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For Those Living on the New Earth

 It is vital at this time that you look within yourself to determine the uniqueness of your ascension path.  Within ascension communities individuals at similar levels of awareness are experiencing very different things and are called to different purposes.  Those who serve to co-create Heaven on Earth exist on at least two different planes of reality.  There are those who “have left to build the New Earth.”  These individuals are no longer “tethered” to the Old Earth and are no longer served by grounding to Her.  It is this group whose primary purpose is to work on planes of energy and manifestation and to use their powers of imagination and healing to bring the New Earth into the physical.  It is therefore appropriate that they “live” in this new realm.  This group is not solely responsible for manifesting the New Earth and others are encouraged to participate in this imagining as those that now live on the New Earth have a committed partnership with those that “have stayed behind to help,” a group with the primary purpose of assisting those who are ascending to rise in vibration to meet the New Earth.  However, the “rules of being” have changed drastically for those that have gone to the New Earth suggesting that they (we) need a new set of tools and skills to adjust to our new world and fully meet this partnership.   

Included in this group are individuals with strong imaginations and “the gift of gab” as well as non-verbal and energetic communication skills that allow them to translate their experiences of the New Earth into language that is accessible to the ascending mind.  For this group the feelings of losing one’s mind, being disconnected from time, memory, social conditioning and the need for “normal behavior” may be very, very strong.  This group may have extreme difficulty finding a sense of internal stability as the sources to which they have traditionally grounded are no longer compatible with their consciousness or their bodies.  This does not mean that their bodies are unsafe wandering on the Old Earth but rather, they may be left with a sense of “having no Earth for their bodies” and literally “living elsewhere” because this is exactly what they are doing.  In working with such individuals it is important to encourage them to ground to the New Earth, Nature, Unconditional Love and Heart.  Grounding to the old Earth may leave them confused and without a notion of how to proceed in the physical world.  Likewise, these individuals will be assisted by setting aside time everyday to heal themselves and imagine our new world

 The Mirror, the Crystal Ball and The Pool

 This exercise was given to me and I have found it helpful in beginning work on the New Earth. 

First, ground yourself to the New Earth.  It is common to be floating about, so look for markers that can let you know when you have truly grounded into this energy.  For me, I either enter into the interior though a multi faceted ball of light or follow my grounding cord to the New Earth’s surface where I am filled with it’s energies symbolized by orange daisies.   When you are there ask to be led or walk to “the mirror, the crystal ball, and the pool of water.”  (You may also ask to find or be shown to symbols of understanding and creation that are appropriate for you).  Pay attention, as beings show up to guide you or to simply be with you as you are learning the landscape of this new place.  When you arrive, sit before the mirror.  The mirror will show you who you are.  Next, peer into the crystal ball.  This will show you what you are creating.  Next, peer into the pool of water, a place of great clarity and depth, whose surface stillness obscures a stream that flows deep beneath, strong and swift from the dimension of the New Earth directly into your physical world.  As you peer into the pool, visualize, how in the New Earth, what you observed in the mirror and crystal ball may be healed.  Allow this vision of healing and what you desire to flow on the river beneath the pool into the physical world.  This is one of the ways that the New Earth will be created and the Old Earth healed.  It is important not to shy away from that within you that needs healing.  For as you confront it, you call in healing energies that assist many.  For instance, if you look in the mirror and see a young, healthy, robust woman, with hair that is strangely gray from bitterness, and in the crystal ball you see this same woman elderly and bent with shame then you may deduce that forgiveness is in order for her and decide that on the New Earth, the air will be comprised of energies of forgiveness that flow into willing joints undoing decay and restoring youth in the body.  You may feel this same energy sweep into your joints as you leap for joy in this new realm.  After sending this healing energy down the river, do not be surprised then if your own issues arise for healing in your “everyday” world.

 Finally, because those on the New Earth are technically living in a world that does not exist yet - or should I say - a world that lacks the firm materiality we are used to associating with reality - it may be helpful to purposefully cultivate a supportive relationship non-physical energies.   I have found that writing letters to my Godself improves things enormously.   In these letters you can pour out all your feelings, gratitudes, desires and confusions enabling you to find in your Godself your best, most solid friend.  This can then become a point of conscious reference when feeling frightened or unsure and like grounding directly to the New Earth, Nature, Unconditional Love and Heart, can allow us to adjust to our new world with a sense of freedom, joy, trust and unbridled enthusiasm that can only signal one thing - the creation of Heaven on Earth. 

Many Flowers to You,

Akasha Andemuneodwe

(with much help from Metatron)

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