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MARCH 2006    ISSUE # 85
Created, Channeled, written published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan






*** REMEMBERING YOUR DEEPEST TRUTHS Sirius Council of Light speaks out


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As the vibrations of Mercury wrap themselves around you, they will escort you to the land of many knots (nots). In this land of many knots (nots) they ask you to look at what still binds you in your body, what still binds you in your heart, what still binds you in your soul.

Mercury retrograde asks you to look at what you do not want to address, what you do not want to clear up, what you do not want to heal. The winged messenger Mercury has a small limp at this time, as he sits upon a stone beckoning the sacred waters from the healing well to run across his stress lines. He sits there pondering what he should be doing, what he could be doing, what he was supposed to do. The strain upon his winged feet demands he slow in energy, in walk in thought.

Mercury retrograde is a magical time of slowing down, or being made to stop, to smell the flowers of your life. It asks you to pay special attention to detail to pay special attention to what is small and minute. Become as mouse and look closely at what needs to be addressed.

When mercury retro falls between two eclipses, as it does now, it asks you to address everything that you are afraid of remembering, of becoming, of doing. Mercury is at rest at this point of energy and history. In this resting it says do not move forward but stop pause and organize your earthly life - tend to the details, tend to the fine print.

Call those that you havenít talked to in months or years or decades. Call those who have passed over and talk to them soul to soul, heart to heart. Look backwards in time but donít lick your wounds. Get ready to plant new seeds in the old soils of your soul.

Time beckons you to her side as she walks through the past, picture by picture, memory by memory, thought by thought. The spirit of Time takes you past the fine lines of scrutiny. No bah hum bugs about who you were, what you were or what you did.

Every thread of you is woven into the beautiful tapestry you are now and even if you do not see the beauty reflected in your own eyes, it truly comes as a mirror from Source. Let those around you reflect that beauty with their kindness.

You are a child of God. You are a child of the Universe. Honor yourself as such. Honor yourself those around you in all of their choices. People are enmeshed and immersed in the quick sand of their thoughts. They are not listening and do not hear your woes as theirs internal sound is in Dolby digital surround sound.

Allow this mercury retrograde to youth you, to take you back to when you were a child of wonder, a child of grace. Recapture your youth through your memories and then shift and sift those memories into fairy dust. Youth is first a state of mind, then a state of heart and then a state of body. Allow your body time to catch up with your youthful thoughts. See the kid in everyone around you and play like your life depends upon it - because it does. Youthing gives you life, laughter gives you more life and loving gives you all life.




By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

In the year of 1992, the Dove Star Columba stretched and wrapped her wings around all of Earth. It was the beginning of the 11:11 Stargate, the 11:11 activations and the remembrance of the holy encoding within the frequency of 11:11. The constellation Columba, the Dove Star, set her sights upon Earth, a star gate was activated in the heart of the Heavens and flew down onto the heart of Earth.

In that time so many years ago the Dove Star Columba gave the gift of more light to humanity. She beckoned all that held a high heart to walk forward and step through her holy gates into a place of higher light, higher love and higher truth. She asked all that heard the clarion call deep in the original cell of light within their heart to move forward and know that they could fly, know that they were holy and know that they were filled with all possibility. That frequency assisted Earth in walking forward into her full ascension as a light being, a planet of matter, a place of heart that asked to become more. And year by year, day by day, month by month since that time in 1992, people have strived to receive more heart on Earth.

In the month of March 2006, the Dove Star once again graces Earth with her Heart presence. She brings this to all as the northern hemisphere walks through the spring equinox and the southern hemisphere walks through the winter solstice. She gives to all of Earth the ability to understand the need for divine motion in order to accrue and distribute more light.

She opens humanities eyes to see with an even higher heart to hold an even higher light to blend with an even higher God. She gives people the ability to see the potential of heart and love and divinity in every outcome, in every situation, no matter what. She gives to people the remembrance that they are still filled with potential that has not been reached. She inspires humanity to embrace the vastness of what they can be, of what they can do, and how they can become a conscious channel of light while on Earth.

She aligns with an evolutionary energy that shows its brighter side. When all hope is lost, those that are aligned with the Dove Star Columba and her gifts, will continue to hold high the flame of hope, the fire of peace, the warmth of love. Columba is a messenger of love. She asks you to receive the ointment of light that she offers for the weary soul. She asks to breathe her in, breathe her into your body and hold her for a count of eleven. She asks to exhale her as heartfelt wishes of joy, of peace, of love for all of Earth.

The time is ripe and right for picking, the time is ripe and right for healing, the time is ripe and right for love. She breathes new octaves of light into the original 11:11 encodings. She activates encodings that still lie dormant in the new DNA. Frequencies of the brain, the mind and the body are rebirthed into a higher awareness that is the gift that she brings.

As humanitiesí DNA rewrites itself into schematics that are memories of the stars, Columba, the Dove Star brings that activation into your physical being. She says to stop being afraid of life, of light, of love, of everything that you pray on bended knee for. She says to open yourself to all that life has to offer no matter what shape it comes in. A deep cellular remembrance is birthed, a deep cellular light is birthed and a love that goes beyond Earth is birthed.

She is aligned with the dove that flew from the Arc signaling new land was in sight. She signals that itís time for you to embrace the divinity within your body knowing that it is a tool of light. Walk forward into the marriage of heaven on earth within every cell of your being. As she flies beside you.


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the vibration of winter sheds her furry coat, all that was dormant begins to breathe a sign of relief. What was hidden within the bark, within the ground, within the seed now demands attention. Spring knows how to birth herself a'naturale but she seeks the loving touch of the human.

The insects, the animals, the birds do their part as well as the breezes, and the rain to unleash what is hidden deep within dormant life. Within the seed of all life lives a dynamic blueprint for the totality, the complete evolution and the fulfillment of each species. Within a single seed of a great oak lives its fullest potential to become all that it can become. That seed does not contain half of an instruction but contains the entirety of divine instruction to fulfillment the oak trees destiny from birth to death.

Within the seed of each human being lives the same instructs, an entire holographic schematic housing the unlimited potential of each person. Each human has the ability to fulfill these instructions to their completion or any part thereof. It is a personal choice; it is a divine directive. All life holds the entirety of its potential.

As Spring comes into her peak beauty it is time for each person to take time to plant a new idea, a new seed, a new desire, a new dream, then know without a shadow of a doubt that the seed will come into completion since it holds the fullness of the bloom. Do not plant anything in your life if you doubt its ability to bloom, whether grass seed, flower seed, or tree. If you doubt its ability to fulfill its potential then do not plant at all.

This truth asks to be understood by humanity. Nature asks you to plant at least one seed in your world. Plant this seed with an undiluted knowing that it will reach its full potential. Plant the seed knowing that it will mature, and reach its destiny and destination or do not plant at all.

As you move more and more into your co-creator awareness the question arises are you a part time God or a full time doubting human? Do you doubt yourself more hours than you believe in yourself? Do you want your Creator to work in such a haphazard way? As Spring comes to be plant your dreams and your hopes in the fertile soil of a deep belief system. Believe in their fulfillment, or do not plant at all. Whether grass seed or human dream it all needs to be planted in fertile soil. Each seed you plant represents something within yourself that you are planting into fulfillment; within it lives a divine obligation and a celestial commitment. PLANT AS A CREATOR OR DO NOT PLANT AT ALL!


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As people get closer to what is deemed as death and Heaven, they begin to question what they have believed as truth. Lenses become sharper and clearer. All internal and external truths are questioned under a big bright light of scrutiny. Who am I really? What comes after life on Earth? Is it Heaven or Hell, light, or just the void? Do I get time off to explore my options after I leave this body or is it just a continual line of light and life?

We watch many we love grow old and frail and we verbally exclaim not to embrace that experience. We have so many decades under our belt Ė why canít we remember who we are and what comes next? Once proof was in the pudding all around us, now proof apparently is not required. To lean forward with only our internal heart driving us is an un-chartered path of choice. Certainty is required to fulfill the energetic obligations that the quantum universe demands of us. Doubt cannot live in the choices; it is a gated (gaited) community.

In these upcoming changes and energies, movement is a must if one is not to sink within the 3D quicksand of Earth. Movement and thought, consideration, and consequence are demanded by the Universe. Just across the stated line into manifestation one must embrace all of these roads that lead home.

Life is thicker and contains more than in the past. Unexpected expectations take time, energy and heart. Earth has changed and so has her people, continually adjusting to all that is thrown at them - physically and psychically. People are hardened and softened at the same time. This conflict creates tension in the body causing unexpected aches and pains. We bend and bend to lifeís demands finding ourselves in limbo more often than not - drifting from one place to another throughout the day, wanting to escape and at the same time wanting to stop and embrace all that is around us. The fishes swim against each other only to touch for a moment as they return each otherís gaze. Heartstrings are tugged, wallets are tugged, and emotions are raw. The energies come not as soothing and soft but come as thorns in the crown and heart, thorns from the past that each and every one still dwells upon.

Step gently into these turbulent times that come. Do not expect them to hold you as you cry, as you weep, or mourn. Allow them to be what they are and allow yourself to be what you are Ė very human on a divine playing field.


Sirius Council of Light speaks out

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the frequency of time unravels herself from the beauteous bow that she has formed from years past, you come to a place in understanding of all that you have been, all that you are to be and all that you are.

The frequency and vibration of March gives to you many gifts that you, as a human, must unwrap. Unwrap these gifts that may seem ominous and darkened as a child that truly does not know what they will receive on Christmas day. Unwrap the gifts of the season, of Spring with gladness in your heart; joy in your eyes, and refreshment in your soul. Breathe in the fragrance that Spring dresses herself in. Breathe in the healing colors; breathe in the seeds that pollinate your sense.

As the equinox Stargate of spring opens up in all of itís beauty, many dormant stellar energies announce their arrival. Many individuals upon the Earth hold these ancient stellar encodings. A deep - wisdom that goes beyond what they have read, what they know as truth and what they know via genetics. A new Wisdom brings them to a platform that is grander than any of their expectations as they settle into the knowing of the true reason they reside upon Earth.

Many will leave the Earth in the month of March. Many go home to the Light; many stay as Earth bound entities due to old fears and habits. Each individual that leaves from the Earth and moves into the Light opens a swinging doorway, an exit and entrance. Each death, whether close of heart or far of distance, brings with it a gift. The gift that life is precious. They grant to each person they have known throughout their life, a simple, single wish come true. That person may not understand what has happened but those that pass from the Earth plane allow an opening of heart and wisdom for those they leave behind and in that opening there are gifts to be shared.

Many have received these gifts in the past and known that when their beloved's left the Earth that something shifted within them and in that shift the heart pulsed open even wider. Yes, tears streamed down the soul, but the heart was filled with joy and the human was confused as one that stands straddling a conundrum. The doorways of Spring swing from dormancy into birth.

Our presence is stellar of origin; our presence is stellar of heart. We are a Council of Light aligned to do the bidding of the Stars within the Stars. We come forth to explain the new wording within your DNA dialogue. We come to announce the holiness of your being, the holiness of every act throughout your day, and thoughts. Know that every thought is a prayer and every prayer is something that is energetically fulfilled. Knowing this become a living blessing not a living curse.

The latitude and longitude of where we reside cannot be monitored by your capabilities of Earth. The doorways we open for those with our vibration in their heart are grand beyond words. The essence of trueness asks to be birthed trueness to your purpose, trueness to every cell of your body, trueness to what you represent. Many try to shift and change and manipulate what they are and yet the true vibration of them rings out no matter how they do or undo them selves. There will be new gifts that will be paramount for those that have the eyes and the ears to understand our words.

A new program will be running within your body and cellular memory. You will physically anchor the ability to project as a hologram all that you believe. In this hologram that will be housed within your auric field you will have the ability to touch others with whatever presence/energy you are consciously holding for that day. Imagine that your auric hologram is filled with a deep endless wellspring of prosperity. This energy streams forth and touches everyone you meet. By consciously filling your energy field/auric field/ morphogenic field with acknowledgement of prosperity and financial blessings you energetically begin to change the financial demographics of the world.

Throughout the day all will feel the presence of that financial blessing radiating from your energy field. As your energies mingle with theirs, the fullness of that blessing will be transferred and a chain reaction of prosperity will begin to be birthed. It will be passed from person to person. In the times between Spring and Summer 2006 all thoughts will be non-negotiable and transferable. What you wear energetically is sent to each person you interact with. With this knowledge you can deliberately create auric holograms that benefit the world as well as yourself.

Imagine someone next to you in a store who is sad of heart - they do see not a reason to live life is too hard. As you psychically pick up on this you begin to create the essence of heartfelt love in your energy field, as you do they begin to shift. You sense that something has changed their heart fills with joy and refresh their agreement with life.

The Lightworkers of Earth need to seek and learn to use what tools they have within their own energetic realm. You have the ability to become a nano-light technician a techo-empath. Someone, who influences electrical components, computer parts computer energies. The frequency of the computer has the ability to project a thousand times more than humans understand. Each angry key that is punched in an email is reverberated throughout the Universe. Each heartfelt blessing that is typed is felt throughout the Universes. Everything has a ripple effect. Everything that lives within the realm of thought is projected to others; you are conducting an orchestra of energy via your own light transmissions; you are helping others to heal, to see joy, to find love, to cure what ails them by every thought.

When you are in a situation when those around you are complaining and unruly and you see their souls are sad, become the gift and project a holographic image of what you feel their soul needs. In the past, light workers would send healing/etc as a beam of light via their heart. In these times people have many barriers and they do not want to be or feel one extra iota of emotion, of energy, of worry, of anything. They are filled to the rim with the demands of life. By you becoming what you feel they need in their heart for a moment (as they pass your desk, your car, your home, etc) then you give them the gift of a non-interference (non-invasive) activation. As you become, so you bless others.

When you have a feeling about a loved one and they do not want to hear it, then hold an image/energy thought in your energy field and allow them to sup upon that is non-evasive healing. The individual then has the freewill and energetic free choice to accept or to reject it. All is upon a telepathic level, nothing verbally is announced. No person is telling another person what to do and that will be the gift of Spring.

The frequency of the Spring equinox, and the frequency of the eclipses give to earth a light that shines upon all that is hidden and dark within body, mind, heart and past. This energy will shake up and rattle the cages of many. Eclipses come as parentheses, they emphasize the light and the dark of every thought, every interaction, every event. The energies of this season of eclipses announce death and birth. People will feel as if they are dying. They are not dying physically, many of them, but they are dying to who they thought they were supposed to be. It is a shamanís death; it is a death of the old to make way for the new.

As the energies of many stars and many planets point themselves at Earth, the frequency of the sun that was once used to broadcast these stellar and planetary emanations has become null and void. What comes from the Heavens comes directly from the Heavens and does not use the sun as a broadcast device; thus the energies may be a little thicker, a little raw, a little intense for many. Issues that have to do with control of oneís path, oneís destiny and oneís life will be on the table to be revised. Issues of ownership, slavery, difference of religion, difference of culture, from past lives as well as the current, will also be up for all to see.

Those that take the name of God in vain will stand very tall and fiery as these upcoming episodes of disruptions continue. What has been hidden under the skirt of politics, government, and the media, is dragged out to be put away again. Many issues of the light and the dark come face to face, in confrontation. The polarity of All That There Is merges and emulsifies with the rest of life. The lines of separation between right and wrong, light and dark, good and bad religiously grows finer and thinner.

As the time of Memorial Day makes herself seen the Vatican and all it represents will be up in arms. Ancient secrets that had been buried in the vaults of the Vatican are exposed through deceit and trickery. Those that have tolerated the lies for far too long shrivel as the truth bares her naked skin. The division of church and state steps on each other's toes in a new dance step. Follow what is in your heart because what your eyes see and what your ears hear will not fit the day and time.

Everything is uncovered between the time of March and October. The equinox of autumn brings a sigh of relief for the summer months will bring much to the surface that has not been felt before. Earth changes are great but the greater the human shifts the less the Earth has to shift and people is finally realizing this.

Do your best to honor who you are but do not expect others to follow you single file. Shine your light as bright as you can, the batteries will never run out. Intuit what is needed to lift those around you. Each day before you move into the real world sit and sup upon the presence of love Ė love for yourself, love for others, love for Earth, love for all that you have been and love for all that you will be. Fill your chalice and your cup with that which gives to you the goodness and the lightness that you seek. Do not look to others to fill you or acknowledge your brilliance. Epiphanies can only fall upon oneís own eyes and are not appreciated by those who do not listen. Your miracles, your truths, your abilities can be shared but they will not be seen as the treasures they are by anyone else. Hold tightly to the daily miracles in your world Ė do not let them go unacknowledged. Open to all possibilities as you unwind into something more beautiful than you have ever been.

The vibration of numerical age changes and youthing could become an Olympic event. Let all that look upon you feel the beauty and love that comes from your soul. You are a conduit of light, my children. You are a representative, an emissary of light in all you do. You cannot wash away that role at the end of the day. Become this vast being of light, very human, very vulnerable, and very earthy but very luminescent. Allow the stars, the planets and all that is holy to give to you the fulfillment and the truth that you seek. Digest them slowly; allow yourself to savor them. Put them away for another day Ė think about them now or think about them later. The time of Spring is filled with your heartís desires and the heartís desires of all those around you. Imagine that you are a fairy godmother, or the good fairy, and imagine with your magic wand, you grant every wish. Give to others what they so need, just by thinking it, just by becoming it, just by radiating it. Feel this as your deepest truth.

We leave at this time.  We are a Sirian Council of Light that is housed within the Wezen Star system close to Sirius A.  We are immeasurable of number and immense of love.   We are aligned with your DNA heritage from ancient times and we come to help you remember your deepest truths.   Do not be afraid of what you know.   We leave.


From Gillian:

I have 19 beautiful Crystals that are aligned with the Sirian Light Council of Wezen as mentioned above they will be ready for their new homes after the Spring Equinox.

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