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A Revelation of Mary about Relationships as a way to
Christ-consciousness, to unconditional love

Mary: “Sexual energy is a powerful instrument; if this energy is centered entirely on the heart one obtains access to higher love dimensions of the Divine by connecting with each other at all levels.  If the sexual energy is not connected with the heart it can only cause confusion, loneliness, agitation and a feeling of searching in the dark and one loses oneself.

Some people are in a certain stage of development in which they themselves can connect their own sexual energy with higher energy centers without a physical partner. These people make partners of mankind in general and nature in particular. This can some times also be connected with the fact that their closest soul mate has not yet incarnated on Earth.

The connection between man and woman on an energetic level can bring about a perfect merge that can result in an awakening of the Christ-energy. In fact, this can be achieved through any kind of relationship involving the Heart. Loving relationships result in the possibility of connections without ego as a way to unconditional love and to a higher state of consciousness; an awakening of Christ-consciousness in every heart.  

Every kind of interpersonal relationship, such as a friendship, a parent-child relationship, homosexual partnerships, as well as friendly relationships with animals and nature in general can lead to an awakening of Christ-consciousness in the Heart.   Some people feel attracted to a partner of the same sex.  This can open their heart wide for them and help to release the Christ-consciousness in their hearts.  These people opted for this at the level of their soul.  The reasons for this can be multifarious in nature and linked to the evolutionary path of the soul in its development over various planetary and solar systems.  The acceptance of homosexuality on Earth is currently still in progress.  The fact that homosexual couples can get married opens up new dimensions of the heart at a collective level.  Society is warming to accepting various kinds of interpersonal attachments.  This gives proof of a development that has been initiated lately by homosexual relationships for the people who are involved themselves and for society.  It is a kind of pioneering work.   Those who are born homosexual must really assert their own sexuality and also stand by their own love.  If one has not been able to do this for whatever reason in a former life, this provides the opportunity to remedy it.  Marrying each other is the ritual that blesses the choice for each other at a social and a Divine level.  This is because the partners involved have broken through all fears and judgments concerning their love, they can fully accept themselves and their partner and they can share their love for each other with others.”   
A Revelation by Jesus received by the Dutch-Argentine couple Gabriela and Reint Gaasta-Levin, authors of the book “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I” (ISBN 90 807478-31)

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A Prayer by Mary -

All is Divine and One


Dear Heavenly Father
And all the unconditional guides, masters, angels
and higher souls of the Universe
I feel, look at and listen to you with all due love and respect
Because I know
That we have been created out of the same Divine love
We are one!

Dear Heavenly Mother
And all gentle powers of the Universe
And Mother Nature
With all her plants, animals and creatures
I feel, look at and listen to you with all due love and respect
Because I know
That we have been created out of the same Divine love
We are one!

Dear brothers and sisters of the Universe
Of all the stars and planets and various dimensions
I feel, look at and listen to you with all due love and respect
Because I know
That we have been created out of the same Divine love
We are one!

Dear people
Who are together here on Earth
I feel, look at and listen to you with all due love and respect
Because I know
That we have been created out of the same Divine love
We are one!

Dear Heavenly Mother and Father
Dear brothers and sisters of the Universe
Dear people on Earth
We are one!


(From: The Divinity of mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I)

Quote Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene:

“During the past two thousand years you have occupied yourselves with us and with a limited version of our teachings.   For several reasons, these teachings lacked certain essential aspects, such as the Divine essence of all that exists and of human beings in particular, the equality of man and woman, the presence of the Christ-energy in all your hearts, the possibility of man to be a master, the purity of human conception and a series of other aspects that you will encounter when reading this book.”    The Divinity of Mankind    – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I –


Articles 1/14/05


So many years of waiting for the time when the energies could support the awakening on a grand scale. So many years of duality...and now the time of unity returns.

The Mother and the Lover have returned to oneness within.  There is no longer a use for the either/or...for the one of "purity" as opposed to the one who is "sullied" by physicality...no longer a need to explore the qualities of separation, but rather to focus again on the wholeness of all.   There was only one way to get here, and that was through the human experience.  Living the choices...reaching difficult places and choosing again.  Releasing those difficult experiences, and reaching once more for what is most truly desired.

At the same time, Spirit has been moving closer to us, drawn to us, as we are drawn to Spirit. As Spirit and Body merge into one, so do the Mother and the Lover, with honoring for all that has been learned from the experience of separateness. And as wholeness is achieved in the Divine Feminine within, the invitation can finally be given for Sacred Union with the Divine Masculine.

One need not be in a female body for this process to be occurring.  We have been finding balance between our own feminine and masculine qualities, regardless of our gender. Active and receptive, mind and heart...both yin and yang must be honored before they can come together in the wholeness of Sacred Union.

Sacred Union within ourselves is then reflected in the outer experience. Wholeness can be felt by humanity, and acknowledgment of the spectrum of experience, in place of the separation of judgment. This doesn’t mean a loss of individuality. This is the time of appreciating the diversity within unity.

Forgiveness has been the key, opening the locked doors of our own psyche. We have spent years, lifetimes, clearing away the debris, and the baggage of heavier energies...releasing, preparing. We have been gradually climbing the steps to the doorway, open to us now, spilling out light and music and the sound of rejoicing. Here we stand in the Wedding Chamber, with love surrounding all, and the ringing vibration of joy in our hearts. Congratulations to One and All! Let us celebrate! All blessings...Love, Bonnie




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