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Dear Reader and Friend
The following message from Sananda came forth in the midst of a most auspicious time of unfolding events - the loss of a dear friend.  My incomprehension of his leave-taking opened a huge space, now transforming me in some manner to which Sananda speaks in his message below.  I can only attest this period of time has awakened very ancient aspects of self, codes, if you will.  This early, but greater understanding is that we are living in an unbalanced manner, as a culture, through our intellectual and information-gathering centers.  The heart center has been minimalized for a variety of reasons, although many of us would think not.  I believe our destiny lies within this choice.

Should such message be of interest to you, dear reader, please take time to contemplate your own heart and what is possible now, as Sananda requests.  I can only say for myself something as yet indescribable is occuring in revealing my life in ways I have not comprehended from this newly unfolding and profound perspective.   

Sananda's message came forth in the midst of this unraveling and deeply imprinting time for me. During his channeling before our weekly group, the tape recorder was on 'hold' for his talk and not captured on tape.  Notes taken from one of the group members, who very kindly typed them up for you to read, are included here.  When I reviewed them, Sananda came through to add additional thoughts.  I do wish I had all his exact words to send as he said them; however, you will get the import of his message very closed noted.

with blessings and love
Lois Hartwick

 Sananda's (Christ's) 16th Message 

April 10, 2006
Easter Week
Channelled by Lois Hartwick
Notes by Robert

(Some parts are paraphrased, some bits are missing and new sections are added by Sananda.  L).

I greet you at Easter. My energy is present and accelerated at this time on Earth.  This is a time when I connect with you.  Pay attention to receive that which I offer you in times of transition and change:  A stabilization which is required to transport your being into full light and realization.  It is a companioning in your being that is altered to some degree so that what feels impossible along the way becomes possible.  It is that level of hope which dominates the higher realms so needed on Earth at this time.  Be aware that Love pervades the ring of hope.  There is no discussion here about this.  The Truth remains intact as to what it is.  Without one there can be no other, for Loving without hope is a different quality.   Express yourself in terms of what is possible and dream not of lesser things.  I am offering you these thoughts in conjunction with what has been presented below.  You will need to hear me quite closely at this time, for the changes are strong and your Hearts must remain intact in our communications.   You have been given certain times to think about different levels of reality.

Soon many levels of awareness will change.  You are in tune with them pre-programmed for greater awareness.  I am available within your Heart.  Request an audience with me in your meditations.  There you will find new knowledge representing questions of the reality of mankind for many people.  The answers will come through if you ask.  Upliftment is possible.  Create within your being the conscious desire to receive this vision.  The focus of lesser thought will alter this.  Do not take in that which disrupts your higher connection to Light.

My time with you will be concurrent in the forthcoming week concurrency moves throughout the year.  I present myself to your conscious and unconscious selves.  A condition within you is your request to receive my Heart.   As you expand awareness, move into a new reality; you will encounter Joy.   I participate in this expansion of your reality.   I am a part of this path and you are joining with me.   Remember to request this level of completeness and understanding.   It arises from need in some cases, but let it stand as it may, for the greater expansion of self is possible now with inherent dictates of my potential within you. 

Earth is undergoing a difficult transition.  In times forthcoming, greater change is coming.  Incorporate within your being levels of harmonization that can smooth out these changes.   Harmonization is a combination of energies Love, Light in balanced reality.  Too many are walking the Earth without this reality, not listening to these dictates.   There is one God for all mankind.   If you participate in examining your own mind and heart, I will serve each one who says yes.   By giving over to fractious thinking causes greater disharmony than you know.    Why serve such a master?    Why allow oneself to move from a center of balance, harmony and peace to one of inner destruction?    Why consider such an alternative to the greater self of being?    Have you come forth into a time in which you are knowing less of yourself than more? 

It is not meant to be, yet forthcoming are many signs of such appropriation, and I would request you consider not joining such measures.  Your world is here for the upliftment of mankind, not his destruction.

Where would you find me, do you suppose?  On a battlefield taking sides?   Or perhaps within the construction of your heart which has alluded to a world of Love?   For the many who spend their time considering the outcome of the world, it is time to consider this:  I am a part of the world arena because I pervade your hearts.   If you distort what I Am, or release me to chaos, you have lost the companion of your life and finer choice of seeing.   It does not matter your brilliance, nor your vision.   It matters what your hearts contain and where you spend your time in using or not using them.    I would offer you this advice:

Remain centered in procreating Love for within it comes the Peace you seek.   Let not those who dismantle me again and again in self-interest and relationship geared toward destruction be your friend.   Remove the blinders!   See where you are heading as a world and do not allow the contructs of mankind to supercede the Higher Will of God wherein peace lies intact.   

You have incorporated an expanded level of reality into your being.  Most cannot see a way of changing what is occurring.   This will come from those who are centered on the Planet to begin the changes that are needed.  The reality is offered from your Hearts the Love generating the frequency to begin the change.   When is the Messiah coming back?   I Am present within all of you.   Please hear me now.   This is the time to incorporate that which I Am:  a truth, a frequency, and a vibration to change a World gone astray.

Hold the awareness that I Am within you.  The more people who do this the higher potential for change needed now and the greater benefit to those around you.   No idle thoughts here today for it is my intent to create within you the proposition that Earth has come to a time of decision, and you, my dear ones, are the inhabitants who decide what level of creation is possible.   Within the thinking of mankind now lies the sense that much must be altered, but no sense of who is to create this greater vision.   It lies within you!   Seek from the inner self and not the creations of the mind but the heart.   Seek to find that vision, but also that vibration you radiate!   Uphold the truth as the guideline for your lives.   Distort not that which you think your neighbors wish to hear or your boss or some other figure in your life.   Uphold that which you are and came here to be, for if you do not, if the world does not, there is no place further to go.   To maintain that which is crooked or misaligned, off-base, and without consideration of any kind is not something which will ultimately stand in the light.   Consider now that which you are and offer it to the world instead of lesser things.   I know it is hard within the overall composition of this plane to imagine the greatness of your selves, but I would share with you this is so, and while awakening your heart centers, you will find that self of greatness within reach.   I companion you on the journey.  Allow me that given path.

At Easter, energies are present to help you transition to greater levels of Truth.   Request and spend time in meditation requesting what is most beneficial to you.   Much is being released this week let go of old situations pervading you reality.   Arise with Light.   Open your heart to new beginnings.   That which you have long sought is here.

When I walk beside you, you may not feel my presence because frequencies are so different.   I can create a connection in the center of your heart, know and recognize this.   Some of you have lost faith; have not seen changes you wanted on Earth.  There can be a complete alteration of what is inside you.   This becomes your Christed self.   You did not come here idly in this life.   You came for the opposite to move into the higher reality of your being and live from that space.   In this time of Easter, the transition becomes possible.   What I am inside you remains.

Troubles may exist, but with me beside you, this makes the journey easier.  There is much more to come.  Passion must be ignited and caring, too.  Ask that I come forth.  I want to serve each one of you.

Opening doors is easy.  Walking through often difficult.  But the greater Worlds remain before you, not behind, and the time of vision toward that end is here.   By aligning to the Truth, Light and Love contained within your Hearts, expansion begins.  You are in a very specific space of time for this transition of being to come forth.  Utilize the energies now; abandon not your trust.

I entreat you, and hold your Hearts in mine.


Channelled messages from Sananda are sent to those who requested addition to the email mailing list. You may write to be added or deleted to hilo88@msn.com.   Website:  www.expressionsoflight.com for earlier messages from Sananda, Thoth and Hilarion.  Private sessions are available and you are welcome to contact me for further information.  Blessings. Lois   All Messages ate on the LighNews.us site as well.

An Easter Message from Jesus Becoming the Bridge as He Did
This Easter is the moment where all the realms of time align as one, forming the great Cross of Creation, the gateway to a new life.  For the cross has ever been the symbol of the awakening, of manifested life knowing itself as Spirit.  Only now this cross is shining across all of the Heavens, a cross of light. Because of this I come this year to be your Easter Message.
Not me alone, as Jesus, or Jeshua or the Logos, for by whatever name you call me, I am simply your brother.  But more than this. I too am Love made manifest as movement, as life, and I am thus also a Twin Flame Love, myself and Mary Magdalene.  As the great cross of light takes wing and becomes God's Dove of Peace, it is the age of the balance of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine.  It is the age of truth reclaimed, for as is coming to the light now at last (and perfectly on time), I walked the Earth with my beloved, who was called the Magdalene.
The cross of light is the sign of balance, of coming to the center that is God's glorious Love. It is also the sign of the bridge between the duality of life on Earth and the unity of God. As all of you know, this is what I used it for. By the power of my Love for God who is what we are, and for the precious souls of humanity, I became the living cross.
I had lived my life in God's perfect presence, having come into this world through the spiritual vehicle. My every moment was ever filled with God's close and amazing presence, and my heart showed me only what was true and good about everything I encountered - until the moment on the cross.
In that moment, by my agreement, I experienced the separation from God.  I experienced it all - the anguish of every human, the suffering and oppression of human life. In that moment my very being was rent in two by the pain.  The shock of it was unbearable when I realized that God could not be found or felt when we had ever been joined together until that very moment.  In the anguish of it, I cried out, asking why God had forsaken me  (us). In that moment I carried upon me the grief of every human heart - every heart that believed itself separate from God, from our glorious Creator.  I would have succumbed to the shock of it if not for my beloved Mary Magdalene.
I can yet feel her spirit known so deeply to me.  I can still feel her Love as it reached me that day. And only the faith of the Divine Feminine created the success of our mission that day.  With her faith, her insistence that God's Love had not changed and I could reach it again, and with the grace of Our Creator who never wavers or abandons us, I was able to create the bridge that day that bridged the separation born of humanity's decision.
Step-by-step I reclaimed the Love, held onto my awareness of God as my very life, felt the Love of God I Am and connected deeply with my Source.  As I did, even there, in the face of the pain of humankind en masse, by my will and her faith, we created a path by which the separation from God was bridged for every human heart.
Once done, once the bridge was complete,  I lifted up laughing in joy!  For even in the face of all the anguish, the belief in pain and fear, the experiences of humanity of anti-Love were brought back to Love once more, brought to Love at last.
Now, my beloved ones, my brothers and sisters, you who stood by me as I created the bridge, it is your turn to take up this work and to bring it to completion. It is your turn to be the Christ. It is your turn to bridge the gap of duality, of the lingering dualistic mind, and the old outworn beliefs in something other than Love. These things are why you came - to build the rest of the bridge, to finish the work I began on that Easter long ago.
You have come through the birth canal and unlike me, took human DNA. Your lives have been to build this living bridge. This Easter is the time. It is time for each of you to do that which I did, and even more. You too must look right at the world of separation, as I did, and choose the Love of God.
For me this was one moment on the cross - oh, but a moment as vast as all time and as big as the sum of every purpose of Heaven throughout All That Is.  For you, it is the cross of your daily lives, of having lived the separation for so long that you must create the bridge within yourselves by choosing only God. Only God, only Love. Only beauty, abundance and grace. Just as I did, with the help of your Love in the living realms of Spirit, you too must close the separation by choosing the one that has no opposite.
Only as you do this can humankind be lifted up into Real Love once again. For while I created the path, the bridge, you bring along the others through the gift of your human lives and your human DNA.
You too must be in the world and not of it. You must choose to have both will and faith Call upon your Twin Flame's Love and know he/she will assist you. You must, my dear ones, my beloved brothers and sisters, look at the duality before you and choose not to see it, but rather to see only Love. Only God. Only the Real. Where once your ego-mind stood, now there must be only God. And where once you believed in two powers, the "bad" and the "good," now it is so very important to see only Love and all the qualities of God.
You must build the bridge for the awakening of the world. It is as if you are a mountain climber, climbing an icy peak. You must focus on where you place your hooks, not on where you've already been. What will lift you out of separation, out of chaos, out of duality is to focus on where you are going which is the truth of God you are -- the one Love never divided, life expressing abundance and freedom and eternal life. These are all the things I anchored and that you, beloved hearts, have come to finish.
You know these truths and your heart knows beyond any doubt that you were here with me while I walked the Earth. Now I am here with you and your work on the bridge is needed. This is the year. Let your heart remember.
Let it remember also that there is no longer time to keep returning to a focus of fear and pain or to belief in scarcity or absence of Love or any of the old world's things. Yet many of you keep indulging, allowing your minds to lead you, succumbing to the human anguish rather than holding to God.
I am here for you. I have told you my story of the cross so you can see that your path is exactly the same. You are on the cross now, yourselves, and what you choose is everything. You are the hope of the world. It is for you that I created the bridge - that you could rise up from the sea of illusion and carry humanity home.
It is by your human DNA that you create the magnetic pull specific to the human heart and can link on to it and pull it up. But you cannot lift up the others until your eyes are focused on where you are going, not where you've been.
So, this Easter the call is for you. I am here as your living example and I carry your precious hearts in my safekeeping. Please, my brothers and sisters, choose only what is Real. You do know what this is.
As you come to this Easter, I have a few things to tell you. First, you are the lifters. You are the people of privilege, the privilege of serving God, the privilege of Real awareness, the privilege of an open heart, the privilege of a spiritual vision, the privilege of God's abundance, the privilege of expanded abilities to open your heart and love. If you have occasion to travel around the world, you know you live the privilege of material wealth compared to how so many live.
Because you are the ones of privilege, it is your time to give - to give Love every hour, each moment - to give your hearts and your souls to this work, to give your time and your spiritual abilities, to give of yourself, and to give from your heart. If the illusion rises before you in a way that you have trouble releasing, simply begin to give and it will cause a shift.
The other thing I want to remind you is your Twin Flame's Love is with you. You cannot be without it. It is a living part of you. Here, once again, place your focus solely on the truth, rather than on the illusion that is the result of your yesterdays. Step into your Christedness. Then create the bridge. Do this by holding to what is Real, while faced with duality. For you'll find, as I did, that this is why it is being called a bridge. It is bridging the old and the new.
Remember that your focus creates. These are all things that you already know. But now you also know that we are partners along this glorious road.
You have all the help of all the realms of light. I am actively involved. You will feel me, each of you. We work together well. And remember Mary Magdalene. Not only is she assisting you as well, she is here to assist in the embodiment of the Divine Feminine in those of you who are ready. Together we are here to bring balance - to bring the pendulum back to the middle that is the vertical arm of the cross, the balanced forces of life, rather than a reactive swing in reaction to the masculine. Rather it is the return of true balanced Love, the Divine Masculine AND the Divine Feminine, the very forces of life.
Let your heart take wing this Easter where you'll meet the Dove of Peace who will speak your name in the spirit and awaken your Christed self. Then, together, with tenderness, we lift up the others until every heart remembers that there is only Love. For after the bridge is built on Good Friday, as you shed the old heart's beliefs, trusting in God as the only substance that you need, your life, your breath and your identity is given to the All. Then on Easter you will have Resurrection - the heart of God alive and anchored in the Real. Together we will be laughing as the illusion falls away and as we lift up our brothers and sisters and show them who they are.
I am your brother, your friend and I will be here touching your life with my presence. Remember that everything is accomplished through resonance. Choose what you attract, and then, holding to God, focusing in Real Love, allow all that you've lived, by its resonance, to lift all other lives who have experienced similar things.
Step forth as the Christed heart, your Love a living force.  All the realms of Love move to assist you, and I, most of all.   Watch for me and feel me.  I am accessible to you, especially now this Easter.
 I Am Jesus, loving you.
Circle of Light
Our address:
3969 Mundell Road | Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72631


By John McConnell                303/758-7687

"Oh the faith that works by love. It will move the mountains when we pray.  Oh the faith that works by love. It will turn the darkness into day."


>From the original 1970 Earth Day came the Earth Trustee idea:

"Let every individual and institution now think and act as a responsible trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future, eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, awaken the wonder of life and foster peaceful progress in the human adventure."

To succeed we must combine heart and mind in effective action. If this article moves you emotionally and you now know what to do, you will act.

In order to come together in care for our planet we must respect and care about one another. People of all creeds and persuasions find agreement in the three most important words in human history, "Love One Another." They were uttered by Jesus, the man most recognized in history as wise and good. Heartfelt love, faith and prayer is increasing around the world. While great differences exist in creeds and social issues, more and more people are finding common ground. There is growing awareness that we are one human family and must now take charge and take care of our planet. We can and must now come together where we agree -- leaving room for differences on matters where we don't agree.


"We set out to explore Space and discovered Earth."

Now we know Planet Earth has amazing raw materials (land, water, gold, oil -- etc., and organic life). With proper use of our new technologies, with logical economic policies and fair benefits for services, everyone could join in the rejuvenation of Earth. In this New Millennium we can make our planet a Garden of Eden.

There is no excuse for extreme poverty and unearned extreme wealth. New Earth Trustee economic policies can remedy this. Let all institutions now report how much their policies and programs accomplish Earth Trustee goals. A growing flood of Earth Trustee solutions will follow.


While it is good to accent the positive and focus on solutions, we also need to honestly face the difficulties. Whether it is the result of sinful nature, childhood neglect or bad genes, humanity today is crippled by hate, fear, greed, sickness, crime and misuse of money and power. Fortunately, many people believe in the golden rule and try to be honest. They can support the vision and actions that will bring a positive, global, state of mind. This will better enable efforts and their values to reach the minds and hearts of those engaged in evil acts -- who in truth "know not what they do." Earth Trustee vision and action will replace enmity with harmony.

The best of our science and logic provide no answers all can agree on. Our beliefs are based on faith. While we may differ on the nature of God and life after death, we can commend actions that nurture people and planet -- regardless of the person's creed.

The Earth Trustee agenda should not be a stumbling block to people of any creed -- who want to help "peace, justice and the care of Earth."

To continue our quest to understand the great mysteries of life we must avoid the death of nature and the collapse of civilization -- a real present danger. Let us now convert Earth Kill to Earth Care and make this new millennium an Earth Trustee Millennium.


This is the day that Spring begins and provides a powerful time for people worldwide to celebrate and join in dedication to be responsible Trustees of Earth. On this day, there is a moment that is special to the whole human family -- the March Equinox.

The March Equinox was chosen for Earth Day in 1970 -- the first Earth Day. The idea was not local convenience or comfortable weather -- which varies from place to place, but a day suitable for international celebration. On this day, night and day are equal. This day is a million year symbol of the balance of nature and the equilibrium we seek on Earth. Earth Day is also the First Day of Spring -- Nature's symbol of New Life and New Beginnings.

Each year since then the Peace Bell at the United Nations has been rung on Earth Day at the moment Spring begins. This is followed by silent prayer -- a time for heartfelt commitment to think and act as Earth Trustees.


If you agree in principle with this Earth Trustee way to a sustainable future, then decide you will help make it work.

First, adopt an Earth Trustee attitude. That means an Earth Trustee way of looking at everything. You want your daily choices in work, travel, shopping and other activities to naturally reflect your Earth Trustee values. Individuals will differ to what they pay most attention. You may get interested in composting, planting trees, or volunteering for some project that is bringing peace and justice with understanding and action to better your neighborhood.

If you have not already done so, join some group that you feel will assist Earth Trustee goals. Where possible get them to use the name "Earth Trustee" for their efforts. All who seek to further peace, justice and the care of our planet can foster mutual understanding and cooperation by labeling their effort an "Earth Trustee" effort. The Earth Day/Earth Trustee agenda in the Earth Magna Charta can help any worthwhile project. Your church, club, school or business can adopt the Earth Magna Charta and in its own way implement its policies and agenda.


Individual Earth Trustee actions can improve conditions in institutions as they presently exist. Far more will result as we restructure institutions to conform with Earth Trustee policies and purposes. Businesses, banks, churches and temples, clubs, towns and cities, are all invited to help implement the Earth Trustee Agenda. They can adopt the Earth Magna Charta (http://www.earthsite.org) and implement its Earth Trustee ideas in their own way. Every web site can be an Earth Trustee site and do their part to help people and planet.


Make every day an Earth Trustee Day and do something that will benefit people and planet.


Then on every Earth Day (March 20) join with your friends and family at home, church, school or work to mark this day with attention for the wonder of life and what we can do for people and planet. Let's have bells ring all over the world when the Peace Bells are rung on Earth Day. Explorers in Space will share their inspiring views of our beautiful planet as they join in the celebration. This new Earth Trustee Millennium can be a new beginning of promise and hope.

The important thing is to act -- and document honest reports of results. Together, with faith and love, we can participate in Earth's Resurrection.

John McConnell   
 (about 90 years young now)

The man who started Earth Day

and its Earth Trustee way to a better future.

Earth Magna Charta: http://www.earthsite.org

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Send a reply to this message.

P. S.  The April 2006 "Christianity Today" has a photo on page 33 of my father and mother in front of their "Gospel Car."  The date is 1912 - two years before I was born.

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