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The Moment of Quantum Awakening


At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling
across the terrestrial surface like a wave.   Everything in the earth's
gravitational field will be affected in some way.   There will be a time of massive
change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent
, though it does
have antecedents in the prehistoric events of this and of distant worlds.

The changes that your generation will experience before it passes the
torch to another are more fundamental than those that accompanied the
agriculture evolution-and those changes took thousands of years.  They are more
far-reaching than the changes of industrialization, which took nearly three
centuries to transpire.  Yet, deep and fundamental, massive though these present
changes are, they will occur within the span of just a single life.

Properly understood, these changes and their coming have the ability to
inspire a degree of hope and optimism unprecedented in the history of
your race
; for they spell the end of mankind's subconscious condition and
therefore portend, as the scriptures of the world foretell, an end to bloodshed,
starvation, warfare, exploitation, and needless suffering.

Within your lifetime you will witness revelations that will show the
foolishness of much that was once deemed wise.   You will watch as
traditions and historical habit patterns once assumed to be survival imperatives are
discovered to be a detriment to a healthy life and to a healthy society.

Behavior that made sense for creatures who imagined they were islands
of individuality is abandoned by those who experience the
interconnectivity of all life.   The consciousness that is awakening upon this world is no
respecter of Darwin values.   Its perception brings new values and new ways of being.

During these decades you are seeing the descent of the Angels of
   Even now, all around you--and perhaps in your own life--they are
incarnating.   In some cases these are beings who have not known human form
since before the descent of historical time.   It is possible that you are among
those who have held only a tenuous and flickering connection with your
incarnational successions.   It is no matter for judgment.

Those who incarnate now, those who bring the fullness of their eternal
talents, attributes, and perspectives into today's people, are the
agents of healing.   They alone have it in their power to experience this awesome
time of transition as glorious or traumatic.   All are invited to remember their
essence, their purpose, their reason for being here, and to bring through into this
age of transition the sense of celebration that invariably accompanies such

Our numbers upon the earth have grown rapidly since our first
large--scale arrivals began in the late 1960's.   Yet it is not quantity, not numbers
that will make the difference, but the quality of our compassion, the quality of
the love that radiates from our hearts.

Every individual who becomes a clear and undistorted channel for
eternal love into these times offsets a thousand who remain locked in the dissolving
values of the old.   We are rapidly dispelling what remains of human
illusion, helping all to identify with the growing currents, the energies and the
forces of love and life.

You are already living in the dawning of the age of Planetary
, the age of peace and community building.   It is here now for the most
sensitive to its fragrance, texture, majesty, and vision.

The age has begun when the Earth is to be cultivated like a flower
garden and her gifts presented as conscious offerings to the gardeners of eternal
beauty, the age when humankind returns its gifts to the earth, to her
soil, her streams, her mountains, her oceans, her creatures of water, air, fire,
and clay.

The future, as always, holds an element of surprise.   Yet some things
are as certain as the movement of the stars.   A mother never knows exactly what
hour she will give birth to her child, but since she has a "due date," an
approximate time when the baby is expected and will most likely be born.

For millennia now there have been those in various traditions of both
East and West who have known that the earth has a due date something during
the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Though there will be much awakening of individuals prior to the first
unified movement of the awakened planetary organism, this movement, like a
first breath, will occur in but a single moment.   It is then that the Star
Maker will consciously awaken in all systems of human biocircuitry capable of
sustaining universal awareness.

Babies are sometimes born early, sometimes late.   So be aware, be
vigilant.   Do not discount the possibility that the moment might come as a thief in
the night.   And do not be among the foolish who will wait until the last
moment to come to terms with the rising awareness.

This is to be an important occasion.   It is the event that is central to
all of human history.   Our emphasis for many thousands of years now has been
and continues to prepare you for this single moment.   For though the changes
will be dramatic, they need not be traumatic.   Though they will bring a
fundamental human revisiting of reality's nature, this need not be perceived as

Essentially, it is a positive and joyous event.   The consciousness that
will eventually emerge will be the consciousness of the Eternal One, the
Creator, the Being of Life, awake and aware for the first time inside a material

Human circuitry is designed to accommodate this consciousness.   In much
the same way that your individual cells understand their relationship to
you, each awakened human being understands him or herself in hologramatic
relationship to this unified field of awareness.

Since this perception of self differs significantly from historical
perception, its emergence in collective human consciousness presents
the potential of disorientation in those who might react to its coming in fear.

We have much to do before the preparation of human consciousness is
complete.   Still, even if the awakening were to occur in this very moment with no
further preparation, it would be an event of unprecedented beauty. 
However, in that case fewer people would be in a position to appreciate it.

We wish to maximize enjoyment and minimize discomfort for all
concerned.   If human beings understand more fully what is occurring, they will be less
likely to react in ways that would cause them unnecessary discomfort.

Regardless of whether one accepts this change or attempts to back away
from it, this event will be of greater power than any the Earth has ever
.   More energy will be released in a very few moments than is typically
released upon the surface of the earth in many years.   This energy will take the form
of heightened perception and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the
individual and God.

Though this unprecedented time of intensified energy radiation still
lies a few years before you, you are already near enough to it and the event
will be so powerful that time is behaving with increasing subjectivity,
bubbling and warping, creating islands of the future wherever there are those who
deliberately invoke the energies of the emerging consciousness and
demonstrate willingness to live their lives in love.

These are not disconnected islands beneath the receding seas of
historical illusion.   They are united in a veritable continent of rising awareness.
As the new reality comes fully into human consciousness (at that moment when
the Creator's luminous field comes into perfect alignment with the Earth
Mother), all illusion of destructive nature will be dissolved.

Though there have been many centuries leading up to this moment, when
the moment comes it will be decisive
.  There will be a great shift then, a
single moment of quantum awakening. In this moment, the smallest interval of
time measured in these dimensions--this interval that occurs in every atom
between each of its billions of oscillations per second---will be lengthened unto

An interval of non-time will expand.  Through that expansion Eternity
will flow.
   Some will experience this moments as minutes or hours, others as
a lifetime.   Still others will experience this flash of non-time as a
succession of many lives, and some few will, in this moment, know the Nagual
itself, the great nameless Presence that exists before and after all these worlds.

In the expanse of the non-time interval, human beings will have all the
time they require to realize, experience, and remember full consciousness of
their eternal spirits and to recall the origin of their individuality in the
primordial fields of being.   All will have ample time to recharge their
form identity and its biological projection with the awareness of who they are, why
they have individualized, and why they have chosen to associate with the
planet's human statement.

Each one will have the choice to return to biological form or to remain
in the fields of disincarnate awareness
.   Those who choose to return to
human form will do so fully aware of who they are.   No longer will they be put
partially incarnate; they will resume biological residence with the full memory
and consciousness of their eternal natures, sharing the creative capacities
of the Star Maker, whose reflective cells they will then know themselves to be.
Subconscious orientation in fear will be replaced by conscious
orientation in love.

The sudden release of power, as the polarity of the collective human
emotional field shifts from outer to inner orientation, cannot be
avoided no matter how smoothly we seek to guide the transition.  All will feel an
unmistakable surge of power in the instant of quantum awakening.

This is as inevitable as the daily rotation of the earth's continents
into and out of the light of the sun
.   But the effects?   The implications?
There is no way to predict them.   They depend on the choices you make today.

By extrapolating current trends of consciousness we can establish a
probable range of effect.   But there may be as many as eight billion people
incarnate at that moment, each with complete freedom of choice.   And though the
choices each one makes in his or her lifetime prior to that moment will
certainly predispose that person in one direction or another, there are no
guarantees, no assurances.

The spiritual polarity of collective human consciousness did shift once
before, triggering a reversal of the earth's magnetic field, a shifting
in the position of the poles, and a great deal of destruction.   However, that
shift was a shift from consciousness to subconsciousness.  We will have a degree of
control during this conscious shift that was absent then and so do not expect
the same sort of cataclysmic shock waves.   Still it would be underestimating
the variables to assume that earth changes will not accompany this event.
Almost certainly some will.

These will be for the most part of benevolent nature--a melting of the
polar ice caps, for example, bringing rain to arid regions and helping to
cleanse toxins from polluted lakes and rivers, a warming and simultaneous
moistening of climate that will open to agriculture the extensive plains and fertile
river valleys of Greenland, Antarctica, and certain of the world's deserts.

To minimize the trauma of this moment for you and others of the human
family, it is important that you prepare for it well ahead of time,
establishing the habits that will leave your self-understanding fluid, relaxed, and
trusting in the overall benevolence of the universe and its resident intelligence.

The best way to prepare for any future moment in time is be fully in
the present moment now.
   The only habit you must cultivate, though it may go
against the programming and traditions of your society, is to allow your
consciousness the relaxed flow of attention that brings you a clear and accurate
picture of the phenomenal world and continuous awareness of the Eternal Presence
from which it has unfolded.

Such a state of consciousness will allow you to enjoy the rushing
energy currents and heightened awareness that will sweep through the earth
during the expansion of the non-time interval and will maximize the stabilizing
influence that radiates from you into your local surroundings.

Long before the moment of collective awakening there will have been
established a sufficient core of people functioning on higher
frequencies of awareness to enable the harmonic currents of their respective amplified
radiations to displace the influence of those who may react in fear, both at the
moment of collective awakening and beforehand.

The frequency radiations or vibratory emissions of fear are not
   Their effect on collective human consciousness increases at an
arithmetical rate (1,2,3,4, etc.) for each additional person whose behavior is
centered in fear, but they do not build in the kind of geometric progression
(2,4,8,16, etc.) that is characteristic of the harmonic radiations of love.

Before the final instant of final awakening, the radiations of love
will constitute the predominant vibrational influence on collective human
consciousness, even while a numerical majority remains centered in the
historical orientation.   That condition is now very near.

You who have been motivated by love bring to bear on collective human
awareness an influence much greater than your historical reason might
suppose.   Individually you have an impact on the collective predisposition of
your species far greater than that of those who are merely trodding the
timeworn paths of self-centeredness.

You who do your best to make your decisions out of Love, who refuse to
be controlled by the subconscious machinations of fear, who take time, if
necessarily, in difficult situations to proceed slowly, consciously,
lovingly, are truly among our own.   Your awareness of these things will soon be in full.
You are one upon we can depend during the coming shift.

(Excerpt from: " The Third Millennium-Living in the Posthistoric World"
by Ken Carey)

Date:   12/27/05 3:33:15 PM Central Standard Time
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