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Comments on Working with Trauma

St. Francis through Anina Davenport

 Let us start with a visualization on cutting the cords to trauma.

            Bring in your guides. Bring in protection. Start with whatever exercises you feel most comfortable with.  Maybe a quick golden ball exercise.  Visualize a golden ball in your heart chakra and expand it.  Clear your energies, then visualize yourself and a ball of dark energy that symbolizes the trauma.  See strings between you and the ball.  Cut the strings.  Use a sword or a torch or whatever else works for you.  You can also ask one of your guides to cut the strings.  See for example Jesus with a torch cutting the strings.  See the ball go to Godís light.  See it dissolve there.  The memory of the trauma is dissolved.  You donít need it anymore. It is over.


Questioner: The exercise seems too easy.

St. Francis: It is easy.

Questioner: Will it produce results?

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: I did the exercise and it felt like a part of myself died.

St. Francis: Yes, your identification with the trauma died. You had made it your own.

Questioner: Is that wrong?

St. Francis: No thatís what happens. Something happens to you and then you walk around saying or thinking I am the person to whom this trauma happened.

Questioner: Which is true?

St. Francis: Yes, but there is a difference between I am the person to whom this trauma happened to and I am a person or an energy and years ago I was involved in a traumatic event and it is over.

Questioner: Are we supposed to suppress it?

St. Francis: No. You are supposed to release it.

Questioner: Do we need to know the details?

St. Francis: No. Let us assume when you were six years old you spent some time at the home of an uncle and he abused you sexually.

Questioner: That is quite a trauma.

St. Francis: Yes, that can be a big trauma and a big negative energy that you carry around with you.

Questioner: What kind of negative energy?

St. Francis: Well, there are your feelings of fear, disgust, anger, and then there are the feelings of the uncle. He put his anger and hate and shame on you. So energetically you are now carrying your own feelings about this and some of his. There are probably also cords between you and your uncle that you need to cut. We are not saying that this trauma exercise is the only exercise you need to do. There is more depending on the situation. So you cut cords. You release your feelings. Then at some point you cut strings to the trauma itself. You free yourself.

Questioner: How do I release the feelings?

St. Francis: Well, cutting cords will release you of the feelings your uncle had and is still sending you.

Questioner: Is this conscious?

St. Francis: No, most of the time it is not. So after you cut cords to the person who abused you then you have to deal with your own feeling of anger and fear. This can be done in therapy, and or in writing, dancing, talking, painting, visualizing, meditation and whatever works for you. Then you can cut cords to the trauma.

Questioner: What if I cut the cords to the trauma first?

St. Francis: Try it out and see what happens. We want you to learn, try out, experiment and experience. Maybe for you that might work better. So back to Maggieís question about whether you need to know the details. Absolutely not. You donít need to know the details of the trauma. Think about how many past lives youíve had and how much trauma there was! Do you need to know all the details? No, all you really need to do is love yourself. We donít mean indulging yourself or getting lost in poor me but loving yourself. Taking care of yourself. Letting God in to love you. And if you don't like the word God you can call it Divine love or Universal intelligence or life-life force, true self, true Being, Presence, Nature, Love. Whatever your word of choice is.

Questioner: Is there a way to resolve the trauma without any memories, purely energetically?

St. Francis: Yes. Now whether you get memories or not has a lot to do with your intention. If you want to know then it will be revealed to you. If you say, ďI donít need to know,Ē then there might be none or very few memories unless your soul wants you to have certain information. Letís say your purpose in life or one of your purposes is to become a counselor for people who were abused as children. Then you will most likely explore your own abuse and the feelings that come with it in more detail so you can help better. However your soul will also want to guide you to easier and faster ways to let go of trauma.

Questioner: Is the best strategy to say, ďI donít need to know?Ē

St. Francis: Yes, I donít need to know. I trust God. Or, I trust my soul, my Higher Self. Or I trust Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mother Mary, and Kali, whoever you work with.

Questioner: Itís hard to trust.

St. Francis: Yes, and there you are in a bit of a Catch 22. You were abused and feel distrustful and now we ask you to trust. However we are not asking you to trust a person but your Higher Self.

Questioner: And trust my therapist?

St. Francis: That depends on the therapist if he or she is trustworthy.

Questioner: So I should not throw my brain out the window?

St. Francis: No, that is never a good idea (amused).

Questioner: I discussed your ideas with a friend who is a therapist and has worked a lot with trauma. She used to try to get her clients to remember all the details of the traumatic event but she has now changed her work and focuses on releasing more quickly. She thinks the increased energies and frequencies have helped in this process.

St. Francis: Your friend is correct. The increased frequency on earth is part of this acceleration of releasing of the old and realignment to your true Self.

Questioner: But we are our true Self.

St. Francis: Yes, but you need to let go of the false and in this process what is false falls away.

Questioner: I know somebody who had physical symptoms and nobody could figure out what was wrong with him and then he had flashbacks from his childhood. He was abused by a priest.

St. Francis: Yes.

Questioner: He needed the memories to figure out what was going on.

St. Francis: Yes, we are not against memories and these memories were active in his body without his being conscious of what was happening. These memories acted as negative energy creating stress for the body which led to the symptoms.  The memories and the energy that go with them (fear, anger, sadness, and feelings of helplessness) need to be released.  What we are saying is that it can be a quicker and easier process if you donít focus too much on what happened.  Letís stay with the basics so to speak: it was wrong. It was an abuse of power by the adult and itís in the past.  It is over.

Questioner: It is not over for my friend. He is taking the priest to court.

St. Francis: It can still be over for your friend.  Psychologically it can be over.  Especially if he cuts all the cords to this man.  Now the trial is a separate issue.  It is your friend looking for justice.  Possibly he also feels he wants to prevent this man from abusing others.  So there is an element of compassion and a feeling of, ĎI need to do the right thing.í  Your friend can separate all this from the original trauma.  It is not easy but can be done.  Your friend can practice detachment.  He can say, ďThis man is sick and I have nothing to do with him anymore.Ē  Your friend can prosecute this man in the name of justice not in the name of revenge.  There is a difference.

Questioner: Is revenge wrong?

St. Francis: Revenge is unexpressed anger acted out and it comes back to the person who originated it.  It will create problems for you.  It is better to release your anger in other ways.  Justice is all right.  Justice serves God.  Revenge is for the ego and has consequences.

            If you are suffering from a past trauma what you need to do is to release the energy of it. You donít need to know exactly what happened. Details are not necessary. Forgiveness is not necessary although that will follow quite naturally.

            Now we are not saying the old way of bringing up trauma, reliving it to release it is wrong.  But it is not very efficient and can create more stress than needed.  You donít need to know the whole story.  You donít need to know what he said, what she said, what he did, what you did, what happened.  But you do need to release the energy that is caught up in your system. Letís call it negative energy.  We donít want to get into labeling this energy Ďtrauma energyí and another Ďless traumatic event energyí, and another Ďstress energyí, etc.  Letís just call it negative energy and if you donít like the term negative energy then create your own: energies ready to be released, no longer needed, old energy.  Whatever works for you.

            You have to release the negative energy because it can negatively impact your system.  Mentally, emotionally and physically.  To put it simply it can screw you up.  So how do you release the negative energy?  First of all is intent.  Keep the intent.  Intend to release the negative energy around this trauma.  You can add, ďI intend to release the negative energy around this trauma as easily and efficiently as possible.Ē

            If your intent is to know every gory detail of the past event then you will draw it to you.  Then you will remember.  Do you want to?  Is it necessary?  We want you to ask yourself these questions.  We want you to explore what you think on this subject.

            So where did the idea that you need to know the past to heal the NOW come from?  It is a thought construct developed by thought.  Bear with us here.  Someone thought about the past and remembered something.  Then the person said, ďNow I feel better about why I am so emotional around this.Ē  And then this person decided that remembering the past is helpful.  Of course it was not just one person.  It became a movement and the remembering of childhood traumas became a focus of many hours of therapy.

            We are not saying itís wrong.  We are certainly not saying therapy and remembering childhood trauma has not been helpful, for it has.  But there is a short cut.  The short cut is accepting yourself as you are.  Today you are emotional and donít know why.  Accept yourself.  Let the memories come up if they do but donít hunt for them.  Release the energy of the memory and that can happen quite naturally if you donít hold on to them.  See them like sparkles coming up and releasing into light.

            Once you are on this accelerated path whether you call it ascension, enlightenment process, experiencing kundalini energy or whatever you call it, you come to a point where you cannot process anymore every trauma coming up.   It comes up too fast and often it makes no sense.  That is because you are clearing many lifetimes at once.  Often it is by issue.  Let us say you feel victimized.  Just the feeling of victimization without much information.  Be assured you are not just clearing this life.  Allow yourself to have this feeling.  Allow yourself to feel the anger around this.  And you donít need to have all the information.

            Sometimes it helps to talk about it. This week I have felt victimized and I donít know why.  I have also felt angry.  Right now I am feeling frustrated.  I feel it in my stomach.  It is contracting.  I feel nauseous.  Then stay with feeling nauseous and stay with not knowing exactly what is going on.  Stay with that.  Try to spend as much time as you can in the present moment. Bear what comes up if you can but donít force yourself.  Stay present gently and with love.  Walk, write, do the dishes, do your job.  Rest.  Go through your body gently.  Relax.  Stay with the fear.  If you need support get it.  Find a therapist who can sit with you without trying to change you.  Find a person who is also working on being present.  Fill your body with love.  Invite your soul to be with you.  Feel your Higher Self with you.  You are not alone.  Donít say, ďI should not feel like that.Ē  Say it if you wish but donít believe it.   There are exceptions of course.  If your anxiety is out of control and you feel you need another path or even medication then thatís what you need.   We are not being rigid.   We are not talking in absolute terms.   We are suggesting one way to work with trauma.

            Talking is important and it does not need to be focused on a goal. Just express but also try to stay present. Walk. Focus on the here and now. Do your job, your chores with presence, awareness, relaxation and gently, gently. Be gentle with yourself. Relax. You are all doing a tremendous amount of clearing. Donít forget that. Donít go too fast. Relax.

            You need not know what happened. This goes against your psychological and to an extent also cultural training. We are not speaking against psychology. There is much truth in psychology and there is truth in recalling a trauma especially if it helps you to have compassion for yourself. And there is a deeper truth which is you do not need to remember what happened. Now memories will come as the increased energy surges through your body but they donít need to be held onto or organized into a story. What you need to know your Higher Self will give you. You wonít be able to avoid it, but your Higher Self will not burden you with information that does not serve you. Your ego will do so. The ego loves to get into trauma, information. Now what happened exactly? Inquiring minds need to know. Enlightened minds do not need to know but will know what needs to be known. Thatís the difference. The old ways of working will soon be obsolete. Itís not possible to clear all that needs to be cleared if you get attached to the details. You need to learn how to let it go. Let it go.

            You are attaching to the old if you are not letting go of these memories.  And we are not talking of forgiveness. If you don't create the story in the first pace there is less to forgive. When we say create the story we don't mean it's fictional. Yes, things really happened. Yes, memories need to be released but not recreated. Beware of therapists who like to get into old trauma and whose minds like the intricacies of your story. A good therapist is guided as much as possible by his or her Higher Self, not a mental curiosity and interest in traumatic events. A good therapist helps you to stay in the here and now. A good therapist helps you to stay grounded as much as possible. A good therapist is not too invested in trauma. A good therapist is more concerned with helping you to move forward.


Questioner: I did the last visualization. Does the trauma really leave?

St. Francis: Yes, it does. It gets dissolved by an emptiness or and white light or whatever your preferred image. It gets completely dissolved.

Questioner: What if more comes up?

St. Francis: Do the exercise again.

Questioner: And if there is more?

St. Francis: Do it again. In the beginning you can start with a specific lifetime that bothers you. You can put the trauma of that lifetime into the ball that you cut strings with.

Questioner: Yes, I used to have nightmares about a lifetime where I died of starvation.

St. Francis: Yes, you chose something that is up. At a later time you can just put in, ďPast that needs to be dissolved or anything that is Highest Good to be let go of.Ē

Questioner: Can I put sickness in there?

St. Francis: Yes, whatever you want to dissolve. Intend Highest Good first.

Questioner: If I put in for example my last year in high school which was very difficult am I then also losing the lessons I learned?

St. Francis: No. That is the fear but you donít lose the essence. You just lose the emotional charge. The negative mental energy, body memories of sickness. Things of that nature you do lose.

Questioner: I keep remembering a traumatic past life. I have nightmares all the time. What do I do?

St. Francis: Do you want to know exactly what happened?

Questioner: No, I have enough trauma in this life. I donít need past life trauma.

St. Francis: Then you need to close the door. Let us do a visualization on forgiveness. Forgiveness brings you into the present. Forgiveness relieves you from the past and its burdens. Forgiveness allows you to come into the moment. Here is a visualization:       

 Start with protection. Then see yourself sitting on a chair (or you can sit or lie down for this exercise). See strings that are attached to you and that hold you to the past. Visualize Jesus or whoever you are comfortable with there cutting the strings to your past. You can also say, ďI cut all strings to my past.Ē As you do this also voice the following, ďI forgive everyone who ever wronged me. I forgive myself for anything that I feel I did wrong. I forgive myself completely. I forgive others completely.Ē Feel a release and breath. Breathe and stay in your body. Feel the love of Jesus Christ or whoever you have chosen to work with you. Feel that love fill you. Breathe it in. Fill your energies with a blue, gold or pink color, whatever comes to you. If you are too hot, blue is good. Now let go and go back to regular consciousness. Rub your hands, feel your feet and close down your chakras to normal size. Relax.

            As you do this exercise again and again you will feel a release of an old burden. Now, you donít have to know who you are forgiving. You need not know what you are forgiving and there is no reason to bring up your old transgressions. You might in dreams get flashes of past lives or past experiences where you did things that were let us say not so noble. Maybe you were even a murderer in a past life. There is no reason to dredge it up. In fact it can be dangerous to do so. Focus on forgiveness of self and others.


Questioner: Can this exercise bring up anger and sadness?

St. Francis: Good question. Yes, whenever you clear up a beeís nest some bees might fly towards you.  If you touch a trauma there will be an effect.  What we are teaching you is how to minimize the effect and how to deal with the emotions that are coming up. Now you could go through thousands and thousands of traumas for many of you have lived thousands and thousands of times. Obviously that is not the way to do it. There must be a faster, a quicker way. One way is to keep affirming, ďI release it.Ē Let us take an example. You lie in bed and half asleep you have a memory of a past life. By now you have had many past life memories so it has lost some of its excitement. Anyway, you see yourself being hurt or hurting another. Say immediately out loud or in your mind, ďI release this.  The past is gone.Ē  Or, ďItís coming up to be released.  I let it go now.Ē  Or any other phrase that works for you.  Call on Jesus or your own Higher Self to fill the space created by memories leaving.  Say a mantra or visualize light in your body or visualize your body in a Divine fire.  Whatever works for you.  Or let us say you wake up in the morning feeling remorse.  Let it go.   Say, ďAh, remorse is coming up. I forgive myself and let it go.Ē Let it go.


Copyright Anina Davenport 2005


Anina Davenport is the author of Reflections on Ascension. Oughten House Publications. (Now available from Light Technology Publishing 1-800-450-0985.) The article is an excerpt of her new book. Energetic Empowerment. IUniverse. The purpose of this book is to help people to stay centered and clear even in times of turmoil. To order visit www.iUniverse.com or call 1-877-288-4737. The IUniverse web site has excerpts of Energetic Empowerment. Anina can be reached at aninadavenport@earthlink.net.

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