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January 31, 2006

Greetings to each of you!  Our shift intensifies and many people are moving through tough issues that many didnít even know they had so I felt guided to address our current situation.

How many of you are dealing with issues of anger?   Lack of integrity?   Money issues?   Cosmic feelings that all is not right in our world?  You are not alone!

The past couple of months I have noticed escalation of issues, fears, experiences that appear on the surface to be negative. Some of you may remember what the Masters have said about Karmic fast forward, that this lifetime is unique because of the interaction between us and the current energies and influences. We are literally being shaken out of our illusionary reverie and into a state of truth.

In order for this to occur, we must release those things which we have hidden from ourselves out of self defense. We must release lifetimes of experience in order to change our course and we are doing this even though we did not necessarily intend to at this time.

Imagine that we are rugs which have sat on the floor for centuries, collecting every bit of dust and dirt that has been tread upon us. And imagine that one day, we are picked up by a strong wind and shaken very hard. And as we are all of those bits and pieces of junk begin to fly away, spiraling outward. First the surface dirt shakes loose. Then, deeper and deeper we are cleansed and polished like river rocks by the same debris that we had carried. Our true colors become restored and we begin to appear as we did when we were new and bright.

Within us at this time, that is exactly what is happening. Our energy fields have collected debris, blockages, and foreign energies from the moment of our creation. We have stored feelings and experiences that perhaps served us once but do so no longer.

We are evolving energetically back to our true colors, our spectrum of light, each of us shining a little bit differently, but all of us shining together.

Over the course of our lives as we had those experiences, as we made choices, we stored all of that information within our essence. We harmonized within everything in every moment. We are doing that now. The difference is that there are new doors open so that we naturally cleanse ourselves of those things that no longer serve.

For example, we live in a world that feels as if it is out of control, out of integrity. Many people still believe that killing one another serves a purpose, and many do so in the name of God. God has nothing to do with this. t is all based upon belief systems.

We have been taught to lie, or accept lies as part of our everyday experience. Certainly we would not have wanted to hurt anyoneís feelings, or to show our true feelings. That would leave us vulnerable for others to hurt us. Someone might see or sense how we really feel.

Constantly we are told that we need this product or that product and that if we donít have it we are "less than". That illusion has forced us to "perform" in ways that are not our truth. And many of us feel empty inside, searching, pushing, to be better, have more, become recognized for our achievements. Surely there is more.

What is it that we really need? Who are we really? It all becomes covered by our perceived need to fit in, to succeed, to be recognized by others as valid human beings of worth.

Letís face it Ė those old paradigms donít work any more and yet some part of us acts as if there is a status quo, and we become miserable. This occurs because in our heart of hearts we know better. We are great and powerful beings of light. Some of us are just starting to shake out the dust and that is a good thing.

We have begun to realize that the truth is much greater than having and holding - things. We have begun to realize that there is nothing outside of us that can fill us or give us value. We have begun to remember that who we are in the scheme of things is far beyond this here and now.

And for some, this creates a cosmic shaking. We begin to feel out of balance. Personal energy fields begin to release the darkness, the dirt, the foreign energies that we have carried, and we are becoming free. Free of the illusions, of our mentality. We are becoming.

As this occurs we begin to face those things which have resided deeply within us. They surface, rearing their ugly heads, commanding us to take notice and to act. Responding to these issues from a reactionary standpoint is no longer effective. We can no longer fool ourselves into thinking that everything is just fine.

When we resist the releasing what we get is pain, drama, trauma and more.

That is because we have not yet owned that pain. After all, we cannot release something that we donít own. We canít sell a house if it isnít ours.

We canít give away things that donít belong to us.

I am not of the school of thought that we have to relive and suffer every

detail of every situation that we have ever lived. My philosophy is that we

find the issues behind the pain. The pain is a symptom. It is everything

within our being telling us that it is time for something different to

happen. Pain is not about being less than, imperfect, not good enough or

worse, having failed. Pain is nothing more than a wake up call for us to

make different and conscious choices in our journeys.


When we resist our pain, hide it from ourselves or even wear it on our

shirtsleeves, what we are really saying is that we are afraid. We fear what

might happen if we really address the feelings head on. Not safe. Unsafe.

Out of safety. But then we forget that it is that very pain which causes us

to feel unsafe in the first place. And why is that so? Because at the time

we got it we didnít know any better. Now we do.


So how do we move past the hard times and fully into the higher

consciousness that is knocking at our doors?


We must accept that we are whole and perfect just as we are. That in any

given moment we have everything that we need to make intentional choices.


We must be honest with ourselves. Look past the barriers we have built, ask

ourselves what we really fear and answer ourselves honestly.


Intentional choices which are made from the heart are truth. Truth within

any given moment. Intentional choice deliberately takes us where we want to

go, but that takes courage.


Courage to look past our immediate discomfort and into greater reality where

we can see that yes, we are eternal beings who are of a perfect nature. We

have survived since the beginning of time. Courage to realize that all of

the pain is nothing more than a catalyst that tells us to wake up. Courage

to step into our power as beings of light here on this earth in this now and

allow the shift which is occurring into the fifth dimensional consciousness

to burst forward, opening into higher realities and a truthful world.


We do not need to suffer to grow; we just need to realize that our rugs need

to be shaken out more often, that it is ok to let things go and that we

really arenít in control, just resistant to that which we do not know.


Once we get to that point, the next phase is to say "I accept. That which

IAM, whatever that looks like, I am free of the illusions which I have

created out of fear." And mean it. No longer can we coddle ourselves. The

totality of all that is calls to us to effect change.

This isnít about self improvement. How can we improve perfection? This is

about self realization.

Beyond the illusion.

Beyond the resistance.

Beyond the pain.

And into our Light, our lives.

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I want to tell you from my heart of hearts that I am ever grateful for the

donations many of you sent after the past transmission. Yes, you have

assisted in keeping the Online Channeling and Messages free for everyone!

Thank you!

Wishing you joy in your being, laughter in your days and love in your heart,


Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.



Online Channeling   January 31,2006

Antiah nahallah Ahshalla! Greetings from the within and the infinite for you

must know that you are deeply within and infinitely participating in

conjunction with all that is!

As the shift within your realm continues, it escalates. It escalates not

only in its intensity, but in effect as well. The collective consciousness

within your world is at this time in a cosmic wrestling match in the name of

truth and balance. That balance has become challenged as more and more of

you reach into your source of light and bring that light into your world. At

the same time, there are children being born who carry perfection of a pure

nature. Perfection that is not convoluted by perceptions of untruth and

those children escalate the rise of vibration within the whole. As these

things occur that which is not perceptive of light, that which is of

darkness struggles to maintain its grip in the name of your fears and all

things miserable. What your world once was it is no longer. It is that that

which you once understood your reality to be has taken on new identity, now

form, and in such a way, so have you.

Your ability to rid yourselves of that which is no longer needed or

necessary for your human existence has increased a thousand fold.  You are

becoming that which is light in ways that you as manifested beings have

never before experienced.  As this occurs, you find that those around you are

having difficulties in their daily experiences, even those experiences which

are moment to moment.  Perhaps you experience this as well.  In such a way,

many lack grace in their immediate being.  Many do not understand that that

which appears to be chaos is nothing more than changing reality.


That which was is no longer truth.   The truth in your world has become

corrupted, and within all things universal this is not acceptable and so

natural change is in effect.   What we mean by this is that within your world,

there has become a level of consciousness which is purely emotionally based.

It is not based upon truth, or universal law which is truth, but rather the

perception that all humans are separate entities from each other and all

other things. Of course, we can tell you that the perception of separateness

is nothing more than a perception. It is not reality, but part of the

illusion which has been created within your world. There are many who, in

the name of power, the name of God, choose to gain at the expense of the

many. There are those who in the name of the illusion have completely

disregarded that which is Truth. The truth that each of you is an integral

part of the One. Truth cannot be splintered into individualized belief or

gain. It can only be that which it is.


How that becomes is that you must recognize current circumstances for what

they are. Look around. Are you, are others, consciously acting as if

everything that they or you do has results that effect the entirety of your

world? Of worlds beyond yours? Or do you or those you know go about your

days as if the world revolves around your being there? Since every energy

which you expend communicates within the entirety of all creation, when you

are not in truth, you communicate untruth to all things, and as you do, all

of reality changes in response to the lies which you have embraced as truth.

As this occurs, the balance of consciousness continually shifts until there

equilibrium comes.

What occurs in your world as we speak is that there is great fluctuation

between that which is truth and that which is the illusion. There are many,

many of you who walk the journey, a strident path toward light, sharing that

which you know with all whom you touch. At the same time, there are many in

your world who have chosen to follow a different guidance. One based in

fear, in earthly consequences, fear of rejection or judgment, fear of

insignificance, fear of succeeding, because no one ever showed them how to

do so in integrity, in grace.


Because of the fears, the balance shifts back and forth, rocking your world,

your reality in every moment. Perhaps you witness at this time, many people

who are in panic mode, caught in the drama and trauma of the illusion until

they feel as if their world is out of control. The only thing that is out of

control is the perception of separateness. Control is a perception. Life is

a perception. How you choose to step into that life is entirely up to you.



What does it take to find the peace for which so many search? Simple letting

go. Drop the illusion that you are the truth and be the truth that you are.

Do you understand? You are not the truth, the truth is you!


What is the difference? Through all time, from the before times and the

times before that, you have cycled in your soul journey, learning, growing,

changing, slowly evolving back to the light of the source from which all

things come. And in those journeys, you have challenged yourself, bringing

forward those lessons which you requires as a progressive soul from one life

to the next. It is only in the choosing that you create resolution or

exacerbation of those challenges. Each choice that you make carries you

along the same road or changes your direction forever.


In this now, you, your world is at a universal pivot point, poised in the

center of a myriad directions.  Which path will you take?   What direction does

your soul being require in order to sustain its growth within its journey

home? Imagine that at this moment you are standing at the very center of a

brightly lit star, itís tines reaching out in infinite light in every

imaginable direction. Each of those rays is a road, a choice. Which is the

right one? Only you know. The secret is that which ever one you choose is

the right one. There are no mistakes, only paths to change. Whatever ray you

ride to the infinite will take you to another star of choice along the way,

and another then another until you have gained all that you set out to

learn, chosen all that you choose to choose, and the final choosing is to

return home again, back to the source from which you have come.


Human beingness is but a temporary part of your infinite journeys. There is

so much more for you! It is then, to let go of the fear, for fear is

perception based upon previous experience Ė yours or someone elseís. Fear is

learned, and what is learned is not truth. Truth is what you know, within

your very essence, your core of being. The truth has no room for fear

because it is beautiful in its simplicity. Truth does not contain the

extraneous perceptions that fear creates as an illusion. When you become

able to see this, your need for control dissipates and peace reigns within



How do you begin this you ask? Not in the old way where your earthly

expression says something like you must walk before you run. No. Instead,

shed the illusion, push back the fear and soar beyond your imaginings. It is

that easy.


Anytime you find difficulty in your life or witness it in the lives of those

around you, ask yourself what in that moment is being resisted? Who is

pushing what issue or issues? What is going on that is being unnaturally

pushed in a direction of resistance, causing perception of failure, of lack,

of ill health, of imperfection? And when you identify it, turn your back on

it. Walk away from the perception that anything anytime must be pushed into

reality. The end result of that type of creationism is misery. Instead,

joyfully move into greater perception that all that you need is within you.

All that you are is infinite and perfect, and all that you do is in and of

the perfection of the moment. If, you have done it consciously. If, you have

been a willing part of your journey.


Do you see that by consciously choosing to participate within all that is

you create a different rhythm within the music of your lives?   You are

movement in light and sound. You are harmony of being in spite of your

fears. Think of it this way: Chaos is dissonance, it is disharmonic and one

dissonant note begets another.. Peace is majestic harmony within all things.

It propagates in beautiful harmonic resonance within all of reality. Really,

it is your choice. What symphony will you create?


There is another subject of which we wish to speak. Because of the changes

which occur in your reality at this time, many of you also experience

glitches in time, in reality. This is a very real phenomenon which occurs as

your dimension shifts attempting to find balance within the changing

energies. As the shifting occurs, many portals of reality come and go as

they are passed by your shifting dimension. On certain occasions, those

portals cross into your reality briefly, causing you to experience altered

reality in the moment. Perhaps your dťjŗ vu occurrences are more intense,

stranger than ever before. Some of you find that you experience a situation

or interaction jut to find yourself doing it again a short while later but

in the repeat performance, some of the details have changed. Some of the

facts are no longer what you thought the first time, there are inherent

differences within the situation. In such a way, when this occurs, it can be

very confusing, even disorienting. Use caution when you feel these glitches

occurring because they can physically knock you off balance. These are

parallel realities which are real in their time and place, which briefly

cross into your reality as the universe undulates and your dimension rotates

in its attempt to find balance.


This situation is going to escalate further. What we say to you is to remain

aware of yourself and do not get caught up in trying to understand the

glitches. They are real. In fact, imagine it a little further. For every

glitch you experience, other aspects of your very self are experiencing the

reality you temporarily stepped out of! In this way, the totality of you

briefly becomes out of balance. Your aspects are as if they are on swings

which move at different paces passing each other through all of eternity

until balance sets in and the entirety of the swings move in unified thrust.

There is great power in that balance. That power is within you. That power

is you.


The only time that reality ever gets hard for human beings is when they

think about it. You already know all of those other realities. Even the ones

that seem to briefly come and go. You had forgotten. Now you remember.

Besides, when you view yourself as eternal beings then small glitches in

reality can been reckoned as a common occurrence.


We remind you that you are whole and perfect just as you are. Be in peace.

Wear your perfection with wisdom.


And so it is that we return to light.

Antalehe ansui ansi asitu anshallah entialla

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