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Massages from Matthew

Significance of new year 2006;  Holy Grail is the Souldifference between Creator and God;  Hatonn’s clarification of NESARA

S: Matthew dear, hi there! Before we get into questions, please tell me if
in the continuum, where there’s no linear time, January 1, 2006 has any

MATTHEW: Mother, happy new year to you and to all others on Earth!  The
ending of an “old” year and entry into a new one holds great importance to
you, whether that year starts on January 1 or another date, and because of
this,  yes, it does indeed have significance in the continuum.   Also more on
Earth than you may imagine!
  You think of a year’s beginning as a clean
slate with new opportunities—to learn, to better relationships or establish
new ones, to improve in ways that give little self-satisfaction, to grow
professionally and, hopefully, spiritually. The energy put forth in those
collective feelings is like fireworks in Earth’s field of potential. There
is energy in the revelry itself, the excitement of the celebrations that are
televised around the world, and even in simply having survived the “old”
year. Yes, there’s a momentary lull in the days immediately following, but
that is more like an “aaah” of satisfaction and not the kind of energy
output that would dim the effects of the “fireworks.”

That is true of any year on your planet. This new year is light years, if
you will, ahead of all time in your recorded history because of what was set
in motion during the year just past.
Your last year was pivotal in
dislodging seats of darkness, and 2006 will produce results that will be
far-reaching. Some developments within the United States government are
evident already, even in the media, as the line of dominoes grows in
preparation for the last ones to fall harder.

Please bear with me in this repetition: Changes must first come in the
United States because that country is perceived by the world as the most
powerful.  I’m not saying that perception is wrong, because the US has
become the most influential country in other nations’ affairs, but it was
those perceptions that manifested the actual influence—that is how the
universe operates.   So then, once the dominoes are falling in the US, the
momentum of change will spread around the world to every nation, and
ultimately all will have wise and just governing bodies and sound economies.

Before the questions, I want to welcome and endorse the message from Hatonn
that will follow my own
. And Mother, I’m going to add your expressed
feelings to him about distributing it, and his reminder to you of what he
has told you before: “Not all light work is pleasant.” He didn’t have to
tell you that all light work is imperative.

Now let us get into the questions.

S: Do you take special liberties because I’m your mother?

MATTHEW: Oh my! My thoughts were on answering the first question and I
didn’t see that coming. Mother, dearest soul to me, I suppose I do.  Maybe
it’s to preserve for both of us our mother and son relationship that in your
mind is lost because you think of me “flying all over space” in bodies that
fit wherever I am.  And for me, it’s being your teenager causing some little
annoyance that, as usually happened, evaporated into a hug.  So may we leave
that in?

Holy Grail

S: With that, you know we can. OK, the questions. I’m interested in
hearing what you’ll say about this request: “Please comment on the premise
of The Da Vinci Code that the Holy Grail was Mary Magdalene because she was
carrying Jesus’ child.”

MATTHEW: I think it is an illuminating step in the right direction. The
Holy Grail is the Soul
. Consider this: For two millennia the search has
been going on for some “object” whose identity hasn’t been agreed upon, but
nothing fitting its ascribed power has been found.   Simply, you weren’t
spiritually ready before to understand that throughout the ages,
individuals’ souls were urging them to find what was within themselves, and
so the march continued to locate what was considered to be the most powerful
force in the world.    The Soul IS that!

S: So there are as many Holy Grails as there are souls in the universe.

MATTHEW: Each is an integral and inseparable part of the Whole, Creator,
Source, and in that respect All is One, not many.

S: I see. I think this is a good place for you to answer the writer who
would like you to explain
why you refer to Creator and God as two separate entities.

They are different entities.
Creator is the Supreme Being of the cosmos and  
God, by whatever name, is Supreme Being of this universe, 

which is one of several in the cosmos. 
 Please notice that I didn’t say “separate”
as in the writer’s statement.   Just as every soul in the universe is an
inseparable part of God, God is an inseparable part of Creator.  
with the addition of Hatonn’s important and timely message, our space is
more limited than usual, but this is such a vital area to be understood that
I ask you to copy the book material that explains the difference. Please
save the other questions for the next message—since you have them ready,
perhaps we can do that in a week or so. Thank you, and now I send loving
wishes for abundant blessings to all throughout your new year.


MATTHEW: To understand the purpose of our lives, there must be an
understanding of our relationship with our Creator.
  It is a relationship as
simply stated as the father and his children, but the origin of our souls
within Creator cannot be stated that easily. Creator/Creation is the
proper designation of the Totality.  It also is the most descriptive,
encompassing both the total essence and the creative action. For
simplicity, we usually say only Creator.

There was nothing before Creator, and nothing except the sleeping power of
Creator until Its self-expression.
In that moment, which some have called
the "Big Bang," came the First Expression, the original fragmentation of
Creator's love and wisdom and power into soul entities. The term
"fragmentation" in this context is not a severing or a breaking down of the
whole, it is a sharing or bestowing upon the divisions the same properties
of the whole.

However it may seem an irreverent analogy, I shall liken the hierarchy of
Creator to a pie because it is a good visual aid. The entire pie is the
soul of Creator: the omnipotent Totality of the cosmos
. At the center
resides the mind of Creator: the residence of omniscience.  Starting at that
central point, imagine a series of concentric rings superimposed over the
whole pie. The rings indicate the spheres of the hierarchy, which are
flexible divisions of Creator.

At this point the visual aid requires an unusual perspective for an accurate
representation of happenings.  Imagine the pie cut into countless slices
whose widest ends touch the limitless mind of Creator and become narrower as
the slices enter rings successively farther from that beginning. The
slivers represent the fragments of Creator that have been created throughout
all time into independently experiencing entities. Every tiny portion
contains proportionally exactly the same ingredients as the total pie.  It
is the same with all of creation. NOTHING is separate from Creator.

When the soul of Creator first divided Itself, each of Its fragments within
that first sphere had the identical powers of Creator.
Those fragments are
the highest angels. There is no form within this first sphere, only perfect
light and purity. This is where the Christed energy generates, and where the
paternal power called Archangel Michael and the other archangels reside.

During that time of pure awareness, Creator gave to all the angelic portions
of Itself the ultimate of gifts, free will with its inherent power of
co-creating ability
. Thus, in the next expression, Creator and the
archangels created the next level of angels, not as close to Creator mind as
the archangels, but still collective light entities in purity, without form
or substance.

In conjunction with Creator, the angelic realms created the third sphere of
being, life form potentials that, after timeless reflection, at will could
be discarnate or could manifest in form.  These life form potentials became
the celestial bodies of the universes and the gods who later were dispersed
to reign over them
.  One of the gods became the supreme being of our
universe and, with Creator, created all life within it.  Since our god is
called God by some Earth religions and that is how you think of Him, Mother,
that is how I shall refer to Him.

For ever-greater experiencing, God's original beings, which are called root
souls, expressed themselves into divisions called soul fragments or soul
sparks, or God fragments or God sparks
.  Similarly and successively, those
soul entities divided themselves into sparklets, who divided themselves into
subsparklets.  Entities created by further fragmentation also are called
subsparklets.  This procession does not define soul evolution, but only the
order of lineage.  The myriad individual, independent and inviolate
lifetimes of every soul at all levels of fragmentation are called

These or other designations may be given to show the order of lineage of the
souls in the various spheres radiating outward from the mind of Creator, but
simply "soul" is enough.  There is no difference in each one's connection
with Creator or its makeup in proportional measure.  ALWAYS the life force
of even the most minute independent soul is its own inviolate self connected
inseparably to Creator
, just as every single cell in your body is both a
viable, independently functioning cell and at the same time is an
inseparable composite part of you.

S: Where does our current population fit into the subdivided spheres?

MATTHEW: Primarily at subsparklet level. Remember, Mother, that's NOT
soul evolution, only the order of emergence of the personage souls. I think
your expression "old soul" pertains to the evolution part and not the order
of lineage. Those may have nothing at all to do with each other, because
spiritual growth -- or not -- is determined by each soul's free will choices
and not how many lifetimes it took to make the choices that elevated it to a
higher level of evolution.

S: Yes, I see. Thank you. Is Creator the supreme being of the cosmos and
God is an assistant?

MATTHEW: No. Cosmos and universe often are used interchangeably as
synonymous terms, but each universe is only one part of the cosmos. 
Our universe is but one of several, and each universe has its own god as its
supreme being.  Because people on Earth are not aware of either those other
universes or the creation hierarchy, God is the name given to Creator by
some religions.  This is the use of a generic term for a formal name, like
naming a baby girl, Girl.  And it is not uncommon or incorrect for God to be
referred to as "our creator," because He is, but that adds just another
element of confusion regarding the two beings, Creator and God, and the

I don't know how the error in name started. It may have been some
deviation of reference in deepest antiquity, when it was known that
Creator/Creation is the Source, All That Is, I AM, Almighty, Oneness,
or other designation to denote Creator in Its highest station of
all the cosmos.  The name doesn't matter.  When love and reverence are given
by souls to God in name and to Creator in meaning, the communion of those
souls with Creator is honored in fullness.

The Trinity of the Christian churches could be interpreted as this: Father
(Creator: the highest power in the cosmos, who is called God or other names
in Earth religions). Son (God, who is the creation -- the "son" -- of
Creator and is the supreme being of our universe and who is not generally
recognized on Earth as different from Creator. Holy Ghost (the highest
angelic realm, also called the Christed realm, where the highest beings are
total love expressed as light; and from whence come the souls who have
incarnated as major religious figures throughout this universe, including
Jesus and Buddha).

Regardless of the difference in names and interpretations, the
interconnectedness of this triune order is the same. And there is no
difference in the divine order of the Almighty Omnipotent and Omniscient
Being and Its subsequent powers, only in the names as they have evolved.


S: Do God and Creator differ in any way besides the size of their "jurisdiction"?

MATTHEW: There are two essential differences. God is in effect Creator for
this universe
.  He is Creator mind in knowingness, Creator heart in love,
Creator power in authority and responsibility for this universe.  Thus God
is the sum of all universal intelligence, wisdom, knowledge and power, and
there is no difference in its quality or extent from the very same in
Creator.   Because any part of the Totality contains all the aspects of
Totality, our God is a perfect, undiluted expression of Creator, but with
these essential differences.

First, a vital function of Creator's core essence is without activity.  It's
like the axle of a wheel providing a stable aspect to the other parts that
are in motion, and that stability enables the constant motion of all
Creator's other aspects.  If that stable functioning ceased, all order would
cease and there would be Chaos again.  That core essence is the center of
order and life in the cosmos, and without the measured pace of energy or
frequencies, there could be no manifestation of any form of life.

For God, it is a different story. As the responsible essence throughout
this universe, He is in all aspects more than functional without activity.
God is the magnified active force of Creator for this universe where He,
with Creator, initiated all life forms and all order. Nothing exists in
this universe that is not of God's creating in conjunction with Creator.

As total love and light in essence, God is the source of the love and light
of our universe, and all of His creatures
thrive because of this. The
highest energy of light is love, a fluctuating, expanding and contracting
motion ever increasing in its power to encompass more loving capacity and
sensation. Love is infinite and light cannot be captured, only directed.
That is the essence of individual souls interacting with God.

Because life in all forms is of God and inseparable from Him, it can be said
that humans are made in His image
by attributing to Him His human creations. 
The idea of a human appearance and the material of which physical bodies
are made came from the mind of God.

With the creation of life in our universe He set in motion the unstoppable
momentum of laws that govern everything from the orbiting of galaxies to a
seed knowing when to emerge from its covering and start growing.  For the
immeasurable time since this was started, only the refinements of energy
direction through technology have changed the original course of divine
energy's purpose and motion.  There cannot be any change within energy
itself because energy IS creation.  It is how energy is tapped into and used
that is the key to creating.

In the beginning, all creation within this universe was flawless, pure, holy
and loving. All was in perfect harmony and union
, without divisibility or
dishonor or sorrow.  Life was inherently meant to be lived in such a state. 
Creator intended free will to be a gift, not a curse, but it is possible
that this Gift of all gifts, the total freedom of souls to choose, has been
so abused and misused that it cannot be regarded as the golden gift it once
was.  In some universes free will is unknown, we are told. Even parts of
this universe have absorbed the gift into such radiance that it no longer is
an individual decision. On Earth free will is the order of life wherein the
hand of God is ever present in observation, but never in restriction.

The second essential difference between Creator and God is this: Whereas
Creator is aware of each individual life throughout the cosmos, there is no
standard for Its involvement in the lives of the souls. God is not only
aware of each soul's station in this universe, He knows all their
heartaches, secret dreams, torments, joys, fears. ALL is known to God.

When Creator left Its state of sublime stillness, the purpose was to
experience through creating
. As the perfect expression of Creator, God has
the same purpose, and His sentient aspect is within every one of His
creations in any incarnate or discarnate life form. He can feel the
emotions and physical sensations felt by all souls in any form, and not for
even one instant is He detached from the total experiencing of every soul in
our universe. This is true regardless of souls' status in spiritual
evolvement and free will choices, and it pertains to every life form within
the animal and plant kingdoms.

At a much higher level, He experiences the anguish of Earth in her present
turmoil and heavy negativity, and the sensations of every other celestial
body as well.
I cannot state too often the inseparability of God from every
life form in His universe, and that same interconnectedness is true of each
soul with every other soul in all life forms.

S: Since Creator doesn't become involved in our lives, does that mean He
(It?) doesn't feel the physical pain and emotional suffering of souls, such
as God does?

MATTHEW: Mother, "It" used as a pronoun for Creator is not demeaning.  Not
to be compared with your "it" indicating a thing rather than a being, It as
applied to Creator is akin to the "color" white:  White is not devoid of
color, it is ALL color, and from white, all colors of the universe are
refracted into their own essences.  And, although God is commonly referred
to by your pronoun  "He" -- which is why we use that in our speaking with you
-- God is neither male nor female, or He is perfectly both as the ultimate
in androgynous energy balance.

Now then, Creator does indeed experience feelings of humankind, and to a far
vaster height of sentience than the capacity of your third density bodies,
but It does not become involved or give personal response to a soul's
situation. God, on the other hand, constantly has in motion all avenues of
potential assistance for His souls within their pre-birth agreement choices.

(excerpts from Revelations for a New Era)


December 31, 2005   

HATONN: I bid you “Good evening,” Suzy, with thanks for receiving me in
these last hours of your year 2005. I ask that you send out my message
with the next one from Matthew.

This is Hatonn speaking in my capacity as director of communications between
Earth and all points elsewhere during the era of Earth changes
You may know of me as commander of an intergalactic fleet.
That is another of my
“hats,” but in this moment, my focus is communications about another area of
my activity, what you commonly refer to as NESARA. I am here to give a
definitive statement in particular, but not exclusively, to all who have
been working diligently to initiate NESARA’s wide-reaching reforms and now
don’t know what to believe.

National Economic Security and Reformation Act
—please note this accurate name—
is as real as anything else on Earth, so to all skeptics, please put to
rest the impression that it is merely a wish in the minds of some who
intensely desire a legislated remedy to your world’s problems.
Nevertheless, that view does have some validity. Like everything else in
the universe, this Act’s formation was preceded by and manifested through
thought forms. You are inured to living within manmade laws, so we had to
put this within an acceptable legal framework. In accordance with universal
laws, the framework had to specify means to achieve the Act’s objectives so
the universe knows what situations to present in aid of manifesting the
desired results of peace, justice, equitability and accountability starting
in the United States and extending worldwide.

That said, a great deal of DISinformation about NESARA has been promulgated
by various sources to discredit this Act
. That isn’t surprising, because
its provisions strip them of political and economic control over you.
it’s unfortunate that NESARA has become better known through those means
than the correct information from knowledgeable sources, such as Matthew.
Approximately two and a half years ago we asked him to issue our collective
statement that described NESARA as the divinely inspired co-creation of
highly evolved beings on and beyond Earth to engender good will among her
humankind and a fair share of good fortune for all. Food for the spirit is
not enough for the majority of your population, who are oppressed and
deprived, and NESARA was born of Earth’s desire for betterment in the lives
of all her resident souls.

In that message Matthew also spoke of Dove’s credible reports, and at that
point and for a time afterwards, she did faithfully report what she was told
by lighted souls both on and off-planet.  
That changed about two years ago,
when it became evident from our higher vantage point that the control of the
ones we call “dark” was sufficient to prevent NESARA’s implementation well
past the optimum universal timing.  Ah yes, the movement of celestial bodies
has great bearing on what happens in your world
, and they don’t wait for
procrastinators.  To adhere with that timeframe, we opened new avenues to
accomplish the identical aims of NESARA, more slowly, but with equally
certain outcome.

Dove’s preoccupation with the success of the program in its exact design
that was the basis of her reports clouded her receptivity to the new
multi-faceted course.   In spirit this course is aligned with NESARA’s
provisions, but it can move independent of the Act’s restrictive legal
requirements that the dark ones were manipulating to their advantage. 
Dove’s dedication that had been admirable in its fervor and exhaustiveness
turned into egotism with her choice to report what she felt would be more
effective than our new direction.   Light and egotism aren’t compatible, and
with her change in attitude, her light faded.   She lost her former high
connections along with her ability to discern that she was reaching dark
entities or to properly evaluate information from Earth sources.  The
natural consequence is the inaccurate information she has been issuing.

Until a very short time ago, that made no difference at all in the “behind
the scenes” progress.  Although further efforts in the old direction were
futile in one respect, in another, and far more important respect, they were
powerful.  The light generated by the intent of all involved enabled the
“lift-off” and then sustained energy momentum of the new processes to
fulfill NESARA’s objectives.  
But Dove’s recent contentions that are
strikingly without factual basis have caused considerable confusion.
Introducing this kind of energy attachment is not helping to propel our
activities’ momentum to surge pace, and that’s why I am telling you what has
transpired. The energy of your belief that NESARA’s objectives ARE being
met, albeit on a parallel track, is as imperative now as before.

This is not a place for anger or shame, but rather sadness that the soul who
once correctly reported on NESARA unwittingly veered off the light course.
We honor Dove’s service within her original mission and we beam intense
light for her return.  We beam the same to the dark entities that falsely
claim to be me or other beings of light, and to the receivers who believe
them and send out that false information.   Be keenly discerning about all
channeled messages!
  Especially in this late phase of Earth’s transition out
of third density, knowing what is true and what is false is critical for
your own sakes!   We urge you to look beyond the mass of muddled information
about NESARA,   Second Coming,   First Contact,   disastrous destruction to land
masses,   nuclear war potential,   a dying planet  — listen to what your souls are
telling you!

Hold within your hearts the vision of the world you want for yourselves and
your families, for all the inheritors of Earth:

A world where peace and love replace war and hatred; where
governments are led by just, prudent and spiritual women and men, not
power-mongers led by darkness; where fair distribution of all resources
replaces the extremes of egregious greed and desperate poverty; where
universal and planetary truths replace the web of lies that has controlled
your lives.

The concept and intent of NESARA is to help you create that world on Earth.
You do not have to know of this Act or, if you do, you don’t have to believe
in its actuality—wanting the same intentions that it embodies is what
counts.   IT ALREADY HAS COUNTED!   You are reading this in the early days of
your year 2006, when wars, suffering, tyranny, corruption and the like can
be seen wherever you look.   But in this very same instant in the continuum,
where everything is NOW, Earth is peaceful and beautiful and all of that
negativity is gone.   She has reached her chosen destination where
low-vibration manifestations don’t exist.   The world of your vision, the
“future” world you are helping to create right now, already IS!




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