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December 12, 2006

Greetings to Each of You! Every December, I ask the Masters to speak to us about the coming year. They have done so brilliantly, but first the human perspective!

What an interesting time we are in. The energies have been strange for weeks and at this time we are in a cosmic pause. Many report being in a state of life limbo, poised at the edge of flight, but no information or indication as to when that flight takes off. Others see doors begin to open then pause, not fully opening. Some are having sudden and serious financial difficulties while others are having health issues, particularly a nasty strain of pneumonia that is socking high vibrational light workers and taking them to the brink. WHAT IS GOING ON?

In the last newsletter the Masters spoke of an incident where a black hole would swallow a celestial body, changing the interplanetary and intergalactic relationships through all of creation. Shortly after the Masters said this there was an article that NASA had just witnessed this very event. As the Masters also said, this is part of the astronomical process leading up to 2012.

Since this event, the energies have been carrying everyone fast forward, stopping abruptly then carrying us even farther and faster. This cosmic pause in the lives of many is due to a need for balancing of the changes in relation of the physical and energetic nature of creation. When a celestial body (in this case a star) is swallowed by a black hole, it moves into a parallel universe. As that happens, the parallel universe takes on pressure that will eventually equalize it and at the same time, our universe loses pressure as if it has been vacuumed out. That will ultimately equalize our reality.

But, in the meantime, energy and communications are finding different pathways and relationships as they travel amongst interstellar corridors. While the changes occur, there are some boomerang effects of the energies. It works like this: As the energies bounce off of electromagnetic fields or encounter gravitational fields there is first a slingshot effect which is followed by the boomerang effect. The traveling energies and communications bounce back and their direction is changed.

In addition to the interplanetary adjustments we are also being bombarded by solar storms. These can really pack a wallop as they hit our atmosphere, compress and release it, and actually in those moments change the electromagnetic relationships both inside of us and out. We feel disconcerted, grumpy, and out of balance.

This is why we feel a lot of starting and stopping right now. This is why we feel stuck in no man’s land as we see our lives taking on delays and questions. Why doors open partially then pause. Why certain areas of our lives seem impossibly caught in the conundrum of the times.

If we take time to notice, what we will find is that the stuck areas generally involve subjects of which we have emotional attachments. Situations of which we feel unsafe. Areas of our lives where perhaps we haven’t stepped into our power.

So how do we survive until the universal balance catches up? Stop pushing. Stop fighting. Stop resisting! The more we resist or fight to make things work, the more convoluted the situations get and the less we get results. We feel frustrated, powerless even, but that is not necessary. Instead, step back, take a breath and know that this is universal not personal. The situation is not permanent, just a period of balancing.

As the balance occurs, what will take place will be much like when a creek has been dammed up by beavers, the water takes a different flow pattern until a huge storm comes and frees the creek of the beaver’s dam, washing it along, breaking down the barriers, clearing the flow.

There will be a huge release of all that has been stored up and time will speed up again. Everything that we have seen coming and a lot that we haven’t will come flooding our way.

What occurs to me is to inquire “Are we ready for that which we have asked?” Do we really want what we think we want? Are we willing to ride the crest of the creek rising, learning to go with the flow, or will we be one of those who dams up the creek with our chaos?

These times are for clearing our old stuff, getting rid of our fears and our doubts. It is the time for alliances, for light workers to come together with the essence of the Big Picture.

Ask yourself today. What am I creating? Ask yourself if what you are creating is what you really want. If you think it is what you really want, ask yourself how this will serve you. Will it? And if it serves you, does it serve the One? Are there consequences to your creation? Do they serve your journey to your greatest potential? Do they serve you? Others?

What I am talking about here is conscious creation. As we begin the New Year with the plug pulled and pretty much a wide open playing field let’s be conscious in our creative process. Instead of thinking the “me” thing, let’s consider the infinite “we”.

In my humble opinion, it is time for us to come together as a creative whole, powerful, infinite and above all, standing as examples of living truth in every moment that we are. I will see you within the One.

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I will be updating my calendar shortly to reflect my travel in 2007. It will include my new workshop that is based upon the “Children of Now”.

From my heart and soul warmest and fullest gratitude for being there month after month with the newsletter and week after week for the Dr. Meg Show on the World Puja Network. I am humbled and awed by your sheer numbers and open hearts and arms. It is my great intention to hug as many of you as I can this year!

I want to hear from you! Tell me what you would like to hear about on the Dr. Meg Show! E-mail me with your ideas and comments, e-mail and mailing address! Each week I will send a FREE autographed copy of the “Children of Now” to the 10th person who writes each week!

In the meantime, let’s remember that we are One, that together we can affect great change.

Wishing you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do. Have a beautiful holiday season.

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

The Cosmic Pause and the Dam is about the Break! 

Messages from the Masters

December 12, 2006

Analah! Ensi Anshallah! From within the perfection of all things, Greetings!

So it is that the progression of change comes to your world and all others with what seems to be lack of Grace. This is not so. It is that what comes shakes you out of your complacency and into that which is of the Great Journey. You must realize that in order to move through your Journey, the Journey of all time, that sitting in complacency or in secrecy of that which you have come to remember is no longer easy to do. In fact, at times, impossible.

Those things which have hidden deeply within you, that were perhaps too hard to process, or of historic nature, far beyond even the sub consciousness, far beyond reason, have come with you those things from other times, other lives, and influence you even now. Perhaps those things which came with you are challenges which you have yet to complete, those things Karmic and of resonance that is static within your journey until you choose to choose differently. Static until you realize that the repeated circumstances in your lives are nothing more than opportunities to choose differently. Will you?

As consciousness shifts, there are certain requirements for those who choose to shift as well. Those requirements are of Universal Law, and cannot be denied. These necessities can be done only from the heart, for if from a mental nature will fail as untruth combative with perceived truth. As considered, these are also keys to the ascension process. They are not that which is new, but that which has always been. Only the perceptions of lack, of less than are new.

These keys are based upon the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron, each key being a point of the star. Eight truths which are eternal. Each without the other is only part of the whole, just as you are part of all that is and has ever been.

The Keys are as follows:

Acceptance of the journey for which you have come
– why fight the very things which you have come to learn?

Be that which you are, not that which you perceive others would see you – You are created of light, of Grace, and of that there cannot be imperfection, only that which is of Spirit. You do not need to improve yourselves, only to acknowledge that which is your God self, your perfect being.

Accept Your Power – You are great and mighty. True Power comes not of ego, but the collective One of your Spirit. True Power is Gentle Power. You are of the light and in its seemingly nebulous construct is the essence from which all things are made. To fear inner power is to suggest that you are less than all other things. In Truth, power is of Grace, not of abusiveness or negative use. True Power is that which is Love, the intentional living as co-creator from within all opportunities that are offered you.

Take your value, your perfection, your power, your Grace into your world – In the Now that always is, change only comes from practice of change. What this means is that to effect change you must embody it. Walk your talk, do not hide that which you know. Historically, that which is hidden is viewed as heresy in relation to the accepted norm. To change this, it is to create a new accepted norm with ease and Grace by virtue of walking within the very light from which you are created.

Love yourself and touch everyone you encounter with love – As all energy exchanges, what will you accept from others and what will you leave behind? See all others as mirrors of yourselves, that their pain resides somewhere within you, that their joy is your heart as well. This is why random acts of kindness make such a difference. Remember that you often say “There by the Grace of God go I”? It is so. It has always been so.

And of course, remember to breathe. Your breath serves more than the purpose of oxygenating your body. Your breath clears and nurtures you energetically. Each breath is a cleansing and as you are cleansed, your energy system moves more easily and with greater clarity of communication within the universal consciousness, communication what is your experience as well as what your experience may be. When you do not breathe because you are tense, your energies compact, becoming more and more sluggish. As a result, your manifestation becomes sluggish or even stalled.

Events come in the next years in a progression of change and stabilization. More change, more stabilization. And then more change.

On February 14th of your year 2007 there comes further opening of multi-dimensional gateways. This in the form of a triad. This event can be found in the angulations between dimensional gateways and will be repeated from the dimension of the third three times to the dimension of the 12th, where we are resident. This trinity of gateways, this triad of geometric configuration is a triple trinity. Three triads in three dimensions three times, all intertwined. This is the perfect example of how the sacred geometries which were known in the before times and continue to serve well as information is held within each and available for teaching can bring fullness of teachings instantaneously to you.

As the triple trinity aligns beginning on February 9th at 8:07 pm CST there will be massive information available to us. As the alignment connects one dimension then another then another, the information becomes of higher and higher knowledge. It will be as if the Source of your very existence is filling you with rememberings of who you are and what your journeys are about.

You must know that when information is received in this way, it will surface as the times call for it. What we mean by this is that you will have all of this information stored within your very being. It will awaken within you as you are ready and as situations occur in which the knowledge is needed. As it is, you will know it as you always have, but from the perspective of the source, of the very light from which you have come.

The triple trinity will achieve perfection of alignment on February 14th, 2007 at 9:08:07 central time. It will remain aligned for three hours, thirteen minutes, forty five and three one hundredths seconds. As the trinity misaligns, it is a good time to let go of those things which no longer serve. Send your intentions outward into the trinity as it once again unfolds, requesting transmutation of all energies which no longer serve.

At the same time as this occurrence, because of the high frequency energies, there will be massive healing upon your planet. This in the form of AHA’s, of inner recognition and the ability to begin seeing through the illusions to greater Truth, to releasement of that which has not been truth. Inner revelations will identify to many that which they have sought all their lives, and that which they have sought was always their very selves, those perfect selves, that essence of Spirit, of God, which resides within each of you.

The consciousness overall as a result will leap into higher vibration. As this occurs, more and more people will begin to reach out and state their unacceptance to those things in your world which are destructive to you as beings and the world in which you live. More will stand up and be counted as light workers are joined in their ranks by more and more people. This will lead ultimately to a massive change in overall consciousness which will take you into fifth dimensional consciousness. Some of you are already walking in that world as well.

The will continue to be escalation along the ring of fire, in the primary and secondary rings. Events of seismic, volcanic and resulting tidal wave phenomenon will occur again. That which comes will trigger seismic activity in other areas as well as the crust of your earth seeks her balance in the changes. There will be heightened activity along the New Madrid fault line, in central and South America. Indonesia will continue to experience these types of changes, as will the Hawaiian Islands. Off the coast of Japan will be a seismic shift in excess of seven on your Richter scale. This most likely in the spring of 2007. The South Island of New Zealand will also experience larger earthquakes this year.

We maintain that certain anomalous seismic activity combined with changing weather patterns including the long stay of the El Niña which will be causal to weather patterns which result in the movement of the sands and earth, in combination with melting and breaking ice will lead to the discovery of a sunken city just north of the Antarctic. This city having great similarities architecturally to the great pyramid at Giza. The structures found there precede those at Giza, as at one time, the actual earth magnetic center was in this place. Artifacts will be found there in time which will be key to understanding the history of humanity and your earth.

The Canary Islands will experience a shift of land within the next 18 months.

There will be transfer of power in three separate third world countries. This coming with great conflict and bloodshed. Nicaragua will experience further political instability.

Within the United States there will be additional revelation of misdeeds and deception amongst leading political figures. There will be further evidence that the Bush coalition has acted in an improper fashion in relation to the boundaries of that office.

Switzerland will announce the discovery of alternative technologies involving electromagnetic technologies related to discoveries they have made while experimenting with their greatly sized nuclear reactor.

Anti-gravity technology will be revealed as successful and viable technology. This using electromagnetic energy of oppositional of polarity to gravitational forces.

Many of your animals will continue to adjust their migratory patterns with some failing to migrate at all. This affects your ecosystem. It would be that allowing the birds and other migratory animals to continue unobstructed gives way for their continuity. At the same time, when human beings interfere with the natural progressions of the species such as feeding them, giving them false security, as well as introducing measures of birth control to certain of them, changes the relationship of their part in your ecosystem as well as is causal to ill health of the two and four legged creatures.

When the balance of the ecosystem is disturbed what occurs is nature’s efforts to right the problems. What is in occurrence is that certain viruses are coming forward which are effecting other nucleus’s of life, such as the Ebola which is killing gorillas in the Congo. Such as yet unknown viruses that will be seen in the near future. Humanity must care for not only humanity but for the One which is the earth upon which you live, and all creatures great and small who are a very part of your survival, even if you do not directly see the relationships.

In all of your technologies, in all of your brilliant advancements of communications and beginning of understanding the greater sciences, in all of your excitement as people ignorance has developed toward the recognition of the interrelationships of all things. Just as you as you are a species of beings, so are all others upon your planet. Each with lives and even emotions, even thought not apparent to most people. Each with a right and purpose to be of heath and wholeness and to follow their traditional ways toward survival and contribution tol the whole.

In November of 2007 in the United States will be a political scandal which is widely publicized. This of dishonest dealings which are discovered and publicized by the media. This in relationship to the elections in 2008.

The stock market will have a rise in February in the area of commodities. There will be other spikes of activity in May and October.

In the Polynesian Islands there will be a groundbreaking archeological discovery most likely late Spring or early Summer.

There will be further discoveries of archeological importance in South America. There is a temple within the jungle in the west central area of that landmass which olds information of great historical nature as well as the keys to certain ancient languages and ceremonial rites. This area was the center of a large civilization which was wiped out during the great floods. Their art work will be of great interest as will certain artifacts which will indicate technologies which were previously not credited to pre-flood societies. These artifacts have some similarity to those found in ancient Egypt but are of a more advanced nature.

There will be a new substance developed which can be used as a substitute for human skin graphs. This material will allow for the growth of normal skin cells over time and will be of great value particularly to burn victims.

New metal alloy compositions will be developed for heavy construction. We say that these alloys are not long term survivable as has been thought.

There will be a gathering of people in the Fall of 2007 which will bring awareness of the metaphysical sciences in a greater way than has ever been accomplished.

We are most grateful to be of service to you in this now. Be in peace. Know that you are Blessed and Loved unconditionally far beyond your imaginings. It is that which is you is as all things, all things being you. You are that which you seek.

Antilah entui Nahallah Entui Asi, Asi, Asi

With all Blessings of eternal nature we shall return to Light, with Light and Within Light.


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