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Start Experiencing Paradise NOW
Message received from Lord Ragoczky

 I am Lord Racogzky incoming Chohan of the 7th Ray, I am here to tell you that you are going to be supported even more in your Ascension process.


As the veils of illusion thin you are being called as lightworker to enter faze two of your mission.


For many years, all of you have held the light for the awakening to happen, and you must congratulate yourselves for the great achievement that you have brought forward even in the midst of the deepest darkness.


However, there is no time for a pause, now that you are integrating higher frequencies, and many of you have a fully operative Light Body,  it is required that you hold the vision and the passion of the New Earth,  The Garden of Eden.


We all know how tired many of you are; sometimes verging on the brink of exhaustion, but you must endeavour to hold your commitment.   As you do so, you will start experiencing Paradise NOW and here.  It only will take few moments of your day, every day, and thereafter to remain vigilant for negative thought patterns, for patterns of lack, limitation and illness.


As you wake up in the morning connect with the beautiful and uplifting energies of Lady Gaia, I will repeat this part because I can see that you are opening your mouths wide with incredulity.   Lady Gaia and the beautiful planet Earth are already functioning in the 4th dimension and its energy is truly uplifting.


Open your feet charka, that many of you have still closed, and receive that influx of energy and let it pass through your crown chakra towards the Great Central Sun.  Now open to receive the feedback from the Great Central Sun and let those energies anchor at the central crystal of the planet.


As you do this Imagine the beautiful Planet you always wanted, with clean oceans and skies, beautiful forests, harmonious living amongst all beings mineral, vegetal, animal and humans.   If you can, try to feel your own happiness in every cell of your body as you imagine these as a reality.


Now, project your desire for a peaceful, joyful, abundant day, full of uplifting encounters and effortless abundance for your day ahead and be prepared for the ideal to become real.


Hold your vision even in the midst of turmoil, dismiss any negative input and you will be there, the awaited paradise, heaven on earth. Many are living this way already.


See yourself, smiling at the effortless beauty and abundance of your day, at the unlimited unconditional Love given and returned.   This is all that is needed; it is up to you to fulfill your destiny.


Now be kind with Gaia and guide your actions with the advise of the soft and loving inner voice within and the unconditional Love of your Soul.   Surrender totally and completely to your Soul, your Master and enjoy.


Life can be truly magical in the Garden of Eden it only takes personal responsibility.


The power of the word at this juncture in time is very real so be aware of what you think and what you say for your are the only creator of your own reality.


Well children of this planet, because light workers are also children of Lady Gaia, may your days be filled with the love of your soul and the abundance of the Universe.   May the consciousness of haves and have nots be erased from the common consciousness and anyone who desires financial freedom may have it now.    May the children of Gaia be free of illness, pain and aging, may the children of Gaia be healthy, pain free and forever young at heart and in the body.    May the negative mass consciousness be purified with the violet flame and so the lower self, the vampire of the masses, defeated.


In joy, abundance, magic and unconditional love


Your friend Lord Racogzky




Channeled by a member of the Kindness Network, UK


Should the public would like more information please contact kindnessnetwork@lycos.co.uk


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