmering liquid flowing constantly around your world through the World Angel Grid and touching the heart of every person.
As with all things angelic, it is our joy and duty to obey human free will and the World Angel Grid that you have allowed us to create follows this same angelic principle. It will not force anyone to open to the love, healing, and transformation that is being offered. Rather, it beckons, invites, and calls to all people. It calls them to open their hearts to the power of love.
Love is something that all people crave. They need love to live. They need love to love. Yet many people fear love, and will not embrace it when it is present. Love is the most powerful healing force in your world. And once embraced, love will always heal what needs to be healed.
We see within your world a cosmic dance taking place. Some people in this dance are embracing the angelic energy of the World Angel Grid and are opening their hearts immediately. These people are feeling empowered and alive. They are also feeling as if they have been awakened from a dream. Awakened to the reality of your world. Awakened to the need for change. Awakened to the ways of change. It is as though some inner guidance, that once lay dormant and unknown, has awakened and is now known. It is now clear to them what has not been working. It is now clear to them what needs to be done. Once they embrace love, they can see the truth and they are willing to share the wisdom of that truth with others. They act with strength that is guided by wisdom to bring acts of loving kindness and compassion into the world.
The other part of the dance involves people who are not yet able to embrace the love that surrounds them. These are the people who possess a strong self-will that is primarily driven by fear. These people strive in your world to achieve personal fame, glory, recognition, power, and prestige. They also strive to maximize their personal wealth and fortune. What is more, they do this at the expense of others. They do not act compassionately in the world and they do not use their position or their wealth to help others. What these people often find is that no amount of fame or fortune can heal the underlying fear that drives them. No matter how famous or how wealthy they become, they do not find peace. Only the power of love can heal their fear and help them find peace. And while they may initially fear and resist the love that is present, ultimately they will accept our invitation to open to and embrace the love that we offer.
The World Angel Grid has increased the energy of love in your world and this energy of love creates a division. People will either be open to love and they will embrace the energy of love, or they will be closed to the energy of love and they will remain in the energy of fear. The stronger the love, the bigger the division. The love that you have allowed us to instill into your world is so strong that in the near term the division will widen. But please don't be alarmed by the near term effect that this division may have on the cosmic dance in your world. For as you will see, the division itself will ultimately become the path to healing and reconciliation. Please let us explain.
On one side of the division you will see those who are open to love, in resonance with love, who embrace love, and who act from love. These individuals will be inspired to bring to the world the most wonderful acts of healing and kindness, as well as the most wonderful solutions to your world's problems. We see this happening already on the smallest as well as the grandest levels. We see people being kinder to their family and friends. We see wonderful spontaneous acts of loving kindness being offered. We see old angers and grudges being forgiven. We see love deepening within relationships of all kinds. We especially see children responding to the increased energy of love with increased harmony, creativity, joy, and playfulness. And we see older people experiencing higher levels of peace and contentment. We see leaders at all levels, from business to politics, championing activities that benefit the many not just the few. We see old wrongs being investigated, and the course of justice being set to make them right. But above all, we see these as acts of love, filled with forgiveness, who goal is to unify. These acts are not done out of a desire to manipulate, control or punish, but rather, they are done to bring the giver and receiver of these acts more peace, more joy, and more love.
On the other side of the division you will see those who are not currently open to the energy of love acting out of their fear in even grander ways. You will see their anger intensify and their acts of desperation increase. Please do not judge them negatively or hate them. These souls want exactly what everyone wants. They want love. They want safety. They want peace. They want to feel fulfilled. They want family. They want friends. They want dignity. But they believe that the current circumstances of your world are preventing them from having these most precious things. As their fears and anger become even stronger it may seem to them that violence is the only expression of power they have available to them. But violence will never bring peace. Violence will only bring more violence. Only love will bring peace.
As the level of love increases, those who are stuck in fear can become so afraid that their fear will ultimately become their salvation. For it is human self-will that blocks the energy of love and it is human self-will that is driven by fear to act violently in the world. Yet, it is this same human self-will which, when the fear has become large enough, will see the situation as hopeless and will figuratively fall down on its knees and surrender. An internal surrender. A surrender to the soul. And at this moment of internal surrender, all of the emotional armament that has blocked their heart from receiving the love that is available to them will crumble. As their armament crumbles, the love from the World Angel Grid will flood into their heart, and they will be transformed. They will move in the cosmic dance and shift to the love side of the division, and they will act compassionately in the world inspired by the energy of love.
In the short time since the World Angel Grid has been operating in your world, we have already begun to see this shift take place. This shift will continue to take place, one heart, and one life, at a time. If you pay attention, you will see yourself, and people in your life around you, having a sudden change of heart and acting in more loving ways for the greater good. You will see businesses refocus to do what is right for the workers who make their business possible, rather than just what is right for their profits. You will see governments transform and serve their people, and not simply their bureaucracy. You will see businesses and governments alike taking better care of your planet and its environment. And you will see women taking a more key role in leadership at all levels, for women are naturally more open to having the energy of love channel through them into actions that bring about harmony, fairness, equanimity and peace.
The rate at which your world changes is unpredictable. Human free will is a powerful force, and fear can dominate a life for an entire lifetime. But it takes only a small amount of love to illuminate and transform a large amount of fear, and every person who moves from fear into love will further intensify the energy of love in your world and accelerate the rate of change.
We would ask you not to focus so much of your energy on what you see that is wrong in your world, but rather focus your energy on making your personal world right. Start by bringing more and more peace into yourself and your life. Use the energy of the World Angel Grid to forgive yourself, to stop judging yourself, to support yourself, and to love yourself. Channel the energy of the World Angel Grid through you to others as you stop judging them and start forgiving them. Then channel this energy into actions of loving kindness that support them. And finally, simply love them. You will see that this will not only transform your life, but as more and more hearts join in and do the same, it will continue to transform your world as well.
---------- End of Angel Ariel's Message ------------
Please remember that the energy of the World Angel Grid is available to you at all times. Whenever you heartlink to the Grid, you will infuse your energy field with the Grid's energy and add your energy to further strengthen the Grid. Master-Instructors can repeat the Phase 1 WAG process at any time and add additional Grid Anchor locations. Students and Master-Instructors alike can repeat the Phase 2 WAG process to further heal their lives as they simultaneously send a healing to all people and to the planet as well.



UFO  Info

Dear Ones,

For those of you who may not have read the message below, it is important that we be aware. Thanks to Victor for passing this info on.  We have already had many contacts and this is again verification that many more are scheduled. They will become much more visible as they attempt to make even more people aware of their presence. We do live in exciting times and these benevolent brothers and sisters are and have been helping us to make this a better world. Please share this will all you know. As more and more people wake up, their job will be easier. It is important to focus, spread your light, welcome them and bless them for assisting us to make the changes that are so desperately needed in our world today!
Love & Blessings,
Suzy Star
----- Original Message -----
 From: Victor Martinez
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 10:33 PM
Subject: UFO Latin America Countdown to an official and open contact withETs?!


For the Record
Countdown to an official and open contact with ETs ???
Dear colleagues of the World UFO Community:
Jan Val Ellam, a Brazilian prominent author as lecturer about Ufology and Spirituality, says that several ET races are coming to Earth for an official and open contact with the human race.   The meeting should take place anytime from November 16, 2006 to April 30, 2007.   Today is the first day of the predicted event and the many members of the Brazilian UFO Community are in countdown waiting for the alleged arrival.
Jan Val Ellam is the literary pseudonym of the executive Rogerio de Almeida Freitas, from Rio Grande do Norte, one of the states of the Brazilian Northeast region. With 15 books published and over 200 lectures per year, he is regarded one of the most serious and reliable sources in the vast segment of Spirituality in Brazil. Freitas is also a recognized businessman and represents several European tourism companies in the country. He started in Ufology under his 20s as a prolific field investigator who used to cooperated with Irene Granchi, Brazil's UFO pioneer, and American writer Bob Pratt.
Freitas soon started his research into Spirituality and eventually got it overlapped with Ufology in a peculiar way and with very coherent conclusions, as noted by distinguished representatives of both fields. This is when he started what he alleges to be a "continuous daily contact with space and spiritual beings, sometimes apart from each other, sometimes operating together". The contacts have lasted two decades, according to him. He kept it private for several years before started writing his books.
Freitas had a very close encounter with aliens back in November 18, 1999, in Natal, the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, in a night at the Ocean Palace Hotel, just after a meeting between technicians from NASA, ESA and Brazilian Space Agency at that facility. By that time, he was the general manager of that hotel. It was then, as he claims, that he was told that the so expected contact between the human race and other species would happen in 7 years from that date. As from March this years, he claims that he was contacted again and was given the information that the alleged contact will happen anytime from November 16, 2006 to April,30 2007. The clock is ticking for him.
He was also given specifics of such meeting: "It will involve many huge spacecrafts that will be seen by everybody all over the world. The sighting will last only a couple of hours and the ETs will not perform any direct contact with the governments, but only with selected people here and there". Freitas also claims that the UFOs will be seen and largely registered by media, in such a way that the sighting will be undeniable by any means. "They will go away after a few hours but will be back after some months, and repeat it over and over, until we are prepared for their landing".
Last August, Rogerio de Almeida Freitas, or Jan Val Ellam, gave an exclusive interview to the Brazilian UFO Magazine where he explained in detail his contacts, visions and most importantly, his predictions of an official and open contact with ETs and what they are based on. The Brazilian UFO Magazine carried the long interview in 13 pages in its October edition, number 126. The Magazine is neutral about the Freitas story and served only as a channel of communication of his story to its readership, as any other specialized UFO magazine would do, especially considering who the source is and what information it is giving.
Soon after the magazine reached the newsstands, and even prior to that, Freitas has gained a lot of support from people who share his visions but also a lot of criticism from those who won't accept his predictions and what they are based on, which are his alleged personal contacts with "space and spiritual beings". There has been a great debate over Freitas claims that nearly divided Brazilian UFO Community in two polarized groups. And because of that, both the Brazilian UFO Magazine website (www.ufo.com.br) and its December edition, number 128, already in newsstands, are continuously publishing the opinions of those UFO researchers who oppose and those who support the predictions, and still keeping a neutral position.
Upon request of a few colleagues outside Brazil, we are publishing this message and attaching to it some of the editorial and parts of the interview with Rogerio de Almeida Freitas translated into English. They follow these lines and are been sent to overseas with the sole purpose of communication the rest of the world of what is going on.
As Freitas says that such official and open contact with ETs is scheduled for anytime from November 16, 2006 to April 30, 2007, we are spreading this info. And again, the Brazilian UFO Magazine is neither supporting nor rejecting his claims, but informing them to the Worldwide UFO Community.
Best regards to everyone.
A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine Director, Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research www.ufo.com.br gevaerd@ufo.com.br aj@gevaerd.com
-----Original Message-----
 Sent: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 11:32 AM
Subject: Re: UFO Latin America Countdown to an official and open contact withETs?!


Victor, thanks for sending out this message.
I have received a lot of inquiries from people who received my message yesterday, asking me if I believe that the alleged official contact with ETs will actually happen and if the person announcing it, who I interviewed for the Brazilian UFO Magazine, deserves any credit. Some people also wrote me and protested that I published the interview.
I would like to say just a few more thinks about it.
1. The Brazilian UFO Magazine is not supporting the claims made by Rogerio de Almeida Freitas / Jan Val Ellam. Neither is it rejecting them. The magazine simply played its role as a publication specialized in Ufology and carried out the information as clear as possible. Being the material an interview, with an obvious interview format, the interviewee Freitas / Ellam is responsible for what he claims.
2. Whoever read the e-mail I sent out yesterday only read 3 of a total of 32 questions. In most of them, I put a lot of pressure on the interviewee Freitas / Ellam, as I was supposed to. In addition, on the subsequent editions -- two so far, number 127 and 128 -- I have published several articles where researchers express their views about the predictions. And the majority of them are very negative towards what the interviewee Freitas / Ellam claims. We open this issue for debate in the magazine and in its website
(www.ufo.com.br), unfortunately only in Portuguese.
3. As the editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, and having served it in such position for almost 23 years now, I had to make a decision about doing and publishing the interview or not when I got the information from the interviewee Freitas / Ellam. Of course I know very well of so many other previous alleged contactees and prophets that had issued similar predictions in the past. And of course I knew that this time it could be just about the same thing. What helped me to make my decision to publish the interview was the fact that the interviewee Freitas / Ellam is a very serious person and in my opinion, the content of his predictions should be known. Not supported, not rejected, but known. His predictions could all be hallucination, but he has a really high reputation and holds top positions in several business circles. He definitely not a lunatic and he has a lot to lose if nothing happens.
4. Personally, I am also neutral. I learned from my 30 years of experience in the UFO field that such claims never really com true. They never had, at least. And I don't know why would this one be any different. However, I keep a open mind about it and I would definitely love that the interviewee Freitas / Ellam prediction of a mass sighting all over the planet come true. Who in this field wouldn't? However, it is not what motivated me to publish the interview, of course, but the content of it, the reputation of the interviewee Freitas / Ellam and the fact that, being a interview, his claims are his responsabilities.
5. At last, this debate is going on in Brazil and a few UFO circles abroad for almost 3 months now, since we released the edition 126 of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, where the polemic interview was published. There has been a very, very hot debate about it in my country, a debate that nearly divided UFO researchers here in two groups, the biggest one of them totally rejecting the interviewee Freitas / Ellam claims. Many people abroad, who received my message yesterday, also rejected the claims. This is really understandable. But for those people, and for most of the people in the UFO field, the next piece of information is even mind-boggling: The interviewee Freitas / Ellam called me last Wed, November 15, and told me that he was 99.9% that the sightings will happen tomorrow, Sat, November 18,
17h30 local Brasília time. And he called me again a couple of hours ago giving me the other 0.1%.
So, if Rogerio de Almeida Freitas / Jan Val Ellam is to be taken seriously, we are supposed to see a mass sighting of UFOs worldwidely tomorrow, Saturday, at 17h30 local Brasilia time.
I am sending out this message only to share with so many colleagues over the world this piece of info. I do not support these claims, and I do not reject them. I will wait and see. What the hell… I`ve been watching the skies for countless hours for the last 3 decades and a few more tomorrow won't hurt me.
Best regards!
A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine


Dear Ones,
A beautiful uplifting message reminding us of the importance of holding our focus and shinning our light in the "Last Waltz Of The Tyrants". Read the message below, heed it's suggestions and know that we are right on the brink of some major changes that are taking place on our earth and we came here to help this transistion! WE HAVE ALREADY WON! Soon we will walk in freedom from oppression and abundance will be enjoyed by all.
Love & blessings,
Suzy Star

Date Published: Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 2:59 PM
Subject: A Message to All Lightworkers

Hello Central and All Lightworkers,

In one of Mr. Bellringer's recent messages dated Monday, November 13,
he discussed the importance of us keeping our faith and holding onto
our inner-light during these challenging times.

Like he stated, we have received a consistent stream of reports and
encouragements from the higher realms and off-Earth ET friends that
progress is being made. And yet, from our own stations, as souls
incarnated as human beings on the very front lines of this battle of
light vs. dark, it often appears and feels as though the darkness is
winning with no relief in sight.

Stand strong, Lightworkers, for the present cloud of dark energy that
has created a choking effect on the surface of our planet is a
deliberate illusion to disguise the tremendous weaknesses of the dark

The Illuminati's arrogance of "staying the course" with respect to the
wars-for-profit, the continued usurpations of our Constitutional
Rights, and their relentless efforts to erode our economy with intent
to impose a One World Order are all in vain.

In truth, the recent efforts and apparent confidence of the darkness
bear a very strong resemblance to the last 'big fight' put up by the
Hitler and the Nazis that began December 16, 1944.

Realizing that he was quickly losing his chokehold on Western Europe
and that the British and American forces could be on Germany's
doorstep within a few weeks, Hitler ordered a major assault to take
place in the hills and forests of the Ardennes. Hitler believed that
if he could capture Antwerp and kill and capture enough soldiers,
Britain and the United States would relent and give up.

To those Americans and British exposed to the ferocity of the sudden,
unexpected offensive attack, words and reports that the Nazi regime
was near its breaking point seemed false - to the contrary, it seemed
like the Nazis were stronger than ever.

And yet, with an 'all-knowing' view of all events, one could sense
that the Nazi regime was at its end. The Nazi tanks sent out in what
would become known as the "Battle of the Bulge" were critically low on
reserve fuel and spare parts, the half-starved German soldiers were
sent out with little ammunition and broken equipment, and the supply
lines and railways that would have been necessary to sustain and
maintain the ferocious offensive from the Nazi heartland were

Fellow Lightworkers, today we are engaged in a battle for humanity!
We are light-filled souls who decided to incarnate as human beings and
help bring peace to our planet with the power of our Love!

Armed with our Light on the front lines with a full experience of the
ferocity and intent of the darkly-inclined, we can feel very
vulnerable whenever the Illuminati make a dramatic push to try to stop
us and make us silent.

But when we stop 'seeing' and 'hearing' with just our eyes and ears,
and look towards the 'all knowing' source within our hearts, we can
sense that the Illuminati thrusts are borne out of desperation. They
are not acting that way because they are strong, but because they can
sense that their reserves, supply-lines and strongholds are crumbling
right before them!

Saddled and burdened by the thick density of their dark thoughts,
actions and fears, the Illuminati have no awareness beyond what they
can experience with their carnal five senses. Assuming that
Lightworkers bear the same limitations, they believe that with enough
"Shock and Awe," they can discourage us and make us fear for our
personal safety.

Let it be known that the only thing you must do to ensure your safety
and wellbeing is ASK FOR IT.

You don't need guns, armored cars, bulletproof vests, off-shore secret
bank accounts, slick lawyers, safe havens in remote regions, or
underground bunkers to protect yourself - those are the antiquated
tools of a fear-based existence.

Instead, ask the angels, the spirits, and our E.T. friends to use
their powers and advanced technologies to ensure that you, your
families, and your assets may stay safe as you work towards creating
peace. As they do this, all they ask of YOU is to have FAITH in their
protection, and maintain vigilance that your thoughts, words and
actions reflect a true desire to make our world a better place.

As long as you act out of HUMILITY, without egoic, smug feelings of
superiority or a desire to pompously "show them what you've got" or
"give them what they deserve," your path shall remain clear of danger.

Even if you cannot see or hear the angels, spirits and
extra-terrestrials that you asked to assist you, know that they are
right beside you to help you fulfill your roles as Lightworkers with
candor and confidence!

Stay strong, speak your truth, and may your Inner Light shine through!

All the best in Love and Light,
Grant Bellows




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