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Children of Light  presents

Worldwide Meditation:

The Surrender of Physical Matter to Spirit
(the Light of the Photon Belt)

(photo by Sharon Maia Nichols)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

7 pm GMT  which is 3pm for New York (Eastern)

Find your time zone listed at bottom of this page.

If you have any questions or need help, let us know. However, there is a sight listed below that will allow you to find the major city nearest you.

Or VISIT our website - http://www.childrenoflight.com 


And PLEASE help spread the word, simply taking a moment to pass on this email - as it is only in coming together as ONE resonance that we have the opportunity to make a real difference.  A world full of individuals...with one heart focus!!! 

Greetings to you all!  We are so happy that you have found out about this exciting opportunity - the next step in a series of planetary initiations and energetic accelerations that have been taking place since 1997.

What we want you to understand more important than anything is that this is ONE opportunity for YOU TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE as an individual.

So many people have felt powerless within all that has been taking place in our world - between the corruption, mis-use of position and global warming to name a few - many people have felt like they wanted to go hide their head in the sand and hope for rescue.

This is one opportunity for each and every one of us to plug our powerful selves in and COME TOGETHER to form a resonance that takes charge of our world.

We are in a series of unprecedented events that are literally raising the energy of our planet, which in turn are awakening our consciousness to new levels of our personal and planetary potential.  Within that new potential - we can learn to heal the myth of our fear - and to stand up for all that has meaning and value in our lives!

That is the potential of our rising souls...and if we choose to take steps such as this one, it will indeed be an exciting time to be alive!

Brief Background

For those who may be new to this process, there are seven primary initiations or energetic downloads that are making it possible for us to awaken our soul consciousness - joining physical reality with the energy of Spirit in ways that we have never known. However, it is definitely up to each one of us as individuals to assimilate and integrate these new levels of energy into our bodies and the way we live our lives.

These seven initiations were demonstrated in the life of a master teacher 2000 years ago - demonstrated for all humans.  These initiations have nothing to do with a particular religion. We can all look to the example of a world teacher, transcend any thoughts of religion, and instead look to the clues - which provide a clear map of personal evolution!

The seven initiations are named the Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration on the Mount, Renunciation, Resurrection and Ascension.  Since 1997, we have begun to be exposed to the energies of these initiations.

In recent years, we have been introduced to all seven initiations up to the mid-point. If you have been following the process, you know that we have begun preparing the womb space of the soul in our bodies - opening to the void and our subconscious minds.

The subconscious is where we have held all of our history - and the distortions of fear and shame held in the dark of that void inside.

Unprecedented Opportunity

We now reach the fifth stage of the initiations - the Crucifixion. This is where a level of light that we have never known begins to penetrate the subconscious womb space.

The CRUCIFIXION is where the light meets the dark and each surrender to the other. The physical will now be asked to surrender to spirit. And Spirit will be asked to penetrate and embrace the physical in deeper ways than ever before!

In order for this to happen, we must allow the light to penetrate the distortions of our histories - so that we can shed the light of compassion, forgiveness and the conciousness of meaning and value into our historical myths of fear, shame, defense and separation.

Participating in this worldwide meditation is a powerful step to set that intention of personal healing into motion!

This process of transformation is taking place all around us in the world - whether we choose to acknowledge the reality or not.  If we choose to work with these energies, we have the potential to move out of a system of patriarchy and survival into a system of celebrated individuality, oneness and unity. We can literally move out of the limited ways we have seen our lives into an experiential reality of Heaven on Earth.

In order to move into that potential, we need to consciously open - and be willing to allow the energetic death and rebirth of all that we can honestly see no longer serves us as individuals or as a world.

As we come together in worldwide events such as this one, we become part of a new resonance. We then become an active part of "entraining" the rest of the world into a more healed and conscious place.

Entrainment is a law of physics that says wherever there is a predomint high field of energy, lower dense energy seeks to rise to meet and join with it. This is how we can play a VERY POWERFUL role in healing our world.

It is time to take our heads out of the sand, look to reality with clear, willing eyes and conscious choices. With guidance, we can come together and create a rebirth for our planet unlike anything our history can wrap its head around.

web site is one place that you can come on the internet for clear guidance and the steps to work with these shifting energies. We are thrilled to be able to do our part.

We will be taking a journey for this initiation to EGYPT - the second chakra for our planet - right in the heart of the subconscious of the planet - to help ground these energies of Crucifixion and transformation.

We ask that you join us, and help by passing the word, so that we make this the remarkable opportunity that is set before us!!!

WE NEED ONE ANOTHER - which is one of the most important lessons of this time!

This is the thirteenth WorldWide Mediation we have organized at Children of Light.  Each time, more and more people have joined together.

What makes this opportunity so powerful in Egypt?
Many people may not have realized that our entire solar system has been making a path around a great central Sun....a path that takes 26,000 years.

Much like the Earth going around our known Sun every year, our solar system is making the same move on a much larger scale. And every 26,000 years our planet enters an energy known as the Photon Belt - which holds a level of light that is far faster and higher in resonance than anything we have known.

As we now move fully into the Photon Belt - this high light is penetrating the density and darkness that we have known - to prepare us for the Resurrection of our Souls!

That photon light began to influence these initiations last year, as it penetrated the outer planets of our solar system. We are now finding greater change and acceleration in our world, where nothing is predictable or even feels the same experientially - as this energy penetrates the inner planets of our solar system for this initiation.

So once again, we remind you how important YOU are to this event....

Without each doing our part to spread the word, this event would go by without our being able to take part consciously. The energy would have to work through our habitual resistance and "description" of the world...

But when we take the time to make others aware, more people are empowered to participate - working fully with this opportunity for transformation!

So PLEASE - listen to your hearts and help us pass the word....And then join with us, wherever you are in the world on September ................

All for ONE (Oneness Consciousness) and ONENESS Consciousness for ALL of us!


We have created a format for the meditation that is easy to follow if you choose. 



First, make sure that you are clear about the appropriate time for the meditation - according to your location and time zone. There is a chart at the bottom of this page listing several major cities.  If you have any questions about the time for your location, feel free to email us

And if you find that the time does not work for you, please take a few moments some time during the day on Sunday, September 17 to add your energies in meditation anyway.

Once you are clear about the time for your particular time zone on September 17, either go through this simple ceremony by yourself or gather together in groups.

If you choose to experience this as a group have people arrive at least fifteen minutes before the "official hour." We suggest that you announce an early time for the meditation, so that you can insure you are all in place for the reading of the Invocations at the top of the hour.  In creates a very powerful moment to have millions of people saying the same words with a similar focus at the same moment!

We also suggest that you have people prepare their own vision for their place in world service (how they intend to focus on making a different in the world around them - which doesn't have to be grand, just sincere) before coming together.  This allows individuals to get really clear, able to focus their energies in a very clear way.  Many people have found this to be powerful and healing.  If you so choose, you can even share your visions with one another at some point during the experience.

Once you are all in place (prior to the appointed hour for the reading of the invocations), take time to ground and connect the group energy.  Of course this can be done any way you choose, but we suggest some version of the following:

1.  Join hands, close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Then imagine energy building in the lower body, beginning with your solar plexus.  Breathe deeply in the nose and out the mouth.  Next imagine the sun rising out of the lower body and up into the heart. This gold light or solar energy needs to come up into the heart and radiate.

2. Once that is done in each individual, have each person imagine sending a beam of their gold heart energy to the person sitting to their right, while opening to receive the beam that is being sent to them from the left.  This works particularly well if you are in a circle configuration.   Once this is complete, imagine sending your group energy out into the world in every direction to connect with and awaken others in healing.

Then take whatever time remains before the reading to be still as a group.  Focus on your own healing visions.

3. At some time before the appointed hour to join together (7pm GMT,
3 pm Eastern Time), imagine the planet Earth in the center of the room.  See her open to the experience of complete balance, peace, harmony and unity.  Have everyone send heart energy to the Earth, filling it with healing light and joining us all as One.

4. Take a moment to then focus on self-love and self-acknowledgment. Create a resonance of self-value as you bring your energies together with others who are doing the same. Think of some of the specific actions and qualities about yourself, both from your past and your present, that you value and appreciate about YOU.

5. Then focus on building the energy of TRUST - in the highest good that is taking place as the soul reveals itself. Look at how you are trusting in your own life.

Then bring your focus to Egypt and the Great Pyramid...

6. At your appointed time read the following two invocations OUT LOUD as a group. Actually imagine the words penetrating the planet to create further healing!

Those of you who have participated in the past World Wide Meditations will recognize these invocations as the same we have used each time. The reason is that they create a balance of male and female energies. The first invocation is focused on the male (Spirit) and the second is focused on the female (Soul).

We urge you to be creative in how you use them. However, it is suggested that you affirm them out loud as a group at the specific moment for your time zone.

The power of the spoken word sets our intentions into motion in a most powerful way.

(For anyone with concerns, the level of consciousness referred to as Christ Consciousness is simply the highest level of soul consciousness that we can reach as an individual. It is NOT about a particular religious approach.)


(An Old Invocation from the Planetary Hierarchy)

From the point of Light within the Mind of God, let Light stream forth into our minds.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God, let Love stream forth into our hearts.

May the Christ/Soul Consciousness return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known, let Purpose guide the wills of mankind.

The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the Race of Mankind, let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where Evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Divine Plan on Earth.



We are a Communion of Souls. For we are each a soul, a mind, a consciousness, a body of glowing incandescent Light. We are both male and female, whole and complete within ourselves, yet joined in the most deeply intimate communion with every other soul in the Cosmos.

The One Soul is perfect and we play a part in that ongoing process of perfection. The One Soul appeared to become the many and is now becoming the One again, just as we are becoming at one again.

We are just where we need to be. We have just what we need to have to take the next step on our Path. And life is constantly providing us with opportunities along the Way.

There is only what there is, beyond good and bad. Bad is simply our name for those experiences whose part in our growth we are not yet able to understand or accept. It is all part of a perfectly unfolding Plan and we are partners in that unfolding. Here and now we commit to celebrating our Paths of unfolding love.

Just as there is the One Soul, so there is the one sound. The Song of Songs, the Sound of the Soul is "Aum."("Aum" - chanted three times)

May we all know the Love that passeth all understanding.

7. Then imagine opening to the energies of your soul speaking to you - and ask that over time that you are guided clearly and gently into a deeper awareness of your place in world service, your place in the Divine Plan.  Then be willing to act in love and compassion in the weeks and months that follow as your heart stretches you to new, empowered places.

Imagine this awakening for people all over the world, as we come together in a powerful group intention!

Energy follows intention..so don't worry about logic.  Just imagine these things and allow the energy to create the experience.

8. At the end of this section, sit in silence for a moment - imagining people around the world doing the same thing.  We then suggest you either read aloud your personal vision for your life an integrated soul being, as well as your intention for a healed world.

And finally, if you are in a group, take time to affirm one another as each individual finishes - and end with a group chant of "So be it!"

Most important is an encouragement to BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!

Please make sure that you have double-checked on the appropriate time for your location and time zone. We have listed a number of major cities below to give you an idea.
If you do not find your city and do not know how to figure it with the closest city listed, you can check your specific city at the following web sites:

http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/setpersonal.cgi (English)

or http://www.spirituel.com/heure.shtml


Cairo, Egypt - 10pm

Hamburg, Madrid, Paris, Rome - 9pm

London, England - 8 pm

Sao Paolo, Brazil - 4 pm

New York - 3 pm

Mexico City- 2pm

Los Angeles - 12 noon

Honolulu, Hawaii - 9 am


As examples, Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan - and all people in this part of the world can simply do your meditation and set your intention before going to bed....or you can wake up at 4 and 5am (Monday morning) if you want to be exact. Your intention is all that is necessary, as it will transcend time/space limitations.


We thank you for joining with us in this opportunity to make a real difference.


It is a chance to practice THE POWER OF ONE!

As many of you know, we have taken journeys for each of the previous initiations. There are follow-ups on our web site that allow you to share through pictures and descriptions of each of those journeys. We will do the same at the completion of this journey...

Each step of this process has involved more and more people around the world. The most recent initiation took place in October, 2005. For that event more than 16 million people joined together!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE PLANETARY INITIATIONS, as well as what we can expect as we begin to integrate these powerful, life-changing energies, Ron has released a book the introduces previously unpublished information on this process:

Revelations for a Healing World, Book One

The book is available from this web site, from Amazon.com or by getting your local bookstore to order it from New Leaf Distributors.

We hope you will contact us following the meditation to fill us in on your experiences!

Follow-ups and details will be made available here at the web site as we receive them from Gabriel.

That has only been possible with your help!  So please take a couple of moments to pass the word to all those who might be interested in playing a wonderful healing role.  People are famous for feeling like they don't make a difference.  However, as we come together, know that you matter more than you can imagine!

Blessings to you all!





September 16th


This year I'm proud to be the MC for the Northern California Earthdance extravaganza on September 16th (to be broadcast live online). This is the 10th anniversary of the worldwide event which is being celebrated in over 250 locations. Last year the Beloved Community email list helped create many smaller home-based events, and we're hoping to repeat that success. Imagine over 1000 gatherings with people celebrating and dancing their prayers of peace. We hope you'll join us, either at one of the larger events or at a party of your own.

For more info on the celebration, locations or how you can sponsor your own event, go to www.EarthDance.org.

If you live on the west coast of the US I hope you'll be able to join me at the main event in Laytonville, California. Some of the featured acts will be Ani DiFranco, India. Arie and Ozomatli. Special guests include Arun Gandhi, Wavy Gravy and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Indigenous Elders from many nations around the world will also be at Earthdance sharing their wisdom. I'll also be performing on the main stage between acts. Then, at the same time around the world, the Earthdance Prayer for Peace will be prayed by each group around the world, joining the energy together as one. (The peace prayer is listed at the bottom of this email.)

Why do I think this event is so important?

It's time for the younger and older generations to come together and focus their energies for creating a peaceful planet. As I travel to events around the world I am usually surprised that "New Thought" teachings primarily appeal to the over-40 crowd. The younger generation is as dedicated as we are to shifting the paradigm, but they tend to respond to a different energy -- usually based on music and dance. My goal is to participate in more and more events where every group feels comfortable coming together as one, and that's why much of my energy for the next several years will be to promote these diverse expressions and events around the world. I hope you'll join me.

Give Peace A Dance!!!

Here's another easy way to participate:

The PeaceWave~~~~~~~~

The PeaceWave is a grassroots "Wave of Peace" that is being spread across the globe through the organic process of "person to person" interaction and connectivity. The campaign has designed a series of creative business-size cards with quotes from many of the great peacemakers of our time. From Mahatma Gandhi to Bob Marley to even Jimi Hendrix, these are the souls that have inspired millions of people, but it's just the beginning. The campaign organizers would love to send you a package of the cards to spread and share, amplifying peace everywhere you go.

Go to: http://www.thepeacewave.org/?aid=jt
to receive your cards.

Each card contains a special peace-quote from well-known peace leaders, from Mahatma Gahdhi to Bob Marley. Sharing these beautiful cards is a simple and touching way to show your commitment to a peaceful world and at the same time you can impact thousands of lives through the simple process of sharing the resonance of peace.

An exciting feature of the "PeaceWave" campaign is the ability to track each card as it makes its journey of peace across the world. On the back of each card is a special tracking number that you can enter into the PeaceWave website- and discover where the card started and where is has traveled. By entering your location you will keep the journey alive and once you pass the card along to someone else you can encourage them to do the same. You can then visit the website at anytime to track the progress of each PeaceWave Card across throughout the world.

Currently over 700,000 Passalong Cards are in circulation in over 80 countries.

We hope that you'll be able to join us at the Earthdance celebration, and spread the PeaceWave everywhere you go.

In Peace,
James Twyman

The Peace Prayer:

We are one global family
All colors, All races
Prayer for Peace:

One world united.
We dance for peace and the healing of our planet Earth Peace for all nations.
Peace for our communities.
And peace within ourselves.
As we join all dance floors across the world, let us connect heart to heart.
Through our diversity we recognize Unity.
Through our compassion we recognize Peace.
Our love is the power to transform our world Let us send it out NOW..."




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