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Channelled through
Michelle Eloff
Ponta d�Ouro, Mocambique
This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.
To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.co.za
Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan,Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of wisdom, serenity, harmony and trust. Greetings beloved ones!
Greetings, Lord Kuthumi.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Brothers and sisters of the light, you are welcomed into the world of light. Present with us today are 222 of the Sirian Masters of the Light, who shall witness and facilitate your initiation into the Sirian codings of awakening which takes all initiates through the core of the Aquarian initiation leading to the complete integration of all the ascension codes of conduct, creation and compassion.
Every lightworker on the planet must undergo this particular initiation. Passing through this tunnel of love is what assists the soul in detaching from the attachments that keep it bound to an experience which in itself creates limitation, fear and suffering. Those of you who have been following the teachings that I have conducted over the past years may recall a time where I spoke of processing being painless, and that joy could be the alternative to the deep pain and sorrow that many experience in their processing process. Many did not understand how this could be. The reason why you experience pain and suffering is because of your attachment to the material world, to the identities that have become what you acknowledge as being who you perceive yourself to be.
Detachment minimizes suffering; this does not mean to say you will not be faced with pain or suffering; however what it does mean is that it alleviates the intensity and the length of such a process. The reason why we share this with you today is because the expectation of your process being painful, and being a lengthy drawn out process, will be removed from the cellular imprint in your body. It is then up to you to maintain this new attitude so as to anchor it through all the bodies of light.
The four lower bodies are the most important for one to work with in the process of detaching from that which binds you to a limited experience. The four lower bodies we refer to are the physical body, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body. When energy is integrated harmoniously through all the four lower bodies, you transcend the ego. You are already aware of the fact that the ego has many faces and names, and has many ways of getting its own way; therefore your initiation today with the Sirian Lords over and above the activation of the 22 chakras is related to you taking back the reins of guidance, where you see your soul as the guide guiding you through an experience, for no longer is control a system in your life, for control takes you away from your divine will and purpose.
When one accepts the flow of life and relinquishes control to the soul one is not giving up, one is surrendering; one is allowing the soul, in other words the higher aspect of self, the super-intelligent aspect of self, to guide the soul in a conscious body through the experience called life on earth. You will not be able to create a life of freedom, a life free of the pain and suffering that has been experienced in the past in the amounts it has been experienced if you refuse to relinquish control to your soul; in other words, surrender. Resistance causes irritation; it causes energies to rub each other up the wrong way, so to speak, and this is when there are eruptions of energy that cause pain and suffering. Relinquishing control to the soul does not mean that not ever do you have to put any effort into what you do ever again; what it means is that never again do you have to be afraid. Never again do you have to doubt what your heart shows you as being truth; surrendering is trusting your life is in God�s hands.
For many years � in fact many cycles of life � the Masters have asked humanity to hand over their fear. The reason why it has been so difficult is because your fear has helped you to feel alive. When you are afraid you are feeling something. Many people would rather feel fear than feel nothing. Many people do not know what it feels like to be at peace, to be happy, to be in the self and just be. People have become addicted to worry and fear. The addictions that all of you are releasing are on a similar level; your addiction to whatever fear, thought pattern, attitude or behavioural pattern that keeps you in an experience of limitation.
Your initiation today will increase the vibration of your 3rd eye and sacral chakra by another 2500 cycles per second. Now I assure you, beloved ones, that is a vast leap of faith into the world of the unknown, but trust you must, and this is your way of throwing yourself in the deep end, so to speak, and to practise this. Increasing the vibration and the cycles per second in these two chakras will help you recognise the patterns you have created in your life.
Everything that you experience is a reflection of your conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. Many times people find themselves in situations they cannot explain yet going deeper within will discover that the person or the place was a reflection of their unconscious self, and it need not always be negative experiences. Move away from the expectation of reflections always being negative reflections, and start to choose to see the positive expressions.
The exercise we gave you yesterday was for a purpose, of course. Think back to what you said to each person, what you saw within that person, what you felt when you looked at the person and had to find the words to describe what you saw and felt. Can you recall this? (Group were asked to tell each person in the group all the positive things they felt and saw within them)
That was a reflection of you; which is why we said it must be sincere, it must come from the heart, because you could only recognise that in each person present because it exists within you. You would not have been able to see it if it did not exist within you, therefore embrace what you shared, own it, because you were complimenting yourself. You were simply reaffirming everything that exists inside of you that you as yet have not owned. So that is your task for today. Go back to all the things you said and truly own it. Take it as a part of you, because it is, and allow the light to shine.
Every star shines in the heavens with a purpose. Every star has its own light, and never relies on any other star around it to shine its light for it, and this is what each of you are. You are the stars in God�s eyes. The more you shine, the brighter the eyes of Mother/Father God twinkle. (pause) You are in the space of ascension. You are at the level required to go into that space and claim the joy, to take up your divine right of experiencing and continuing to create heaven on earth.
What is your definition of heaven? If heaven were a place on earth what would your piece of heaven look like? What would it consist of? Who would share heaven with you? And I would like all of you to take some time to consider that today, perhaps even tomorrow as well, to truly consider what heaven is to you.
The insights that come forth through this exercise will reveal to you what in fact you are searching for in your life right now. It will also show you where you can focus energy and what you can expect your soul to be attracting into your life in the near future. What you focus on is what you create, consciously and subconsciously. Self awareness takes one into the sub-conscious and this takes one out of the state of unconsciousness and into total awareness. Many people feel disillusioned and disheartened with the realization that the sub-conscious is governing many of their experiences, but you need not fear this for the sub-conscious is the opportunity to delve deeper and to discover the treasures that lie within: the so-called positive and the so-called negative.
The Sirian Lords and Ladies taking you through your initiation are asking you to continue to focus on the positive reflections in the people around you, in the expression of nature, and to allow your soul to dance. Is this clear?
Very well. Now please place yourselves into a comfortable position and close your eyes. (pause) Take a deep breath in, filling your lungs and exhaling fully through your mouth. (pause) Align yourself with the 222 Masters of the Light. When you are ready open your energy field to welcome these beings of immense love into your personal space. (pause) Now feel your energy connecting with the ocean. (pause) Imagine the dolphin beings (whom you connected with yesterday). (pause) Invoke the full presence of your Master Guide, your healing angels, and any other Being of the Light whom you personally work with. (pause) Imagine beautiful iridescent aquamarine blue energy manifesting all around you. Notice how this blue energy transforms and becomes water. Know that you are able to breathe within the water. (pause) This water energises your body, recalibrates your energy system and brings all your chakras into perfect balance. (pause)
Imagine your Sirian initiators swimming around you. Become aware of the patterns they create around your body, swimming above you, beneath you and all around you. (pause) You are simply still within the water. You are suspended within this energy; you are perfectly calm, centered and peaceful. Just observe and feel. (pause) You are transporting your consciousness to the Sirian Temples of Light. (pause) The dolphins now all release bubbles at the same time, and these bubbles become pockets of crystalline energy. Notice how these crystalline pockets of energy automatically move to different areas of your body, and allow them to do what they must do. (pause) Some of you may feel vibrations pulsating through your body, for others it may be a sense of pins and needles or itchiness, maybe heat, maybe cold, maybe nothing. When all the crystalline bubbles have moved towards you and connected with your body, your dolphin initiators begin swimming off in a direction and beckon for you to follow them, and off you go. Swimming through space and time, swimming through the waters of life, swimming through the pools of super-consciousness, and into an unknown world, a world that contains within it everything known to man and unknown to man. You may notice you can swim faster than you could imagine, always keeping up with the dolphins. (pause)
A dolphin will now come up to you and beckon for you to hold on to one of his or her fins; please do so now. (pause) The dolphins propel themselves out of the water with you holding on and you find yourself within the Sirian gardens. As the dolphins touch the earth of the Sirian world with you they are transformed into the Sirian Masters of Light who you have become familiar with through all your lifetimes working with them. Your Sirian initiator takes you by the hand and lead you to a magnificent crystal temple nestled within the centre of this magnificent garden. As you make your way to the temple just take note of the immense beauty around you. (pause) Climb the stairs to the temple; feel the coolness of the crystal energy beneath your bare feet as your Sirian initiator takes you to the centre of this temple.
In the middle of this temple is a fountain of crystal blue water. Your Sirian master asks you to stand alongside the fountain and the 221 other masters join you. They form a circle around you and your personal Sirian initiator, and begin to sound the dolphin sound that you know so well which begins to activate what is known as your Sirian body. (pause) Just be with it. (pause) Some of you have been feeling very lightheaded � this has been because your Sirian body has already begun its activation along with the 22 chakras we spoke of. This Sirian body and the 22 chakras is what connects you to the Sirian initiators and the initiation through the Aquarian portal of love. When these 22 chakras are active and all the levels of energy that you need to clear is fully active, the Sirian body can begin to anchor its divine purpose on earth.
Take your hands and place them on your solar plexus. (pause) This will begin the anchoring of your Sirian body into your physical body. Be aware of how the sounds the Sirian masters are making facilitate the activation, the awakening, the stirring, and the coming to life of your Sirian body. (pause) This is the body that holds many of the memories of your origin in the universe. It is this body that holds all the memories of what you set in place for yourself for the current incarnation you are in. Activating this body accelerates your process of remembering who you are, your purpose for coming to earth; it helps you to tap into the universal creativity without having to move through the filters of the ego, without having to struggle with fears, phobias and having to deal with the projections of others� fears. This is smooth sailing, so to speak.
Your Sirian initiator now places his or her hands in the nape of your neck over your spine. Their right hand remains in the nape of your neck on the spine, and the left hand gently begins to move down your back along your spine, until their palm rests firmly over the coccyx area. (pause) Breathe in deeply and imagine the energy moving up and down your spine, activating the 22 chakras of your Sirian body. These chakras branch off from the 7 chakras of your physical body. As this happens the consciousness within the temporal lobe area of your brain begins to expand. More energy begins pouring in through your solar plexus, shifting up to your throat chakra. (pause) If you are feeling nauseous please breathe deeply and exhale fully. Know it is safe to be in your body. You chose the Sirian codes as part of your pathway of service, and your time has come to activate your chakras and to carry these codes, and it is safe for you to harness this energy. It is safe for you to carry this light to earth, and it is safe for you to emit this light on earth. Breathe it in and allow it to move all the way down your legs and out through the soles of your feet, merging with your energy field. Continue to breathe in deeply and exhale fully. (pause)
Now the King and Queen of Sirius enter the temple and make their way to where you are being initiated. Your initiator still has their hands on your back; keep it there. The King and Queen of Sirius stand on either side of you. Simultaneously they place a hand in the water of the fountain; they cup their hands with the water and put it to your lips for you to drink out of each hand, and as you drink of the waters of life symbolizing the King and Queen that reside within the archetypes of life that shall assist you in relinquishing control to your soul, for the true King and Queen never rule by force; they guide by love - you are learning to integrate the true archetype of the King and the Queen, and this will help your process of relinquishing control on all levels to your soul, and anchoring the most powerful sense of trust within your self that you can experience in this lifetime.
Continue to breathe, repeating to yourself "it is safe to anchor this energy, it is safe to hold this energy", for beloved ones the last time you carried this energy and activated these 22 chakras, it was very shortly after this that the destruction of Atlantis came, and in your body the cellular memory is that if this light is reactivated so it is that termination of life will come again. We assure you, we vow to you this will not be the same, for already the plan has changed. Already you have made a difference, you and all your fellow brothers and sisters of the light who work so diligently to hold the levels of integrity in place for all this high energy work to come to earth.
Each of you are now being encoded with a quantum code of crystalline energy. Feel automatically where it goes to in your body; it will be different for each of you. (pause) Place your right hand on the area of your body where you feel the quantum code enter, and breathe it in; breathe the energy in. (pause) Beloved ones, this is your key to the universe. This quantum code is what will continue to motivate and inspire you as a quantum teacher, and ambassador of the quantum world of light. You become a world of unlimited potential and possibilities. You become the answer to people�s prayers; you become the map of life for those who seek truth. Fear will block you from accessing the universe and its codings; self-doubt will shut your 22 chakras down again. Fear � fear that you will not be supported; fear that you will be abandoned by God will reverse this process. Not that it will ever be totally disabled ever again, but it will certainly prolong what you are trying to achieve. This is an accelerated lesson in trust. Trusting yourself. The key, beloved ones, is to be silent and only speak your truth when you feel it is true within you. Just speaking for the sake of just wanting to say something is what lands people in sticky situations. I speak not of friendly chatter, socially; but when you are in council with another be centered, be in your truth and only then do you councel. This will strengthen your self-confidence and trust in the Mother/Father God that resides within you.
The King and Queen of Sirius now take more of the water from the fountain and they pour this water over your crown chakra; it trickles down your body, and they do this 5 more times � over your crown chakra, blessing you with the sacred waters of Sirius, the sacred waters of life. This is the pure body of emotions; emotions untainted by the ego�s fears, pure emotion. (pause) Continue to breathe; your Sirian initiator now removes his or her hands from your spine and the King and Queen of Sirius take you each by one hand and lift you into the pool of water, into the fountain, and they ask you to stand beneath the water falling down in the fountain and as this water washes over you visualize it washing away all the attachments that keep you in a state of fear. Imagine it dissolving the attachment of the habit of being afraid; the habit of not trusting yourself; the habit of doubting life�s sincerity and loyalty to you. All your fears are simply a habit, beloved ones.
Now is your time to find a substitute to the addiction to fear; the addiction to a feeling, which up till now has reminded you that you are alive. The pain and suffering that you have chosen so as to feel alive, to remind yourself that you are alive � you do not have to suffer in order to deserve life. God does not have that exchange of energy with you; that is an exchange of energy between you and your ego. God has given you heaven on earth; God gave you talents, gifts; these are energies you are encoded with. Your agreement with Mother/Father God was that you would use these codes to bring life, to awaken humanity, and in exchange you would be able to live comfortably on earth; therefore, beloved ones, your talents are God�s way of telling you you will always be taken care of. Your talents are what was meant to sustain your living on earth,; therefore denying yourself the joy of living a life you love, by doing what you love, is denying the gift that God gave you that would ensure your survival on earth. Deny your passion, and you deny God; you refuse Mother/Father God�s support.
The King and Queen of Sirius ask you to move away from the water fountain now and to sit in the water. This water takes you up to just above your chest area. (pause) Close your eyes and feel the water around your body. Imagine the water filled with billions of electrical codings of energy, and these codings of energy begin to recalibrate all the systems of energy of the cells of your body � rearranging them, transforming them; imagine your body tingling with life. (pause) This process strengthens the life force in your 22 Sirian body chakras, and as you look into your aura you see these brilliant 22 lights of energy around you. You see the vastness of your Sirian body around you, and it too is a temple of love. (pause)
Continue to breathe in deeply as the energy works on your body, and allow your body to release. Give to the waters that which you no longer wish to hold onto. (pause) Give it your pain, give it your discomfort, for it is able to transmute it, it has no need to hold onto it; therefore it accepts it gracefully and simply transforms it. (pause) Sit and just feel the light, feel the love, and feel the power. Allow your body to become at peace with its existence. Allow your body to welcome itself home. Say yes to love. Say yes to life. Say yes to Mother/Father God, for what you have sought after all these years - support, love, acknowledgement, acceptance, admiration � you�ve been getting it all along. You just didn�t look in the right place. Mother/Father God has always given you this, but you sought it in those who could not give it to you because they were seeking the same. Go within and see it is there; never again will you have to seek this outside. It is yours to embrace and only then can you truly give it. (pause)
The King and Queen of Sirius now take you by the hand, lifting you out of the water. You stand between them; your Sirian initiator comes forward and places a platinum coloured robe on your shoulders. This robe is covered in many symbols � each symbol holding a vibration. This cloak will be encoded into your energy field, one that you will always wear; one that all Sirian masters will always be able to see, recognise and acknowledge what it is you represent within the collective Sirian Council of the Platinum Ray of Activation, of awakening the divine grids of prosperity and divine love within the heart of humanity. All of this is what you are now experiencing. It is this awakening process that you are a part of, that is moving through you that shall then touch the hearts of others.
Glory is your divine right. Live your life gloriously, passionately and purposefully. Know that you are alive on purpose; it was no accident, I promise you, even if your parents perceived it as this. Wear your platinum robe with a full heart of love, wear it with joy and allow the platinum ray to carry you, to support you, and to guide you through all the dimensions of the platinum initiations.
Look into the eyes of the Sirian Queen; she gives you a one word blessing. (pause) Give thanks to her, turn and look into the eyes of the Sirian King, and he too gives you a one word blessing. (pause) Your Sirian initiator now comes up from behind you and places a crystal on a platinum chain around your neck. This crystal is what will maintain the vibration of your Sirian body and its 22 chakras. If it is possible for you to wear this crystal for the next 22 months then please do so. If you are unable to obtain it then call upon the essence, the devic presence of this crystal to overlight you, to be one with you, and help you maintain the vibration.
It is time now to bring your consciousness back to earth; give thanks to the Sirian King and Queen for the blessing of love and light they have bestowed upon you through the waters of love and life. (pause) Give thanks to your Sirian initiator, (pause) give thanks to all the other 221 Sirian initiators of the light who have witnesses and facilitated this process with you. (pause) Your Sirian initiator takes you by the hand and leads you out of the crystal temple, down its stairs and through the magnificent Sirian gardens. (pause) Still holding your Sirian initiator�s hand, he or she begins to run with you beside them, leaps into the air � the dolphin form is back, and both of you dive deep into the pool of water you were originally in. Again you can breathe in the water with ease, and you can keep up with the dolphins. When you take a closer look you can see all the other 221 dolphin masters with you and you return to the original place where the crystal bubbles merged with your body.
Just be still, suspended within the water. (pause) Again they begin to swim the symbols around you, encoding your body, creating shields of protection around it, and sealing the process for you. Listen to their clicks and their sounds of joy, look into their eyes as they dash past you and you will see the love and joy. (pause) Now look down and you will see that all of the 222 Sirian master dolphins have created a spiral, and as they swim up toward you the spiral energy enfolds you and the initiation is complete.
Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth; become aware of yourself back in your seat. (pause) Continue to breathe in deeply and exhale fully, drawing all of your energy back into your physical body. (pause) Rotate your neck, rotate your shoulders, straighten your spine, squeeze your buttocks, pull in your stomach, rotate your ankles, put both your feet flat on the earth.
Beloved ones, this very powerful and important initiation is complete. The same energy has been anchored at this place, the Point of Gold. This will allow for all the other codings of the new age of platinum consciousness to be anchored at this point, particularly; therefore all who are ready and who come to this place will receive the blessings of these codings and will have many accelerated processes to look forward to!! � (laughter) .. so perhaps they should put a sign here "Welcome. Sign the indemnity form and then hold onto your flippers!"
Or your socks.
Much laughter.
No socks. Flippers. Unless you want to swim with your socks.
More laughter.
Beloved ones, we the Lords of the Light wish to thank all of you for your commitment to your path of ascension, to your commitment in your role of service to assist the collective humanity in finding peace and true liberation. It is truly an honour to work with souls such as your self who have to move through the challenges of being in a physical body � believe me, we understand. Therefore we bring forth the support, which is why we ask you to let go of your fears so that you can integrate and receive the support we bring you. There is truly and I mean it truly, nothing for any of you to fear.
Lord Kuthumi, you mentioned that due to the work that the lightworkers have done all over the world and here, things have changed. Could you give us some more information on that?
Certainly. There was a time where it appeared that the earth was heading in the same direction it was, or it had, in previous cycles, which would have been the proverbial Armageddon, what was written in the book of the holy bible. It all changed because souls responded to the quickening of energy. There were 2 major influxes of light, one in 1986 and another in 1994. These major events of light is what resulted in the changes. The negativity became diluted to such an extent that many of the catastrophes that were predicted by Nostradamus, particularly, were reversed. There are still some that may come to the fore; however it does not mean they are happening because humanity is not "behaving" them self, or "good enough". That is part of Lady Gaia�s personal process of release, but serious destruction as it was originally predicted, is now a thing of the past. This has allowed for many of the processes to be accelerated. 2012 was the deadline, so to speak, for humanity�s awakening, and had the density of the old paradigm�s vibrations not lifted, then Armageddon as it has been described will have emerged. It has not, therefore the golden age, the quantum world has opened up instead, and 2012 will be the time when those who are now in a multi-dimensional consciousness experience will be able to move into the higher octaves of experiencing life and create from a quantum space, in other words live quantumly rather than fearfully. Do you understand?
Yes I do, thank you.
You are welcome. Blessings be with you.
Lord Kuthumi, I have a question. This is Jenny. You said "live from the quantum space". I don�t understand that, because what I experience when one�s in that space is how do you � when we live in the world we have mind present, and when mind is present we tend to � this is my understanding � there�s a certain level of ego present, so how does one live from the quantum space?
Bear in mind that the quantum space is the space where all possibilities exist. Yes?
Now when one lives quantumly, one has all these possibilities at their disposal, therefore free will and choice becomes a much greater and more powerful tool, so when ego is present, the room for choice is far vaster than it is in say the current level of consciousness. Another way of seeing it is to also acknowledge that it in itself is a process of familiarization. One needs to become au fait with the tools of the quantum world. It is still a very fresh experience, so you will see that as people get used to being within the quantum space the ego does not have the same power it has now. Relinquishing control to the soul disempowers the ego, takes it off its current throne, does not destroy it completely for the ego does serve a very important role; but the ego then becomes servant to the soul, not visa versa, and this is when the world of greater opportunity opens, so instead of reacting fearfully from the mind�s perception of an experience created by the ego�s need, want and desire you have a different scenario unfolding. You have the soul experiencing unlimited potential and having the opportunity to choose how to respond to what the ego is presenting, acknowledging that it is coming from a space of the past, a conditioning that the past created, and is aware that no longer can fear govern the life, and chooses to use a soul survival tool to work with the ego and remain in a state of governance from the soul perspective guiding the ego through the lesson of greater awakening. The ego then feels safe with the soul; remember the ego�s job is to keep you alive, you understand?
When the ego is not threatened by the soul and understands the soul is doing the same thing but functioning on a different level, they begin to work together, they become allies.
You understand?
Laughter!! Thank you.
You are welcome. Anything else?


Lord Kuthumi, what was crystal - the name of the crystal I was given?
It appears to be Azeztulite.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Lord Kuthumi, you said yesterday I would be looking after a pod in the Seychelles. How many dolphins are currently in that pod?
Thanks Kuthumi.
You are welcome.
Lord Kuthumi, yesterday in our time you told me that I should work with 12 copper discs that were � carried symbols that in my most recent life that I had left as a memory jog for myself. Can you tell me more about that life and about those discs?
Sister, the discs and symbols are like triggers, each trigger awakening a different aspect of your psyche connected to various aspects of your life, or situations in life. Some may trigger a memory related to relationships; it may trigger a memory related to service. They are unique unto you. The lifetime that we refer to is one where you were an African Medicine Woman who worked with the energies which Credo Mutwa is now carrying. These energies held the ancient codings of the Blue People, who are the Sirian beings, but the very dark blue, the Indigo blues ones who are as you know the Zulu people. These were entrusted to you from Vulani, for you were one of his six daughters who had to anchor the energy on earth. The fact that you are of a Pleiadian origin does not mean that you cannot carry the Sirian energy. Your original spark was emitted from Sirius. You migrated to the Pleiades because of the energy that was required from those beings, specifically connected to the relationship with animals and with the earth itself. The minerals of the earth have fed your body, and have allowed you to create a support system; so re-creating these discs will re-ignite the memory of your creative ability and co-creator abilities as the African Medicine Woman, and how you worked with the earth, your relationship with Lady Gaia, and many of the animals of the earth. Does that answer your question?
It does answer my question. I have recently been given the power of Sangoma. I do not feel adequate for this role. It�s something that happened to me after a very short process and I�m wondering if this is connected to this?
It is. (pause) Remember what today�s process is about? Trusting the self, yes?
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Are there any other questions before I end this?
Lord Kuthumi, in terms of our star family and soul group, do we all originate from Sirius, but might some of us have migrated somewhere else?
Not entirely, no, sister. One can have an original spark coming from more than one place and migrate in many different directions. An original group soul � is this what you are referring to?
�.. - could have aspects of the self that originate in a different system or vibration so as to bring a balance to it. Do you understand?
So it is not limited in that sense.
How do we choose our soul family, our soul group?
You don�t. It just is. (silence�!) That�ll give you something to think about!
Yes! Is it pre-determined? or do we just migrate to one another energetically?
You are parts of one another. You are created from the same spark. You are different bits and pieces of the original spark which means you just are, and yes, you magnetically are drawn to one another. You do not choose who will be a part of your soul family. You can�t, because you are already. Do you understand?
I will integrate this. Thank you.
Very well. And so it is, beloved ones, we now bring this transmission to an end and hold each of you in the vibrations of love that have been anchored here today.
Remember to take the time to consider what heaven means to you and means for you, for this will determine where you are heading. It will help you find the clarity you seek regarding action needed to be taken in the very near future. It may even just simply clarify what you wish to focus on in any area of your life that you are already at peace with. It need not be complicated. In a way it is a kind of reprioritizing that which is important to you. Is this clear?
It is.
Very well. And so it is, beloved ones that we bless you with all that you require on a soul and physical level, to complete the journey of life that you have chosen and to take you into full ascension consciousness. May the light of all that is enfold you and shine brightly upon the pathway before you, and may all always be well in your world. I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. Adonai.
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