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Saint Germain     updates    Jan 20 / 06

The outworking of the future events depends very much on how the Middle East Crisis is handled.  Whatever happens it must be brought to a conclusion before you can move on.   There are at present a number of options open to those hoping to negotiate a peaceful settlement, but the specter of war hovers around.   Be assured that from our side, we are trying to wield our influence so that there is satisfactory outcome.   We try to keep the hotheads calm so that any hasty and regrettable moves are not made.

There is something of a race taking place to remove the last cabal before matters get out of hand.   The rhetoric and threats do not help, but sanctions if proceeded with can buy time.   We know that your leaders prefer more direct action, and it is this which we will endeavor to contain.   Exactly when we might exercise our prerogative to take action through the Galactic Federation remains to be seen.   Matters will certainly not drag on for many months, as we are very near to completing our own action to draw matters to a conclusion.  We must ask you to have faith in our decisions, and know that together we will be victorious.

Leaving these matters aside, know that the preparations for Ascension proceed according to plan.   Most of what is taking place is out of your sight, and the incoming energies that are raising the vibrations upon Earth are ever increasing.   Time is being further compressed, and we know that you are registering this change.  You of the Light are becoming more powerful, and your use of it is most certainly helping to transmute the dark more quickly.  This is another factor affecting what is taking place on Earth, and you are sensing your increased ability to bring change through your power of thought.   We tell you that you are creating all of the time.

As you are aware, the fear factor works against the Light, and at this time those areas of darkness need to be bathed in it.   The Middle East as a total area of upheaval should be visualized as covered in healing rays.  You do make a vast difference, and much of your work is a matter of faith because the results are not instantaneous.   However, we know you understand and we are uplifted by your dedication to your chosen tasks.   What has been happening over the centuries has come to rest in this time, and you elected to be here for that reason.

The Light is formidable and powerful in its ability to bring change, and for some time now groups of you have traveled Earth for the sole purpose of healing particular spots.   Some also specialize in opening the Stargates, work that few people are aware of although they will know that these are points of entry for powerful energies.  The Earth is being prepared for its own Ascension, and you are very much involved in the outcome.  You are working together as partners who have been together for eons of time, and you will continue to do so as you enter the Golden Age.

Of necessity we cannot always tell you of our plans, but we can confirm success.  We understand your impatience and frustration after so long, but you are at the end of your journey.   Matters must move on a little further before the final outcome is apparent.   Even so, the actions being taken all round should inspire your confidence, as you must be able to see how matters are developing.   The net is closing in on the dark and they fully well know it.

Dear Ones, whatever your problems the answers are not far away, and we are aware that so many of you are in desperate need of help.   By taking on the responsibility of those roles at this time, you are highlighting all that has gone wrong in society.   Someone has to play these out but they will not go on for too much longer.   Try to see the positive outcome, and know that all of the benefits you have been promised will become yours.   It is not intended that you should carry your burdens for much longer and you will soon be released from that responsibility.   What you are experiencing now is the final breaking up of the old and it is an uncomfortable time for you.

The next few weeks are so important to the outcome of the Middle East problems, and the whole world waits as it holds its breath.   The focus is on the West but as you must see, it really will have repercussions everywhere else.   We work for an outcome that will herald changes that will prove beneficial all round.   We are here for Humanity as a whole, and the Light has no restrictions as to where it will manifest.   I remind you that you are One Race and soon peace shall bring you closer together.

I am St. Germain, and I stand at the helm and oversee the events on Earth.   I say again be assured that you shall have your day, and all of the battles concerned with duality shall become a thing of the past.   Peace beckons, and all of the joy and happiness that will release you from the oppression of the dark forces.  A new day dawns, and we shall all help it manifest so that you can put all of your cares and worries behind you for once and for all.

As always a great Love is accompanying you as the old is being replaced by the new.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.


Saint Germain  update Jan 16 / 06

Look around you and see the activity that is taking place to remove the last cabal. You cannot have failed to notice that more individuals are dissatisfied with the lawlessness of your Government.  What you need at this time when the Middle East is in greater turmoil and uncertainty is a firm and trustworthy leadership.  You have neither and events teeter on the edge of escalating out of control.  We keep our eye on developments, and will influence our allies so that there is a measure of containment.  However, we need action that will curtail the growth that is leading to a greater expansion of the Middle East War.

The cost of War is a massive drain on your resources, and everyone at home is having to make sacrifices to support it.  The Human loss on both sides is unacceptable, and daily the figures grow.  This is not of course a true war in defense of your country, and has been contrived to allow a larger foothold in the Middle East.  As can be seen from history, the occupation of a country by invading forces is never accepted by the inhabitants, and you cannot forcefully impose yourself without retaliation.

I tell you nothing new, but wish you to reflect on where matters are today.

Many are seriously worried about the outcome of the conflicts and swift action is required to be rid of your last cabal.  We help in whatever way we can, but cannot take over your lives for you.  You must continue to do all in your power to stop your leaders from making greater problems than already exist.   It is you who are being pulled into the affray, and you are being denied your rights to peaceful demonstration by draconian laws.

All is not gloom, far from it as you would realize if you could see the overall picture.  There are many brave souls and organized groups, who are doing their best in difficult circumstances to open people’s eyes to what is taking place.  These are the ones who need your support to build a united front against war.   The current situation is certainly making people think very seriously about their reaction to events that are developing.   Very few have the advantage of knowing the facts as to what is happening behind the scenes.   However, their confidence and trust in your leaders is being sorely tested.

It undoubtedly seems strange to you that at time when we ask you to prepare for Ascension, that the news is focused upon other matters.   Strange that as the vibrations are steadily increasing upon Earth, the degree of negativity seems also to be on the increase.   Yet it is a sign that the Light is growing, and it is bringing the dark to the surface.   What is happening is that the old negative vibrations have to be cleared away before the Light can be fully grounded.   This causes imbalances and chaos until the negativity is fully transmuted.

In the midst of Earthly events it is not easy to see beyond the present problems, but everything is being set up for the final outcome.   The Light will not be denied, and the dark cannot sustain their plan for much longer.

Remember that Karma is at work in what is being played out, and where previously the dark have successfully imposed themselves upon you, this time they are to experience failure.   This change in the course of events is all credit to the Lightworkers, who have been opposing the dark for a considerable time.

The Heavenly Forces have been behind every single person who has chosen to live in the Light.  They have been guided to fulfill their desire to bring Light to the Earth, and peace to everyone.   This is not something that has happened over night, and preparations for this particular time have been taking place for a long time.   Often you are told nothing happens by chance, but within the parameters of your freewill your choices are your own.   Once you elect to serve the Light, then we are able to stand along side you and give you every help.   It may seem that you are alone, but we assure that it is far from the truth.

>From the spiritual realms we are able to walk in your footsteps, and we whisper into your ear when you ask for our advice. We are very happy to guide you ever onwards and we serve you in this way as one great army of Light, and we are formidable. From the higher dimensions your Space Family carefully watch events upon Earth, and they carry out their role to aid Humanity. They also can come very close to you, and you will certainly have their protection when you carry out God’s work. Their visible presence in your skies should be reassuring to you as they help keep the balance upon Earth. They are authorized to shape events if necessary, so as to maintain restrictions upon the activities of the dark forces.

At present, the combined forces of Light are readying themselves for the final acts that will see a complete change of events. This is the year when the dark shall finally give way to the Light. They shall be removed from positions of power along with their minions, and the people of Earth will at last determine their own future. Their voices have been heard and shall be answered very soon. It has been a long hard path for most of you, but remember that it was chosen by you. You wanted to be part of this momentous time and have always known that it would result in victory for the Light.

I am St. Germain, and I tell you that your experiences through this period will enable you to rise up and enable others to benefit from them. Spiritual progress is about giving each other a helping hand, and those most able are the ones who have had the experience. You wanted to experience duality first hand, and this is what you have done. Now that period is almost over, and you will return to the higher dimensions a greater Being because of it. You will have learnt the true meaning of Love, and your understanding of Life in all of its forms will be formidable. You will become the teachers of the future, and serve others as you have been through this cycle.

I leave you with great Love and Blessings from the Hierarchy of Light, and know that you are doing the Father’s bidding. You shall have rightly earnt your place in the Golden Age that is about to commence. You will have come through the most testing challenges, and with flying colors. Never again will you need to hide your Light and take on the mantle of duality, you are indeed great souls, yea great Gods.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.

Re: Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent


by notepad

While all the other points I mentioned in this post are fairly well documented and discussed elsewhere on the Internet, the bank information I reported is not. This information is from my own experience and research. I discovered the disturbing news quite by accident - and by virtue of its importance, I decided to post my findings here and on a few other forums.

What did I hear?

A family member from Irvine, CA (who’s a branch manager at Bank of America) told us two weeks ago that her bank held a "workshop" where the last two days were dedicated to discussing their bank’s new security measures.    During these last two days, the workshop included members from the Homeland Security Office who instructed them on how to field calls from customers and what they are to tell them in the event of a national disaster.    She said they were told how only agents from Homeland Security (during such an event) would be in charge of opening safe deposit boxes and determining what items would be given to bank customers.

At this point they were told that no weapons, cash, gold, or silver will be allowed to leave the bank - only various paperwork will be given to its owners.    After discussing the matter with them at length, she and the other employees were then told not to discuss the subject with anyone.

The family member has since given her notice to quit the bank.

I found the news alarming and decided to find out more myself.    On a trip to my bank here in Houston, I remarked to a young bank employee (who’s new there), "well I guess you’ve been told all that stuff by the manager and the Homeland Security about what to tell your customers" - and to my amazement, the young woman came right out and said yes she’d been through all that, then whispered to me across the counter, "but we’re not supposed to talk about - I could lose my job."

Why haven’t you heard more about this?

First of all, since maybe only banks’ upper management is privy to the new "rules", the information doesn’t trickle down so easily.

Also keep in mind that employees have been told NOT to say anything about this, that it’s a matter of National Security (with an allusion toward arrest if they do).    They face possibly losing their job too.    Another reason is that bank employees may not think it’s important, or they believe they’re a unique part of the effort towards curtailing "terrorism" and helping America’s internal defenses.

It is also important to realize that not everyone’s a writer, or Internet savvy - even if the employees moved beyond their banks’ warnings & constraints, most people don’t know how to get their experience published on the Web in the public domain - it’s a mystery they are not familiar with so you never hear their story.

How to get the information yourself:

Visit your bank, ask a few well-worded questions, being careful not to arouse suspicion - if that doesn’t work, talk to friends and other family members - maybe they’ve heard something - or as a last resort, just point blank call the bank manager in private and demand to know what’s all this business with the Homeland Security deciding what I can have from my safe deposit box - tell me now or I’ll close my account today.

I’ll bet if you put forth the effort you’ll get the answers you want.

What should you do with this information?

I’m not trying to "scare" anyone - just providing some news I think is relevant to Americans.    Each must find his way through this dark forest - you will do with this information what best suits you and your loved ones - me personally, I see this as another indicator of how the criminals in charge over our lives intend to fleece U.S. citizens completely then dispose of them as only refuse.

Be prepared.

# # #

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  January  Saturday 21st  2006 (01h49) :

  Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent

In its attempt to establish a world empire dominating every nation
on the planet, the U.S.  has exhausted its ability to finance the
expansion and the country now faces imminent financial collapse.
From all indications, it looks like 2006 will spell the end for
America.  Consider these five important points:

Point #1 The U.S., Great Britain and Israel are preparing to attack
Iran.  As it appears the main reason for invading Iraq was to stop
it from selling oil in Euros, likewise Iran has plans to dump the
dollar come March 2006.

Point #2 U.S.  Treasury Secretary John Snow issued a warning
recently that the U.S.  Government is on the verge of collapse - as
the statutory debt limit imposed by Congress of $8.184 trillion
dollars would be reached in mid-February - the government would then
be unable to continue its normal operations.  Considering the
current total U.S.  debt stands at $8.162 trillion dollars, once the
official debt ceiling ($8.184 trillion) is reached, the U.S.
government's credit abroad (its borrowing power) is gone.  Those
countries (mainly China) who presently keep America afloat by
holding U.S.  Treasury Notes, will most likely no longer continue
doing so.

Point #3 Bank Of America and Compass Bank managers (probably all
other U.S.  banks too) have been instructing their employees in the
last few weeks on how to respond to customer demands in the event of
a collapse of the U.S.  economy - specifically telling the employees
that only agents from the Department Of Homeland Security will have
authority to decide what belongings customers may have from their
safe deposit boxes - and that precious metals and other valuables
will not be released to U.S.  citizens.     The bank employees have
been strictly prohibited from revealing the banks' new "guidelines"
to anyone.  (however, employees have been talking to friends and

The next time you visit your bank, ask them about it - then ask
yourself, why is this information being kept secret from customers
and the public - what's really going on?

Point #4 FEMA has activated and is currently staffing its vast
network of empty internment camps with armed military personnel -
unknown to most Americans, these large federal facilities are
strategically positioned across the U.S.  landscape to "manage" the
population in the event of a "terrorist" attack, a civilian
uprising, large-scale dissent ,or an insurrection against the
government.  Some of these razor-wired facilities have the capacity
of detaining a million people.

Point #5 The Patriot Act and the US Senate's vote to ban habeas
corpus (Nov 14th) - along with George W.  Bush having signed
executive orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law,
suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act, have
together pretty much destroyed any notions of freedom and justice
for Americans.

Summary: The U.S.  economy is broken, the United States is bankrupt
- the unchecked spending by this administration, the illegally waged
wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, the cost of unprecedented weapons
and military build-up - have all contributed to an irreversible
emergency which is threatening our nation's existence and our very

Hospitals are closing, major corporations are declaring bankruptcy
and/or moving their companies overseas, the monopolized news media
spews nothing but lies, and our fearless leaders have turned out to
be only ruthless criminals hell-bent on destabilizing our country
and robbing us all.

Be aware - we stand at the threshold of total ruin - the
international bankers and war profiteers care little for our lives
and families - these demons worship money and all things vile and
evil - they have very much to gain from war, misery, disease,
famine, chaos and death (our deaths).

We are right on the edge - the Treasury is already overextended -
the U.S.  government cannot (and will not) care for its own
citizens' needs, nor secure our borders against illegal aliens -
plus, the whole "terrorist" thing is a cruel hoax perpetrated
against a trusting citizenry - and only designed to instill fear and
garner support for the genocide taking place in Iraq.

Should America (along with British & Israeli forces) launch a war
against Iran, or another country, without yet paying for, or even
recovering from the current losses in Iraq and elsewhere - the costs
of such of an invasion will overwhelm an already crippled economy
and push the U.S.  over the edge into oblivion.

Question: Considering the U.S.  Treasury Notes that China currently
holds (which keeps the U.S.  economy going)...

Do you think China will continue to support a country's economy (the
U.S.) whose military launches a nuclear strike against its neighbor
(Iran) - thus delivering a blanket of radioactive fallout over
western Chinese provinces - killing hundreds of thousands, if not
millions of its citizens?

  I think not.

Factoring in the aforementioned points of "preparation" engineered
by U.S.  authorities, I'd say there's a stinking rat in the woodpile
...can you smell it too?

  # # #

  By : notepad
  January Saturday 21st 2006


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