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Political Leadership

St. Francis through Anina Davenport

 We have recently been asked about leadership especially as it relates to politics. The first requirement of a good leader is humility.  What is humility?  It is the ability to take into account the possibility that you might be wrong on an issue or not well informed or not as well informed as you thought you were.  It is the ability to listen to others especially others with a different point of view and to be able to synthesize what they say with your own views unless you don’t agree with their opinions at all.

 Some leaders are more autocratic. This is really the old energy and this type of leadership will be leaving the planet eventually. Autocratic leaders think that they are right and others or at least most others are wrong.  This is the old way of doing things.  Kings and Queens ruled that way.  The masses were seen as unable to make their own decisions so the all powerful leader or the all powerful leaders decided what was good for them.  Communism works a bit like that although there are all kinds of theories how the masses are the ones who are leading.  That is just talk if the power lies with only a few.  

The next point is that a good leader is patient. Let us repeat this. A good leader is patient. People who want everything to happen ‘right now’ do not make good leaders. Now a certain amount of drive and sometimes pushing things forward can at times be helpful but a good leader knows when to wait. Eventually things work themselves out if you wait long enough and do what needs to be done in the moment. Rash decisions often just lead to new problems.

 Let us use the analogy of a plant. A plant needs certain nourishment and it needs a certain time to mature. If you try to push it along you get less nutrients and less vitamins. Yes you might have your carrot a couple of weeks earlier but it will only have half the nutrients so you will be eating something that is not so good for you. You cannot push evolution. Things have to work themselves out slowly and in their own time. Now if you can be happy with a smaller carrot with more nutrients then you are on the right track.

 So a good leader knows the value of patience, the value of waiting, the value of not charging ahead when there is an inner voice that says, “Give so and so some space.”

 The next issue is inspiration: A good leader is inspirational. You could also say she functions on a higher frequency. He gets visions from spirit. Now, a politician might not put it in those terms and use words such as, “Last night spirit gave me a vision,” but it can be more of a sense or a gut feeling. As most of you know the “I have a dream” speech of Martin Luther King was an inspirational speech. So a good leader inspires. He communicates his visions. She shares her dreams. (We are throwing in some female pronouns to remind the audience that both men and women can make good leaders.)

 A good leader is practical. A balanced budget might not be the most exciting subject in the world but if a leader knows this is important he will put it on his agenda. It is important to manage your money on a personal and a national level.

 A good leader listens to others. He sees himself as a servant. The term public servant is a good term. It speaks to the necessity of the leader to remember why he is in office: to serve others.

 A good leader does not have a big ego that gets in the way of governing. He knows his weaknesses and checks them by being observant and letting others help him. He has good friends who might point out, “Harry (or Harriet) right here I think you are not seeing clearly.” Harry (or Harriet) will then stop what he (or she) is doing and take a break. “Oh yes my ego got in the way. You are right. Let me backtrack here,” He (or she) will say.

 A good leader needs to be able to be tough. When he has made a decision that he knows in his heart and his gut is the correct one he has to be able to stand up for himself and his cause. Not in an arrogant or stubborn way but with confidence. “This is what I believe is right and this is where I believe we must go,” he will say. She will still be open to suggestions but she will not waver in what she knows to be right. Martin Luther King did not stop his efforts because things got difficult or some people thought that a black person should not speak like this. He knew he did the right thing and he persisted.

 Good leaders are not perfect and do not have to be. Humility and the ability to see ones imperfections and be mindful of them is enough. You don’t need two legs to ski down a mountain. If you are a good athlete you can ski with one leg or one leg and prosthesis but you want to be mindful of your limitation. This means you might ask for help with certain things or shift your weight differently than you would if you had two healthy legs. So you take the difference into account. Many people who were former addicts live healthy and productive lives but they chose to have extra help. Maybe they go to therapy every week or  they go to AA meetings or they are just mindful of certain tendencies that could get them in trouble. Hopefully they have friends or a partner who can give them ‘heads up’. Someone who says, ”Larry I think you need to take a little break her. Step back.”

 Good leaders don’t lead alone. Martin Luther King would tell you that he got much strength and advice from others. Good leaders know how to use others and we mean use them in a positive way. They often bring out the gifts and abilities in others. They hand over responsibility and trust others to do a good job until they hear otherwise. They know how to support others without belittling them. They have learnt the perfect balance of being hands off and at the same time being available when needed. Leadership has a lot to do with knowing how to communicate to others and how to strengthen others. Working for a good leader is a joy. Maybe it is not always easy but it is joyful.


 Are there questions? 

Questioner: You said that leaders have negative egos as well.

 St. Francis: Yes everyone has a negative ego even some fairly enlightened sages still have some vestiges. Know your limits and you can work around it.

 Questioner: While resolving it.

 St. Francis: Yes of course. Life will grind it dowif you face life every day. If you live on purpose and do some spiritual practice and live in the now your negative ego will dissolve in its own time. Meanwhile you can do some good.  

Questioner: How should we treat a good leader?

 St. Francis: Good question. Give him or her space. Let him or her be creative and lead your country or lead a school or a church or whatever it is but don’t get too attached to him or her. He cannot solve all your problems. You are still the leader of your life. You are still the one who has to make decisions in your life and figure out how to face your issues. So yes watch the leader on TV or read his books and get inspired but then know he cannot do it all. You also are asked to contribute to highest good in whatever way that comes through for you. It could be by raising good kids, having a beautiful flower garden for others to enjoy or by writing or by delivering the mail. Whatever your contribution is it is unique to you.

 Questioner: What would you tell the leaders in Iraq?

 St. Francis: There is a lot of fear in this country right now. It is hard to lead when there is a lot of fear including the fear of getting killed yourself or having your family murdered because of your work. So these people have to lead under extremely difficult circumstances. The tendency is to contract and become more authoritarian.
 The one thing that will help Iraq now is to talk and talk and talk and talk.  Let’s everybody talk to everybody.  Let’s agree to a couple of weeks of no violence or as little violence as possible and let people have meetings.  Let people who normally would not talk to each other talk to each other.  The theme of the talks should be “How can we all live together in one country.”  There are many leaders in Iraq.  Some are more secular and some are more religious. “Let us talk for the good of the country”, would be a good way to frame the conversations.  There might be outside help necessary.  The King of Jordan for example and other moderate leaders could be involved in such conversations. Wise men have pointed out that the word is more powerful then the sword and it is.  People forget that.  While these talks take place light workers all over the world could send their prayers for peace and happiness for all the people in the Middle East.  These problems can be solved.  If people are willing the violence can be quenched but talking is important.

 Questioner: You are talking about diplomacy.

 St. Francis: Yes diplomacy is a fancy word for taking to each other. My way or the highway does never work. It does not work in families. It does not work in schools. It does not work in government and it does not work on the international level. 

Questioner: But sometimes you have to be tough with others.

 St. Francis: Yes but tough does not mean not talking to another. When was the last time that ignoring your wife or your children has worked for you, really? Has it ever worked? Now sometimes in any relationship one has to be tough and voice one’s needs but stopping communication usually does not achieve the desired results and unless you find a planet where you can live all by yourself you will have to relate to others.

 Questioner: Even those we do not want to relate to.

 St. Francis: Yes love your enemies. That is what that means: you cannot not relate to others.

 Questioner: How about an old friend that I had a fight with and that I don’t see anymore?

 St. Francis: You can be physically apart from another but as some of you have figured out there can still be telepathic communication. That is why forgiving others is so important: because the telepathic communication often continues. You are all telepathically connected. So think kind thoughts about another even though you had a disagreement. Explain yourself in meditation if you need to and wish the other well. [Note: St. Francis is referring to getting still and centered and then calling on the other person’s higher self and having a conversation with him or her which can often include an apology for hurting another’s feelings and an explanation of one’s own actions and the expression of best wishes for the other.]

 St. Francis: So a good leader understands this and he or she takes a proactive approach. What does that mean? It means that she talks to others when she sees that problems are developing. In this country things are being talked out. There are talk show here and there, books are being discussed, communication is happening on many levels. That is good. It is good to express things to not get things bottled up.

 Questioner: There seems to be a lot of hateful talk on some radio shows especially.

 St. Francis: When we say talking we don’t mean lecturing to others in a hateful way but even there it can be helpful as a sort of safety valve.

 Questioner: There seems to be so much information and some of it seems false and some of it seems correct. How do I know the difference?

 St. Francis: You all have truth sensors inside. You can all tell when someone is lying to you but you need to make an effort to clear yourself energetically. The clearer you are the easier it is for you to tell if someone is lying. By the way it is often the body that tells you if someone’s words are a lie. It can be a gut feeling. Some of you actually get stomach aches when someone tries to sell you a bill of goods as they say.

 Questioner: You never seem to take sides politically.

 St. Francis: No we generally don’t do so because it is for you to figure out who to vote for and our job is to support all of you in your spiritual journey no matter what your political or other beliefs are. We are here for anybody who will listen. Our interest is the ascension of this planet and your peace and happiness.  

So these are exciting times. As the vibrations rise truth will become more and more evident. It will become harder and harder to lie especially to oneself. You are still in the mud but things are getting better. Say some thanks to your neighbors in this country and abroad; so many of you are working very hard on themselves, clearing themselves of old energies and old beliefs that don’t work anymore. The new energies will bring new leaders who lead with respect and honesty, patience and humility. Your job now is to follow your higher self and enjoy your life. Have some fun when you can. Travel if you can. Hang out with friends and family and visualize a positive future and happiness for all. Today we would like to end with a familiar saying:

 May all Beings in all Worlds be Happy and Peaceful.


Copyright Anina Davenport 2006


Anina Davenport is the author of Reflections on Ascension and her new book Energetic Empowerment. To read an excerpt of  Energetic Empowerment or to order go to www.IUniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS. Anina can be reached at Aninadavenport@earthlink.net.


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