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2006 State of the Planet Address  'The Spirit of Truth'
Archangel Ariel
and Isaac George  March 29th, 2006

'Discernment, Sovereignty and the Principle of Love'

'Ariel here. This is a time-less message and is a message for all times, not just this moment. Since you are experiencing the awakening from the sleep of the egoic self, the process of this wakeup call may sometimes be felt as an unwelcome intrusion, a disturber of the peace.  However, the arising of unified awareness within the chaos of your world is the cause of the chaos, and also is the safe harbor for those seeking to reconnect to the Oneness within.  This process is inexorable, yet there are those of you who perceive how delicate the balance point is on the razor's edge.  This edge is the fine line between your control, and the call to surrender all of you to your Self/Spirit.

The Spirit of Truth is just one thing. Knowing.  It is the quickening you feel within your heart when you take leave of your sensibleness and leave your comfortable past and abandon your imagined futures.  You feel it when you 'fall in love' with Love Itself.  You sense it when the winds of Spirit catch you up and you forget all else, including yourself.  You all desire to be 'in love' all the time, yet few maintain the moment on the mountaintop.

Then your heart shatters, and you lose faith and wonder if it was all an illusion.  Well, the baring of illusions is just the beginning, and the Spirit of Truth is now descending upon the Earth to shatter the walls and shake the foundations.  Ascension is not an escape from some thing; it is the embracing of everything.  So welcome the Truth into your heart, and ask for all your webs and weavings to be swept away so that you may taste true freedom.   You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

Those who have ears, may they hear.

I Am Ariel.  Of the Source, and in service to the Source.'

The Spirit of Truth:

'You are the Sons of God, the Daughters of the Goddess.  You are the Lights of the World.  There is no time like the present to acknowledge the truth of your Self, and that truth extends beyond all time and space.  You are gods, and yet not the One Itself, the One in Many.  The shedding of disguises and of skins continues to be your playground, although you are now being called upon to elevate your play to a new intensity.   You are to accept your responsibility as the lineage of Light that you are.   Letting go of the foundations previously counted upon will be the undoing of you, and will cause the passing away of much that you have known.  So be it.

As the influence of the Truth arises from within, much that is deemed as important in the realm of subject/object, the duality of form, must and will be reconciled and transcended.   All is impermanent, and all that is in form must devolve and dissolve.  Even though Spirit is the animator of all form, the form itself is transitory.

Now, forms are not only that which you call 'matter', but include perceptions, concepts and beliefs.  Therefore, the entire relationship of everything to everything, the interdependence that permeates all of that is perceived as 'out there' has its foundation in the mind of all souls.  You are an image factory, constantly projecting these images onto the screen of consciousness.  This is the function of relating, and there is nothing wrong about it. However, the habitual error is to continue to believe in the source of the image as having arisen from outside of you, and then to assign it some order of importance or identity so that you become attached to the image.  If you could but view the image as self-created mechanism for Self Revelation, then the image is relinquished for the Truth to emerge from within you, and you then step closer to Reality.

Discernment is the necessary faculty to determine the nature of any image, and the time is now upon you to recognize that the 'soul authority' of your Nature and your Truth is your own divine sovereignty.  As dualistic forms, the teacher/student, guru/chelas, priest/supplicant were useful and necessary when the consciousness was mired in complete identification with separation and polarized concepts.   Now they are no longer useful, except to indicate to you where you have given away your power.   There is no longer any spiritual apprenticeship required of any soul, and in Reality, there never has been.  In the times to unfold there will be no leaders and no followers.

You all will be 'It.'

All are in the process of discovering that the seeds of self-betrayal are buried deep within the fear of the power that is your Essence.  How can any form seduce you, use you and betray you without your permission and cooperation?  That is impossible.  Whether it is an idea, another person, or a social or political structure, you are still only answerable to you.  Taking back your responsibility for yourself and everything you experience is the path to realization of the Self, a Self that is fully empowered and free.

No form outside of you, whether teacher, mentor, leader, coach, channeler, priest, workshop leader, healer, politician, or parent, can continue to occupy the place of authority in your experience.  That is why the foundations of many teachers and authorities, secular and spiritual, are now crumbling.   Spirit calls upon all to do the work of the self, in order that the Way may be lived, not just talked about or pointed to.  If anyone is in a position of leadership or authority of any kind and attempts to hold onto and consolidate their position, then much will appear to be lost.  The wisdom of each Soul will design what the form of loss will be in order to gently caress the individual back onto their path of illumination and homecoming.

Therefore, the greater the attachment, the more painful will be the apparent loss experienced.

Likewise, if your Spirit brings you to one that can facilitate your desire for wholeness, you will know them by their fruits.  If they assist you by pointing to that which is within you, then you remain free.  If they demand of you your time and stretch your resources, or some other form of acknowledgement as an authority, then you are in a spiritual codependent relationship.  In such a relationship, both are disempowered by the game of oppressor and victim, knower and seeker, and eventually both serve each other in the learning of lessons before the parting of ways.  Ask to be shown whom you shall work with, and then when that work is completed, that true mirror who is your brother or sister will bless you and release you.

What will eventually replace the old order is a paradigm of mutual sharing, mutual teaching and mutual learning.  Living examples of conscious, whole and completely human Beings are required to shift the consciousness of all your brothers and sisters.  How can you teach when you've so much to learn?   Aspire instead to drop the images you've worshipped and invite all into the dialog of love.   The Master is inside of you, and the time for following this or that path must be surrendered if you desire to feel that Presence guiding your every thought, word and action in your life.

As you allow yourself to trust more and more in the movement of Spirit, then you are slowly asked to give up your attachments to your stories, your experiences, your plans, and your fears.  These will be replaced with a sense of security far beyond anything you may have known to this point, and bliss will be its companion.  Allow for the process of your transfiguration to be organically orchestrated by the Divine Director within.  Do not push too far ahead, nor hang back and cling to the past, so that you may shed your skins gracefully.

Over the course of the next year or so, your primary challenge and opportunity will be to disengage from all of these cherished forms, for they are echoes of the past that you have outgrown, tools that no longer satisfy.

Much of your fascination with this or that path or philosophy has been an exercise in revisiting the past incarnations involving significant spiritual meaning and experience.  Being attracted to a specific religious or spiritual discipline, or even some golden age epoch such as Atlantis in order to integrate and complete a cycle of experience has been useful for your awakening.  However, now is the time to bless it and let it all go.  Further definition is not required.  Further surrender into wholeness is what is being asked of you, and this is the principle of Love in the journey of awakening.  To love something so completely is to let it go.  So much more awaits you beyond what you release from your past, your present, and even your future.

Another opportunity that will be coming up sooner than later will be the call to let go of families, relationships, or social groupings that have peopled your landscape.  If you are to become fully human and fully divine, then your attachments to anyone will be challenged.  Everyone is your brother, sister, father, mother, lover, friend, and yes, even your potential enemy!  Or, so it appears.  Anything that you tie yourself too, ties itself to you as well.   The relationships need to be honored, respected, and it is good to feel gratitude about them.  Now, let them go and grant them the freedom you desire for yourself!  You can't 'lose' them. Ever!!  How could you?  Only in your identification with them can you feel loss or pain.  As your life more and more flows from Spirit inside of you to the outside, then all Beings will flow into and through your life with more grace, joy and harmony.  Appreciate all of them, and see the eyes of the One shining through their eyes.  Love them totally, and then. let go.  Love seeks only itself, and is never lost or abandoned.  How could it be?  It is all there Is.

If you were expecting a State of the Planet address that was going to describe the situation in the world, or the progress of Ascension, then we are happy to disappoint you. This is the state of the Planet from the heart of Truth:  It is time to examine all that you are in the light of any attachments and addictions you have accepted.  What you find, lovingly and firmly remove it, and if you can't do that, then ask Spirit to do it.  The State of the Planet appears to be desperate, and is so due to the forms that many are addicted to, and the fear of the unknown.  In order to move beyond that fear, we recommend that you release all attachment to what you fear to lose.  Only then will you be an empty vessel into which the fullness of your Isness can manifest.

Let not your perception become clouded by the words or beliefs that arise from the World. What is being shown to you is the power of choice, to choose faith and love instead of fear.  The whole world is being given the opportunity to choose Truth.  The power of Spirit is illuminating all the false idols in the World, so that you may see the Truth.  Take back your power, with a firm and passionate love, and watch your outer life change.

Say yes to the choice within to choose the unfamiliar way, to run from safety.  As you choose to listen to the Inner Teacher, the veils will thin and you will see clearly, and seeing clearly your Heart will open again.

When your Heart is open, then peace will be with you.  May the Principle of Love guide you in the exercise of your discernment and the establishment of your sovereignty.

May Love and Truth be your companion, your teacher, your lover, and your friend. They cannot fail you. ever!

We are complete. Be in God. Be free forever.

End Message

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