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June 14, 2006

Anshallah! Antui anihu lahallah entui. From the inner depths and the outer edges of All That Is We greet you!

What is it that you seek and why is it that you do?   Do you know that all that you intend, all that you strive to create all that you desire and wish for also seeks you?

To create clearly and effectively, it is to drop the belief that you must struggle to achieve.   Instead, believe in the achievement. Believe that the reality you have intended is already so.

Do not concentrate on your process, rather, believe completely that the outcome has already become your reality.  Focusing on the process does not create the reality.  Only the intention does.

Participate in the process as it comes in each moment, but do not struggle or force that which you intend.  Rather, know that by virtue of the fact that you have intended the creation so it is.

In such a way, it is to know that the reality which you create becomes of that which you send into the Universal Consciousness
.   If there is doubt in your creation it will contrive dysfunction in its creative process.

If there are feelings of insignificance within your creative process, the outcome will also be insignificant.

If there is dependence upon another or other situations for your reality to occur, what will formulate is dependence upon that which is outside of you.

If there is negative emotion of any kind as you deliver your message to all of creation, your reality becomes a struggle, challenges one after the other.

As you sow so shall you reap. It is that to create purely from the infinite possibilities which there are.   How is this possible from the vantage point of humanness which is wrought with fears and feelings of insignificance?

Know that those feelings of imperfection are not of truth.   Know that any sense of negativity is borne of learned perception that you are less than perfection.   You are perfect in all ways, every way and it is both your right and passage to have that which you desire to be so.

If you create from fear you will be disappointed each and ever time.   It is to create from the power of your being.   Yes, you are powerful and yes, you are a being of the One, the Source, that which is the ultimate of perfection.

To create from a positive standpoint it is to believe purely in what you intend.    Have no doubts, have no fears that what you intend will not create.   Instead know that you operate from a universal perspective and in such a way, are the very creator which you seek.

When you begin your creative process, it is not to do so by creating affirmation after affirmation and throwing them into the mix.   Each time that you repeat what you want, you give additional energy and instructions to the universe.   Because you are never the same being from one moment to the next and because your frame of mind, even your experience is different from moment to moment, each time you send out an affirmation you have changed your instructions!

Rather, it is to propel that which you intend as if you are throwing a ball into the infinite, letting it go to land how and where it will after it has experienced the infinite possibilities that it encounters.

The process of the flight of that ball is not important.  The arc of its journey, its velocity, the spin which it develops during its flight matter not. What does matter is that your intention has flown unencumbered.   As it continues its journey your intention communicates within all of creation, telling it that which you mean to create.   And from within the endless possibilities which are infinitely choreographed within each and every given moment comes reality greater than you can imagine.

In such a way, the purest form of success is dependant upon the delivery of your message to the creative process.

When you create of fear, you beget more fear.

When you create from a sense of insignificance, you propagate feelings of less than.

When you create from dependency, counting on others to bring that which you intend, they can only deliver of their intentions and experience and you will be disappointed. Their journey may not be aligned with yours.

When you create from anything outside of yourself you become a victim of our own creative process.

We repeat: When you create from anything outside of yourself you become a victim of our own creative process.

That which you meant became of that which you feared.   And that which you feared becomes your reality.

And so we remind you that which we have said to you countless times.   You are all things, all things being you.   In such a way, that being so, you are inherent perfection.   There is no one who is lesser or greater than you.   It is within this perception that your power is found.

Creating from power, from your perfection is a different situation than creating from all that we have already spoken.

To create from your inherent power, your perfection requires only one command from you.  One.  Not repeated affirmation.  Not daily or hourly requests.

One single command spoken out of your greatness of being will bring to you the reality which you intend.

Do not limit that which you intend by creating list after list of all of the insignificant details.  When you do that what you have done is to limit the outcome to a pass or fail situation.  That which you listed or less.   Usually less because you will always (with your thinking self) forget to include that which is of your greater reality.  That which your mind can’t grasp.  That which is of the ultimate experience within which you can exist.

To create a list for your purposes tells the infinite that you will accept only what you have listed.   In between each item on your list are infinite possibilities that could have occurred if only you had left room.   Your list defines your intention so significantly that the creative process limits the outcome only to that which is on the list.

The process of your list takes away the throwing of the ball effect and brings your command to the asking.

Instead of your intention traveling as a freely thrown ball, it becomes as a kite, held by a string so that it doesn’t get away.   And so it won’t.   And you will get only what you allowed in the distance of your string.

Considering that the infinite is just that, your kite won’t fly very far and you will get very little in comparison to that which could have been.

To communicate your command fully, simply think of how you will feel when you and the reality you have created have become one.

Asking indicates that you do not believe in what you intend.   Command that which you intend.   Do not question your right to have it.  Do not hang the outcome on another.

Fuel your creative process with the passion of your heart.
  Send that unconditionality outward toward the results that you intend and ultimately you have applied that same unconditionality to yourself.   In this way you will begin to remember the truth of who you are.

When you create freely, having let go of those things which do not serve you what becomes is perfection of being and that translates to a life of magical possibilities.

Let your world be a constant mirror to you.   Is what you have created within your life serving you?   If not, why?   Is it because you are creating based upon the perception of someone else’s values?   Is it due to the fact that you are afraid of being something that in truth you are not?   In each moment answer yourself honestly.   It is only in this way that you can begin to know the truth of your heart.

Self deception is destructive to your experience.

You have the power to change your reality.

You have the power to change your life.

You have the power to change your existence right now.

You have the power that by changing your experience in this now to change your infinite experience as a being.

A being of great creative accomplishments.

A being of immense wisdom and experience.

A being created of the perfection of that which simply is, One.

In such a way we are grateful to be of service.

Be in peace. Be that which is the love you so freely give to others.

Anaheillah nahleita entui anshallah.

And so it is that we return to the One Light.


How Current Energy Changes Are Affecting Us
How do we cope?

June 14, 2006

Greetings to each of you and welcome to the hundreds of new subscribers who have joined our list this past month!

We are being challenged in every moment to keep up with increasing time. What I mean by this is that if we intend to keep up with what is occurring on universal levels, our lives move at paces we have never known.

The reason for this is that the way that the energies have hanged on both great and minute levels has to do with patterning and frequencies. The patterning that has affected us historically has basically been easy wave patterns. In these times, what occurs are flat patterns of ever changing frequency, color and yes, even sound.

What this is doing to many of us is causing anxiety. Others are not sleeping. Appetites for food are changing. Different preferences, less tolerance for that which is not natural. Foods and drinks that are not of our highest and best sustenance are causing us to feel sluggish and out of balance.

Our bodies may be experiencing inflammation of connective tissues, our joints and spines stiff, our digestion is off either refusing to process our foods by slowing down or speeding up to bare absorption.

Our minds are required to become more and more sharp as reality often becomes a fast moving blur. We can’t hang on to even a moment ago or we will miss out on what is happening in this now.

What is going on?

Besides the patterning of the energy waves in a more flat form, the energies are not coming in as unified sets of frequencies. Instead, they are comprised of particulates of light, each unique in frequency and polarity. As these sheets of incoming energies approach us, move through our bodies and affect us, the light particulates within each of them continue to rearrange, the change. As these changes occur, we experience a great sense of imbalance while at the same time a sense that we are being propelled forward, often faster than we are able to mentally keep up.

It’s ok. We don’t have to. What we need to realize is that we are a part of all reality and therefore adaptable to the changes that we feel.  We are created of the same light as all other things are made.

Our mentality is something that we developed to rationalize and even survive in our third dimensional reality.  It is limited in scope and capability. Instead, we must allow our pure consciousness to be our translator, our guidance.

To do this we must become present in every moment. Becoming present means letting go of our fears.  Our feelings that we are less than – anything.  Our fears our feelings of inadequacy only mislead us. They bring to us perceived truth rather than actual truth.

Perceived truth is what we experience when our minds and our egos get together and give us a false sense of security.  It is also what has led us away from remembering who we really are.  Beings of Light.   Infinite Beings.   Beings who are created from the very essence of the Source.   That light is within our every cell, our every molecule and atom and it is constantly adapting to the changes which occur within all of creation.

When we fight the changes with our emotions, convincing ourselves that we are aside from everything else, that we are individual to all other creation what we are doing is mentally and emotionally setting ourselves aside from everything else.  It is then that we struggle, we fight our journeys the entire way, and we become not only out of balance, but anxious, angry, emotional and physically impaired.   Because our fear leads our journeys.

To let go of the need to control means to let go of the fear that we will do something wrong.   The key is that we don’t do anything wrong.   Every choice that we make is perfect in our journey in each moment.  The secret is in the choosing.

Do we choose because we perceive that someone or something will gain us value?  It will not.

Do we choose because previous experience was painful?   Because someone or something hurt us in the past?   Quite often in fact.  To change this, we must choose consciously.   That which we experienced in the past was a guide for this now.   If situations repeat themselves for us it is to give us an opportunity to choose differently.   Will we?   Or are we, as the Masters often say, “comfortable in our discomfort”?

When we choose differently and consciously we change the patterns which have challenged us beyond our experience. We stop those patterns.

Of course this requires self awareness and that is something we are conditioned to disregard in our world.   That is only so that others can tell us how to live our lives, how to exist according to their idea of perfect life.   Unfortunately, those ideas are based upon ego and perceived importance, perceived power and none of that is truth.   Becoming self aware allows the freedom of existence, of living for exactly why we have come to this now.

To learn, to grow, to experience the greatness of feeling, of rejoining our truest nature.   Consciously rejoining the One.   When we do, we can change the world. In fact, reality becomes our command.

Ask your heart of hearts today if you are consciously choosing.   You may be surprised at the answer it brings.

A few very important announcements!

Over the next couple of months I will be in different areas of the country bringing the Masters live and in person and teaching workshops. To see if I will be in your area, please check my schedule at http://www.spiritlite.com/schedule.htm. The end of June I will be in Atlanta. Mid July, teaching a 4 day intensive workshop in New Jersey not far from New York City where I will be working again with Barry Goldstein. Mid August, I am offering a 4 day intensive in Seattle. All contact and registration info is on the schedule page on my website.

I will soon be changing the way I offer classes. I will be honoring the workshop schedules that are already in place, but because of the popularity of the workshops and my observations over time in what life skills can be offered, I am preparing to open the Pyramids of Light School of Life and Healing. This school will be based in the Northwest USA, and will offer full certification to practice and or teach the healing that the Masters have brought to our world. I am very excited about this and will let you know more as it develops.

There is a new radio show coming your way! “The Dr. Meg Show, Conscious Talk for Greater Reality” LIVE on the World Puja Network beginning Wednesday, August 2nd at 6 pm Pacific time and 9 PM Eastern and every week from then on. My first guest will be Dannion Brinkley and other upcoming shows promise to have exciting guests who have much to offer to contribute to our shift. Coming shows will soon be listed both on my website and the World Puja Website. The World Puja Network radio show is on http://www.worldpuja.org. I am looking for sponsors for the show so if you have a service or product that you would like for me to promote, please e-mail me at drmeg@spiritlite.com for details.

I will be offering a free MP3 on my homepage hopefully later this week. “5 messages that can change your life!” You will know the link by lotus picture that will be on my home page at http://www.spiritlite.com.

The Masters and Universe have given me a lot of wonderful new assignments and challenges of late. Because of this, I will be sending some separate e-mail announcements to you. As always, I will exercise care and consideration in this process not to overwhelm you with excess e-mails. And please remember that I will never share your information!

Please feel free and encouraged to forward the Online Channeling and Messages to everyone you know. It is time for us to touch the world for greater reality and if we work together we can.

To each of you, so much love, my deepest appreciation for being there. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to touch your lives as you touch mine.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Dr. Meg


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