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Warrior Speaks: Living the Dream of the New Earth

Chela Akasha Andemuneodwe

March 11, 2006


 The power of Love is something that cannot be underestimated.  This is something you have heard before, however it meaning has not been realized.  It is for you, the Lightworker, to begin to access the power of Love as it offers itself within what you would call the more mundane aspects of your physical reality, in the places you would never expect to find it and in individuals you don’t believe are capable of it, for divinity is reflected equally in all places.   Your willingness to state to yourselves and other that divinity is reflected equally in all things, is the first step in the creation of a new reality, but it has become something akin to a slogan uttered from a heart that has not opened fully to this truth.   At this time, the truth that you have repeated to your self and not yet lived is waiting to be discovered within you.    For some it waits for your discovery as a rider waits for a bus.   It is ready to move forth into full cognizance. 

Tu Lahnsa

 The Warrior speaks:   

I bring a perspective which may bring discomfort to some and relief to others.   Examine your reaction to this information from an understanding of the role of the Warrior.   The Warrior speaks at those times and to those places where souls are blinded to the truth of their own motivations.  Denial can only persist where judgment reigns, and so the truth brought by the Warrior is often met with anger, blame even trivialization.   The love of the Warrior is to be understood as that which brings to light against stubborn resistance all that must be brought to light for souls to walk in the fullest alignment with their chosen purpose. 

 I ask that you set your hearts to resonant with compassion and self-acceptance as this message is read for it may have a tendency to provoke the shadows of self-depreciation and self-doubt in some and arrogance, denial or disregard in others, for these are the shadows edging into the light for many of you.  Because that which lurks in the shadows is that which has been judged against, some of you may find yourself confronted with emotions of a “dark” or “closed” nature, pieces of yourself that you must embrace with Love, for our shadows are those pieces of us that are most, like children, terrified of the dark while living in that same darkness. 

It is for the Lightworker to work to heal the  hierarchies and fragmentation that have been created within Lightworker communities.  Until Lightworkers are able to function as whole, they will not be able to demonstrate wholeness to those who wish to follow suit, for it is not that Lightworkers show others something they do not know, it is that Lightworkers live an alternative reality, a truth that others may be yearning for but have no clear picture of so that when this truth is witnessed as as living and breathing entity through the Lightworker, the light is turned on within the searcher, like a landmark in a strange landscape or a candle in the dark room that acts a new and much needed point of reference and this - this never-ending process of raising landmarks - is really the foundational work of the New Reality to which you all reach with such abandon... yes, I said abandon. 



 From where I sit, I see souls who desire a reality and state of being which defies all boundaries of common sense and indeed sanity and safety as they are defined in the societies in which many of you live and have been enculturated from birth.   I see that you are reaching entirely outside of yourselves and all concepts of what is real to a place that must be discovered in the dark, as you learn, like your great pioneers, to grow and build your own light fixtures, tools, energy systems and fuels for this New Reality.   Do not underestimate the strength of Will, of desire, that underlies this quest, for it is still within many of your social groups that only the truly insane would embark on such a venture - the creation of a new and previously unimagined physical world in which even the accepted laws of your physics do not apply and to do so from the power of pure imagination. 


Tu Lahnsa

But unlike your great poineers, Lightworkers cannot successfully build your New Reality on foundation of energetic slavery.  I speak strongly but it is for a purpose.  From the perspective of the Warrior, for you to simply begin one day climbing the ladder into the unknown world is an act of bravery - a sense of the willingness to go forward in spite of risk, a kind of throwing of caution to the wind for the purpose of achieving an ideal.   And yet it is Courage that is the great servant of the Warrior and Courage differs from bravery in its relationship to fear.  Courage lies in the centered awareness of all influences and motivations and yet within each of you lives fear whose proportions exceeds your awareness and it is fear that must be mastered by the Warrior for the Warrior to move forward in Courage and in the highest level of skill that can be brought to process of transformation. 

 Love is strength.  Love is awareness.  Love is the Guide of warrior.  Love is what underlies Courage.  War is a tool used by those who can no longer bear the fruits of darkness they have born and who do not have the strength of heart healing these fruits with Love, and so, against the deep desires of their heart, create more darkness.  War is an act of betrayal against the self.    Lightworkers of this age are moving forward with a task of considerable complexity - the transformation of war to peace, the changing of duality into oneness.  How is it that one individual - who may feel as if they are sitting in the middle of a violent and implacable battle, vulnerable and frightened - assists in this transformation - indeed becomes this transformation?   It is first and foremost through the relinquishment of war within yourself.



 If, during this reading you sit with another, take their hand.  Allow the chakras in your palms to be aligned.   Allow the energy from your Hearts to flow into your palms and into the other.  Sit with this feeling for a moment.  If you are alone during this reading, I ask that you hold one of your own hands in the other, allow Heart energy to flow from one hand into the other, knowing that you are holding the hand of God.  While allowing Heart energy to continue flowing into your palms, feel into your solar plexus energy center.    What is it that you feel there?   Allow yourself to touch into the depth of fear, rage, victimization, bewilderment, hatred, trauma, uncertainty, grief, blame, tears, doubt, terror, undeservedness, guilt and insecurity which resides there.   Know that is you that holds these things against you and that each has arisen in reaction to an event that has left you wounded and on some level prepared for war.   Hold for a moment the vibration of preparedness for war within you, so that you will remember this feeling and be able to identify it in yourselves in future moments.  Now continue to allow the Heart energy to flow out your hands.  As it flows allow the feeling of preparedness for war to leave your solar plexus and move up into your Heart where it is transformed by Love and flows out into the hand that you hold in yours.  Feel the place where your hands meet, the dialogue of energies that occurs there.  This is the feeling of reconciliation that must precede peace.  In this energy of reconciliation do you feel pieces of anger?  Of resistance?  As it must be for full forgiveness, requires full awareness of all that has come before and all that is being released.  Hold to this vibration of reconciliation for a moment so that you will be able to recognize it for yourself in future moments.  Allow it to flow form the solar plexus to the Heart and out the hands as long as it necessary to achieve a feeling of emptiness.  Where you have emptied yourself of the emotions and experiences that have prepare you for war you enable yourself to, in that same measure, become a vessel for Love and for peace.  Allow the Love of the universe to flow into your vessel through your crown chakra and into your Heart and into your solar plexus so that you may be enliven you from the death that is war.  Take a moment to feel the nature of this enlivenment and to celebrate your resurrection.

 For you, Lightworkers, there can be no reprieve from experiencing the fullness of who you are, both that which feels good to you and that which does not for it is in the reckoning of that which does not that you will transform war to peace, death to life and hell to Heaven on Earth.  Do you understand? 


Tu Lahnsa

 As you have discovered yourself not only as warriors but as those prepared for war, I will speak plainly of the division growing within Lightworkers, a division wrought by the energies of war.  Are you aware that you raise the sword against one another? 

 Warriors are gifted with a silver sword of justice.   Find your sword and note it’s position.   Are you holding it, raised above your head?   It is sitting across your lap, hands at the ready?  Is it in a sheath hanging on your belt loop at your side?   Do you know where it is and what you do with it? 

 The sword of justice can only be properly used with the centered awareness.  Its purpose is not served, when its use is motivated by emotions that prepare us for war.  And what is war?  You go to war anytime to you use the energies of destruction to coerce or force another into compliance with your ego-based desires.  War is first and foremost a state of being, a state of mind.

 You are, among yourselves, unconsciously creating a spiritual hierarchy based on Conditional Love.  It is a hierarchy of the same nature that has been created by the nations in which most of you live, a hierarchy of spiritual slavery based on notions of spiritual superiority or “God being the side” of some but not other.   I say this not to hurt you, for this precisely what many of you have been working to avoid.   Is it not the case that that which you seek to avoid most, is that which must be brought to light?                         

Do not allow yourself to fall into a crises and the habit of self-depreciation over the discovery of what you have relegated to the shadows.  Instead allow that which has prepared you for war to flow from your solar plexus into your Heart and out your hands.  Allow reconciliation with yourself.  Allow the Love and Compassion of the Universe to flow into you and enliven you from the death that is war with new energy and new understanding.  The Forgiveness of All That is excludes nothing!   If Foregiveness is good enough for God, then it is good enough for you!


All That Is

 There are Lightworkers among and within you that suffer deeply with shadows of unworthiness to me.  Those that feel weak in me are fragments of those that feel strong in me and of course, each of you are a fragment of me, thus what you do to the least of me within and among you, you do to me. 

 It is that I am calling you home, my own longing for wholeness reverberating throughout Creation.  Though it is true, as individual souls, each of you brings karmic patterns and forms of darkness that can only be  reconciled by the recovery of Will within your individual selves, it is an act of spiritual slavery to overlook or disregard the energetic contributions of even those who have no conscious awareness of my role in their life, for they too are an irrevocable part of me.   Do you understand that I, as the architect of Separation of you are just now gaining awareness, have divided myself, throwing parts of myself into you and that I am calling you home? 

Where those whose feel strong in me co-exist will those who feel weak in me - and each of you do co-exist in this way with each other and within yourselves - then none can claim the purity of wholeness or balance in me, even when you do so, without your consciousness awareness, in the most private parts of yourself.   I am calling you home.   In this homecoming, this is your task: To live the truth of equality in brotherhood and sisterhood (for we may no longer exclude the Mother from our full awareness).  To speak the truth is good, but to live the truth is be one with me.   Thus, it is for you to learn to stand at all times, before all aspects of creation and seek me, the truth, in each one, the teacher in each one, whether you believe it be a reflection of something which is beneath you or not.  

The gift of Humility is the Gift of Clarity and Balanced Creation.  There are Lightworkers among you who delay opening to their true selves out of a fear that their gifts are inadequate because they do not, in their minds compare with the gifts of those who have had the calling to put themselves forward as leaders in the bringing of this New Age. 

 And this belief is a reflection of what these leaders have brought as their fear and uncertainty as accompanied them on this journey.  Do not judge yourselves, but sit with me in clarity, as what you do to the least among and within yourselves, you do to me.   It is natural for those living in human form to believe that what they see, is All That Is, the teaching of all your major religions not withstanding that I am broader than the perception of any single fragment of myself.  You are not be judged for this limited perspective just as your liver is not to be judged for failing to perform both it’s own function and that of the brain as well.  You are instead to be Loved and asked to seek to become balanced in your proper place in creation in relationship to me.  This will be your place of happiness and of greatest expansion.  This will be your right place. 

 There have been many misunderstandings generated in creation as I have come to know myself as an expanding consciousness including the misunderstanding that Spirit is superior to Manifestation and Man to Woman.   It is that among Lightworkers that those strongly connected to the physical world and who carry Earth energies are judged against as inferior to those carrying energies of Air or Spirit.  The majority of this judgment is held unconsciously and must be released.  It is important to not simply understand, but to embody clarity around the truth that while is it natural for those composed more so of Air or Spirit to open most dramatically and often more easily to direct communication with angels and non-physical beings, this does not mean that these individuals walks in all aspects in the highest spiritual truths.   A whole is nothing without all of its parts, that is to say that I am diminished to the extent that all are not on their way home to me.  It is important for Lightworkers who find themselves in positions of leadership, within their families, local communities, or globally, to recognize that what they see is not the totality of All That Is and that there are others, who long to bring gifts that are outside the imagination not only of their possessors but of the current leaders, gifts that are utterly unique and are necessary to this homecoming. 

Love exists equally in all aspects of creation.  Those composed of Spirit or Air will be able to access the loving vibration of Spirit or Air most easily and bring that vibration to others.  Starseeds will be able to most easily access star energy and yet in many cases will required the assistance of those carrying Earth energy to bring their star gifts to bear on Earth.  Those composed of Earth will be able feel the unique quality of  Love as it resonates in Earth more easily than those composed of Air, Water or Fire and will be able to bring this Love to others, once they open up to and understand it in themselves.   The same is true for the other elements.   Creation is not simply of Spirit with the remaining elements living in subordination to Spirit, but of all the elements in all their various forms and subtle energies living in love, awareness and balance.   The highest vibrations of all facets of my Love must be embodied in all places equally and brought forward in awareness and teaching in all places equally.  Those carrying Earth energies may also be angelic or starseed in nature but open more gradually to their gifts due to the dense knit of energies required for the divine Manifestation of Earthly existence.   And yet, observe the appropriateness of divine timing, for those carrying Earth energies (when they do not quarrel with the facts of physical existence) are gifted with an ability to directly convey the Unconditional Love of the Earth and the power of this gift at this time time cannot be underestimated. 

For Lightworkers who are in positions of leadership - those who find themselves reading this - it is to simply speak this truth to those who are struggling to find their place, particularly if they embody elements different from yours.   Speak lovingly with them about their unique natures and the fact of their unique gifts.   Let them know that leaders are required in all arenas and that their gifts may not look like yours and this is a cause for hope and optimism because all that is needed on Earth is being revealed at this time.   Help them to find the courage within themselves to step forward in the uniqueness of their colors and tones so that all may be inspired by their beauty and when they do awaken allow yourselves to be educated and expanded by that which was, but is not now, beyond your imagination.   Seek their gifts in a spirit of cooperation - not as the one who would heal them - but as the one who awaits their gifts in anticipation of partnership in which neither partner is dispensable.   I am calling you home to becoming a body of spiritual equals empowered within themselves as masters over the unique calling of creation within each.  Now that is a vision to behold!

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