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Today is the first day of the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld.  Ian Xel Lungold wrote this to describe what occurred in the previous 5th day's:

"The 5th Day is a period of “Light.” In fact the brightest period of “light in the entire cycle. In a plants life this is when new chemicals are produced that carry the message to form buds. In human history, it was this section when Art was invented, the message of Jesus moved over the earth, Mr. Einstein discovered the theory of relativity and America with the victory of WWI rose to world power. "
7 Spiritual Truths that I learned in 52 years.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin
Well, I finally made it.  I have reached my Mayan Return. It has taken me 18,890 days to make the journey.  What the Maya say about this day is that I have experienced, and actually survived (much to my surprise) all evolutionary intentions for a 52 year cycle.  Every 52 years, there is a NEW FIRE and a new beginning.  This means that your Gregorian birthday and your Mayan Birthday fall on the same day for the first time since your birth.  So, for those of you out there that were born in 1954 or earlier . . . Congratulations! You are now an ELDER! 
This November 13th was my new fire and a new beginning.  I am beginning this cycle not as clueless as a new born babe. Thank the maker. : )  I have experienced all things possible under the sun, and I have felt all frequencies between earth and sky.
You see your first 52 years is about learning to get around in this world. It is about the material world . . . the physical world. It doesn't seem fair, or even humane, that it would take so long to learn all those painful lessons . . . but it does. We had to learn how to take care of our bodies. We had to learn right from wrong, truth from lies, and how to take care of others.
The second 52 year cycle has a greater focus on Spirit. The material world seems less important. What is most important is quality of life. Like doing what makes you happy, your relationships and your family. I imagine that the next 52 years will be filled with deeper understanding and fuller commitment to Spirit. At least the Maya say so.
So, what have I learned in my V E R Y L O N G, 5 time  Scorpio,  7 Cauac, 10 Noj, all water, no planets in earth, intense . . . 52 years of life? Let's just say they took Pluto off the official planet list way to late for me! So what have I learned???

FIRST . . . BE natural and authentic . . . simply just be yourself with no defense or justifications for who you are. After all, God made you and me this way, and if it is good enough for GOD . . . well that is good enough for us . . . yes? If it doesn't feel good, it is not good for you. Follow your HEART. Follow your BLISS . . . whatever you want to call it . . . Do what feels good. It is simple . . . Do what is best for you.

SECOND . . . You don't make it through this life without making a mistake or two . . . or three.  All you can do is the best with what you have, and then let it go. Don't carry your mistakes around with you. They get heavy. Leave them in history like an old dusty memory. Your mistakes are not who you are. People's judgments and lies about you are not who you are. Your fear, grief, sorrow, pain, guilt and shame are not who you are! Your mistakes have molded you into someone much greater and wiser than the mistakes you made.
THIRD . . . you can't rush Spirit. You can't accelerate your spiritual growth no matter how hard you try. You can meditate 24/7, and be a breathairian, a yoga junkie, and live in the Andes like a monk . . . and it still won't speed up your natural rhythm of evolution. When you quit trying to push forward, you learn something really important . . . PATIENCE . . . and when you learn patience, oddly enough, your spiritual life begins to grow and move forward again.
FOURTH . . . There is no PAST. There is no FUTURE. Spirit is HERE and NOW. Spirit does not understand the past because it is gone, and it is only a memory. This is why we can never really process out our past pain . . . it isn't there. We just recreate it over and over for some odd reason. Puzzling isn't it?
Spirit does not understand the future either, because we have not created it yet. This is why it is not effective to stock pile for the future either. Spirit understands that you will never get to the future. The future isn't there. This is why we find that no matter how much we have in the bank, or how much food we have stored, we still don't feel secure. You can not secure a future that doesn't exist. Is Spirit taking care of us NOW? Then why do we think Spirit will quit taking care of us tomorrow?
We cannot predict the future either. How can you predict something that isn't real? So dump all those doomsday predictions. God doesn't do fear. Fear is based in past memories or future worries, and the past and future does not exist. There is only now. So it is simple . . . BE PRESENT. If you are in grief, you are in the past. If you are in worry, you are in the future. Spirit is not in either place ever. Don't worry; be happy. Kids, pets and nature are great teachers of living in the present.
FIFTH . . . there is enough to go around in every situation. Universal abundance isn't a dream; it's a reality. There is no lack anywhere in the universe; there is only a belief that there is lack. Belief in lack attracts more lack. Remember that the Creator has taken care of us this far and will continue to do so. If you know that Spirit will supply you with what you need in every moment of your life, act as if it is so, because it is. Competition with others is a belief in lack. Lack causes everything from simple arguments to all out war. Quit competing and know that Spirit will take care of you.
SIXTH … Desire is God's way of telling you that anything we dream is possible. If we are a part of GOD, how could we desire anything separate from GOD . . . . So if we can DREAM IT, it can BE. This all falls into place when you GET . . . 1-5! All you have to do is be your authentic self, let go of your mistakes, have great patience (this is the "let go and let GOD" thing we all know about), be completely in the present and . . . PRESTO! Instant manifestation of your heart's desires!
SEVENTH . . . Spiritual Truths are SIMPLE, and, with a little contemplation, they are available to anyone. If it gets too complicated, it isn't truth. Complications are either based in the past, the future, or both. Spiritual truth will never leave you feeling guilty, fearful, shameful, worried, sad or hopeless. Spirit follows an easy light filled path because Spirit is trust, patience and present moment.
So these are the 7 spiritual truths that I have learned in my life. I wonder if it will take me another 52 years to really LIVE them. To all the budding Elders out there . . . In Lak'esh ALa K'in - I am you, and you are me : )
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian and ordained minister & modern mystic, who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona. AZ 86339 USA


Oh Divine Magick Fire
involve in our eyes your light
let us breath your love and desire to be only one in thy heart
open our lips to the Sun of Justice
expand our power in your hands
to command your Spirit above everything
Dissolve the false illusions of my mind and everyone on earth
In the breeze of the astral wind
we feel all elements melting the metals of thy body
to your Son and all Creation
In the core of Earth, We will rise again!



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