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29th March 2006

A time of vision and prophecy fulfilled

On the 20th March 2006, visions about the forthcoming solar eclipse were bestowed. Visions are often given as allegory, they are multi-dimensional and have layers of inner meanings. Depending on your own state of being you will find your own guidance, your message and the truth that resonates with you at this phase of your own individual evolution. The solar eclipse is a special time to go within, contemplation, meditation, as the spiritual energy reaches new heights. Visions can come in dreamtime, during a healing treatment, in meditation and even during everyday conversation. They can also be a cosmic mystical experience that engulfs your whole being with love.

In the first vision; I was shown a man that had suffered many battles in the deconstruction of the Roman Empire; his left arm was bound in leather assisting the fray of the injury to mend. He looked out of the window across the fields of consciousness, he stood calmly watching people fighting a great battle; he felt compelled by love to join them and fight the good fight by their side.

A voice called out to him and asked him not to interfere with the troops and to allow them to get on with their important work. What does this great battle represent? Every soul has its own divine plan, and many souls are fighting their own battles, and the battle between the human self and their own soul. The tension of the people on planet earth feels fraught at times; it is important that we allow it to go through it’s own transition of the death of the old way of being through the birth process of the new becoming of creation.

This man called the other to come close to his side, the General, strong, kind and firm, a diplomat like the chairman of the board. He said I need you here by my side, together we will develop the strategies, you are the distributor.

While the man was listening silently, he realised that while he had been busy on foot in the field, there was more important work to do. The penny dropped that his energy was better served working hand in hand with the general in preference to being on the battlefield. The general made it clear he could not achieve a positive outcome for earth without working together with human intervention. The man understood the importance of distributing strategies that would bring the divine plan to fruition, and how, if he truly listened, then his energy could be put too much better use and be more productive.

Many of you have seen visions of the tower block and the elevator going up to the top, some of you know of your presence in the board room with God. You are being called to help develop the tactical strategies and be distributors thereof. However, it was made very clear that this is our choice to choose whether to take part and begin.

He gave further counsel, he said ‘you hold many lanterns of light in your hands, only give one of these lanterns to a person when they come to you, when a person comes to you for help or advice they have come to collect the lantern, then the light burns brightly, this then creates more lanterns for distribution. Sit with me in silence’.

Then the vision changed, the man was riding horseback in modern times. He was riding with the Royal Household Cavalry, he rode at the side of a golden coach, inside the coach was Christ. It’s interesting that the word Cavalry is a common misspelling for the biblical hill with the same name. What is the importance of the symbology and these words? Mounted infantry have improved mobility and are able to respond quicker and faster than those on foot. In ancient times, the role of cavalry was performed in chariots, in ceremony these chariots carried the victorious general to triumph. Many have heard the term ‘elect’, the ‘elect’ are the charioteers that ride at the side of the general in triumphant. Souls are not chosen for this role, they are not elected, it is claimed by the purified souls due to the raising of their own consciousness, their dedication to serving humanity with pure intent. Souls that have merged with the Spirit, ride the horse of freedom due to their own effort, integration and giving from the heart, they sit at the right hand of God, as humanity crosses the new frontiers of the Aquarian Age.

The second vision; related to prophecy received in 2001, during a Past Life Energetics training course, I was filled to the brim with the Christ energy and the students recorded his words, he said he was carrying the pain of humanity in his heart in the form of a stone. The students asked if they could remove the stone so that he could be healed and he replied, ‘The time is not right, you will be told when it is time. There is a time bomb in my heart and it will sweep planet earth with the love vibration.’ In recent years he said ‘The bomb was ready to go off.’ On the 20th of March during a healing session I saw a vision of the cloud created by the Hiroshima bomb and he said 'This time instead of the people being killed, the people are being healed'. The feelings that my friend and I felt during this experience cannot be expressed into words, tears of joy fell down our cheeks due to the pure power of his love that consumed us both.

I then saw my beloved colleague Crystal Heart standing opposite him and they were holding hands, hers laid on top of his. A partnership with the people, a relationship with the divine, working hand in hand together, healing each other, the light of love engulfed us both as it will engulf all who allow themselves to receive this cosmic love energy on March the 29th and all the days that follow. This also signifies that now the time is right and together with Christ, the hearts of humanity are being healed.

So what other good tidings is there about this very important Solar Eclipse?

It will be seen to fulfill the prophecy predicted in the bible that ‘all can prophesy and have dreams and visions whether they are prophets or not’. The energy of this Solar Eclipse will catapult us into the approach of the last days of the end times. I now come to the point of re-checking the ancient prophecy to remind you, and as I am sitting here reading it; I am gob smacked at what I have found in another passage written by the Prophet Joel. I have added my interpretation of scripture found in brackets.

‘Blow the trumpet of Zion, sound the alarm on my holy hill; the day of the Lord is coming. It is close at hand – a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness. (The state of planet earth and the symbology of the vision of the Hiroshima bomb, love triggers the darkness to be healed). Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes, (the new dawn has arrived, out of the darkness the light has come, as predicted by Mother Mary after the Iraq war began) such as never was of old nor ever will be in the ages to come. Before them fire devours, behind them a flame ablazes, (the love vibration sweeping planet earth). Before them the land is like the Garden of Eden, behind them a desert waste – nothing escapes them. (They can see through the illusion, they know they can create heaven on earth). They have the appearances of horses (they represent freedom) they gallop along like cavalry. (At the speed of light). With the sound of Chariots, they leap over the mountaintops, (with the sound of light they leap over those that call themselves Holy men) like a crackling fire consuming stubble, like a mighty army drawn up for battle. (This is an army of healers and social visionaries, the Hebrew word for chariot is Merkava – the light bodies, an army of light). At the sight of them nations are in anguish (many fear spiritual people) faces turn pale. They charge like warriors (spiritual warriors). They all march in line not swerving from their course (singing from the same hymn sheet, hand in hand, side by side, creating the Kingdom of Love). They do not jostle each other; (they do not push, shove, control or dominate) each marches straight ahead. (On the path of following their own truthful hearts of conscience) They plunge through defences (crossing the new frontiers) without breaking ranks.

The Lord thunders (with the power of love) at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number and mighty are those who obey his command. (Those who align their will and respond to the call of the covenant of love).’

I will pour forth of my Spirit on all people. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.’ NIV Joel Chapter 2.

I shared these important insights with an experienced Kabbalist, Rom Harel in Israel and even more revelation came to light. The day before the Solar Eclipse is an important election in Israel. The man in the first vision with his arm in leather has major significance for the Jewish people. It is called Tfilin they put a symbol on their head and arm - to indicate their connection with God. They tie the leather straps around the hand, arm and head, to link the mind and heart in a ritualistic way with seven loops. They say this spells "Shadai" in Hebrew, the name of God. They also believe that Tflilin stops one doing things that are not in accordance with divine will. They then recite these words prior to saying their prayers.

I will betroth you to me forever, and I will betroth you to me with righteousness, justice, kindness, and mercy . I will betroth you to me with faithfulness, and you shall know me, Hashem.


The Sun is rising in every heart, love is entering every door.

In humble service to the common purpose of creating the Love Union and a new world for our children.

May peace be with you.
Have a great Solar Eclipse!


www.spiritualpsychology.co.uk www.academysounds.com

If you would like a copy of the book ‘Sacred Words’ that Kim has received over a seven year period, an article about the ‘Charioteers and the Power of Seven’ or ‘The Challenger, Saturn in Leo Transit’ then please contact her at the above website. Her healing meditation CD’s are also available from Amazon and other good retailers. If you would like to start a Love Union group in your own country, town or city please contact Kim.

Soul Astrology

 New Moon in Aries, 29 March 2006

Using the New Moon moment as a birth chart for the following month, my comments

are meant to provide an attitude that maximises our ease and growth during that time.

Please don’t worry about understanding the astrology - just go for the drift!


Venus and Neptune, and Mars . . . and Pluto

                This last few days, before the new moon, Venus in Aquarius has been approaching Neptune, and both are trine to Mars in Gemini - a smooth expressive aspect.  We have been experiencing an energy condition that, if you tuned in to it, felt quietly expanded and still.  It’s like having a sense of knowing something without being able to put it into words.  Pluto is a growing part of this pattern, giving an intensity to the feeling, as we push through into a much greater awareness.  When we relax our minds, and accept for periods of time that words are not essential, we realise that much of our understanding, communication, appreciation, is not verbally expressible.  When we try to pin it down, or share it with someone else, we have to condense it into something that can be interpreted in words.  We have to reduce the delicacy and extension of our experience into something logical and sequential, not only finding words but forming grammatical sentence structures.  There is one major problem with doing this – our tendency to lose touch with the original enormity that was able, so briefly, to inspire us.

. . . plus Mercury/Uranus, and Jupiter

                Venus is the energy of attraction which represents our relating with each other and the world around us, and Neptune is about dissolving all boundaries and definitions.  These two planets are still very close in the New Moon chart of 29 March.  It is as though, this coming month, we are being offered an experience of togetherness as the total human life-wave, an unconscious identification with humanity as a whole.  Although we can share love and compassion, it is very likely that we will notice this closeness through any suffering, in our family, our friends, or the media news. (Jupiter in Scorpio is in a square relationship with Venus/Neptune.) 

                We may try to put words to that experience, to write about it, talk about it, do something about it (Mars in Gemini trine Venus/Neptune), but there is likely to be difficulty finding words that do justice to what we feel (Mercury in Pisces trine Jupiter – our minds awash with emotion).  However, there will be opportunities to reach inspired solutions to the problems we face, as Mercury connects to Uranus’ flashes of genius.  The way to receive these flashes of understanding is to find a gap between emotional outbursts on the one hand, and emotional cut-off on the other, where we ignore the problem as if we could separate ourselves off from the world around us.  Between those two states is a space where we can see what’s going on, and the way through and out of difficulty becomes obvious.  When we stop focussing on our own reactions, we are free to observe the multi-level life being lived, and the bigger picture will emerge on its own.  Nothing can change until we accept the way it is, and our acceptance is the key that allows everything to grow naturally into its next phase, and even creates opportunities to help the process.

Sun/Moon in Aries (total eclipse) trine Saturn in Leo + Chiron

                Having said all the above, this New Moon is an eclipse of the Sun in Aries.  We have entered that time of the year when action itself is the motivating force, and the blocking of the Sun’s light by the dark side of the Moon suggests that we could be unconsciously much more pushy this month. This is the feeling that we must DO something, regardless!  However, Saturn is trine the Sun/Moon, keeping the actions steady, suggesting caution, even if only for the sake of our personal safety. 

                When tempted to act fast, remember to check the others involved with you, how they are feeling, and what might be more fitting in the circumstances.  This will allow you to reframe your impulse before you do damage, and save yourself much regret.  As long as we act from a sense of social responsibility rather than ‘being right’, those actions taken will be beneficial to everyone (Chiron in Aquarius supportively sextile Sun/Moon). 

Love – a discussion from last New Moon in Pisces

                Love is still very much a focus this month, and I want to share with you two of the responses I received to the Pisces New Moon missive.  I had said:

There is no way to experience love in your life unless you are prepared, and able, to give it, and you cannot truly give it without loving yourself first.’ 

One response was e-mailed: 

‘I go along with the Conversations with God,  when it is said that we can only get to know ourselves through relationship.  I do feel sad that there are hundreds of us who can't love ourselves; this statement  that we can't love others until we love ourselves, is somehow discouraging and I am sure many give up trying because, as for me, it seemed an impossible task. . . . Some of us need to love someone, to express ourselves and our love, before we can truly see that it is a one-ness, not a love for another but through another.’

Another response was by phone: 

‘We do need to honour the fact that love is hard to do – and it’s through committing to our Higher Self (as in meditation) so it can speak to our souls, that we experience what love truly is.’

                These are both lovely expressions of people’s experience.  I would like to add to the above discussion, by trying out an image:  imagine that love is an energy that flows everywhere throughout life, and that we can tune our inner equipment to many frequencies including the loving one.  Tuned to the frequency of love, we feel loved and loving, and naturally love anything we are conscious of at the time, including ourself.  If we are not tuned to that frequency, then in that moment we do not feel loving energy, so we cannot feel loved, even when someone else is loving us. 

                Loving energy is everywhere, so if you are excluding yourself or anyone else, the feeling you have is not the universal loving energy, it is a personal feeling with definition, desire, and conditions.  This is probably the best our personality can do, but we are so much more than personality, and reaching for that loving frequency inside stretches us into universality.  There are many ways of tuning in to it:  through contemplating and appreciating nature, children, music, through dance, companionship, service, . . .   So tune in, using whatever works for you and, through your loving consciousness, the world will be a better place!


Jupiter in Scorpio square Venus/Neptune

                Perhaps this month is about becoming more aware of being a bridge between the extremes of human experience:  from the depths to the heights, from the bodily physical to the expanded spiritual, from the individual one to the universal One.  Judgement and self-criticism do not lift or expand our experience of life, but rank with revenge and jealousy towards the heavy, contracted, extreme of human expression.  We can only link our human extremes by admitting to having them, and accepting ourselves with them, as wonderful bridges for the consciousness of light as earth.

                 This month, let life talk to you.  The stars don’t need words, trees relate silently, animals have no problem communicating.  We only minimise them when we put words in their mouths, or think we know their experience!  We may be able to understand better, if we allow our own experience to speak directly through poetry, dance, music and art.  So, let life talk to you, and respond without words.


Meditation for this New Moon in Aries

Feel your feet on the ground and, at the same time, the top of your head.

Move inside your body, feeling the energy of your spine straight and tall.

Feel that straight energy reach deep into the core of the Earth

and through your head into the starry expanse.

Light a flame in your heart

sending out a horizontal ring of light around you with each heart beat.

Feel the rings expand, pulsing out from your heart

 reaching into the far spaces of the universe.

Breathe, conscious only of the breath in,

and then the breath out,

holding the space around you steady

and know that all you reach out to is also yourSelf

. . . . .

at last, let the pulsing rings fade, as the light of your heart

fills the space immediately around you.

Notice again your feet on the ground, and the top of your head,

and the flow of energy between them.

As you come back into your daily life, remember

you are surrounded by your greater Self

in all you meet.

With love,


Margaret Koolman

Dove Cote, Woolpits Road
Great Saling, Essex  CM7 5DZ

+44 (0) 1371-850127

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