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"Walking in The World Alongside Spirit."


It is a beautiful time to be awake here on the Earth plane. Iím going to open with a statement that I hope and pray each and every one of you can feel, for that is why I am here, to be felt. As you read me words, allow my expression to enter your heart so that you feel who I AM In that light, me friends, todayís subject is "Walking in The World Alongside Spirit." Let me first take you back to a time when each of you sat in the God Creatorís Love in the purity of your light crystal bodies. You looked and waited to find some way to honor your Creatorís Force, when lo and behold, the word came to you that there was to be a birth upon the Earth. You only had to make yourself available in order to find your way to this planet called Earth. Some of you searched as far as you could.

This one young man, who had already discovered his mom in a faraway land, sprang into life, just like each and every one of you did. When he was born, many visited him bearing gifts, yet he started his life in humble circumstances, just like you. Each of you starts your life dependent on your mommies and daddies. You donít have the wherewithal to tell people what you want or how you want it. You just allow yourself to be.

When this young man of whom I speak became a little older, his mommy told him that he was a Great Experience, just as we hope most of you have been told by your mommies and daddies. As he grew older, this young man felt this calling. He needed to express something, just as you do when you reach a certain point in your evolution. You get this need, this calling, if you will, to express. This young man Iím talking about made a decision to go deep inside himself. Just as you did, he looked all through his consciousness and said, "What? What would I do if I could? How would I experience this world?" Arenít those of you reading this searching for what it is you want to do with your life?

Finally, much like when you were born and exited the womb, entering the world and stepping into the flowing energy of a river of light, this young man exited the water after his baptism and entered onto the land and was reborn. He awoke. He said unto the world, "Peace is in the heart of all mankind." He said unto the world, "Peace is in the emotional light of all the beautiful women of the world." Now you know that the only way weíll find peace is when each of us, in my world and yours, finds the peace in his or her heart to let love prevail.

This young man walked upon the Earth and he didnít have a church, a synagogue or a great cathedral, yet he was probably one of the greatest preachers in the whole world. He simply stood in the deserts, wherever the people would surround him, and he spoke the words of love and showed people how to heal. They say that this young man was the greatest healer, but you know what Iím thinking, me friends? Iím thinking he was the greatest sharer because he shared the knowledge that everyone can heal. He shared that everyone has the right by birth onto this planet to go to whatever level of consciousness one desires. This young man made a grand expression upon this Earth plane. His decision was to live as long as he could with as much passion as he could, to touch as many people as he could and to heal himself and others as best he could. He didnít ask the Creator how long he had. He simply kept moving forward.

Donít you know that every one of you is coming into that same light right now? Youíre coming into the knowingness that you can change. You can listen to your spirit world and be guided without giving up the force of your evolutionary journey. Most spiritualists are coming to the reality that it is not about the length of time you spend here on your planet. Instead, it is about knowing that youíve accomplished something when you return to your Creator.

One day this young man had done all heíd come to do and so he went home to the Creator. A terrible story is told about how his life "ended." I tell you, if you ever discover the beauty of his death on this planet, and maybe how it has assisted even you, personally, then youíll know that this great young man of whom I speakóheíd be called Master Jesusójust might be one of the best friends youíve ever had. You see, he spent all that time here learning exactly what youíre going through, knowing that one day youíd call to him and heíd answer, and thatíd be the day when this journey of yours is over. Oh, heíll send the guides, heíll be with the angels, and heíll even touch your heartstrings, but know this: You will meet with him and stand with him and be in his love and his light when youíve done everything you want to do over here and you return into that light we call the God Creator.

Heíll be waiting for you right at the beginning of that light, and, oh, I hope you wonít be disappointed if he doesnít look like he does in your pictures of him over here. He looks so much more beautiful. Youíve not laid your eyes on the "Mona Lisa" or any other great piece of art, youíve not looked up at the majestic Alps, youíve not looked at the great Rockies and seen their beauty, with the expression that you will have when you meet Master Jesus. When he stands before you, lasses and laddies, youíll know him without a doubt, because for the first time in a long, long time, youíll feel love without your having to do anything. His love will encompass you and youíre not obligated to do anything except feel the love of the Great Master.

Thatís all you're striving for, to do the journey for our beloved Creator, knowing that the young Master Jesus is a guide for every single one of you, including people in the deep parts of China and Indonesia and the Japans who have never even heard his name. He still knows them, and on some level, they still know him. It isnít about him anymore. Itís about you and me ó me, the spirit, you, the human spirit. It is about us connecting again.

So here is me point, me friends, and all me loves and all me lights. Know that the beauty of the God Creator has made available to every one of you a guide, an angel, a group of guides and angels, whatever you need. Theyíre there for you, and Iím here today to remind you that as long as you continue to wonder where they are, theyíll stay out of sight. As long as you continue to say, "Iíd like to hear them; I just canít," theyíll not bother you. As long as you continue to say, "I donít know. I know theyíre out there somewhere but I donít know where," theyíll stay out of your vision, because what youíre saying to them is that youíre still a wee bit afraid of finding out that this Earth adventure youíre on is but a leg in the journey of all spirit. What youíre saying to the spirit world is, "Iím a little bit afraid that if I actually see or hear a spirit, then Iíll lose my desire to do this journey of Earth." I suggest to you, me friends, those who are connected like me medium is will know the beauty of what you have available. The spirit world will let you have your bad days and your good, because thatís your journey. Yet you will learn that if you simply donít admit that you canít see them, the spirit world gets braver and the bad days are fewer and the good are greater. You say, "I donít hear them; I get a feeling sometimes, Master Kirael, but I donít hear the sound in me ears." You donít hear them because they figure youíre not quite ready for them. If you were ready, then you would hear them, or see them, or feel them. You would know that those moments when youíre drawn to something are moments with spirit.

Hear what Iím saying, my friends. If you want to walk with spirit, if you want to talk with spirit, stop telling us you canít and just do it. So what if it starts out in just a whisper of a thought? What if youíre walking down the highway of life or the sidewalk of life and you get this sense that you need to look in that window over there and you do just that and say, "Well, I didnít hear any message"? That was a bad move right there. When you say, "I didnít hear any message. What am I looking in this window for? I didnít see a damn thing in this window that makes a bit of sense to me," then youíre just disappointing your guides a bit more. You see, if you look in that window, me friends, youíd find something, a little artifact on a table, on a nightstand; maybe youíd see a fabric on a cushion, or a picture on the wall, or a color you hadnít seen before. Youíll celebrate right there in the moment when you say, "Oh my God, look at that cushion on the couch in that window! Iíve never seen stripes with polka dots in them before! Yet there they are." Maybe you see a little figurine of a beautiful little angel, and as youíre staring at it thinking, "My goodness, is that not the most beautiful little figurine Iíve ever seen?" you get another little sense in your head that says, "Itís me, itís me, thatís what I look like," and Ė boom! Ė the world opens for you. You see, me friends, me loves, me lights, until you start saying the correct verbiage, we donít know what you want.

Weíre just guessing, and believe me, we have a level of consciousness just like yours, in that, without something positive, we donít move. So try all your little funniness; try making all those statements, "Iím not getting it, Master Kirael. I donít get it about what youíre saying." Then, I promise you, you wonít get it. If you say, "Iím getting you on one level and searching for another," then we hear the words. We feel the presence of your love, and weíre looking and thinking that itís time for us to get a little louder in your ear.

Like the medium says, you may not hear us in a voice sometimes, but one day, one day, I promise every one of you, if you stop saying, "I canít do it, I donít know how, and I donít know," just like the medium teaches you in his classes, weíll make ourselves known to you.

If you want to walk with spirit, live your life with spirit, then be on the same path with spirit. Iím telling you right now, stand up, my friends, and stand alongside your guides and your angels. Look at them. The first thing you think is, "How do I look at them? I canít see them." If you look at them, theyíll be there. You see, they're spirit, me friends. They donít hang out behind you somewhere. They donít float up against your ceiling. They live on another dimension. When you say, "Iím going to look right into me spiritsí eyes," theyíre right in front of you, and the moment that you say it, theyíre right there looking back at you. How many of you have had a meditation where all of a sudden you've seen a pair of eyes looking at you?

That was the shift of the dimensions and you saw your guides looking at you.

When you say, "Iím looking into me own heart light of the Guidance reality"

Ė boom! Ė weíre right there and weíre watching for you and weíre listening to your next thought. Whatever your next thought is, thatís our direction, and if you say, "I canít see you but I want to talk to you," that right there is all we really need to know. Youíre really not ready to talk to us.

Instead, say these words: "My vision is clearing every day. Every day Iím going to get clearer and clearer, until the day comes when I can so fully see you. For now, Iíd like to ask you a question. Master Jesus, would you be so kind as to help me understand why I donít want to get up in the morning and go to church? You see, Master Jesus, you didnít have a church." Master Jesus will use one of his many, many emissaries to tell you, "A church provides the space for you to gather as One and create masterminds of love."

Oh, there are a lot of other things heíd tell you, but donít lose me point.

Keep saying, "I canít," and I promise you, you canít. Start saying, "I AM,"

and I promise you "I AM."

I say this in the depths of me heartís energy, and thatís all I have is heart energy. I donít have a thumper like in the mediumís chest, right? My heart is the crispness, the clarity, the particles of God Creator that form in such a magical way that I have life to offer, and I offer me life to you here. Each and every one of you within the sound of me voice, I offer me life to you, the essence of my violet flame. I come into your heart on a daily basis. You who know my name, know that I come into your heart through the particle-ization of light, and Iím never saddened, me friends. Iím not sad when you say, "Iím not getting it." Iím not saddened at all. Iím encouraged that as long as youíre saying that, youíre at least trying to get it. You donít need me. Youíve got powerful angels and guides surrounding you all the time. However, just like all of your angels and all of your guides, I canít move until you get a little bit past that point of doubt.

Iím here to tell you something, and if you never hear anything else that comes through the lips of me medium, hear this. If you have the great desire, and you can come from the position of I AM, or whatever word you choose Ė worthy, understanding, lovable Ė youíll come to that space and time when you never ask for anything again. Youíll simply create it. You donít have to ask me or Master Jesus or the God Creator. You donít have to ask.

You have to let us know what you are, what your "I AM" is made of. Then you make any choices you want. Those of you searching for new employment, those of you searching for that new place to live donít have to ask us for it.

Tell us what you are, what it is that you see. Tell us your desired final result, and weíll start you down the path. Listen and weíll walk with you.

Your guides, your angels, your Goddesses will not let you walk alone, my friends. They are here for no other reason than to serve you in your journey, because your journey is their journey. Every great step you make, they make. You think they donít want to help you? I tell you this, and Iíll use a human expression: Iíve seen many a guide crying as it stands with its being of Earth. The guide sees what that being is going through and knows that, with just the slightest nudge of love from you, it would open up and do everything it could to guide you.

If you could truly see the hands of El Lopez, me mediumís music master, you would see that theyíre dancing with light, and every finger is being picked up and put down by a very special angel that travels with him all the time.

Yes, that angelís a pretty popular angel but Iím not going to name it. Itís not important. El will know when heís ready to know. We call him "El." Heís got another name, I understand that. His name is George, one of the most beautiful names in existence, patterned after one of his daddies, I think.

The point Iím trying to make is that when he took on the name "El," that was his first step in saying, "I AM new, and I AM walking with spirit."

I say to you, my friends, Iíve given you the key to your own great successes this very day. If you never hear words spoken from me medium or me ever again, and you live with this one essence, youíd call me in the heavens every day, saying, "Oh, Master Guide Kirael, youíre just the coolest thing."

Thatís the glory of being a guide. Weíre with you. Weíre walking with you.

Weíll never, ever stop walking with you. We love you and we care.

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