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Wesak Weekend

A Channeling from St. Germain

May 14, 2006


I welcome you to the fold.  I entreat your hearts to greet mine for we are connected as one and this uniting today will prove highly significant for all of you.   Those of us who come forth at this particular time to greet the Sun and to make inroads into the year ahead are laying plans with great discernment and joy for that which is to unfold in the year forthcoming.

Each of you plays a part in this plan.   Some willingly and some, not so willingly.  At least in this room I would suggest that willingness would be most appropriate and likely.

The gathering of Nations occurs, not as you would think of it on the Earth plane but in the etheric.  Those who work with various portions of the World, with parts of the Galaxy and the Universe of which you are a part, gather and speak of those things forthcoming and what we might encourage, do, create or perhaps, complete as a measure of the times.  We take into consideration the placement of the Stars and the Sun and of the evolution of Earth and the number of years it has taken the Earth to reach this position and the dynamics of moving ahead into another level of reality.

The considerations we make are based on an enormous, complex evolution.  From some of your perspectives you might consider what we are doing has not taken into consideration those people on this plane who have little connection or at least, conscious connection, with us.   However, all things must be considered, and the time is here in which changes are coming forth.

Many of you have worked diligently for long periods of time to uphold the Creation with your faith, with light held within your hearts, with belief and trust in what is possible and what unfolds within this trust.  You are met by us along the way, whether you are conscious of this or not, because we place in your hands equal measure of trust.   It is that which ties us together in so many new beginnings and enterprises.

I am speaking to you today because it is important once again trust be held between us.   That within the changes which seem, from time to time, either ominous or difficult or perhaps, unconsidered by those of us working with you, it might easily shake some measure of trust.   Do not let it be so.   Do not weaken the ties and links and bonds we have created for so long.

Rather, understand certain conditions must prevail for new ones to follow.  These conditions may liken to your heart some sense of distress or turmoil.  In the same token there is an understanding for those who witness unusual earth changes, let’s say, in the times ahead, there are clearings which have occurred, allowing change to integrate on your plane.

I could speak to you all today in this room and put forth a plan and a forecast indicating ‘let’s work on this, this year’ and it would be done.   If I put forth that plan, and it was sent to one of the local newspapers, you might find few would be in attendance with it.   However, certain changes do come forth nevertheless, creating outcomes long desired.   When you recognize Frequency is an indicator of where Light is held, you will be more in tune with where you need to be or are unfolding as a result of what is around you.

Frequency is held in a different manner depending on where you might live.   In some cases, that vibration is a high one; it is one that is useful; and it is certainly a reminder of where one strives to be.   In the same token you might be elsewhere and not feel anything remotely reminding you of a frequency.   You may feel flat, you may feel there is little there able to harken your heart into an ambitious level of creationship with us.   These situations remain around your planet, and as a result, not everywhere is in a similar level of frequency nor movement.   At times change occurs because these frequencies need to be shifted, changed, uplifted, or altered in some manner.

As I walk with each of you, as I have done for a long period of time, I am concerned with the attitudes which prevail on your plane.   Particularly within the element of your country (i.e. America).   There is a dismissal for mankind and his or her significance, overall.   This is not a condition in which I take great pride or pleasure for none of us who have worked from our planes and levels to serve you, have ever considered mankind to be lesser in any form.

There are those who will choose such attitudes, and there are those concerned with the overall outcome of your world.   These, too, in certain areas, tend to clash.   They do not come together as a grander truth overall.   It is now that you will be witnessing in these times forthcoming great striving by people choosing to express compassion for humanity.   Unless you are aware of the outcome, you may think this is a fruitless effort,  but I say to you, it is not.   I say to you it is time to stand transformed, to hold onto the firmament and to realize the outcome is at stake in terms of humanity’s light.

I have brought forth with me today, an Intention, which has been brought to the higher councils, has been discussed this weekend, and has been enacted upon by us all.   It is an intention to alleviate the greatest of suffering which may occur in the forthcoming years.

This intention will allow for dissemination of energy to be brought into the Hearts and minds of those who choose to assist in a specific manner.   It is an energy you will hold, and you will receive as you are sitting here today or in the future months ahead.   In many cases in the past, you have witnessed within great suffering or some level of difficulty present within your community, family or friends, which you may have taken on to some degree, some of that particular difficulty, sharing it with a friend, sharing it with an animal, or perhaps a place in the world.

This is not what I am suggesting; it is not a necessary act, but rather, a communion -- a communion with the higher light -- and the elements and bodies of which I am a part that you receive an aspect of myself within your own incarnation at this point in time which will allow you,  as a container, essentially, to carry forth a specific energy to dissipate depth of suffering held tightly on your plane.

Some of you may walk around at one point or another and say,  "Well, if I had a magic wand, I would wave it here, and I would change this, and I would transmute that... " Perhaps you can carry some energy to alleviate much you might find yourself saying you’d change.   I am suggesting that in the next four years enough change will highlight your plane that energy must be disseminated in order to break up what begins to colagulate not of harmony, not of light, but is of those not seeing and trusting for a higher fate.

Be clear that within myself there is the opportunity to reach each one of you and to share this energy and allow it to pervade your being so where you walk and where you go, an aspect of myself is being formed and allowing for clearing to take place.

I am not saying that one necessarily goes in and alleviates all suffering;  but I am suggesting now it is time to break up this enormous thoughtform pervading your planet,  for it is everywhere people are undergoing great difficulties,  whether it be on a personal level within their own home,  or whether it be in the midst of a war or a famine or some other given situation.

It is time to start dispensing this energy countering that which is creating a pall over your planet.  I am here as a witness, perhaps from a distance in a sense, to great difficulties undertaken now.   I am here with compassion and love for all humanity.   I am here with thoughts you might call teachings, but most importantly,  I am here with the greatest of heartfelt news:  Clearing, purity, and undertaking the soul’s light to its highest form is the energy pervading my being.   This will reach each of you if you accept my offer: My offer to transmit this.

You have come here today because in some regard you support this measure, this level of care and concern.   I am also here because there is an opportunity to delve into the depths of humanity and understand, at the very source, where divisions have occurred and for these divisions to be reunited and healed in some manner.   Put together as new, shining like glass, not dull like pewter.   You have walked a long pathway; you have carried much weight over these times and generations.   Some of you remember your connections with me.   Some of you remember times way before we ever met and within this are specific teachings that become encoded within your DNA.   In this year they will be triggered and start to take you in a direction you may not previously have considered or at least fully awakened to.

I am a part of that awakening, as well as the clearing of your consciousness to embrace such knowledge.   I am put forth before you as a tool or instrument which can connect to the deepest aspects of your being, not yet completely realized and to ignite that which must come forth for you to sit in greater awareness and service.

My presence then, is twofold:   Not only is it to assist with suffering, but to awaken an aspect of yourselves at the same time, so your service becomes greater.   And additionally your ability to master life comes to the forefront of your plane.

This year at Wesak we have discussed the opportunities that lie before mankind and how might we best serve that which is presently seen and is known.   Each of us undertakes our own specific intentions and journeys in the years ahead.   As a Conclave, as an ongoing group, there is greater and greater awareness that upliftment of these oppressing times must be broken through.   You have served in any number of ways to bring forth light, to assist others, to help harmonize actions in places on the planet;  you have sent the Violet Flame to difficult situations and places;  you have heeded us in your prayers and quiet times and you have genuinely offered as much as you can do.   But there has been, for many of you, a ceiling, a limitation, a place where you have not broken through.   That ceiling may be somewhat encoded within yourself, but it is also a ceiling very present on your planet at this time.

We, then, are going to work with you to break through so that the levels of consciousness become higher, and the manner of operating becomes instantly clear.   And as you break through and reach the other side of this ceiling, you are in complete manifestation at the same time.   You are not held back; you are not limited; you are not divided and you are not, hopefully, with any level of mistrust any longer.   It is for us to work with those of you who have intended such vision and opportunity for yourselves and therefore, your world.

Each of you making a commitment toward this end will receive my help this year.   No one is going to be left behind unless they choose it.

I understand there are many who will be working in the same respect -- perhaps innuendoes will be slightly different, and many of you may find you have a particular one you favor and work with equally well.   None of what I offer or share today is to diminish or to loosen ties and bonds you have with another, but merely to add to it.   I am speaking as well to the level of clarity which does not easily exist on your plane.   It must be forthcoming, and as this occurs, it also weakens those who are not operating with such levels of sight presently held on your plane.   Not everything you are given about the Earth and the work you are doing provides understanding of other levels and dimensions beyond yours.   We must consider them as well, and we must coordinate and hopefully, alter the altercations and the injustices mankind often feels.   We operate on many levels, and therefore, we also see what is occurring on other levels whether happening individually to each one of you or the Earth herself.

In terms of clarity and intention, I will work toward your freedom.   There are always operatives which come in to shake your level of reality, your trust and faith.   It is my turn this year to bring forth the nature of light you truly must see.   It is my intention to spend much time this year working with the very simple aspect of clearing, purifying, harmonizing and igniting that flame you carry.

We have come together this year with an intention to awaken humanity as never before.   This will take many forms, and it will relate to different parts of the world depending on what is occurring in a manner not necessarily prevailing where you are.   This awakening will start to create new levels of movement toward expression -- in some cases expression of anger, in some cases expression that will be joy, and in most cases, an awareness that suddenly people have felt like they have long been asleep and are wondering where they have been or how this has happened or come about.

Our work will be directed, not only toward awakening, but redirecting those energies as one begins to awaken, in a more positive and channelled manner, fielding the herd, as it were, as shepherds along the way.   We are not choosing to diminish or to miscast anyone in this light, but rather, to say the herd has sheepdogs taking it in one direction or another, allowing them the freedom to pass through, knowing full well that a direction over here may take one to the precipice while another may lead nowhere.   So it is that we shepherd that which is forthcoming.

I request, again, an intention toward faith and trust this year, as more will follow and come ahead.   You are moving in a direction to awaken humanity and by carrying those aspects of purification, which I shall impart to each one of you who says you are accepting this, a much clearer direction, not only for yourselves but all who are around you.   It will be almost like a thumbprint on your heart, a thumbprint which generates an energy of the Violet Flame of Purification.   It is given to you in trust; may you use it well.   It is given to you from my heart and from the years of association in which we have known and worked together, and it is given to you because I care and love each and every one of you.

My blessings here today, beloveds.

St. Germain


St. Germain requested audience before our group in w. Mass, the weekend of Wesak. His message is for all of us. Some channellings, including Sananda’s Messages, are available at www.expressionsoflight.com.

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