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St. Francis through Anina Davenport

This article is meant to help you with the release of old energies. In this process of raising frequency anything that does not fit your higher frequency body is being released. Old patterns, old pain, memories and negative energies are ready to be let go of. So brace yourself and don’t worry too much if this old depression, old jealousy, fear, anger or whatever it is comes back up. You thought it was gone. Well there is just another level to let go of. Some of you recently have had some physical clearings. Maybe a light flu or strange stomach aches. See angels scrubbing your body clean for they are.

Breathe dear ones. Don’t give too much importance to the old energies leaving. Breathe, go for a walk, do your chores. This too will pass. The new times are about taking responsibility: Responsibility for your energies, for your actions and for your life. Yours not other people’s and that excludes small children where you do have some responsibilities but not thirty-five year old babies. Let those go.
It is time to stop meddling in other people’s lives and at times it is necessary to stop them from intruding into yours. Opinions yes. Feedback alright. Telling you how to live your life? Say, “No thank you.” It is also time to stop blaming other people for your problems. “If only…” Move on. Get a life. 2006 is the year of responsibility. It is a bad year for blaming and staying stuck. If you keep doing what did not work in the past and what you know in your heart of hearts will not work you will have to carry the consequences of your actions.

So the good news is that if you live responsibly, if you listen to spirit, if you follow your higher self you will be alright in 2006. Even if there are some problems you can face them. It is the resistance to growing up so to speak that will be very painful. Alright, how do you take responsibility? You listen to your Self, your true Self. You slow down your life. You live in the moment. You use the tools we and others have given you to clear your energies, to stay centered and grounded, to be here now. Some of you meditate. Some visualize, some dance. Others use breath or body work. Many use a combination. Use those tools. The clearer you are the more easily you can create in 2006.

Entanglements are another problem in 2006. Free yourself from other people’s energies. This does not mean don’t be compassionate. It means be clear. Be grounded. Be centered in your true Self. Give from that place. Don’t give from guilt or confusion. If you give from clarity then more clarity will ensue. Do not do other people’s lessons and be a loving support if it is Highest Good to do so. Don’t keep other people from growing up. People have to see the consequences of their actions. How can they learn otherwise? Don’t be a rescuer but be a witness. Watch with detachment and share your love.

There is a flow in this year and if you can find it you won’t just be alright but also experience joy. The flow is right here in the moment. It is in going step by step. Listening to spirit. Not making rash decisions but also not damming up flow. Breathe dear ones.
Here is a visualization to help you with the release of old energies. Bring in Archangels Michael, Ariel, Raphael and Gabriel to the four corners of your room. Ask for help with clearing. Imagine a golden ball in your heart chakra. Expand it. Let it burn off any old energies. Make it bigger. Encompass the room, then your house. See yourself and your house in this golden bubble. This will also protect you from electromagnetic frequencies which have increased on this planet. Ask spirit to help you. Relax. Breathe. Do this exercise especially before going to bed. It will protect you and help you to process your old energies in dream time which is an easy way to let go. If you don’t go to sleep do a grounding exercise to help you to get back to the here and now so you can do whatever you need to do next. Writing too is very helpful in this time of transformation. Write down old thoughts, fears, things you are sad or angry about and then give it to spirit. Burn it or tear it up and offer it to the Divine.

This is not a good time to start new projects. Wait until late May or early June unless you feel now is the right time for you. Then go ahead. But don’t worry if things get delayed. You are going with the seasons.

On TV you see all kinds of people blaming each other. It is not about that. The new energies are not about that anymore. It is, “What can I do in my life right now to act responsibly?” And that could mean resting, or writing a book, or joining a charity to help others, or cleaning your kitchen, or taking your dog for a walk. Right here, right now. What is Highest Good? Questions?
Questioner: It sounds like people who don’t take responsibility will suffer.
Saint Francis: Yes. Karma will be more intense if you will. It is a great opportunity to see your patterns and change things.
Questioner: Will people want to have more therapy?
Saint Francis: The smart ones, yes. The ones that recognize how their thoughts co-create their reality together with others and the times you live in.

Questioner: The heightened energies?

Saint Francis: Yes the heightened energies, the earth changes, the transmutation of old pain. The most suffering is now caused by blaming. “You did it to me.” That is okay. Blame a little but then move on. “Okay I am responsible for my life. I have to create the life I want. I need to stop waiting for the tooth fairy.” Get moving on your life.

Questioner: Can you talk about earth changes?

Saint Francis: There will be more of those and also more hurricanes. Be sensible where you live. Those of you close to spirit will hear where they should live and how to avoid disasters. Earth is not against you. She, like you, needs to release old energy.

Questioner: Should we rebuild close to oceans?

Saint Francis: No. Hurricanes will not get weaker.  Land close to sea will disappear rather than be gained.  Stay away from earthquake faults, mudslide areas, water whether that is close to oceans or big rivers.  Be sensible.

Questioner: Will there be more fires?

Saint Francis: Yes, that too. Again you will know. Spirit will inform you.
So 2006 is a year of opportunity if you can live here now. The new energies are here to support you. Be centered and as clear as you can and you will be fine.

Our love is with you.
Saint Francis

Copyright Anina Davenport 2006

Anina Davenport is a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence and the author of Reflections on Ascension and her new book Energetic Empowerment. Both books can be ordered from Barnes and Noble or any other bookstore. They are also available from Amazon.com. Energetic Empowerment can be ordered directly from IUniverse at www.IUniverse.com or by calling 1-800-AUTHORS. If you would like an 30 page excerpt of Anina’s new book or have any questions you can reach Anina at Aninadavenport@earthlink.net.


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